How to Choose Hanging Solar Lights and Lanterns?

Unequivocally, we can say that there is no better time to be alive than in the 21st century! You can capture all the power that you can from the sun using the best hanging solar lights. In addition, these lights add extra cheer to your garden.

As a homeowner, you know how important outdoor lighting is for a home. It can transform a home from bleak to extraordinary. Therefore, if your home looks like that of The Addams Family (remember that dark comedy film?), light it up.

And you know what the good news is? You can do this without ongoing utility costs! Imagine: you just have to pay the initial cost of buying the best hanging solar lights. After that, you will enjoy free lighting for years.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Hanging Solar Lights


Outdoor hanging solar lights can last a long time depending on the make and the quality. Therefore, you need to take time to analyze them to determine whether they meet the intended purpose.

So, what are you looking for in hanging solar lights?

Find out below some factors that you need to consider before you commit your money.

The Design of the lights

Outdoor lighting does more than just providing light. For instance, it is also a way of adding beauty to your compound. If you mind how your compound looks especially during the day, you will go for the most artistic hanging lights that will kill two birds with one stone.

Any addition to your compound should add warmth and beauty to the existing one. The design of the bulb too should be attractive. The design of the lamp in the best spot on the compound results in classiness and elegance.

The Amount of Light that you Need

This can be advised by the size of your compound or garden. The bigger it is the brighter the light that you may need. Additionally, the purpose of the light will also come into consideration.

For instance, the amount of light needed for outdoor reading may not be the same as the light needed for security. Different purposes require different amounts of light.

This can also be advised further by the technology used to make the lamp. Experts advise you to go for Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Lights as opposed to the standard bulbs for the following reasons;

  • LED bulbs produce bright and even illumination
  • LEDs are more efficient than standard bulbs
  • LEDs are better than standard bulbs because they have more diodes
  • More diodes mean high brightness
  • Solar lights made using LED bulbs are efficient and eco-friendly
  • LED bulbs that give cool white light can illuminate all areas of your yard

Charging and Working time

You need to buy solar lights that have a shorter charging time and a longer working time. On the same note, it is advisable to purchase lamps that can give you 10-12 hours of continuous lighting.

On the other hand, the solar panels should be able to fully charge the battery within a few hours of sunlight exposure. This can help in case of a change of weather.

Weather Proof

Your hanging solar lights will remain outside forever. Therefore, they must be as weatherproof as possible. By this, we mean that they should not sustain damage from snow, rain or wind.

On that note, you need to consider the quality of the material. It must be high-quality plastic that does not crack from exposure to direct sunlight. In addition, the metal part can be stainless steel which can’t rust due to moisture.

The glass should also be of a quality that doesn’t fade or frost easily. If the glass gets too faded it may affect the amount of light produced in the long run.

Lifespan and Durability

Solar lights should be able to serve you for a long time, at least 5-10 years. Unfortunately, not all vendors are genuine about how long the lights should serve you.

Therefore, you need to go for lights that have a longer guarantee. In addition, the material making the lights will determine durability. In the same line, it is best to avoid brittle and light materials that can break easily.

The Weight of the Lamp

Too heavy hanging solar lamps can be disastrous in the long run. Therefore, always ensure that you go for the lightweight lamps, especially if they are hung using a string or a wire. The string tends to break slowly over time and eventually, the light will fall. This might cause injuries.

Alternatively, avoid lamps that hang on a string or a wire altogether. On the same note, go for the ones that have hooks instead. These allow you to choose where to hang them.

The Mode of switching On/Off

Today, we have many technologies for outdoor solar lights. Therefore, manufacturers have tried to make their lamps as attractive as possible. You should be able to light up your compound whenever you need to.

You can control some lamps using a remote controller. Therefore, you need to keep the remote in good working condition. However, this poses a risk of the remote stopping to work.

Other lamps have automatic movement sensors that prompt the light to go on anytime they detect motion. These are perfect for security lighting. In addition, they can scare intruders as well as alert you in case there is an uninvited guest within your compound.

Finally, you can switch some lamps on by a switch on the wall or a cord hanging from the lamp. These give someone the option of lighting the lamps manually. If the switch is outside, it may be difficult to use it when it is raining.

The majority of solar lamps nowadays come with more than one alternative control method. Always choose the one that fits you well.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most common questions that first time buyers of hanging outdoor solar lights ask:

How Do You Know If a Lamp Produces More Light?

The amount of light depends on the number of lumens that the lamp has. In addition, there is always an indication of the same in the user manual that comes with the lamp. The more the lumens, the more light it produces.

On the other hand, there is a way of knowing how much light you will get. For example, in LED lights, the more diodes or lights it has, the brighter it is.

How Do I Maintain Hanging Solar Lights?

Many solar lights are waterproof. Therefore, it is easy to clean them using a wet cloth. Clean them gently at least twice every year. Also, open it after a while to see if all bulbs are working properly.

In addition, if it snows heavily, give the solar panels a little help by wiping the snow off.

Will My Hanging Solar Lights Charge If There Is No Sunlight?

Some lights charge using natural UV light. However, it is advisable to consider using solar lights in areas where sunlight is experienced for at least 6 hours.

On the other hand, even on the days when there is no sunlight, the solar panels will charge the battery. However, they will take longer. At the same time, the running time of the battery will be shorter.

Hanging Solar Lights Reviews

1. Yinuo Mirror Hanging Solar Lights – 2 Pack

If you are looking for highly decorative hanging solar lights, this is where your search stops. These lights are too good to be believable. In addition, with all the features, you would think they cost much, but they do not. But first, see the features.


First, the design of this light incorporates an antique flame, which lights up and gives the illusion of dancing. In addition, the light glows in a warm, yellow color. Therefore, this means there will not be plenty of illumination already. However, what you miss out in that regard is made up for by the incredible looks.

Second, this lantern comes with a high capacity, rechargeable battery. For instance, while many other lights come with 400mAh or so batteries, this one has a 1500mAh one. In addition, it has an integrated solar panel so it charges in the sun. On a full charge, the running time for this light is through the night.

TThis is a versatile light. It has an IP65 waterproof rating and can withstand outdoor conditions every month of the year. However, once it is charged, you can also bring it indoors for use, such as on the stairs or to highlight a particular architectural feature.

These lights might become incredible or stunning if they improve some things. For instance, they flicker too much, which is actually not good for your eyes.


  • Nice design so it can sit on a table or you can hang it
  • Stunningly beautiful, yellow warm light
  • Well built with good material for durability
  • A long-running time


  • Flickers too fast instead of being random and beautiful

Bottom Line

If you have a Christmas, birthday or any other party going down in your yard, you might consider getting these lights because they do set up the mood.


2. MAGGIFT Hanging Solar Lights – 2 Pack

Sometimes, we just want an outdoor solar light that comes in a simple design and works as expected. The big Maggift hanging solar lights for the garden come in simple design and usability. In addition, these lights give good value for money too. But first, let us look at their features.


First, you can get the regular Maggift size of 34 inches or you can get the 37.8-inch one. Of course, this is going to cost you slightly more, but it might be worth it. In addition, every light comes with a Shepherd Hook to hang it where you want. However, you can also hang it at a place of your choice without using the provided hook.

When you are traveling, you don’t need to worry about your outdoor lighting since these lights have sensors. Therefore, they go on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. Besides, if they have been charging for the whole day in the bright sun, they will run through the night. In addition, these lights have a good brightness level.

For long outdoor use, these lights have a waterproof rating of IP44. Of course, a rating of IP65 or higher would be better, but it is what it is. The solar panel is sturdy and therefore, snow, frost, rain, wind and other elements will not damage the lights. Therefore, these lights can stay outdoors the entire year.

Most solar powered hanging camping lanterns need some improvement and this one is no different. For instance, the poles are too thin, so they could be better.


  • Installation is so simple since you just hang it on the hook
  • Good installation height at 34 inches
  • This lantern looks simple but stylish at the same time
  • High-quality iron and plastic material
  • Long-running time of up to 10 hours


  • The brightness could definitely be better
  • The stakes are too thin

Bottom Line

The weather resistance, durability, ease of installation and design make the Maggift solar lights worth having. However, you may have to hang it somewhere else apart from using the stakes.


3. Smart Solar San Rafael II Solar Mission Lantern – 2 Pack

The rustic design of this solar lantern makes it best for a large country home. However, it adds some finesse wherever you use it. Therefore, anyone can buy it and use it to transform their outdoor living space.


This is a mission-style solar lamp. By this, we mean that it comes with well-defined straight lines. Therefore, the rectangular design of the lantern makes it look quite contemporary. However, this design also enables it to sit nicely on any surface.

By the design of this lantern, it has a solar panel on top that charges the built-in battery during the day. In addition, it uses 2 AAA batteries with a rating of 400mAh, which seems a bit small. However, since this battery is only going to light up one LED bulb, so it is more than enough.

You can set this lamp on a table to study with it or when eating. However, basically, it is a hanging light. Therefore, it comes with a hook that you can use to hang it in different places. With a minimal weight of fewer than 2 pounds, you will not feel it too much.

This light has an auto on and off feature. Therefore, it turns on at dusk and turns off in the morning. Therefore, it will still perform even when you are traveling.

In spite of this being a good quality light, still, some things need improvement. For instance, there is no warranty support. Therefore, if it goes bust, that is it.


  • Nice, elegant design makes it look good everywhere
  • Can be used as a tabletop lantern or use the loop to hang it
  • Goes on and off automatically
  • The lantern gives a nice LED light


  • Durability is questionable with many lasting a year

Bottom Line

This good-looking missionary style lantern gives soft and ambient light. It is made of ABS plastic but it is strong all the same.


4. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights – 27 ft

You know this list of bright hanging solar lights would not be complete without having one or two string lights in the mix. However, such lights are mostly known for their decorative effect and ambiance rather than bright light. Therefore, you can install Brightech Ambience Pro Solar lights to set the party mood.


These are solar string lights. Therefore, they come with a separate solar panel. In addition, between the first LED and the solar panel, there is a lead length of 6 feet. Therefore, that is enough flexibility to help you to install the lights right where you want them.

Everything about these lights is high quality. For example, even small bulbs are shatterproof. In addition, they can resist heat up to 122°F. In addition, they can resist snow, rain and strong winds. When you invest in string lights, you want to be sure that they will last a long time. Therefore, with the qualities discussed here, the Brightech lights seem perfect for outdoor use.

Between the LEDs, there is a distance of 20 inches. Overall, without counting the lead allowance to the solar panel, there are 20 feet of lit string. Therefore, if you can do the math, you will see that there are 12 LEDs for every string. Consequently, if you have a bigger space to light up, you will need to order two or three strings.

In spite of the high build quality of these bulbs, they have a disadvantage. For instance, the shatterproof LEDs are plastic, so they can sustain dents.


  • They transform the landscape by offering ambient lighting
  • The lights add a touch of Italian décor to your garden, patio or gazebo
  • Durable LEDs since they are made of high-quality plastic
  • Covered by a warranty of 36 months


  • As happens in most cases, some lights in the string may not work

Bottom line

Nothing can transform your gazebo, patio, fence or trees in the same way as these solar string lights from Brightech Pro. At the same time, they are durable and weatherproof.


5. Moonrays Hanging Solar Lanterns

Sometimes, it pays to go out of the way to get something unique and out of the ordinary. Such is the nature of the Moonrays Floral Hanging Solar Light. The floral pattern sets it apart from many others. In addition, it has other features too.


The light is sold with its spike. Therefore, the installation is very simple. All that you need to do is plant the stake in the ground and then hang your light. On the same note, you can choose a good location where it will absorb the most sunlight.

This light is beautiful. For example, in its design, the manufacturer uses glass, plastic and metal. In addition, the glass sides are hand-painted to give it a unique look all around. When it lights up at night, the floral designs stand out very well.

During the day, the solar panels charge the battery, which stores energy to use at night. In addition, the running time for the lights is 8 hours, perhaps even longer, depending on how bright the day was. The light uses an AA Ni-Mh battery, and you can replace it in the future.

There is no doubt that this is a high quality hanging solar light. However, it has its flipside. For instance, the provided stake is too weak and it barely supports the light.


  • Comes with a warranty of 12 months
  • The design of these lights is very stylish
  • Good durability of these lights
  • The lights can make perfect gifts for people that you love


  • The floral design hinders the proper spread of light
  • The installation stake could be better

Bottom Line

You can go for the Moonrays Floral Light if you love colorful designs. It also gives off a bright light despite the obscuring that happens because of the flowers.


6. Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights for Hanging

If you truly want to transform the looks of your yard, garden, patio, gazebo or table with hanging solar lanterns outdoor, try these lights. You might love the way that the Kaixoxin scatters light all over the place.


You can use this light in different ways. For example, you can hang it or you can place it on a flat surface. In addition, they are designed to be weather resistant. For instance, they have a waterproof rating of IPX4. Therefore, you can leave it outside throughout the year. In addition, it will not sustain damage from snow, rain or even wind.

When you get your hanging solar outdoor lights, you want to install them in your own way. Therefore, you will be pleased with the versatility of these ones. You can install them on trees, brush, or anywhere else that you choose. In addition, you may also install the lights on a wall where they will cast a beautiful pattern.

The battery is one of the most important features of a solar light. In this case, this one comes with a 600mAh battery. In addition, when the battery is fully charged, it can run for 8 hours. On the same note, the light turns on automatically at night and goes off in the morning.

Despite the good features of this light, it has a disadvantage. For example, it will not offer you the kind of brightness that you can use for reading.


  • Pattern lighting is good for ambiance
  • Looks very stylish like a piece of Chinese pottery
  • Has a money-back guarantee of 30 days and a 12-month limited warranty
  • Good for all-weather usage
  • Can use them for a party setting


  • This light is not good for brightness – It is for ambient lighting

Bottom Line

Only buy this light if you are comfortable with the floral pattern that they cast over the ground, wall or garden.  It makes your home look artistic and appealing.


7. GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Lanterns – 8 Pack

Mostly, for nighttime outdoor illumination, we look for lights that can last about 8 hours.  If that is what you need, you might consider the 8-Pack Gigalumi hanging solar lantern. However, you need to see the features of this lantern before you commit your hard-earned money.


First, by design, either you can hang this lamp using the hook that it comes with or you can place it on a flat surface. In addition, you can also stake this lamp. Basically, these are three methods of installation and usage.

The lamp parts are made of metal and ABS plastic parts. Therefore, short of dropping this light, it can fare well through months and eventually, years. In addition, the lamp is an integration of everything in one compact unit. For instance, it has a built-in solar panel that charges the Ni-Mh battery. After a day of charging in the sun, it can give you a running time of up to 8 hours.

Installing this light is so simple. Therefore, you will do it on your own by following the instructions in the user manual. However, just pull out the top tab with the solar panel and turn the switch on so that it can charge. In addition, the light is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it even if there is torrential rain.

This light has many things going for it. However, some things still need improving. For instance, the light could be brighter. Sure, you might love the candle-soft ambiance, but light should offer proper illumination.


  • Simple, wireless installation
  • Has a good running time of 8 hours after charging fully
  • It sells with a 90-day replacement or refund warranty
  • The light can turn on or off automatically if you need that


  • Not very bright light

Bottom Line

These Gigalumi lanterns are more decorative hanging solar lights but they still give good illumination. In addition, for a pack of 8, the price is really good.


8. SteadyDoggie Solar Hanging Lights

If you love antique things but you find them too expensive, you might love the SteadyDoggie Bronze solar hanging light. However, looks alone are not enough to make you buy something. Therefore, we are going to look at its features.


The quality of solar hanging light is very important because it will stay exposed to weather elements. Therefore, you will be pleased that this one is waterproof. In addition, the manufacturer has used high-quality materials such as glass and plastic in its design. On the same note, you can leave it hanging outside the entire year and it will still be OK.

By design, this is a solar candle lantern. Additionally, it is also made to run like a candle, with random flickers here and there. In addition, the box housing of the light enables you to hang it with the hook and you can as well set it down on a flat surface. Therefore, if you want to have a “candlelit” dinner, just unhook it and place it on the table.

The lamp uses a single AA rechargeable battery. In addition, it is a compact unit meaning that the LED, the battery and solar panel are all in the same unit. The charging time is 5 to 7 hours and the running time is 8 hours.

Despite the quality build, this light seems to have the disadvantage of flickering too much. While this seems to be a problem with isolated products, it is still something to worry about.


  • Nice antique design
  • Stays lit for a long time even when there has not been enough sunshine
  • Can use it indoors or outdoors
  • Has a candlelight effect including flickers
  • It makes a perfect gift to people who matter


  • Does not offer much brightness
  • The light is too orange

Bottom Line

The SteadyDoggie classic solar hanging light is a good value for money. However, it seems to offer more ambiance than brightness.


9. ZORUI Outdoor Solar Hanging Lanterns – 2 Pack

Most users love the functionality of these lights. By this, we mean that the lights do what they are supposed to do. However, they have more features that are worth mentioning here. Keep reading to see them.


First, this durable light comes with protection against outdoor elements. For instance, it is waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, you can leave it outside the entire year if you don’t experience extremely snowy conditions in your area. The material used is real glass and plastic, so you need to be careful with it.

The integrated solar panel does a good job of charging the battery fully, in about 6 hours. In addition, the running time is up to 10 hours, which is quite good. At the same time, you get almost candle like light with gentle flickers and all.

The brushed finishing style of this light makes it look really good. Therefore, it will enhance your interior décor when you hang it indoors at home. However, even when you hang it outdoors, it still looks incredibly good.

Other things that you might love with this light include the automatic on and off functions thanks to its sensors. Therefore, even when you are traveling, this light turns on and off automatically every day.

The only thing that you might not like about this light is that it is too orange in color. Therefore, its brightness cannot be equal to that of white light.


  • Fair running time after charging the whole day
  • Easy and fast installation
  • They have an 18-month warranty
  • You can hang them or set them down on a flat surface


  • Again, the brightness level is low

Bottom Line

This light charges well and lasts a fair running time at night. Despite some minimal disadvantages, it still gives good value for money.


10. Zkee Outdoor Solar Hanging Lantern – 2 Pack

Nothing can transform the style and exterior or interior décor of a home like adding a vintage touch. However, while many vintage items cost a lot, the zkee vintage style lights are affordable, good looking and transformative. But first, here are the features:


These lights come in a pack of 2 lights. Therefore, if you want to create ambiance over a large space, you will have to order more of these solar pendant lights. The good thing is that they enable you to light up your yard without racking up your electricity bill.

The materials making these lights include plastic, metal and glass. However, while this is the real glass, it is tempered glass. Therefore, the entire lights hold up very well even when mishandled. In addition, tempered glass resists the weather very well.

By design, these are hanging lanterns. However, you can also set them on a flat surface. Therefore, you can get them to charge outdoors during the day and then use them on the dining table. In addition, the brushed finishing makes them look awesome in any décor.

Despite the fact that these are good lights, you had better monitor them carefully for a few weeks because they seem to have durability issues. However, customer support is always available to advise you appropriately.


  • The warm yellow light is quite beautiful
  • Sells with a 6-month guarantee of quality
  • Tempered glass makes the lights look unique
  • Versatility – you can hang them or use them on the table


  • They are bright but the nature of the glass makes them more ambient than bright

Bottom Line

One of the reasons why many users loved these lights is the functionality and the looks. However, they have more useful features. Besides, the batteries are replaceable.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You now have the facts about the best hanging solar lanterns for gardens and other outdoor spaces. In addition, you have seen the reviews of the lights that you should consider buying.

And now, we will give you our recommendation. For beauty, try the Kaixoxin hanging solar lanterns. This one is going to transform your deck, garden and walls. However, it does not offer much brightness. Therefore, it is more of ambiance lighting than functional.

For value for money, try the  GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights that come in packs of 8. They are bright and they have a long-running time.

Finally, choose the right spot to install your hanging solar lamp. This way, you will create the best effect in the yard. But first, know whether you need decorative or brilliant lights.

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