How to Choose Solar Camping Lantern?

One of the joys of camping is being able to disconnect from our fast-paced, technology-driven lives and reconnect with nature. However, light is a necessity that we simply can’t do without, even while we’re in the great outdoors, and technological innovations provide solutions.

This is where solar-powered camping lights come into play. They’re affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional camping lighting gear, such as flashlights and electric or gas lanterns.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Solar Lantern


Solar lanterns usually come with a few features, but here are three of the most important features to look out for. We’ve also answered some of the frequently asked questions people have regarding camping solar lanterns.

Lumens and Lighting Temperature

Lumens are a measure of how much light you get from a light source, such as a bulb or lantern. Solar lanterns are available in a wide range of lumen capacities, from 40 to 700 lumens.

To determine how many lumens you should go for, you must first determine your intended use for your camping lantern. On average, a 60-lumen light is more than enough to provide you with a light for cooking and other essential camping tasks. You may need a higher lumen capacity if you want brighter lighting, such as when used for nighttime group activities. Alternatively, if you want a camping lantern just for ambient lighting inside your tent, a significantly lower lumen works better.

The lighting temperature also depends on your intended use. For example, soft or warm white light has a soft and yellowish hue that is best for ambient lighting. The cool white light temperatures are more vivid. They are more ideal for giving you adequate lighting when doing tasks such as cooking or cleaning at camp. They also serve as great security lighting at night.

Charging and Run Time

Most solar camp lanterns require between 4-12 hours of exposure under direct sunlight to fully charge.

You also want to ensure that your solar camping lantern runs long enough to provide for your lighting needs. Again, this all boils down to your intended use. If using it for cooking and other essential tasks, you probably want a longer run time. But if only used like a nightlamp, then a couple of hours or so of run time is probably reasonable.

The ideal solar camping lantern is one that charges quickly yet runs the entire night. When in the market for solar camping lanterns, check how long they charge under the sun.

Durability and Weatherproofing

It’s best to pick a camping solar lantern that withstands the rough elements of the outdoors. It’s also best to get solar camping lanterns that are waterproof, so it’s still safe to use despite unexpected rains.

In saying that, you also want a solar lantern that withstands extreme heat or extreme cold. Of course, the need for such weatherproofing depends on the specific weather conditions you anticipate encountering where and when you’ll be camping.

Solar Camping Lantern Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar camping lanterns work?

Solar camping lanterns work pretty much the same as most straightforward solar-powered devices. Energy is collected from direct exposure to the sun through the lantern’s integrated solar panels. The sun’s energy is then converted by the solar cells into direct current, which charges the lantern’s batteries. The battery then operates as it should, giving power to the bulbs at night or when you need them to.

What are the types of solar camping lanterns?

Solar lanterns have evolved, and there are now four main types to consider. We’ll briefly discuss these four types for you below.

  • Compressible lanterns. These are also known as collapsible solar lanterns and are the most common type used in camping. As the name implies, these lanterns can expand when used and conveniently collapse into a smaller version for storage. They’re great for backpackers and hikers. This is because they usually come with a hook that easily clips onto your backpack or in a tent.
  • Fixed lanterns. This type of lantern probably does not require any explanation as, again, the name speaks for itself. Unlike collapsible ones, fixed lanterns maintain their shape and size both when in use and when stored. They are less ideal for backpacking but are good to have if you have a generous storage space in your camping vehicle.
  • String lanterns. These are newer types of camping solar lanterns and work as a string of Christmas lights. Combining a couple of string lanterns together is great for providing light to the entire campsite. It’s great for use when camping with your family or group, especially when you have a few tents set up. The string lanterns are great to hang around the entire area, so everyone gets their share of light.
  • Hybrid camp lanterns. These are solar lanterns that can also be charged using alternative means, such as via USB ports. They’re great to have for uncertain weather conditions, as they can be charged via a USB connection, typically plugging into your vehicle’s USB port. Plus, hybrid lanterns can be fixed, compressible, or string.

How many light hours can you get from solar camping lanterns?

There is no standard answer to this. The number of hours your lanterns can provide light on a single charge is dependent on a few factors. These include how much sunlight the panels were exposed to during the day and how much capacity your lantern’s battery has. It also includes factors such as how many lumens your lanterns use and a few other factors.

Ultimately, the number of hours your camping solar lanterns can run varies according to the brand. Therefore, the best way to determine this is by checking its manufacturer’s description, which usually includes this value.

Solar Camping Lantern Reviews

1. MPOWERD Solar Camping Lantern

MPOWERD is an American brand specializing in designing and manufacturing portable, clean, and sustainable lighting solutions. One remarkable thing about MPOWERD is that they are a social enterprise. Part of their product sales is dedicated to providing clean energy to parts of the world needing it the most.

The Luci 2.0 is the latest upgrade to the original Luci, which is MPOWERD’s core product. It is a compressible solar lantern that easily inflates into a size adequate enough to provide ample lighting.

The Luci 2.0 emits 75 lumens of cool white light, which is enough to cover all your camping lighting needs. Another thing to love about Luci 2.0 is that it has an adjustable lighting mode. Use the full 75-lumen high mode for cooking, cleaning up, or navigating your way around the campsite.

Create dramatic ambient lighting during dinner or for your after-dinner drinks using the medium setting. And finally, put the Luci on its low light setting to provide you just a bit of light as you sleep. It doesn’t stop there. The Luci 2.0 is also equipped with a fourth lighting mode: flashing light to attract attention in emergencies.

Another thing we love about Luci 2.0 is its extremely efficient battery. It is equipped with a rechargeable 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery that takes seven hours in direct sunlight to achieve a full charge. You may think that’s long, but here’s where that 7-hour charge time is worth it.

On a full charge, the Luci lasts an extremely impressive 24 hours in the low-light mode. Using it on high mode gives you six hours – which is already long considering its lumen output. What’s even more impressive is that it lasts a remarkable 12 hours on either medium light or flashing light mode.

A lengthy run time isn’t the only impressive feature of the Luci 2.0’s battery. It also has additional features that make it even more appealing. First off, it comes with overcurrent protection ensuring your solar lanterns are not subjected to any damage from excess current. Second, it comes with a battery level indicator giving you an idea of how much longer you’d have light for.

Design is also a key element to Luci 2.0. It comes with a reflective light green top for easy visibility and a clear finish to enhance the light’s brightness. As mentioned earlier, it is compressible and would only be about an inch tall when collapsed.

The Luci comes with a two-way valve with a nozzle, which you blow into to fully inflate the lantern. Portability wise, it is super lightweight at only 4.4 oz or 125 grams. It has an adjustable base strap that acts as a carry handle, which can also be strapped onto your backpack. The same strap can also be hung above your tent or on a tree branch for an instant overhead light.

Aside from portability, the Luci 2.0 is also made to be durable. In fact, it is designed so that it withstands up to 150 lbs of pressure. It has one of the highest IP ratings for a camping solar lantern, with an IP 67 certification. This value means that the Luci is totally dustproof and protected against water immersion for up to 1 meter.

It’s really difficult to fault the Luci 2.0. But if we must, it’s probably that the snap closure of its adjustable strap can be hard to snap off.  But then, that adds to its security and durability, so it may or may not actually be a negative point.

Overall, the Luci 2.0 is jam-packed with essential and extra features, making it the best solar camping lantern.


  • Bright light – 75 lumens cool white light.
  • Four adjustable lighting modes.
  • Efficient battery – up to 24 hours run time on seven hours charge time.
  • Practical battery features – over surge protection, battery level indicator.
  • Functional design – reflective green top, clear finish.
  • Lightweight and portable – only 4.4 oz.
  • Durable and weatherproof – withstands up to 150 lbs of pressure, IP67 rating.


  • The adjustable strap is hard to snap off from the closure.


2. Solight Collapsible Solar Lantern (Upgrade Pick)

Solight Design is another American company focused on the distribution of solar-powered innovative solutions. The SolarPuff is Solight Design’s version of a collapsible camping solar lantern.

The SolarPuff holds the highest IP rating compared to all camping solar lanterns currently available. With an IP68 certification, the SolarPuff is completely protected from dust and withstands long-term immersion even with pressure. The SolarPuff is made from durable and recyclable PET sailcloth with enhanced UV protection that protects it from extreme heat exposure damage.

The SolarPuff also bags the most lightweight camping solar lantern, weighing only 2.6 oz or only 73 grams. That’s nearly half the weight of the Luci 2.0.

Compactness is also another superior feature of the SolarPuff. It collapses to an extremely tiny size of only half an inch and has Velcro handles, so it’s convenient to carry around. The Velcro straps clip onto your bag during hiking or backpacking. It can also hang on tents, trees, or other surfaces to use the SolarPuff as an overhead light.

Another key feature in the compactness department is that the SolarPuff is designed with a special memory feature. This unique feature retains the SolarPuff’s shape regardless of how frequently you collapse and hold it up.

Oh, and did we mention that the SolarPuff requires no inflation or deflation? Yup, simply pull it open and collapse it down.

It doesn’t stop there. The SolarPuff also has higher maximum lumen emissions. It reaches up to 90 lumens on high and blinking mode settings and still a remarkable 60 lumens when put on the low light setting.

Aside from three lighting modes, another great feature of the SolarPuff is its versatility in light temperature. When purchasing the SolarPuff, you actually have the option between bright white or warm white light.

Efficiency-wise, the SolarPuff operates continuously for a good 12 hours following 8-10 hours of charge time.

By this time, you’re probably wondering why SolarPuff has all these superior features, yet it’s not top of our list. That brings us to its one single setback: the price.

The only reason it’s not first on our list is its relatively expensive price. It costs over twice as much as the MPOWERD product, which holds the top spot on our list. But this price may be justified by its impressive features above, making it absolutely worth the investment.

In short, if you don’t mind spending a bit more, the SolarPuff is a top camping solar lantern option.


  • IP68 – resistant to lengthy water immersion even under pressure.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact – weighs 2.6 oz and folds to 0.5 inches.
  • Special memory feature retains the lantern’s shape despite frequent collapsing.
  • Hygienic, self-inflating design – no inflation or deflation needed.
  • Three lighting modes with 90 lumens highest emission.
  • Lasts 12 hours with an 8–10-hour charge time.


  • Relatively expensive.


3. Kizen Solar Powered Camping Lantern (Budget Pick)

Kaizen is an Amazon retailer of a diverse range of products from solar lanterns to kitchen thermometers, selfie sticks, and headlights.

Affordability is the key feature that won Kizen the third spot on our list, making it our value pick. As far as we know, this Kizen product is the cheapest yet high-quality camping solar lantern in the current market.

Another great feature of the Kizen is its versatility in charging modes. This solar camping lantern can be charged by solar energy or powered up through USB connectivity. Solar charging takes anywhere between 8-10 hours to fully charge.

But if you’re in a rush, use USB charging, which only takes four hours. You can also do the reverse and charge your USB-enabled devices using the solar energy collected by the lantern’s battery.

The Kizen gives out 65 lumens of cool white light. It runs about five hours on high, 10 hours on low, and 6 hours with the flashing mode. In addition to these three lighting modes, the Kizen also has a unique lighting feature. When collapsed, the Kizen can still function as a solar flashlight, making it an ideal tool for nighttime hikes.

Another impressive feature of the Kizen is its integrated safety features. The Kizen solar lanterns are engineered with fail-safe mechanisms, protecting them from overcharging and discharging, short circuits, as well as overheating. It’s also designed with splash-proof technology, so it’s safe to use rain or shine.

The Kizen may not be as lightweight as the top two products above, but it’s still relatively at 10 oz. It has a total height of 4.7 inches, a circumference of 3.35 inches, and folds compact to around 1.77 inches.

The Kizen is made of durable materials, but what’s even more reassuring is the brand’s lifetime warranty. This warranty probably beats any other warranties offered by other camping solar lantern brands.

The only drawback to the Kizen is its opening mechanism, which comes as a pull-open accordion-like design. It sounds easy, but it can actually be tricky to open this camping solar lantern from its collapsed position.

All in all, the Kizen is a great affordable camping solar lantern choice, especially if you’re after USB-enabled charging capability.


  • Affordable, value-for-money – cheapest camping solar lantern in the market.
  • Versatile charging modes – solar or USB charging.
  • Can charge USB-enabled devices.
  • Three lighting modes on 65 lumens, with a fourth flashlight mode when collapsed.
  • Integrated safety features – protects from overcharge, discharge, short circuit, and overheating.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The pull-open mechanism can be hard.


4. MPOWERD Luci Solar Camping String Lights

The next product on our list is another offering from MPOWERD. This time, it’s their string light version of a camping solar lantern.

A powerful rechargeable battery is the standout feature of the MPOWERD Luci String Lights. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery has 2000 mAh, which translates into 20 hours of run time on a single charge. Because it has a large capacity, it does take 16 hours of charge time under direct sunlight.

There is, however, that option for a shorter charge time of 6-8 hours if using the USB charge mode. The integrated USB port also allows you to charge your devices on the lantern, provided it’s adequately charged.

Lighting-wise, the Luci String Lights give out an impressive 100 lumens of brightness spread across an 18 feet cord. That’s long enough to string around the campsite and bright enough to give everyone a decent amount of light.

Like the Luci 2.0, the Luci String Lights also come with four light modes and a battery level indicator. One difference is the fifth lighting option, which is the flashlight mode. Another difference is the string lights come available in two color options of warm white or colorful.

Speaking of this option, the colorful string lights come with four added light modes. These added modes are color cycle, flashlight mode, and one of the lantern’s six unique colors.

The Luci String Light is also portable and compact. It’s designed so that the string lights are neatly tucked into the unit, preventing tangling and making it easy to transport. The base storage unit collapses to two inches and weighs just over 11 oz or just over 300 grams. It’s also suitable for use in all weather conditions. It has an IPX4 rating, which makes it resistant to water splashes from all directions.

Like the Luci 2.0, it’s also hard to fault the Luci String Lights. If anything, it’s probably that it does take time to roll and unroll the 18-foot string of lights. But then again, isn’t that how string lights are anyway?

In short, if you’re looking for a high-quality and feature-rich string-type camping solar lantern, the MPOWERD Luci is the one to beat.


  • Powerful battery – 2000 mAh for a 20-hour run time.
  • USB enabled for charging lanterns as well as other devices.
  • Bright at 100 lumens of collective light.
  • Versatile lighting options – up to eight light modes with a colorful lighting mode.
  • Portable, compact, durable, and water-resistant – IPX4 rating.


  • Takes time to roll and unroll the 18-feet long string of lights.


5. Roxicosly Solar Camp Lantern

The next product on our list comes from Amazon retailer, Roxicosly. Other than solar lanterns for camping, the Roxicosly Store also offers a range of smart alarm clocks and footrests.

Powerful lighting is the standout feature of the Roxicosly lantern. It has two warm white light modes: the main light and the flashlight. The main light emits an impressive 200 lumens, but the flashlight mode shines even brighter at a whopping 350 lumens.

Another standout feature of the Roxicosly lamp is its remarkably long run time of over 30 hours, regardless of setting. There is no proper mention of its charge time, but we found over 7 hours under direct sunlight fully charged it. Charging via USB is quicker at only over two hours.

Speaking of battery, charging the Roxicosly is also achieved via three different modes. It charges via solar, DC power via a USB or a DC adapter for the car, and finally, via manual cranking.

The Roxicosly is also a durable camping solar lantern. It is made of sturdy ABS material, which ensures a longer lifespan. It holds an IPX4 rating, so it’s resistant to water, so you can definitely use it no matter the weather.

Perhaps a possible setback to the Roxicosly is its relatively bulky size for a supposed collapsible camping solar lantern. The collapsed size is 4.9 inches high, which is still large compared to other compressible camping solar lanterns.

Another possible drawback is that although its integrated USB port charges USB-enabled devices, it, unfortunately, doesn’t charge an iPhone.

All in all, the Roxicosly is one of the top options for an extremely bright camping solar lantern.


  • Powerful lighting – 200 lumens on the main light and 350 lumens on flashlight mode.
  • Impressive run time of over 30 hours of light.
  • Triple battery charging mode – solar, USB, or manual cranking.
  • Durable and waterproof – ABS material with an IPX4 rating.


  • Relatively bulky at 4.9 inches when collapsed.
  • Do not charge an iPhone.


6. LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns

LuminAID is an American company that manufactures and produces a variety of solar- and Bluetooth enabled technologies. Interestingly, their core product, the LuminAID light, was an invention triggered by the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The LuminAID was the inventors’ answer to a safe, affordable, and easy-to-use lighting solution for earthquake victims.

As its name implies, the Packlite Nova USB can support dual charging via solar or USB port.

This collapsible camping solar lantern can light up an area of up to 125 square feet. Like most products on this list, the Packlite Nova also has multiple lighting modes. The brightest of which is the turbo, which gives out 75 lumens for three to five hours.

The high light mode operates at 50 lumens and lasts between 6-8 hours. A longer run time of 12-14 hours is achieved using the medium light mode, which emits 25 lumens. Finally, 12 lumens are emitted when using the low or flash lighting mode. The low mode can reach anywhere between 18-24 hours of run time, while the flash is longer at 36-48 hours.

Another notable feature is that the Packlite Nova actually comes available in three color options. When you purchase this brand, you can choose from cool white, warm white, or multicolor lanterns.

Note that when you pick the multicolor light, this comes with an added lighting mode of white LED, multicolor rainbow fade, and seven different colors. Another thing to note is that the different colors have different run times, ranging from 3-10 hours.

The Packlite Nova is also lightweight and portable, weighing less than 1 lb and collapsing down to a compact 1-inch height. It’s also waterproof with an IP67 rating and is made of durable materials.

A possible setback to the Packlite Nova is its relatively long solar charging time of over 10 hours. Another is that unlike the previous products discussed, the Packlite can’t be used to power up other USB-capable devices.

In short, the Packlite is a great camping solar lantern for a relatively wide area of up to 125 ft2.


  • Wide coverage – up to 125 square feet.
  • Bright at 75 lumens highest power.
  • Multiple lighting, color, and charge modes – USB or solar charging capable.
  • Lightweight, portable, and durable – IP67 rating.


  • Relatively long solar charge time of more than 10 hours.
  • Not capable of charging USB-enabled devices.


7. TANSOREN Solar Camping Lantern – 4 Pack

Tansoren is a Chinese brand offering various lighting solutions such as lanterns, LED headlamps, bicycle lights, and more. The Tansoren LED Lantern is a collapsible-type camping solar lantern that emits about 100 lumens of bright white light.

A key feature of the Tansoren is its triple charging ability. It can charge via solar, USB, or using three AAA batteries.  The same USB port functions as an emergency backup charger for USB-enabled devices, such as mobile phones or GPS units.

Another unique feature of the Tansoren is it comes with a magnetic base. The lantern’s base is armed with four strong magnets that allow you to mount the lantern on metal surfaces. You can stick it onto the top or side of your car, leaving your hands free to do other tasks.

The full lantern measures just under 8 inches tall and up to 10 inches, including the integrated, convenient carry handle. It collapses to just over 5 inches tall, with the handle also collapsed back. But that’s not what we love about the Tansoren’s collapsibility.

The thing is, the Tansoren lantern’s height can be collapsed depending on your preference. You can control the lantern’s height, which effectively means controlling the amount of brightness provided by the lantern.

Finally, the Tansoren always comes sold as a pack of four lanterns. This makes it a great option when camping with your family or group of friends.

One major niggle we have with the Tansoren is that there’s no way of knowing when the lantern’s battery is fully charged. Sure, it does have a small light indicator to supposedly let you know it’s charging. However, we found that this light always stays on.

Another less concerning setback is that although collapsible, it isn’t compact enough to slip into tight spaces in your backpack.

Overall, the Tansoren is a great multipack camping solar light choice with versatility in charging and mounting options.


  • Triple charging ability – solar, USB, or three AAA batteries.
  • Magnetic base for an alternative mounting option – in addition to hanging using a built-in hook.
  • Adjustable collapsible height to achieve preferred brightness.
  • Comes as a multipack – four lanterns with each pack.


  • Battery charging indicator always on – no way to tell when the battery is fully charged.
  • May not be compact enough to fit smaller bag spaces.


8. TANSOREN 3 IN 1 Solar Camp Lanterns – 4 Pack

The next one on our list of the ten best camping solar lanterns is another lighting solution from Tansoren. The Tansoren COB LED is Tansoren’s version of a fixed camping solar lantern.

The COB LED lanterns are sold in packs of four, making them ideal for camping with a group.

It also comes with a dual charging ability, so you can charge it using solar or through a USB port. Like most lanterns on this list, the USB port can also be used to charge other compatible USB devices.

A standout feature of this particular Tansoren camping solar light is its 3-in-1 multifunction design. The side panels are equipped with two types of light: a square COB LED light and a regular LED tube light atop. The COB LED light shines a glaringly bright light while the tube light is a bit warmer and softer.

It’s great that the two lights have different light temperatures, so you can choose the one suitable for your current needs. Another notable feature comes in its COB LED lights. This type of LED light tends to be more efficient, so you probably will get a longer run time in this setting. A third lighting option is found on the unit’s front panel, where a flashlight-like front light is located.

This Tansoren product is also made of durable, high-quality material. The entire unit is IPX4 certified, making it suitable for rain-or-shine use as it can withstand water splashes from all directions.

A major thing we didn’t like about this Tansoren product is that it does not come with an instruction manual. You pretty much have to play around with it to see how everything works. But once you eventually figure its different functionalities out, it’s pretty straightforward to use.

Another is that the USB charging mode isn’t compatible with iPhones, despite its product description stating otherwise.

In summary, the Tansoren COB LED lantern is a great fixed-type camping solar lantern option, especially for use by a group.


  • Comes in packs of four – ideal for group use.
  • Dual charging capability – USB or solar.
  • 3-in-1 multifunction design – 2 x side lights, 1 x front light.
  • Durable and waterproof – IPX4 rating.


  • No instruction manual is included with the product.
  • Unable to charge iPhones.


9. Crush Light Solar Powered Camping Lantern

Goal Zero is a Utah-based American company with a focus on portable power solutions. Their products include solar chargers, portable power banks, and related accessories.

The Crush Light is Goal Zero’s collapsible camping solar lantern.  It has an easy collapse and expands design, so no inflating or deflating is required. It also comes with an equally collapsing handle. The handle allows you to easily transport and quickly hook onto something to make it a solar hanging light. It’s relatively compact, folding to only 0.6 of an inch when compact.

It emits 60 lumens of warm light at its brightest, which is on the average level compared to similar products.

Like similar products, the Crush Light has multiple light modes. The high emits 60 lumens, the medium 25 lumens, and the low at only 6 lumens.

Another standout feature comes in the Crush Light’s fourth lighting mode: the flicking candlelight. It’s the ideal light mode for a dramatic dinner setting or as a subtle night light by the tent.

Goal Zero’s Crush Light also has a dual charging capability to ensure your lantern never runs out of juice. It can be charged using the built-in solar panel or via a USB port using the included micro-USB cable.

A couple of things set back the Crush Light, in our opinion. First is its short run times. On high, the lantern only lasts three hours, with a longer 3.5 hours on low and on candle mode. The longest run time it achieves is using the medium light mode, which lasts six hours on average. Although these run times are relatively sufficient, they are relatively short compared to similar products on the market.

The next one is also related to battery and charging. The Crush Light needs 20 hours under direct sunlight to achieve a full charge. This long charge time makes it unsuitable for use if you’re camping for more than a couple of days.

Overall, the Crush Light is a good collapsible camping solar lantern option for a weekend or overnight camping trip.


  • Straightforward collapse and expand design – no inflation needed.
  • Compact at 0.6 inches when folded.
  • Three light modes plus a fourth flicking candle mode.
  • Dual charging capability – solar and USB.


  • Short run time – 3-6 hours depending on light mode.
  • Long solar charging – 20 hours to achieve a full charge.


10. AGPTEK Solar Camping Lantern

AGPTEK is a US-based company focused on designing, manufacturing, and distributing an extremely diverse range of products.

AGPTEK’s solar lantern comes in a fixed-type lantern that is 10 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.

A unique feature of the AGPTEK lantern is its five charging modes. You can charge it using solar, an AC adapter, AA batteries, or your car cigarette lighter using a suitable adapter. The fifth and final charge mode provides you with a bit of exercise as it involves manual cranking.

The AGPTEK also has two lighting modes, with the highest light emitting an impressive 120 lumens of light. The lower light setting is also still relatively bright at 60 lumens.

Battery-wise, the AGPTEK also has a reasonable efficiency, requiring only 6-7 hours in direct sunlight for a full charge.

Another good practical feature of the AGPTEK is its battery indicator lights. It flashes a bright red light when the unit is on a low battery and a brighter red light when it’s charging. A bright green light, on the other hand, means it’s fully charged.

A disappointing feature of the AGPTEK is that it doesn’t come with waterproofing. That significantly limits the use of this otherwise good camping solar lantern.

The other possible setback, although not too major, is that the lantern is a bit bulky.

In summary, the AGPTEK is a good camping solar lantern option for use in dry weather conditions.


  • Five charging modes – solar, AC, AA battery, vehicle’s DC port, and manual cranking.
  • Great power at 60-120 lumens.
  • Efficient battery requiring 6-7 hours for a full charge.
  • Functional indicator lights.


  • Not waterproof.


A camping solar lantern serves many purposes when you’re out camping. They’re functional, helpful in emergencies, and can even be decorative, setting up the mood in the great outdoors. Our obvious winner for the best camping solar lantern is the MPOWERD Solar Camping Lantern.

It undeniably is a true value for money, having all the essential features: great power, efficient battery, and durable material. On top of it all, it’s packed with extra features that make it a must-have addition to your camping gear.

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