How to Choose Solar Pest Repeller?

Pests are a nuisance for most farmers. Dealing with them is difficult and effort-consuming. There might be different kinds of pests with various habits and appearances. The most troublesome problem is that they reproduce and increase at a very high speed. Those pests could spread poisons and parasites to the crops, resulting in bigger issues. Therefore, handling these pests becomes an urgent topic.

Things to Consider When Buying a Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


Solar ultrasonic pest repellers have a variety of features, also, buyers may have many questions about them. So there are three main factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Working Range

The working range is a significant factor when choosing such tools. Meanwhile, it is also important for users who have different requirements. A solar-powered ultrasonic pest repeller is not an exception. Even, it is more significant for this product because it directly relates to how well the pest issues are handled.

Generally, a solar ultrasonic pest repeller offers a coverage range between 800 and 1,200 square feet.

A perfect solar ultrasonic pest repeller should work with full coverage of the working range throughout your farm or house. Usually, the model performs better in open areas. So you need to confirm your repeller’s working range when shopping.

Types of Pests


The types of pests also influence the operation of a solar ultrasonic pest repeller. Since your trouble could be caused by some rodents like mice, worms, bugs, flies and so on, you need to carefully choose a suitable solar pest repeller that can deal with most potential pests.

Generally speaking, most solar ultrasonic pest repellers can deal with different kinds of pests. However, some of them may specialize in certain sorts of pests.

Also, some models may affect pets like dogs or cats. These units can emit frequencies that are disturbing to them. So if you have pets in your house, you should be cautious and selective when buying a solar ultrasonic pest repeller.

Power Source

Usually, an ultrasonic pest repeller has three different power sources: battery power, electric power, and solar power.

Those repellers using electricity need to be plugged into an outlet with a standard 110V AC. So they usually function well in open areas, such as a garden or a garage. Also, if the working range permits, the model can cover your laundry room, kitchen, or some other places where pests might exist too.

Battery-powered pest repellers are a great choice for keeping pests away when fishing, hunting, and some other outdoor activities.

And those powered by solar energy are ideal for repelling pests from your yard. These models are usually stroked into the ground and collect sunlight with photo-voltaic panels and transform them into energy.

We recommend you choose a solar-powered ultrasonic pest repeller because it can cover a larger area and also save on electricity costs.

Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Frequently Asked Questions


How does a solar ultrasonic pest repeller work?

We all know briefly that a solar ultrasonic pest repeller works with solar power. But the answer is not so simple.

Put it understandably, the repellers come with a solar panel that gathers sunlight and converts it into direct current. Then, the direct current can be converted into an alternating current that can directly be used to charge repellers.

Generally, the solar panel works under direct sunlight when it is sunny. However, when it is cloudy or rainy, the unit can still produce electricity, although it is incomparable to that on sunny days. So don’t worry about performance failures on rainy days. Also, most solar ultrasonic pest repellers are waterproof.

Why should I buy a solar ultrasonic pest repeller?

A solar ultrasonic pest repeller offers plenty of benefits. And some important ones are as follows.

Like many other solar power products, solar ultrasonic pest repellers are environmentally friendly. They work with power from the sun, instead of electric or traditional batteries. So their operation neither consumes any scarce energy nor generates any toxic emissions. So they can protect the environment, meanwhile, conserve the energies.

Solarultrasonic pest repellers provide users with better-ensured security and protection. The model can be installed in your yard garage or garden, which allows it to work using solar energy. So as long as it is powered by sunlight, the ultrasonic pest repeller can operate with full coverage. You can keep your plants or foods safe and avoid being bothered by the noises made by some pests.

 Is using a solar ultrasonic pest repeller safe?

Solar ultrasonic pest repellers don’t need traditional electricity or batteries, so you don’t need to worry about the danger caused by electricity leakages. However, some of the solar ultrasonic peat repellers may work with your dogs or cats. So buyers who own pets need to select a pest repeller that won’t hurt their pets.

Solar Pest Repeller Reviews

1. GWolffy Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

GWolffy Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a super cool and cute model. If you plan to buy a pest repeller that suits for little garden or yard, this is an ideal one. Thanks to the designed lovely appearance, the repeller can also decorate your garden to make it in harmony with your plants.

In terms of charging, this model comes with an advanced solar panel that can activate automatically. When it is sunny, users can expose it to the sunlight, the solar panel will collect the solar energy and transform it into battery power to keep the repeller working smoothly. On the other hand, when the weather is bad, you can put it inside and charge the model using the included USB cable. Plus, the repeller is water-resistant and can work well on rainy days.

Besides, it features a motion sensor and offers five different frequencies for users to choose from. When there is an intruder detected, the sensor will automatically release sounds to scare the animal off. There are different ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights to deal with different sorts of pests and animals. With the help of this function, your garden and property can be completely protected.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry that some animals may not be sensitive to ultrasonic sounds. The model features an audible alarm and flashing light alarms that are used to frighten those insensitive animals away.

However, there is a defect too. Some users find that it can’t handle wild cats or other animals.

All in all, despite the occasional disorder, this little cute equipment can serve as a safeguard to keep your garden safe.


  • Two charging optionscompatibility
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Multiple frequencies more choices
  • Motion sensorbetter protection 


  • Cant work for wild cats not all-rounded
  • Annoying to humans bothers neighbors


2. Broox Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (Upgrade Pick)

A Broox solar ultrasonic animal repeller is one of the most worthy models in the market. Searchers who plan a loose budget can check this out. Although this is a relatively expensive model, it features many practical functions to satisfy your needs.

Firstly, the Broox solar ultrasonic pest repeller works humanely. It won’t emit toxic chemicals, or pesticides to kill the intruders. Also, there are no traps to capture the pests or animals. It just drives the trespassers away using ultrasonic frequencies. And it can work with most potential intruders like squirrels, dogs, cats, mice, moles, skunks, raccoons, and other pests. So your property will be perfectly protected.

Another outstanding feature of the repeller is the power source. It can be charged in two ways. The first one is solar energy. The model includes a solar panel on the top of the device and packs three AA batteries. So the model can be charged by sunlight with an adjustable infrared sensor. And when it is rainy outside, you can charge it with the USB cable inside. That is convenient and considerate.

Moreover, the working frequency can be adjusted according to the types and sizes of the animals. It has three working modes, allowing users to tune the model freely. Therefore, your properties can be well protected with the least energy consumption.

However, the repeller doesn’t work with birds or squirrels sometimes, causing dissatisfaction among users.

In a nutshell, it does have some defects, but it is still worth shopping for because there are multiple useful features and the price is nice.


  • Two charging optionscompatibility
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Three frequency modesenergy-saving
  • Ultrasonic wave frequencies accurate
  • Infrared motion sensorbetter protection 


  • Cant work for birds not all-rounded
  • Expensive need more money


3. ASPECTEK Predator Eye Night Time Solar Powered Animal Repeller – 2 Pack

Aspectek Predator solar animal repeller is a powerful model that can help you get rid of annoying invaded animals like weasels. If you have a big garden or small farm and are preparing to upgrade your repellers, this is a perfect option.

First of all, this animal repeller uses solar energy to operate. As long as you install it in the ground of your farm, it can gather sunlight during the day and convert it into battery energy to keep the repeller working for a whole night. So when you sleep at night, you don’t have to worry about your plants or livestock. The model can catch almost all uninvited intruders, such as raccoons, skunks, coyotes, foxes, wolves, and so on.

Besides, this solar pest repeller features a powerful water-resistant design. As outdoor equipment, this is professional and completely weatherproof. So even if you are from areas where bad weather may occur from time to time, you can still buy a solar pest repeller like this model. It can protect your property from predators in any weather condition.

Moreover, the package includes two pieces of equipment to ensure a full working range. So even if your land is large, this model can offer complete protection. Even, it can cover some minor corners of your house. Each of them can drive the predators away from more than 500 yards.

Also, the flashing red light can work as a home security guard, scaring those intruders away. All these features provide multiple-level safety for your property.

However, the model may need a lot of sunlight to charge the devices fully.

In conclusion, although the charging efficiency is demanding, this model offers users very useful functions. So landowners should take the chance.


  • Two devicesdouble effects
  • Copy a real security systemdeter invaders
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • 500 yards coverage large working range
  • Automatic turnersconvenient 


  • Low charging efficiency more sunlight
  • May hurt your pets pay extra attention


4. Lulu Home Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

If you are looking for a solar-powered ultrasonic pest repeller that is both user-friendly and animal-harmless, this Lulu Home ultrasonic pest repeller is the perfect option. This model has a sophisticated design and comes with multiple functions. Landowners who are desperate for a yard guardian should not miss this.

One of its amazing features is the humanized working mode. The Repeller drives away any pests and animals by releasing a combination of adjustable ultrasonic wave frequencies and strong flashing LED strobe lights and alarms, deterring the pests from leaving the land. In that case, owners can protect their properties from intruders, meanwhile, the invading animals can also avoid being captured and killed.

Besides, this repeller provides two alternative charging choices. It supports both solar charging and electric charging. So when it is sunny outdoors, the model can be automatically charged by collecting sunlight and converting it into energy, which is convenient and eco-friendly. And on rainy days, you can change the model by plugging it into the USB cable. So even if you are from some areas where there is a regular rainy season, you can still buy it.

What’s more, this repeller also has a solid waterproof. So if you mainly use the repeller in the yard or garden, you can relax. It can handle all weather conditions. When it is fully charged, it can work smoothly at night to prevent your farm, garden, yard, or garage from unexpected intruders.

On the other hand, some users complain that the model doesn’t work with squirrels, which could be annoying.

All in all, despite the minor shortcomings, this model offers a first-class design and plenty of functions, you can have a try.


  • Two charging optionscompatibility
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Ultrasonic wave frequencies accurate
  • Motion sensorbetter protection 


  • Cant work for squirrels not all-rounded
  • Battery runs out fast needs frequent recharging

5. Gardtech Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Like the above-mentioned GWolffy solar ultrasonic repeller, this owl-shaped solar ultrasonic animal repeller is also designed with a cute look. It looks like an owl head with two round red eyes. So it suits the garden very much. And the animal shape makes it good camouflage in the garden.

Among all these wonderful features, the included infrared motion detection matters a lot. With the infrared motion sensor, this repeller can release slight ultrasonic waves to deal with small animals and birds. As a result, users can get rid of annoying cats, hamsters, rabbits, and other stray pests. The beautiful gardens or houses can be perfectly protected.

Something else we would like to talk about is the speaker design. The model uses the speaker design of the passive infrared sensor (PIR). And there are five adjustable ultrasonic frequency settings. When it captures a moving animal in the detection range, it automatically releases the sound frequency, flashing LED glare, and scares off the animals.

Another wonderful feature is the powerful waterproof. This solid construction allows it to perform continuously in any weather conditions. Thus users don’t have to worry that the repeller can’t work when it is rainy. Also, it comes with a USB cable that can charge the model inside when the sun is not out.

On the contrary, some users report that the motion detection works inconsistently, sometimes it misses the passing-by cats.

In conclusion, it is unavoidable that the equipment may have some minor defects. So if you don’t mind, you can check this repeller out.


  • Two charging optionscompatibility
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Five frequency modesuser-friendly
  • Waterproof work on rainy days
  • Infrared motion sensorbetter protection 


  • Inconsistent detection not all-rounded
  • Some noises may alert the animals


6. PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light

If you are looking for a solar predator repeller, and have never used one before, this PREDATORGUARD solar-powered pest repeller is a perfect option for you. It provides a satisfaction guarantee, promising to refund 100% of your purchase if you are not completely satisfied with this predator deterrent. So this is good news for beginners. Why not have a try?

First and foremost, this is a very powerful tool that can work with almost all common predators, including fox, deer, wolf, coyote, raccoon, skunk, and bear. So it is very suitable for gardens, vineyards, livestock, and properties. As long as you install it in the needed place, the model manages to protect the area without disappointment.

Besides, this model comes with an automatic solar LED. This feature allows the repeller to work automatically. It will turn itself on at night and switch to off mode in the daytime. Also, the unit features an alternating flashing mode to prevent the animals from getting used to the lights. So the protection effect can be ensured well.

Moreover, this model is also durable and waterproof. It can deal with any outdoor weather conditions and hardly needs particular maintenance. You just install it in your garden and enjoy your life in your room. The repeller will help you get rid of the intruders and keep your property safe.

On the contrary, the negative is that this model is a little expensive compared to others on the recommendation list.

In summary, you may need to pay more money for this solar animal repeller, but the model is worth shopping for. You will have a good user experience.


  • Tough industrial componentsdurable
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Large working range better protection
  • Automatic switcheffortless 


  • Expensive need more money
  • No motion sensor


7. Hoont Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Hoont solar ultrasonic pest repeller is one of the most expensive models in the market. It has plenty of functions and is equipped with advanced technology. If you are searching for a high-quality pest repeller and you have planned a loose budget, this is an ideal option.

First of all, the model can handle almost all animal intruders. It can drive uninvited intruders out of your gardens by releasing strong ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED strobes. The model features three ultrasonic frequency settings coupled with an optional on and off LED flashing light. Thus users can use it flexibly and conveniently.

Another amazing feature is the charging option. The model supports two charging methods. After receiving the package, you just need to take it out and install it on the ground. Then the model can receive sunlight to generate energy using the included solar panel. So when it is sunny, it can be charged by solar power. And when it is rainy, you can take it inside to charge the model using the USB cable.

Plus, the repeller features waterproof. It has a solid hard plastic construction that is extremely weather-resistant. As a result, it can withstand all bad weather conditions. Even in seasons of rain, snow, ice, and wind, the model can operate smoothly. Users will never regret buying such an expensive pest repeller.

However, there are two sides to a coin. The shortcoming is that the model doesn’t work with all animal intruders. Some users report that it can’t deal with rabbits.

In a word, although there is a small defect, this is still a wonderful solar ultrasonic repeller that can meet various requirements.


  • Solid plastic constructiondurable
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Two charging options convenient
  • Automatic switcheffortless 


  • Expensive need more money
  • Doesnt work with rabbits annoying


8. GARDEN SECRETS Compact Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Some users may have disappointed solar-powered ultrasonic pest repeller experiences, and are desperate for a model that can work without failures. Then this is the one that we would recommend to you. To ensure a satisfying user experience, the model comes with a one-year full warranty. So you can have a try.

One of its wonderful features is the powerful ultrasonic sounds. The model provides a completely quiet working process. Users and neighbors won’t be bothered by any noise caused by the repeller because its frequency is undetectable to human ears. Frequency mode 3 and mode 2 are for people with insensitive hearing.

Besides, using this repeller will not harm animals and pests. This smart model helps you get humanely rid of unexpected intruders. It won’t emit any toxic chemicals, or harmful pesticides, or dangerous traps. When the repeller detects some trespassers, it will release ultrasonic sounds to scare off them. This is both eco-friendly and highly efficient.

Something else that will please you is the power source. This model comes with a powerful solar panel. You simply need to place it outside, the solar panel will collect sunlight to generate energy and convert the energy into power to charge the model. What’s more, the charging process is automatic, and it can keep working on sunny days. Users can save a lot of time and effort by using this solar-powered pest repeller.

On the contrary, there is a defect too. Some users reported that the raccoons knocked the model off and made a mess.

In a nutshell, it seems that the model has both advantages and disadvantages. But it brings more positives than negatives. Given that it offers many good functions, you can check this out.


  • 3 deterrent modesflexible
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Automatic charging saves time
  • Easy installationeffortless 


  • Cant handle coons annoying
  • Hard to adjust — less accurate

9. Triumpeek  Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Humutan ultrasonic solar-powered animal repeller is one of the most cost-effective models on the recommendation list. It is designed to be compact and lovely. If you are looking for a solar ultrasonic pest repeller to begin your journey of protecting your garden or property, we recommend this small equipment.

Like many other models, this unit comes with a motion sensor. The motion sensor is powerful enough to cover a working range of a 110-degree arc, allowing the detection distance to go as far as 8 meters. So if you have a big garden or backyard, you don’t need to worry that the model could miss some corners.

Moreover, the model is constructed in small size, so users can install it easily with some handy tools. The package also includes the necessary spikes to help you. Plus, you can install it on the ground, or mount the model on the wall. To better collect sunlight, you can choose a suitable mounting depending on your location.

Furthermore, although this is a cheap model, it is smart and uses a humanized way to drive off the invaded animals. When detecting some intruders, the model will emit strong ultrasonic sounds to scare off them without releasing any harmful chemicals or pesticides. So you can protect the garden without threatening animals’ lives.

However, some users complain that it doesn’t work consistently when turning it on. And some others report that the model can’t deal with dogs.

In conclusion, although there are some disadvantages, it provides plenty of practical functions to protect your garden or property.


  • Motion sensoraccurate
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Automatic charging saves time
  • Easy installationeffortless 


  • Operation bugs annoying
  • Cant work with some animals — cause trouble


10. VANZO Ultrasonic Solar Powered Animal Repellent – 4 Pack

VANZO solar ultrasonic repeller has a sophisticated and considerate design. It comes with four devices. If you worry that one device would be powerless, you can try this repeller. It is compact and easy to install, and you can install the four devices in separate places to protect the corners in your garden.

Firstly, the repeller has powerful extensive coverage. It has four sub-devices and can detect all directions. With such an all-rounded working range, the repeller will protect every corner of your backyard or garden from trespassers.

Also, this solar ultrasonic pest repeller can vibrate and release 400HZ low-frequency sonic pulses each half-minute to scare off the rodents. Plus, the sonic sounds won’t harm both humans and animals. It won’t emit poisonous chemicals too. So this is a humane and eco-friendly model.

Another marvelous feature of this repeller is its further protection function. The model is super water-resistant. And it is waterproof IP65. That means the devices can be left outside to work even when it is rainy or stormy. This makes the unit durable too.

However, it mainly works for moles and is less effective for other animals like foxes, raccoons, and so on.

All in all, as a solar-powered ultrasonic repeller, this is a recommendable model, though it can’t help to get rid of all intruded pests.


  • 4 devicesradiate all directions
  • Wont hurt animalshumanized
  • Waterproofwork without stop
  • Underground protection better safety
  • Easy installationeffortless 


  • Operation bugs annoying
  • Cant work for all intruders — disappointed

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar ultrasonic pest repellers on the market to suit almost any requirement. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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