How to Choose Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are among the most recent innovations in the solar power or photovoltaic industry. They’re great solutions to the problems older solar systems face: storing and maximizing the excess solar energy collected. If you’re considering a solar-powered system or if you already have one, why not invest in a solar battery too?

As solar batteries are relatively new, picking one may be challenging. But that’s why you ended up here, and we’ve got you covered.

What to Consider When Buying Solar Batteries


Solar batteries aren’t exactly similar to traditional batteries, which means there are certain features you need to look out for. We’ve outlined below three of the most important features to focus on when you’re on the market for solar batteries.

Size and Power Rating

  • When we say size, we’re really referring to the capacity of your solar battery. It’s essentially the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity that the solar battery can hold.
  • Power rating is something that goes hand in hand with the battery’s size. It’s expressed in kilowatts and indicates the amount of electricity the battery can deliver at one time. Knowing the power rating gives you a rough idea of how many appliances your solar battery can power.
  • Batteries with a high capacity and low power rating are great as backup generators in emergencies. They’re usually able to power some of your essential household appliances like a fridge or your washing machine.
  • Low-capacity and high-power rating batteries, on the other hand, can power an entire household, although only for a very short period.


  • A solar battery’s lifespan is essentially how long it has to be effective. It’s a measure of how long you can use it before losing its function of holding a charge.
  • A solar battery’s lifespan can be expressed in several ways, such as in hours, days, or weeks. The value of a solar battery’s lifespan all depends on its size, type, and brand.
  • Carefully check the estimated lifespan of a battery before purchasing this and make this length compatible with your needs.


  • The general belief is that most solar batteries used for regular use have at least a 10-year battery life. Because solar batteries’ performance declines over time, having a good warranty in place protects your investment. A warranty provides reassurance that your battery will have good performance over a certain number of years or battery cycles. A warranty is also a great way of guaranteeing that the solar battery maintains its specified capacity.

Solar Battery Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar batteries work?

A solar battery is really a storage unit for energy. A lot of household solar systems collect more than enough energy from the sun. Before solar batteries, this excess energy is fed back to “the grid.” The grid is essentially an interconnected network that delivers electricity to and from homes.  In the simplest terms, solar batteries work by storing this excess energy instead of sending it back to the grid.

Are solar batteries really worth it?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Ultimately, the only determining factor to a solar battery’s worthiness is your intended use for it. One thing’s for sure, though, solar batteries are excellent ways to generate backup power for homes and even on the go.

If you intend to go off the grid for a short period, then a diesel generator may be a cheaper and more ideal option.

The story is different if you want to use solar power long-term and you live in an area where the power supply is unreliable. In these cases, investing in a good capacity solar battery ensures that you always have emergency electricity to tap into.

Can you go completely off the grid if you have a solar battery?


Yes and no.

We say no because, at the moment, there isn’t a solar battery with a capacity large enough to afford this. Many suburban homes have energy needs that are double the solar batteries’ capacity currently in the market. This supply-and-demand imbalance means it’s a bit difficult and nearly impossible to be completely off the grid at this time.

But we also say yes, because it is a possibility in the future. It can probably be done now, but it all depends on you finding an ample battery size. Generally, for a small house, going off the grid means having a battery capacity of 20 kWh. It also means you might still need a backup diesel generator to power your home on rainy or extremely cloudy days, depending on your specific energy needs.

Solar Battery Reviews

1. Vmaxtanks 12V 125Ah SLA Rechargeable Solar Battery

VMAX is an American brand specializing in manufacturing high-performance, high-capacity, and heavy-duty deep cycle batteries.

An impressive storage capacity is the key feature of the VMAX SLR125. Considering its size, this 12V battery has a capacity and power rating of 1.5 kWh. This rating is strong enough to power a standard-sized fridge.

Another key selling point of the VMAX SLR125 is a remarkably long lifespan between 8 to 10 years.

Speaking of a long lifespan, the SLR125 is built to last, thanks to its military-grade panels. It’s packed with high-quality custom alloy and glass mats allowing it to meet the toughest applications’ demands.

The VMAX SLR125 is also equipped with a smart battery calculator for figuring out AC/DC power. This feature essentially makes the VMAX SLR125 capable of functioning as an inverter.

The battery is maintenance-free, so apart from the initial setup, you pretty much don’t need to do anything to keep it going.

Warranty-wise, the SLR125 comes with a 12-month warranty, which you most likely won’t need considering it’s built to last.

Finally, considering the features we’ve listed above, the VMAX SLR125 actually comes at a reasonable, affordable price.

If there’s anything to set back the VMAX SLR125, it’s probably that it’s relatively bulky. It weighs 75 lbs and 13 inches long, which may or may not be large enough depending on your needs.

Overall, true to the brand’s promise, the VMAX SLR125 is a heavy-duty and high-performing solar battery suitable for most applications.

Vmaxtanks 12V 125Ah Deep Cycle Battery Specifications


Data Source: vmaxtanks

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  • Relatively large storage capacity and power rating – 1.5 kWh.
  • Long lifespan – 18 to 10 years.
  • Built to last using military-grade materials.
  • Smart battery calculator to calculate AC/DC.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Reasonable warranty – 12 months.
  • Affordable price.


  • Bulky and heavy – 75 lbs and 13 inches long.


2. Battle Born LiFePO4 100Ah 12V Battery for Solar Power Storage

Battle Born is a Nevada-based company that falls under the umbrella of Dragonfly Energy. Battle Born specializes in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and is the current lithium iron phosphate technology leader.

The key feature of the Battle Born LiFePO4 battery is its integrated battery management system. This built-in feature prevents the solar battery from failing or being damaged. It does this by protecting the battery from ground faults and temperature volatility. The BMS also acts as a regulator for the power taken out of the battery. Finally, the BMS also performs an automatic shut-off mechanism, protecting the lithium-ion cells from risky operating conditions.

Power and capacity wise, the LiFePO4 operates at 1.2 kWh, strong enough to power a standard home appliance.

Another great feature of the Battle Born is its extremely long lifespan. Battle Born estimates the lifespan of the LiFePO4 to be anywhere between 3000-5000 cycles. This value translates to roughly 10 years of use.

In addition to this lengthy battery life, this Battle Born battery also comes with an equally impressive 10-year warranty. It says much about the brand’s confidence in its quality to give a warranty this long.

And that’s not where the attractive features of the Battle Born end. It also has a lightweight and versatile design. It’s only about 31 lbs and has a 13-inch total length. This sleek design makes it an ideal solar battery for use with your RVs, boats, and other on-the-go applications. Its lightweight design truly contributes to the versatility in mounting options as it can be mounted almost anywhere.

Finally, the LiFePO4 is a green energy battery. It is built from purely safe, non-toxic, and sustainable materials.

If you’re wondering why the Battle Born isn’t our number one on our best solar battery list, we’ll get to that. The only thing keeping the LiFePO4 from being top of this list is its relatively high price.

Other than that, the Battle Born LiFePO4 is a top choice if you’re after a feature-rich, long-lasting solar battery.

Battle Born LiFePO4 100Ah 12V Battery Specifications


Data Source: Battle Born Batteries

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  • Integrated battery management system.
  • The reasonable capacity of 1.2 kWh.
  • Long lifespan of 3000-5000 cycles or roughly 10 years.
  • Impressive 10-year warranty.
  • Lightweight and versatile – 31 lbs, 13 inches long, suitable for mounting anywhere.
  • Green battery – made of safe, non-toxic, and sustainable materials.


  • Relatively expensive.


3. Renogy 100Ah 12v Battery for Solar Panels

Renogy is an award-winning American company focused on renewable energy products.

Affordability is a key selling feature of this Renogy solar battery. Considering the features outlined below, this solar battery is actually a great value for money.

Aside from price, an outstanding feature of this solar battery is its leak-proof design. It is made of gel-suspended electrolytes and advanced valve-regulated technology. This composition prevents your battery from acid leakage and effectively saves it from having to undergo frequent maintenance.

Another impressive feature is that the Renogy gel battery is backed with explosion-proof safety valves. It’s a great safety feature as it contains any sparks which may cause a larger explosion.

This Renogy gel solar battery can last up to 12 years when on standby because it’s built with corrosion-resistant grids. The lifespan when in use is also relatively long at 750 cycles.


The warranty on this solar battery is also reasonable at three years, which is great considering its price.

One very minor issue with the Renogy is it doesn’t come with the necessary bolts to connect to the system. However, again, considering the affordable price, this is probably acceptable.

In summary, if you’re after a basic solar battery that is a real value for money, the Renogy is a top consideration.

Renogy Deep Cycle Battery Specifications


Data Source: Renogy


  • Affordable.
  • Leak-proof design.
  • Explosion-proof safety valves.
  • Standby lifespan up to 12 years, working lifespan up to 750 cycles.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t come with bolts to complete the setup.


4. Ampere Time 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Ampere Time is a Chinese brand offering a variety of battery systems.

Power and capacity are obvious standout features of the Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery. At 24V and 100Ah, it’s generating 2.4 kWh. To put it to perspective, that can power four fridges, 40 laptops, 40 ceiling fans, or 222 9-watt LED lights.

This Ampere Time solar battery is also equipped with an automotive-grade LiFePO4 cell. This component gives the battery a higher energy density and a higher level of safety. More importantly, this feature gives the battery a long service life of more than 10 years. That’s essentially 10 times longer than the average lead-acid battery.

Speaking of safety, the Ampere Time has a built-in battery management system. It’s a feature that protects the battery unit from overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, and short circuits.

Ampere Time also gives this product a reasonable warranty of five years. On top of that, you can back this up via a third-party supplemental insurance provider.

A disappointing design feature of the Amerte Time solar battery is the length of the terminals. They’re a bit short in that they only allow you to connect about two cables.

Another possible setback is its bulky design. It measures 21 inches at its longest, 9 inches wide, and 8.5 inches high. It’s also heavy at 47.4 lbs.

In short, the Ampere Time LiFePO4 battery is a great choice for a large-capacity solar battery with long service life.

Ampere Time 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Specifications



  • Huge power and capacity – 2.4kWh.
  • Long service life – more than 10 years.
  • Built-in battery management system.
  • Reasonable five-year warranty – can be supplemented by a third-party provider.


  • Short terminals that limit the number of cables used.
  • Bulky and heavy – 21 x 9 x 8.5 inches and 47.4 lbs.


5. ExpertPower 12V 200Ah Deep Cycle Battery

ExpertPower is another California-based company specializing in energy storage solutions.

Impressive power and capacity are also the best features that the ExpertPower LiFePO4 solar battery can offer. Its 12V 200Ah capacity equates to around 2.4 kWh, which can power an extensive range of home appliances.

This ExpertPower solar battery also has an impressive lifespan of 10 years or between 2500-7000 cycles.  That’s clearly longer than most solar batteries in the current market.

It’s also backed with a built-in battery management system that guarantees up to a year of maintenance-free storage. This feature protects the battery from over-discharge, deep discharge, short circuit, and overheating. The same feature also protects the battery from going into an excessively low self-discharge rate.

The ExpertPower was also designed so that it performs in all temperature types. It has a wide operating temperature range of 32°F-140°F for charging and -4°F to 140°F for discharging.

Like the previous product on this list, weight is what may set the ExpertPower back. It’s 48.3 lbs heavy and is 21 inches long and 9.5 inches wide.

Another disappointing thing is its limited warranty of only one year. We would have liked it better with a longer warranty that matches, or at least close to its claimed lifespan.

All in all, the ExpertPower is another option to consider for a high-capacity and long-lasting solar battery.

Ampere Time 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Specifications


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  • Impressive power and capacity – 2.4 kWh.
  • Long lifespan of 10 years or 2500-7000 cycles.
  • Integrated battery management system.
  • The all-temperature performance enabled.


  • Heavy at 48.3 lbs.
  • Short one-year warranty.


6. WindyNation 100AH 12V Solar Battery

WindyNation is a California-based company specializing in the manufacture of solar and wind technologies. Among their most popular products include solar panel kits, charge controllers, inverters, and batteries.

A low discharge rate is a key feature of the WindyNation battery. Many lower-quality solar batteries in the market use recycled lead, which reduces their capacity and increases their discharge rate. The WindyNation, however, is different. It has a 99.9% virgin lead material that also allows it to have maximum power storage.

This WindyNation solar battery has a long float life of between 10 to 12 years. That’s extremely impressive, especially compared to similar products on the market.


Another great thing about the WindyNation solar battery is its sealed and spill-proof design. It means the battery does not need to go through regular maintenance or ventilation. It also means it’s safe to use in different climate conditions.

Safety-wise, this solar battery comes with negative and positive terminal protectors, ensuring your battery is protected from accidental contact.

One possible setback to the WindyNation is its relatively heavy build. It weighs around 66 lbs and is 13 inches at its longest and nearly 9 inches at its widest. It’s definitely not the best option if you’re after a portable solar battery.

Another drawback is the short one-year warranty that WindyNation offers for this product. This is extendable for a few more years. However, the warranty would be provided by a third party and not WindyNation themselves.

In summary, if you want a solar battery that can last you a decade, WindyNation is a good option.

WindyNation 100AH 12V Solar Battery Specifications


Data Source: WindNation


  • 9% virgin lead material.
  • Long float life of 10-12 years.
  • Low maintenance – sealed and spill-proof design.
  • Negative and positive terminal protectors.


  • Bulky – 66 lbs and 13 x 7 x 9 inches.
  • Short one year warranty.


7. Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Battery

Universal Power Group is a Texas-based company specializing in the supply and distribution of batteries and other power-related solutions.

Durability is a key feature of the UB121000. Overall, it has a heavy-duty built. Shock and vibration are among the top reasons for a battery to fail. The good news is that the UB121000 was designed so that it withstands high-impact mechanical vibrations and shock.

The UB121000 is a battery equipped with absorbent glass mat technology. This feature means there is no fluid inside, which essentially renders the battery maintenance-free.

Safety-wise, the UB121000 is completely sealed. This, and the fact that it doesn’t have fluid, means no risks from unsafe acidic leaks.

Power and capacity wise, the UB12100 comes as a 12V 100Ah solar battery, which translates to roughly 1.2kWh. While this isn’t the most powerful this best solar battery list, it’s certainly good enough for juicing up some essential appliances.


What we don’t quite like with the UB12100 is it’s extremely heavyweight. We would have expected it to be lighter as it’s certainly slimmer than a few batteries on this list. However, that’s obviously not the case, as it weighs a whopping 63.93 lbs.

Another setback again comes with a warranty, which to us is extremely short at only one year.

Overall, if you’re after an extremely durable solar battery, the Universal Solar Group’s UB12100 is definitely a top contender.

Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Battery Specifications


Data Source: Universal Power Group

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  • Durable, heavy-duty built – shock and vibration-proof.
  • Maintenance-free thanks to its absorbent gas mat technology.
  • Safe, sealed design.
  • Reasonable power and capacity at 1.2 kWh.


  • Extremely heavy at 63.93 lbs.
  • Short warranty of only one year.


8. Mighty Max Battery 12V 200Ah Battery for Solar

Mighty Max Battery is a New Jersey-based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of batteries.

Most of the great features of the Mighty Max ML4D are attributed to its sealed lead acid battery make.

The first is that the battery’s separator completely absorbs the electrolyte, which means you don’t need to be adding water.

Second, sealed lead-acid batteries are unique in that they can be placed beside or stacked on top of each other. This ability is a key feature as it increases the overall charging output of the batteries.

Again, because this Mighty Max solar battery is a sealed lead one, it requires less ventilation and maintenance. It’s also able to withstand different temperature zones better than other types of batteries.

The lifespan of the Might Max ML4D is another one of its appealing features. It has a standby service life of up to 10 years, which is well within the average, if not more.

Weight is one thing that’s pulling down the Mighty Max ML4D, pun intended. It comes at a massive 114.6 lbs, which is almost equal to a petite adult’s weight.

Another thing is the warranty. This seems to be common on many batteries, so it may or may not be such a negative. The warranty offered by Mighty Max on their ML4D is really short, covering only a year.

In summary, the ML4D is a good solar battery option for a reliable and affordable sealed lead acid battery.

Mighty Max Battery 12V 200Ah Battery for Solar Specifications



  • Sealed lead-acid battery – no need to keep adding water.
  • Can be stacked on top of or positioned beside each other.
  • Requires less ventilation and maintenance compared to other battery types.
  • The long service life of up to 10 years.


  • Extremely heavy at 114.6 lbs.
  • Short warranty of only one year.


9. Renogy 100Ah 12v Deep Cycle AGM Battery

The next product on our list of the best solar batteries is another offering from Renogy.

The main difference between this Renogy and the previous one on our list is its AGM make. This composition is also where this particular Renogy solar battery gets its appeal.

This Renogy solar battery will charge quicker and hold its charge better than the gel version because it’s AGM.

In terms of power and capacity, this Renogy solar battery performs at 1.2 kWh. It’s not one of the highest, but it is definitely on par with most batteries’ average performance.

Another key feature of this Renogy solar battery is its durability. Its exterior is made of extremely tough ABS material for added protection. The overall battery is designed so that it withstands vibration.

Being maintenance-free is also a key component of this Renogy product. It has leak-proof and spill-proof technology, ultimately eliminating the need for maintenance.

Also, Renogy’s deep cycle batteries are specifically designed for solar storage applications, which in itself is another big plus.

At 66 lbs, weight is also what may set this solar battery back. It’s relatively slimmer compared to similar products at only 13 x 9 x 7 inches, but it’s definitely not light.

Another thing is that this Renogy AGM solar battery is significantly more expensive compared to most of its competitors.

Overall, the Renogy AGM battery is another good option if you’re after a solar battery packed with basic features.

Renogy 100Ah 12v Deep Cycle AGM Battery Specifications


Data Source: Renogy

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  • Reasonable power and capacity at 1.2 kWh.
  • Durable design – withstands vibration.
  • Maintenance-free – spill and leak-proof technology.
  • Specifically made for solar storage applications.


  • Relatively heavy at 66 lbs.
  • More expensive compared to similar products on the market.


10. Weize 12V 100AH Pure Gel Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

Weize is an Amazon Store offering a range of batteries for various applications. They also offer solar panels and relevant accessories.

A long lifespan is a standout feature of this Weize solar battery. Its lead-calcium grids that are heavy-duty ensure that the battery is protected from corrosion. This protection factor allows this Weize battery to last an impressive 15 years on standby and under optimal float conditions.

This heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid is also responsible for Weize’s wide application. Its material enables the Weize battery to be used for universal applications, such as off-the-grid, emergency lighting, and emergency power supplies.

The Weize solar battery also comes at a relatively compact size of 12.8 x 6.8 x 8.5 inches. This, along with its valve-regulated design, makes it an ideal option for fitting into small spaces or even in enclosed areas.

Design is also another key feature of this solar battery. Their patented design includes a PVC separator that ensures the gel electrolyte is evenly distributed throughout the internal battery. In addition to its valve-regulated seal, it also comes with a triplex-sealed design to virtually seal all terminals and posts. This protection mechanism prevents any electrolyte leaks and stops any external air from entering the battery components.

Safety-wise, the Weize solar batteries come with explosion-proof valves to protect the unit from redundant gas. This design effectively protects against sparks, which could be a potential fire risk.

Finally, this solar battery brand also comes with a low self-discharge rate. This feature makes it easier to use as it will remain charged even in standby mode.

One disappointing thing about this solar battery is that Weize only gives a one-year warranty on them. Weize does offer a 30-day refund policy, but even that is not so impressive.

Another minor setback is that although the package includes screws, it doesn’t come with a wire harness or any mounting hardware.

In short, if a long lifespan is what you’re after in a solar battery, the Weize is a top contender.

Weize 12V 100AH Battery Specifications



  • The impressive long service life of 15 years.
  • Wide application, thanks to its heavy-duty calcium-alloy grid.
  • Relatively compact size ideal for small spaces and enclosures.
  • Functional and protective design – explosion-proof, leak-proof.


  • Short year-long warranty.
  • No wire harness or mounting hardware is included in the package.


Solar batteries come with universal applications. Not only are they great for storing excess solar energy for the home, but they can also be used on the go. Our top pick for the best of the best solar battery is the  Vmaxtanks 12V 125Ah SLA Rechargeable Solar Battery. Its power is reliable and strong enough for most applications.

Although its warranty is relatively short, it’s made of military-grade materials, which essentially ensures it will last. Plus, it holds a promise of a long lifespan of up to 10 years anyway. It’s definitely a high-performing, heavy-duty battery at an affordable price – something that’s hard to beat.

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