How to Choose Solar Gate Opener?

As we enter the hi-tech age, we use more and diverse up-to-date electronic appliances, such as charge controllers. That means nowadays we are getting increasingly dependent on technologies and power sources. For example, as time progresses and the need for convenience grows, automatic doors have become more prevalent to access our houses and properties.

However, we may encounter situations where our automatic door can’t open because of an accidental power cut. So to avoid such troubles, manufacturers begin to produce solar gate openers that are charged by sunlight.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Gate Opener


Solar gate openers have plenty of features or buyers may have many questions about them, and there are three main factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Energy management

Energy management is a significant factor when it comes to solar-powered products. A solar gate opener is not an exception. Even, it is more important for this product because doors matter for our properties.

A solar gate opener works with power from the sunlight, which means the energy can be generated only when it is sunny or almost sunny. So a perfect solar gate opener should have the ability to save energy and store the spare power into the battery for fear that it goes dark or the sun is not out sometimes.

We suggest you select those with the function of minimizing energy depletion, for they will have a longer lifespan.


Capacity is another feature that plays an important role in ensuring the solar gate opener function It mainly refers to the length or weight of the gates. Different manufacturers set different limits or maximums for the products, for the sake of safety.

According to the lengths and weights of gates, the solar gate openers are sorted into three types, light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. These three levels can handle separate gate weights. You simply need to know the measurements of your gates and choose the correct solar gate openers with a corresponding capacity.

It’s important to note that you should either check the maximum weight or the length of the gate, not both, as they pertain to different specifications.



One of the most important factors you need to take into consideration when choosing is what type of solar gate opener you need. Different types have different functions and weights. Also, different doors have distinctive sizes, lengths and widths. You have to take all these matters into account so that you can choose the right one that suits your door.

To reach various purposes, solar gate openers are manufactured in four different types, including Single swing gate openers, Dual swing gate openers, Single slide gate openers, and Dual slide gate openers.

The first two types, Single and Dual swing gate openers, are designed for doors with a push-and-pull or semi-circular motion. The latter two, Single and Dual slide gate openers, are for doors that open in a straight line. Besides, the difference between single and dual is just whether your door has a single or dual gate. So you can select the solar openers depending on your door type.

Solar Gate Opener Frequently Asked Questions


Is using a solar gate opener safe?

Each solar gate opener is produced with multiple safety features to meet various protective purposes. And some key safety features are necessary.

The first one is obstacle detection. A good solar gate opener should have an obstruction sensor that keeps people, animals, and equipment safe. Especially for those families that have little kids or pets.

The second one is an emergency release key. When there is an urgency or power failure, you can operate the opener manually. This is a very practical feature since emergent situations can happen without expectation.

Thirdly, we recommend you select a unit that is equipped with an additional mechanical open system in case of bad weather without solar power.

Why should I buy a solar gate opener?

A solar gate opener has a lot of advantages. And some important ones are as follows.

Like many other solar power products, solar gate openers are environmentally friendly. They operate with power from the sun, instead of some non-renewable resources. So their operation neither consumes any scarce energy nor generates any toxic emissions. So they can protect the environment, meanwhile, conserve the energies.

Solar gate openers also provide ensured and advanced safety. As we have discussed in the first question, a solar gate opener comes with plenty of safety features. All of them help you and your houses stay safe and protected.

Solar gate openers are flexible and convenient. You don’t have to remember to charge it from time to time. And you don’t need to worry about power off. Because the opener is powered by solar panels. That design saves your efforts.

How many watts are demanded to power a solar gate opener?

The answer is not very important. The reason is that a solar gate opener consists of two components: solar panels and batteries. The former is responsible for collecting solar power from sunlight. The latter serves as a storage space.

Usually, a solar gate opener can handle 12V, 7A batteries. The control system between the solar panels and batteries will charge the batteries continuously with solar power, and the opener works with the power in the batteries.

The common wattage is 5-watt or 10-watt. It is powerful enough to keep both the batteries and the gate opener operating smoothly.

Solar Gate Opener Reviews

1. Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Gate Opener

In the American gate automation market, Ghost Controls plays a leading role in both manufacturing and designing. It specializes in creating solar gate openers that can operate under DC low voltage when there is no accessible AC power. One of its representative products is the TDS2XP solar gate opener which is designed particularly for dual outdoor gates.

In terms of this solar gate opener, the model performs independently using a 10-watt monocrystalline solar panel. Plus, it needs a 12V battery, and a deep cycle battery is suggested for solar because it can efficiently power the solar gate opener and store the leftover energy. And the stored energy can be used when it is sunless.

Besides, this model comes with plenty of useful accessories to meet customers’ needs. For example, the manufacturer offers a separate lockable battery box(ABBT2) to prevent potential acid leaks from damaging the system control board. What’s more, all necessary installation hardware and fasteners are included. And with commonly handy tools, users can install the solar gate opener easily.

Something else we would like to talk about is its compatibility. The solar gate opener is specially devised for agricultural and tubular gates. Moreover, it also suits other functional gates, such as decorative, ornamental, chain link, and plantation gates. So people who have farms or big properties should have a look at this unit.

Also, the TDS2XP features two operator arms, and two standard 3-button remote transmitters that are user-friendly and convenient. Moreover, the model is designed for maximum gate weights up to 900 lbs. and lengths up to 20 feet.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP maximum gate length and weight

However, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t include the 12V battery and push-to-open brackets. That means you need to pay extra money for them.

All in all, if you have a big budget for a solar gate opener, you can buy this, for it has multiple practical advantages.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Specifications


data source: Ghost Controls

Ghost Controls Gate Opener Kit Installation Video


  • Multiple accessories – convenient
  • Included-installation hardware and fastenerseasy to install
  • Lockable battery boxavoid acid-leak
  • Swift and quiet operation user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No battery need to buy separately
  • No push-to-open bracketsextra money


2. Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Gate Opener

TSS1XP is another wonderful solar gate opener manufactured by Ghost Controls. Unlike the above-mentioned TDS2XP solar gate opener, TSS1XP is a single gate kit for swing gates up to 20 feet. So if you have a single swing door instead of a big agricultural gate, you can choose this model.

Firstly, this solar gate opener is designed particularly for residential gates, but also suitable for any type of gates. It includes a 10-watt solar panel that guarantees its operation even in a very low power state. With this model, the residents will not worry about being off the grid, because this solar gate opener will allow your gates to work normally even when there is no power at your gate.

One of the amazing features that make the unit an ideal option is it has a quiet motor. This model comes with creative cutting-edge technology that allows the opener’s system to operate very smoothly and quietly. Meanwhile, it works with high speed and full safety. That feature makes the model a distinctive solar gate opener that attracts many users. So don’t miss it.

Something else we would also like to talk about is user-friendly kits. The unit has complete accessories, including one 10 watts solar panel, one standard 3 buttons remote, one set of tube gate brackets, a control box with a system controller, and a battery harness for the battery. Therefore you can install it conveniently with these kits and common tools.

However, the product doesn’t include the 12V battery and an AC transformer which you need to buy separately.

In a nutshell, although you may spend extra money on batteries, the multifunctional solar gate opener will ensure you a wonderful user experience.

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Specifications


data source: Ghost Controls

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  • Complete accessoriesconvenient
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Remotely workablehandy
  • Swift and quiet operation user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No battery need to buy separately
  • No AC transformerextra money


3. Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

Mighty Mule is another famous and specialized manufacturer, producing good solar gate openers. And it has plenty of remarkable solar gate openers that enjoy good reputations in the market. One of them is the Mighty Mule EZGO solar gate opener which is a single swing gate opener suitable for gates up to 16 feet long or 550 lbs.

This model is devised especially for residential gates and is compatible with all other gate types, including tube, ornamental, chain link, panel, vinyl, and wood gates. So it can cater to various requirements and ranks on the top list. That means there are no limits to fittings.

Besides, the unit has an included 5-watt solar panel that works perfectly with a 12V automotive or marine-type battery, though the battery is not included. What’s more, after the opener is completely charged, the battery can store the leftover power with 145 backup cycles, allowing the solar gate opener to work actively.

Moreover, this unit comes with two remote controls that can help you operate the gate remotely, for example, when you sit in your car, you can control the opener conveniently with this function. Plus, this gate opener is easy to install by yourselves with the introduction and included kits.

On the other hand, there is a potential problem too. The gate opener can be damaged by the rain because it is not water-resistant.

To conclude, despite no water resistance, it is still a good option, especially for beginners, for it is easy to install and has many useful functions.

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Specifications


data source: Mighty Mule


  • Plenty of kitsconvenient
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Energy efficiencycan store energy
  • Two remote controls user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No waterproof may be ruined by the rain
  • Works slowlyunder the expectation


4. Mighty Mule MM560 Solar Powered Gate Opener Kit

If you are looking for a single gate opener, there is another available choice. MM560 is another wonderful solar gate opener produced by Mighty Mule. It is designed for heavy-duty single swing gates up to 18 feet in length, or up to a max weight of 850 lbs.

Mighty Mule MM560 gate capacity/cycle chart

First of all, the product is equipped with an installation DVD, specific instructions, and accessible 24-hour technical consults. With the help of these items, buyers can easily install the solar gate opener independently without much effort or professionals. And you can always contact the technique dealers whenever you need them.

What’s more, the cutting-edge MM560 comes with exclusively designed dual sense technology that meets UL325 6th edition Standards for extra protection and security. Moreover, it has a single button remote, which allows you to activate the opener remotely.

Also, the solar capacity is optional and efficient. The unit features the addition of a Mighty Mule 5-watt Solar Panel or a 10-watt solar panel. Plus, users can charge the opener by accessing an AC transformer, coupled with a 12V and 7Ah FM150 battery from the brand. And it includes a control box that packs all the needed hardware for the installation.

However, the model charges inefficiently on rainy days or when there is no sunlight. So this is more suitable for users coming from sunny areas.

In conclusion, this is almost a perfect choice for you to buy, because it has so many high-quality functions and few defects.

Mighty Mule MM560 Specifications


data source: Mighty Mule

Mighty Mule MM560 Installation Video


  • Heavy-dutyweight-tolerant
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Dual sense technologymore protective and safe
  • A remote control user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No battery management charges hard on rainy days
  • Poor tech supportunder the expectation


5. Mighty Mule MM562 Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Opener

If you have a dual swing gate, you are gonna have a look at this model. Unlike the previously mentioned Mighty Mule products, MM562 is specially designed for residential dual swing gates. And it is heavy-duty, enduring the maximum weight of up to 850 pounds, and up to 18 feet in length. So your house has large doors, you can have a try.

While this solar gate opener is typically designed for dual swing doors, it is compatible with various types of gates, including ornamental, chain link, tube, panel, vinyl, and wood gates. This wide range of compatibility makes the model favorable for most residential houses.

In terms of installation, the solar gate opener comes with almost everything you need to install it. There is an included control box, providing all required hardware and a detailed installation manual with a supportive DVD. Also, owners are allowed to access unlimitedly to 24-hour technical support. So even if you are a beginner, you can still install the opener successfully. If you have any technical trouble, simply contact the provided number.

Besides, the model comes with a single button remote, an AC transformer, and a 12V7A battery. So you don’t have to spend extra money on the battery and transformer. And the offered button remote allows you to activate the gate opener yards away, which is flexible and convenient.

On the other hand, there are defects. For instance, it doesn’t include the solar panel, so you need to buy it separately by yourself.

In a word, this is both a high-quality and multifunctional unit, helping to upgrade your housing doors.

Mighty Mule MM562 Specifications


data source: Mighty Mule

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  • Heavy-dutyweight-tolerant
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Dual sense technologymore protective and safe
  • A remote control user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No solar panel extra money
  • Poor customer supportunder the expectation


6. Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator

unlike the above-mentioned Mighty Mule models, MM360 is particularly designed for housing gates or small farm gates. It is medium-duty and mainly serves middle size gates. To be specific, the single swing gate opener handles up to a maximum of 16 feet in length, and a maximum of weight up to 550 lbs. So owners who have big heavy doors can skip it.


When it comes to the installation, like all the other units, this is also an easy-handling one. the model comes with an installation package that contains the required hardware, specific instructions, vivid installation DVD. Any buyer even greener can install it effortlessly with handy tools. And if you encounter any questions, just contact the free 24-hour technical support for help.

What’s more, it features a single button remote that allows the users to operate the gate openers distantly. This is convenient and practical, for example, when you are seated in your car, you can control it with the remoter without getting off.

Moreover, this model is also armed with dual sense technology that offers extra protection and security.

Plus, it comes with an AC transformer. By using the transformer, this solar-powered swing gate opener can withstand 145 backup cycles, boosting its performance.

However, the battery is not included, so owners have to buy it solely.

In conclusion, given that this unit is specially designed for moderate size doors, those owners who have medium gates should take the chance.

Mighty Mule MM360 Specifications


data source: Mighty Mule

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  • Medium-dutysuits small farms
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Dual sense technologymore protective and safe
  • A remote control user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No batteryextra money
  • Weather-dependent remoter rangeunder the expectation


7. USAutomatic Sentry 300 Commercial Automatic Gate Opener

If you are searching for a solar gate opener for commercial purposes, the USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 300 is a recommendable model. It ranks on the top list for its high quality and multiple-optional designs. For instance, it is made for various installation lengths, on ornamental iron gates up to 12 feet, farm gates up to 20 feet, and chain link gates up to 14 feet. So this is a very humanized product.


The unit includes a 12VDC battery, and it provides two efficient charging options. The first option is charging the opener off-grid through the included 6-watt solar panel that can work independently with the packed mounting hardware and without wring. At the same time, the second choice is charging the battery using power from the grid via connecting with an AC transformer. That’s a useful and practical function.

Besides, the model features two LCR dual button remote transmitters, with which you can activate the opener at a distance, such as sitting in the car. That saves your effort and brings you convenience. And you can open the gate by installing an additional wireless push button a few feet away from the door.

What’s more, the opening and closing time of this solar gate opener is fast and fixed. That means it won’t be unsteady when the weight of the gate changes. Thanks to its linear actuator, it only takes roughly 16 seconds to open or close the door. Also, the model is armed with adjustable obstacle sensors that ensure safety.

On the contrary, the model doesn’t include a battery, and there may be some noise when opening or closing it.

All in all, this is a commercially designed solar gate opener with many attractive features to meet your personal needs. Despite some small shortcomings, it is worth considering.

USAutomatic Sentry 300 Specifications


data source: USAutomatic

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  • Obstacle sensors safer
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Two charging optionsprovide alternatives
  • Remote transmitters user-friendly
  • Suitable for different gateswide use range 


  • No batteries extra money
  • Works noisilyunder the expectation


8. Homeland Hardware Single Swing Solar Gate Openers

If you have got a single or dual swing gate, and need a solar-powered gate opener, this model is a nice option. This single swing solar gate opener is made by Homeland Hardware, and it is specially designed for swing gates, being incompatible with wheel gates. So to some extent, this is a very professional model for your doors.

This unit is heavy-duty. It is devised for dual swing gates up to 18 feet in length and can endure max weight up to 850 pounds. To be amazing, the model comes with a sensor soft start and soft stop function that helps you open and close the door quietly and safely.

Besides, what makes it one of the best options in the market is that it works efficiently. It features 2 Solar Panels that work with 20-watt batteries. With these solar panels, the solar gate opener can be charged effectively and quickly.

One most surprising features it comes with is the included obstruction sensor. With this function, the solar gate opener will automatically take action to stop or reverse the door if anything is blocking it from closing. Therefore, users can relax when vehicles or anything else in its way.

However, the batteries are not included in the package and need users to buy two 12V batteries.

All in all, this solar gate opener performs well and provides plenty of functions as well as safety features.

Homeland Hardware Single Swing Solar Gate Openers Specifications



  • Obstacle sensorsafer
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Included solar panelsprovide charging efficiency
  • Emergency release key safe
  • Digital displayclear running status 


  • No batteries extra money
  • Incompatible with slide gateslimited


9. OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener

If you have an extremely large gate, you should check out OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC 600. It is designed particularly for gates with ultra weight. And it can endure a maximum weight of 1400lbs. This is amazing and surprising for certain owners who have very large doors.

Firstly, it features a 200w big output power, meanwhile, the power supply is 110V AC, 60Hz. With such a big capacity of power input and output, the opener can perform perfectly and efficiently.

Besides, the model also has a very high moving speed, which is about 43ft/min. So users can enjoy a quick open and close experience. That is convenient. It features four electric sliding gate opener remote buttons, including open, close, and stop controls that provide a very distant workable range: 100 feet. So you don’t need to worry about control failure when you are in your vehicles.


Furthermore, the model has many safety features. It offers an adjustable soft open and stop function that improves the protection of people, pets, and facilities. What’s more, there is an emergency release key with which you can open the gate with your hands for fear that some urgent situations or power-offs happen.

However, the disadvantage is that both batteries and solar panels are not included. So you have to spend more money to purchase them.

In summary, although the total budget may be a little larger, it is very powerful and professional. So big gate owners should not miss it.

OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener Specifications



  • Ultra-weight-dutysuits big gates
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Multiple safety featuresadditional security
  • Emergency release key safe
  • 4-button remote controlconvenient and flexible 


  • No batteries extra money
  • No included solar panelslarger budget


10. TOPENS A3S Light-Duty Solar Automatic Gate Opener

After suggesting so many heavy-duty products, there comes a light-duty solar gate opener. TOPENS A3S Automatic gate opener is designed for relatively small gates. This light-duty single swing gate opener endures a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs, and up to 12 feet in length. This feature makes it super easy to install.

First and foremost, the unit suits all sorts of single swing gates, especially driveway gates, including steel, wood, vinyl, and shaped as panel, tube, and chain-link gates. Therefore, if you own a small farm that has a small door, you should check this out.

Besides, the model includes a 20W Mono-crystalline solar panel that can work independently without AC electricity because it features a high-tech energy-effective system. So as long as there is sunlight, the solar panel can operate perfectly.


What’s more, TOPENS uses a security technology that provides satisfying safety and protection. Specifically speaking, it comes with an electromagnetism limit switch, allowing you to adjust it for safety. Also, there is a soft open and soft stop to ensure durable performance. And when there are obstacles, the integrated stop and reverse mode will start to avoid damage. It has a release key that allows you to operate it manually when a power outage occurs.

On the other hand, it has a small shortcoming that there are no instructions for the remote. So you need to handle it independently.

In a nutshell, this is a worth-considering solar gate opener that especially suits the light gates. And all the functions you need are provided. So don’t miss it.

TOPENS A3S Solar Automatic Gate Opener Specifications


data source: Topens

TOPENS A3S Gate Opener Installation Video


  • Light-dutysuits small gates
  • Easy installationeffortless
  • Limit switchadditional security
  • Emergency release key safe
  • A remote controllerconvenient and flexible 


  • No batteries extra money
  • No remote manualmay encounter trouble

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar gate openers on the market to suit almost any requirement. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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