How to Choose Solar Street Lights?

You might have noticed that most people in your neighborhood are replacing their conventional street lights with solar-powered street lights. Even the local governments and stadium management teams are crossing over to using solar lamps instead of traditional lights.

The main reason behind this massive exodus from conventional to solar in street lighting is that solar power has many benefits. Besides saving on power bills, iit is environmentally friendly and helps conserve energy.

What to consider when searching for the ideal solar street light


It is easy to get confused when looking for the ideal solar street lights, mainly because there are hundreds of options to choose from. We have simplified everything in this buyer’s guide by highlighting the features to look out for.

Levels of automation

No one wants to keep on worrying whether street lights have been switched on or not. You also want lights that will remain operational, even when you are not at home. With this in mind, it is advisable to go for the automated lights, which can automatically switch on and off.

Power conservation

Top solar street lights should be able to conserve as much power as possible. This is especially during the cold weather when sunshine might be limited. The lights with motion sensors usually save power by remaining in dim mode until they sense motion.

Installation options

Some solar street lights are designed in a way that they can be installed even on walls. Such lights give you the freedom to choose the precise place where you want them installed, including on your verandah and patio.


It is also paramount to choose the lights that will provide reliable light for years. These are lights that do not require a lot of maintenance and are made using superior materials. Durable lights are also weather-resistant, where they cannot be affected by excess heat or wetness. Most solar street lights come with descriptions estimating their working life, with the average working life of ideal street lights being about 50 000 hours.


Quality of light

When choosing the ideal solar street lights, it is also essential to check the quality of the light produced. The brightness and quality of light are usually measured in lumens, and the higher the lumens, the better the light. Ensure the lights produce uniform LED light for clear visibility.

Adjustment options

Sometimes, you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your compound without too much light. With the right street lights, you can reduce the brightness of the lights to allow minimal light. There are also times when you want to see even the minor details in your compound, and in such time you just need to raise the brightness. With the adjustment options, you get control of the quantity of light in your compound.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ-for Best-Solar-Street-Lights

Can I install the solar street lights on my own?

It depends on where you are mounting the lights and the design of the lights. Some lights have simple designs where you can install them without help. But it is always advisable to ask for help from experts to make sure everything is done correctly.

Can the lights charge when there is no sun?

Yes, most solar panels can absorb energy even on cloudy days.

Do I need any wires while installing the solar street lights?

No wiring needed when installing these lights since they get all their power from the solar panels. All you need is to switch the lights on after installation so that they can charge.

What should I do if my street lights stop working?

The ideal thing to do is switch them off for several hours to allow them to charge. You can even switch the lights off for several hours. If they still do not work, you should get an expert to check what might be the problem.

How do I maintain my solar street lights?

Most modern street lights require zero maintenance. But you can clean them periodically to remove the dirt which might have stuck on the surface, especially on the solar panels.

Here are the leading ten solar street lights which might suit your needs:

1. TENKOO 15W LED Solar Street Lights

The path to your house and your compound need to be well lit, especially at night. You can achieve this by getting the TENKOOLED solar street lights, which are efficient and reliable.

From our analysis of these solar streets, we are glad to note that they produce very bright light facilitated by 28 ultra-bright LEDs. The solar street lights can produce light of up to 2000 lumens to ensure you can see everything below and around them.

We also like that these lights use polycrystalline silicon panels located on the upper side of the lights. The panels are waterproof, and they have a corrosion resistance design. Heat dispassion on these panels is enhanced to ensure they collect as much heat as possible.

Every light comes with a built-in 15.4AH, 4.2V lithium batteries, which provide the necessary power. The batteries let the light work in a bright mode for 10 to 12 hours and then proceed to work on dim mode for more than 60 hours; therefore, providing proper lighting for days even when there is no sunshine.

The operations of these lights from TENKOO are automated because they have sensitive motion and light sensors. Whenever there is motion near the lights, they increase brightness. With this, you get the assurance of optimum security throughout the night.

Our only concern with these lights is that they might be challenging to install for an ordinary person who does not have the necessary tools. They also require posts of specific dimensions, which can be a challenge.

Considering all the positive attributes of these solar street lights, we can confidently recommend them to anyone who needs superior outdoor lighting. The only thing you will need is to switch them on once you install them.



  • Made with light and corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • A total of 28 bright LEDs
  • Works for more than 70 hours
  • Powerful sensors
  • A powerful battery


  • Their spare parts are not easy to find
  • Need extra care to remain functional


2. Solar Light Mart ALPHA 1080X 10w Solar Street Lights

Are you tired of your power bill sky-rocketing because of outdoor lighting? The most suitable solution for this is getting reliable solar street lights such as the ALPHA 1080x street light.

The main attribute we like about these lights is that they have a Passive infrared sensor function (PIR). The PIR technology allows the lights to remain off until they sense even the slightest movement through their highly sensitive sensors. Without motion, the lights stay off, consequently saving on power.

We are impressed by the three different brightness and operating modes, which you can easily change and adjust depending on preferences. These modes adjust brightness from no PIR function mode to dim mode at 165 lumens and finally to full brightness mode at 1300 lumens.

These solar street lights from ALPHA will also fit perfectly on the poles in your compound. They come with a tilt mounting bracket with locking screws, which we find very helpful when it comes to holding the lights in place. All you need is to ensure the lights are mounted properly.

In terms of durability, we are truly hats off with these solar lights. They are made using glass, plastic, and corrosion-resistant metal for longevity. These materials are weather-resistant, where your lights will remain in good condition irrespective of the weather. You will need to worry that too much heat or wetness can damage your lights.

Even with all the outstanding features, we noticed that the lights are a bit bulky. This might be a problem when carrying the lights to your home or when installing them. Furthermore, their battery life is relatively short.

We think these solar street lights can give you optimum value for your money despite having a few flaws. The makers of the lights had their customers in mind when designing these reliable solar lights.



  • A powerful battery
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Helpful PIR sensor
  • Production of strong and uniform LED light
  • Three adjustment options


  • Mounting needs certain tools
  • Don’t come with mounting poles


3. Solar Light Mart HEX 780X 6W Solar Ambience Street Lights

Clean energy has become common in the 21st century because of the many benefits of solar power. You can also play your role by using solar street lights such as Solar Street Light HEX 780X.

One of the many features of these lights that we are sure you will like is the production white LED light. The light is non-invasive, therefore meaning that you can see all around the street lights. You can easily adjust the brightness of this light depending on what you precisely want.

We also like that these lights can fit on any pole, provided its diameter does not exceed 2.5 inches. The lights work best when they are about six to eight feet from the ground and within ten to thirteen feet from each other.

The design of the lights is noteworthy as they can remain operational for the entire night. When the battery has full power, the lights can last for 12 hours, basically the whole night. The power comes from an in-built lithium battery that is charged by the solar panels.

Finally, we appreciate these lights’ durability because they are made from the most robust and durable materials in the market. The materials are carefully selected to make sure you will have your lights for many years without needing to replace them unless you just want to change your compound’s appearance.

Although we like most features of these lights, we’re concerned that modern technology is not among the features included in the lights. They do not have strong sensors, which are common among most modern solar street lights. Lack of technology makes the lights look analog.

With all that said, we can confirm that these lights will serve you diligently. You can be sure that you will save more on power bills by getting these lights.



  • A reliable source of power
  • Fits on relatively large mounting posts
  • Produce uniform light
  • Can be installed easily
  • Wide and efficient solar panels


  • Minimal tech features
  • Adjusting the lights can be a challenge


4. TENKOO 25W Solar Powered Street Lights

Most homeowners struggle with street lights because they do not know the ideal lights for their compound. You can ensure your compound and paths are well lit by using reliable lights such as these solar-powered street lights.

What we appreciate the most about these particular street lights is that you will enjoy a powerful 12000mAh 12.6v battery. Each light comes with the battery already installed, and all you need is to charge it. Exposing the light to direct sunlight for about six to eight hours will fully charge the battery.

We also like the ability to regulate through powerful light and motion sensors. Your street lights will be able to conserve power more since they remain in dim mode when there is no motion detected. Once a person comes close to the lights, the level of brightness automatically increases.

You can also be sure that the lights will give you optimum value for what you spend because they produce top-quality white light. The lights’ brightness can go up to 2500 lumens, which is similar to a 65w fluorescent or a 300w incandescent.

Besides, we are impressed by how the designers of these lights ensured that the entire unit is waterproof. The importance of this is that the lights remain outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. Even when it is raining heavily or snowing, you can be assured that your solar street light will be safe.

Most of these lights’ features are top class, but we note that the installation of the lights might require specialized tools. We also note that the lights do not come with mounting posts. You will need to look for the right posts that will be perfect for the lights.

With all the positive attributes of these modern lights, we conclude that they are ideal items that can keep your compound safe at all times. Their design makes them perfect to be used in any modern setting where outdoor light is needed.



  • State of the art technology
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Power saving ability
  • Up to 2500 lumens
  • Zero maintenance


  • The battery lasts only one year
  • Require specific poles


5. Brillihood 60W LED Solar Street Lights

Brillihood has been able to establish itself as a leading company in designing and manufacturing solar-powered street lights. The company utilizes state of the art technology, and we like some of their products, which are the Brillihood 60W LED solar street lights.

We like the fact that this is an all-weather street light which you can use during all seasons. The IP65 waterproof class is among the aspects that allow it to remain functional even during the wet seasons without any of the components being affected by wetness.

The light’s quality is something else we value about these popular lights. You can efficiently light your patio, street, garden, driveway, or any other outdoor space. The lights produce bright white light that can go up to 9600 lumens.

Compatibility with poles of different sizes is also another feature we like. The lights can fit on poles ranging from 2 to 3.4 inches in diameter. There are fastening screws, which ensures the lights remain in position even during very windy days.

We are also glad to report that these solar-powered street lights from Brillihood have a lifespan of about 50 000 hours. When you buy the lights, you will stay for years without worrying about getting replacements unless you want to upgrade to new models. This gives you peace of mind while saving you from unnecessary extra costs.

Despite the many good things about these lights, we are frustrated to learn that they do not have motion sensors. They remain in full brightness without motion sensors throughout the night, which consumes more power, consequently reducing the working hours.

Overall, we think that these lights are among the top-rated street lights. The different positive attributes of the lights will ensure you get proper lighting without inflating your power bill.



  • A sturdy and durable construction
  • Long life span
  • Wide solar panels to capture more heat
  • Straightforward installation
  • Can fit in poles of different sizes


  • No motion sensor
  • Does not come with lighting mode


6. GBGS 30W Commercial Solar Street Lights

Anytime you hear movements outside your house, especially at night, you need to see and be sure what is causing the stir. The best way of achieving this is by installing street lights, especially solar powered street lights such as GBGS 30W solar street lights.

Our main attraction to these solar lights is the compact body made with aluminum alloy and glass. The body provides the necessary protection to the internal components.

You also get to enjoy the freedom of adjusting the brightness. The lights have several adjustment options ranging from 10% brightness to 100% brightness. There is also a PIR motion sensor, which automatically increases the brightness whenever there is a movement near the lights.

We also like the enhanced power with relatively bigger solar panels and a powerful 115.44WH lithium battery. The battery can last the entire night when fully charged. In case the battery starts slowing down, you can always replace it easily with a new one.

Production of powerful white LED warm light is another attribute that has attracted us to these lights. They can produce up to 3000 lumens, ensuring your compound, garden, patio, or any other outdoor section of your home or business has proper light.

However, we noticed that their installation could be hectic. You need to be a professional or use the money to hire someone who has the necessary skills. You are also required to get specific types of poles to mount these lights.

The bottom line is that you will have made a wise decision by purchasing these solar street lights. Besides saving more on power, you will also have peace of mind knowing your compound is well lit the whole night.



  • A motion-sensing distance of up to 26 feet
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Ip65 waterproof level
  • A motion angle of 120 degrees
  • The battery lasts for about 24 hours


  • Sophisticated installation
  • Extra care is needed


7. SZYOUMY 100W Solar Street Flood Lights

Solar lights have become increasingly popular in the recent past, where they are used in streets, stadiums, and homes, amongst other outdoor places that require night lighting. You can also use these convenient lights by acquiring the right options, such as SZYOUMY Solar Street Flood Lights.

One of the main reasons we are sure you will like these lights is that they help you save power. You can save up to 80% of energy by adjusting the brightness of the lights. You can adjust the brightness to 30%, 60%, or 100% with an included remote control.

The wide and well-positioned solar panels also caught our attention. The panels’ size allows them to capture optimum sunshine, which translates to more power for your lights. The panels are weatherproof, and as a result, you do not have to worry about their durability.

These lights from Szyoumy are made using aluminum and plastic. These are some of the materials which cannot be affected by either too much heat or extreme wetness. The materials are also very durable, which allows the lights to remain in good condition for years.

When it comes to installation, we are genuinely amazed because you’ll get the freedom to install the lights almost anywhere you want. You can install the lights on the gutter, ceiling, or any other place where proper lighting is needed. After installation, you can adjust the lights to direct the light to the precise places you choose.

Nonetheless, we are a little disappointed to note that the lights can only last for about eight hours when operating in full brightness. With the big solar panels, we expected them to perform better and remain operational for longer hours. We also note that the installation might require specialized equipment.

The minor flaws on these lights do not erase the fact that these lights can provide you with an assortment of first-class benefits. Purchasing them gives you a chance to light your compound in a cost-friendly manner.



  • Different installation options
  • Completely waterproof
  • Automated operations
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Body made with durable aluminum and plastic


  • Relatively short operational time
  • The battery needs to be changed after every year


8. PSG 300W Solar Street Lights Outdoor Lamp

Everyone wants the freedom to roam his/her compound even at night without bumping into things. You can get this freedom by installing reliable solar street lights such as the 300W solar street lights outdoor lamps.

One of the things you will like about these lights is the ability to produce super bright light. The brightness of the lights is several times higher compared to the traditional brightness. With this kind of brightness, you can go everywhere you want, even at night.

We also like that these lights put themselves on at dusk and then automatically switches off at dawn. This is facilitated by a light sensor that can sense when light levels are reducing, which is usually in the evening as night approaches.

The powerful battery is another feature that we like about these lights. They come with a 48000mAh/6.4v big capacity battery that is powered by wide solar panels. The battery provides you with more than 24 hours of continuous lighting.

When purchasing these lights, you shall be issued with remote control for more efficient control of the lights. With this remote control, you can adjust the brightness depending on preference. You can save more power since you can leave the lights at minimal brightness when going to bed.

The attributes of these lights are, for sure helpful, but the manufacturers could have included motion sensors. These lights could also have been improved by being endowed with more control options to further save on power.

Even with a few shortcomings, we confidently rate these lights as some of the top solar street lights in the market. You will have the freedom and comfort of having a well-lit compound.



  • Comes with all installation components
  • A sensitive remote control
  • Extra bright light
  • Long battery life
  • Weather resistance


  • Minimal technological options
  • Cannot be easily adjusted to face different directions


9. Gebosun LED 60W Solar Flood Outdoor Street Lights

Gebosun is among the leading manufacturers of solar street lights. The company has a policy of concentrating on quality instead of quantity. Some of the top products you can get from the company include these Gebosun LED 60W solar flood outdoor street lights.

The enhanced performance of these lights is among the primary features that drew our attention. When fully charged, the lights can go for up to 12 hours in full brightness mode. You do not need to dim or switch off the lights for the entire night with this top-class performance.

The quality of light is another feature that will give you value for what you spend. Each light has 40 LED lamps with the ability to produce 6000 lumens of daylight white. With these lights, there is no difference between daytime and nighttime.

Powerful lithium-ion batteries are the other features of the lights that we like. The batteries have a capacity of 12000 MAH, which is an above-average power to make sure you get top-notch light throughout the night, even during the seasons with relatively longer nights.

We are also pleased by the fact that the lights are completely weather resistant. It does not matter where you live or the season since the lights can withstand the heaviest rain and the hottest sun. The main feature that facilitates this is the use of reliable materials in the making of these lights.

Some of the features you might struggle with while using these lights include that you can only mount them on poles. There are no options to mount the lights on other surfaces, such as on walls or ceilings. You might also find the installation of these lights a bit challenging.

These lights from Gebosun are for sure some of the top solar street lights in the market today. If you want to invest in lights that will not disappoint, we think this could be the right option for you.



  • Automatic turning on and off
  • One of the most versatile designs
  • Ability to produce 6000 lumens
  • Totally waterproof
  • Helps save on electricity bills


  • Can only be mounted on posts
  • Spare parts are not readily available


10. ECO-WORTHY 18W LED Solar Flood Lights

We all like to take night strolls in our compounds without being afraid of anything or worrying that we might bump into something. With these ECO-WORTHY LED solar floodlights, you can make this experience more realistic by ensuring your compound has ample night lighting.

One of the features we like on these lights is the ability to produce a brighter light than other lights with the same power. They produce 2700 lumens bright solar light complemented by low decay and uniformity to let you enjoy the night strolls.

We are happy to note that these lights can work continuously for twelve-hour before needing to be recharged, provided they were fully charged. These include four hours of optimum brightness, followed by four hours of dimmed light to conserve energy.

Durability is another attribute of these lights we like. They have an estimated life of 50 000 hours, which means you can use them for years without the need for replacements. Durability is further enhanced by the lights being made using top quality materials.

These solar street lights from ECO-WORTHY use extra-large solar panels to enable them to collect optimum energy. The dimensions of the panels are 15 inches by 40 inches. The lights can use the energy harvested by the panels in one day for four days.

The lack of automation on these lights might be challenging, especially if you like using automated lights. To properly install the lights, you will also need specific tools and skills. This is especially because the solar panels need to be appropriately positioned.

After considering all the lights’ attributes, we certify them as some of the top solar street lights you will find in the market. It does not matter whether you want to install them on your yard, swimming pool, basketball court, pathway, or garden because they are ideal for all outdoor spaces.



  • IP67 waterproof level
  • Comes with tightening screws
  • Dusk to dawn operation
  • Wide solar panels
  • 2700 lumens brightness


  • Big panels make them bulky
  • Additional maintenance is required


After careful analysis of the listed solar street lights, we were almost unable to select the best since all of them have superior features. But we have finally settled on the  TENKOO LED solar street lights. One of the factors that influenced our decision is producing an excess of 2000 lumens and the inclusion of 28 LEDs in every light.

These lights’ 4.2V batteries with an operating period of more than 12 hours further make these lights ideal. Powerful light and motion sensors on these lights further make them stand out. Therefore, even if all the listed lights are of the highest quality, the TENKOO LED solar street lights excel significantly.

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