How to Choose Solar Powered Pool Lights?

If you have your own pool, you should not let the darkness prevent you from swimming at night. Therefore, you need the best solar powered pool lights.

And the market will spoil you for choice, for there are so many of these floating lights.

Or are there? We shall find out in the upcoming sections of this solar pool lights review.

These floating lights will enhance the looks of your pool or spa, and at the same time, they will light it up at night. That way, you can relax in your pool without exposing yourself to risk.

Unquestionably, pools can be dangerous at night. Therefore, some sort of lighting is always welcome. As we have seen with the solar lights for sheds, lighting up dark spaces can improve security a great deal. Therefore, go ahead and get the top solar pool lights.

That way, they will charge during the day and illuminate your pool space beautifully at night. In addition, you can get solar powered underwater pool lights or floating solar pool lights.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Powered Pool Lights


With so many options of floating solar LED pool lights to consider, it can be confusing to get the best one. However, follow the guidelines below to help you get a light that will give you good value for money:

Design of the Lights

If you have looked at the reviews that we have here, you can see that the lights come in different designs. Therefore, there is a light to meet diverse tastes.

First, if you want a light and speaker combo kind of solar pool light, there is the Westinghouse one. Second, if you want poolside lights, you can try the SOLMORE Deck Lights, which emit beautiful blue light. Third, if you want floating globe lights, you will be spoilt for choice.

On the same note, there is a light for almost every reasonable budget. But remember, the price often reflects the quality, so be cautious when choosing inexpensive options

Build Quality and Durability

You will notice that solar pool lights are a bit costlier than most other solar light varieties. Therefore, when you spend your hard-earned money on a few of them, you want to know that they will last a long time. Thankfully, many of them do.

On the same note, if you buy from trustable online marketplaces such as, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality items. Furthermore, they sell things with a return policy.


Many people overlook the batteries part. However, it is very important to find out whether they are replaceable. After all, to keep the water out, they will be in a tight compartment that will be screwed shut. Therefore, if they are not replaceable, it means that when they wear out, the entire light goes to the trash can.

While you are at it, also check the charging time, which should not be more than 8 hours. In addition, consider the running time. This should be about 6 hours. However, if you need them for aesthetics, go for the ones that can last up to 12 hours.

High capacity rechargeable batteries are better. However, they will take longer to charge, especially considering that the solar module is not fully exposed to the sun.

Control Method

If you do not want to remove the lights from the pool every night, get the ones with the on/off feature. These lights go on at night and off at dawn automatically. However, you can also get lights that are controlled with a remote controller. In addition, a radio frequency (RF) controller is even better because you can switch off the lights without pointing it at them.

Ease of Use

Life is hard enough. Therefore, you don’t want to complicate it further with complicated solar pool lights and other knick-knacks. On the same note, just look for lights that you just need to charge and toss into the pool to work. In addition, if they have auto on/off functions, it is much better.


The Price

Some of the best floating pool lights can cost a lot of money. However, swimming at night is not a daily thing even in summer. Therefore, there is no need to splurge a lot of cash on these lights.

However, if you love your outdoor space, buy lights that you can use in the pool and in the garden. That way, they will be in use most of the time, and it may justify a slightly higher investment.

Weatherproof Rating

The last thing that you want is to have your light let in water because it can damage the battery and the solar module. Therefore, check the waterproof rating, which should be IP68 or higher. This means they are snowproof, waterproof, dustproof, windproof. In addition, such ratings make the lights durable even if you toss them into the ocean or leave them in torrential rain.

Frequently Asked Questions for Solar Pool Lights


These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding solar powered waterproof lights for pool:

Is it hard to install solar pool lights?

On the contrary, it is very easy to install these lights. First, you need to check the user manual to see whether you need to tighten anything.

Second, you need to find out how to turn them on. For example, some come with an on/off switch. In addition, others will switch on or off automatically at dawn or dusk. Lastly, for others, you can use a remote controller.

Will my pool light last a long time?

This depends on a few things. First, if you handle it carefully, it will last a long time. Second, most of the durable solar pool lights cost more. Therefore, if you pay a suspiciously cheap price for yours, chances are that it will not last.

Third, check the materials used, the construction and the battery compartment. If there is a warranty of at least 12 months, the light can last a long time.


How Do I Store the Pool Lights?

When winter comes, just dry the lights, deflate the inflatable ones and then clean them. You can refer to the manual for cleaning instructions. In addition, store them in the box they came in to wait for summer.

Do I have to worry about bugs when I use solar pool lights?

You will have to deal with bugs because they are attracted to any kind of light. However, when you use LED lights, the bugs find that the lights are not warm enough for them so they just leave. Therefore, when buying your lights, make sure they are LED.

Solar Pool Lights Reviews

Any of the pool lights below will help you relax in your pool at night. Be mesmerized by the stars and let the water massage the fatigue out of your muscles as you reminisce on the day that was.

1. Esuper Solar Pool Lights – 2 Pack

The Esuper solar pool lights are not only efficient at providing light, but they are also very attractive. Therefore, they can transform your pool from bland to mesmerizing at night. In addition, these floating lights have many admirable features, which you shall see below:


The design of these lights is very simple. First, they come in spherical “balloons,” so they are inflatable. In addition, they have small solar modules hidden inside the spheres. However, do not let the tiny size deceive you because these solar modules charge the batteries fast.

During the day, the lights collect the energy from the sun and store it in batteries. In the night, the balloons illuminate, making your swimming pool not only well lit up but very colorful. In addition, after charging in the bright sun, the running time can be up to 8 hours.

While these lights are designed for use in the water, at the same time, they are waterproof. In addition, they have a rating of IP67. Consequently, this makes them snowproof, waterproof and windproof. Therefore, you can use them in the garden throughout the year, in the pool or even indoors.

Despite the nice colors and features, there is a disadvantage to these lights. For example, you might find them a bit expensive since they come in a pack of 2. In addition, if your pool is large, you may need more than 4.


  • Uses heavy-duty material for durability
  • Nice looking colors and design
  • Versatile since you can use them indoors and outdoors
  • The solar module and batteries are protected against elements
  • They change to 4 different colors


  • The price is a bit high
  • Variable designs would be much better

Bottom Line

You can continue using these lights in your garden even when the pool is out of use in winter. Therefore, this versatility will give you good value for your money.


2. BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights – 2 Pack

If uniqueness is important to you, you should love these lights because they look really outstanding. However, looks alone do not make good solar LED pool lights. Therefore, keep reading as we explore the features.


First, you will notice that these lights float in a much better way as compared to others. The reason for that is that the bottom is optimized for balance. In addition, the lights rotate ever so smoothly without posing any risks to the pool users.

Second, the battery and the solar module are contained inside the light. However, there is no rear risk because these lights are completely waterproof. At the same time, these lights can have a running time of up to 12 hours depending on how bright the day was.

Third, you will create such an appeal on your pool because these floating solar LED pool lights change colors. They can change to orange, white, green, yellow, red, blue and purple. Consequently, children will love spending time at the pool. Additionally, adults love the fanfare and the disco mood that these floating colors create.

Fourth, the lights come with an automatic on/off feature. Therefore, they will charge during the day and then light up automatically at night. Therefore, if Dawn finds them still running, they switch off automatically.

In spite of the good things, these lights have one disadvantage. They change the color too fast. If the sequence were slower, they would be quite spectacular.


  • High-quality design for appeal
  • They come with heavy-duty material for durability
  • The lights can be used in the garden out of the pool
  • They have a long-running time when the battery is fully charged


  • Your pets will want to play with these lights thinking they are balls

Bottom Line

These are the kind of plug-and-play lights that work without requiring any care and maintenance. If you have a pool, you might love the BeTim floating pool lights because they work as advertised.


3. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights – 2 Pack

HAPIKAY solar floating pool lights will transform your pool lights from bland and dark to secure and beautiful. They are colorful, durable and easy to use. However, looks are not everything in a solar pool light. Keep reading to see the features.


The size of the balls is impressive at 14 inches. Therefore, they make the pool look mesmerizing even from a distance. In addition, bigger floating globe lights are better because they offer higher illumination. Therefore, you will not need to buy as many as you would if you were using small ones.

The essence of using the solar pool floating lights is that the color and pomp that they add to the pool. In this case, the HAPIKAY lights change color after every 25 seconds. However, this is too short a span, but the effect that they create is incredible.

To get a long-lasting effect on these lights, let them charge in the sun for 6 to 8 hours. At the same time, you don’t even have to take them out of the water to charge them. In addition, these lights do not need battery changing, replacement and so on. Therefore, you just let them be so that they can light up when dark and go off when it is light.

These pool lights are also weatherproof as they come with a rating of IP68. Therefore, they can resist snow, wind and water. At the same time, they will never allow water to get inside.

The only disadvantage you might find with these lights is that their color effect is hard to notice during the day. However, during the night, they look stunning.


  • They exude nice and soothing colors
  • You can use them inside and outside the water
  • They are built to last with a high weatherproof rating
  • Can glow in white, pink, blue, red, lime, green and even purple colors
  • Sold with a repair kit for patching


  • They are not very bright
  • They are costly

Bottom Line

Sometimes, you just want hassle-free lights that you can just inflate, place in the pool and let them stay. Therefore, if you want lights that you don’t need to remove from the pool, get these ones.


4. Blibly Solar Power Pool Light

The Blibly floating lights for pools come in different sizes starting from 2.9 inches to 11.8 inches. Of course, the bigger sizes cost more than the smaller sizes. However, size is just one of the features to consider when looking for swimming pool floating lights. Therefore, keep reading to see the other features that these lights come with.


The solar will charge this light to full capacity in about 8 hours. In addition, the battery stores energy for lighting at night. Moreover, this is a Lithium-ion battery, it charges fast and in 6 to 8 hours on a bright day, it will be full. Furthermore, you are going to get up to 10 hours of running light at night.

These are colorful lights, so you will have up to 16 RGB colors to play with. In addition, you have 4 lighting modes, which you can also control from a distance. You will get a remote controller that works from 13 feet away to change lighting modes to set the mood.

These lights can come in useful in any season. Moreover, they have a weatherproof rating of IP68 and they are dustproof so they will not sustain damage. In addition, you can use these lights in heavy rainfall too. At the same time, you can use these lights indoors and they will transform your interior décor with the colors.

Like any other product, these lights have their advantages and disadvantages. In this case, they might start going on even when you don’t want them to be on. Therefore, removing them from the pool when you don’t need them might be the only option. A bit of a bother right there.


  • Multiple uses for the lights from the garden, driveway, indoor and pool
  • Auto on and off is a good feature
  • Long-running time from a charging time of 8 hours
  • Easy to use – just inflate and pop it into the pool
  • Colorful with 4 modes and 16 RGB colors


  • You cannot turn off or on with the remote controller
  • Charges little when the weather is cloudy

Bottom Line

These lights are versatile and you can use them for various things such as decorating weddings, birthdays and others. In addition, you can use them in the swimming pool to make it secure for children to swim at night.


5. Westinghouse Solar Pool Light with Bluetooth Speaker

With the Westinghouse Solar pool light, you can turn your pool into a house of fun complete with music and lights. Comparatively, a pack of 1 will cost you more than most other pool lights that we have reviewed here. However, see its features first before you can make up your mind.


First, this underwater pool lights solar light is a combination of two things – the light and a 5W Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, as you float in the water, you can listen to your favorite jams on your smartphone. Just place your smartphone in a safe place outside the pool and connect to the speaker via Bluetooth.

Second, you have two charging options – solar and DC charging with the USB cable that comes in the package.  Therefore, even if the day is cloudy, you do not have to leave out the music from your pool party. In addition, you can pair two of these lights to spread the music throughout the pool area.

Third, in addition to the music, you can enhance the mood of the pool party with the changing colors of the light. Furthermore, you get to choose from multiple colors or you can just let it emit white LED light.

Fourth, both the speaker and the light are waterproof, with a weatherproof rating of IP67. Therefore, you can submerge the entire unit and it will not sustain any water damage.

There is a serious disadvantage that you should know about. Indeed, the unit is waterproof. However, if the speaker gets into the water, it starts to produce a muffled sound until it is dry again. Therefore, it is best to submerge the light part only and leave the speaker above the water.


  • You can add music to your pool party
  • Good brightness level for a light of its size
  • Option to charge with cable
  • Easy to use and durable


  • There is no way to set the lights to change with the music
  • Does not come with a remote controller

Bottom Line

Even though this light is unique good and you will not find it with many manufacturers, leaving the light in the rain can distort the music. Therefore, you don’t want to leave this speaker/light outside.


6. ALTZ Solar Floating Pool Lights – 2 Pack

When you buy floating pool lights, you intend to use them for as long as possible. In that case, you might love the ALTZ floating solar lights because they are made with durable material. In addition, they come with other features that you might love.


These light balls are made of high quality and durable material. Therefore, when you inflate them, they will keep the air for long. In addition, it does not matter how long they stay in the water because they will retain inflation. On the same note, they are made with recyclable material. Therefore, by using them, you will be doing Mother Nature a good turn.

These lights are solar powered, of course, it is why they made it to this list. Therefore, they illuminate the pool without consuming electricity. In addition, the light that they give is so gentle that it soothes you. Therefore, you can relax in the pool after a hard day and enjoy their therapeutic effect.

With a waterproof rating of IP68, these lights are 100 percent weatherproof. Therefore, whether you toss them into the ocean, lake or swimming pool, they will survive. In addition, they are dustproof. As long as they are inflated, they stay a long time in excellent condition.

The only disadvantage that you will find with these lights is that they do not have batteries. Therefore, they do not have a long-running time with most users giving an average of 3 hours.


  • They change colors to create a nice effect
  • Versatile because you can use them indoors and outdoors
  • These lights are almost maintenance-free
  • High quality material used for construction


  • Some lights start blinking after some time, although this is for isolated cases

Bottom Line

These solar swimming pool lights have a good build and they can stay lit for a few hours. In addition, with good care, they can last a long time.


7. Cootway Solar Floating Pool Lights – 2 Pack

Cootway has a full-time Research and Development team that is responsible for coming up with aquatic products that give value for money. Therefore, every floating light that they release to the market can meet many swimming pool lighting needs. However, see the features first to make a good decision.


The first remarkable feature of this light comes is that you can charge it using a DC charger or the sunlight. Therefore, in the cold winter when there is barely any sunshine, you can charge the lights using DC. On the same note, if they are charging by the sun, you need not take them out of the water.

You might also love the versatility that these lights come with. For instance, you will see that they have eyes at the top for hanging. Therefore, you can use them in other places apart from the pool. For example, you can hang them in the garden to enhance its looks. They also stay afloat for as long as you want.

One of the reasons why people buy pool solar lights is because of their colorful effect. For example, you can set the lights depending on the mood that you want to enjoy. They have 5 light modes such as steady-on bright white, bright blue, bright red, bright green and bright purple. Therefore, you can choose white for lighting and use the others for pomp, or set the colors to change automatically.

The main disadvantage that you get with these lights is that the batteries are built-in and not replaceable. Therefore, if the battery fails, it is the trash can for the whole light.


  • IP68 weatherproof rating for all-season use
  • Easy to carry or store these lights because you can deflate them
  • The lights are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You can use them in the pool, garden or to light up the driveway


  • They are small so they may not offer enough illumination if you do not buy many of them.

Bottom Line

These are small colorful lights that decorate and illuminate. However, you will have to buy many of them if you have a big pool because they are small.


8. SOLMORE Solar Pool Lights – 4 Pack

While you might not toss the SOLMORE Solar Deck Lights into the water, they make good lights to mark pool boundaries. Indeed, that is why they are referred to as deck lights. In addition, if you would like to transform the aesthetics of your outdoor living spaces, you might love these lights. But first, see the features.


These are multi-use lights that you can use on your patio, deck or mark the boundaries of your pool. They emit a beautiful, cool blue color that is quite eye-catching. Indeed, it can help you calm down after a hard day at work. In addition, these lights have 6 LED bulbs that and for such small lights, they are surprisingly bright.

For durability, the casing of the lights is made of aluminum alloy. In addition, the lights charge during the day and then they light up at dusk. Furthermore, the lights have a running time of up to 12 hours. However, this will depend on how much sunshine there was during the day.

You need not worry about where you will install the light. In addition, the area around the pool is exposed to water and the elements. However, with a weatherproof rating of IP68, these lights will survive a blizzard without a scratch. The aluminum frame never corrodes. In addition, the battery is tightly enclosed in its compartment to keep water out.

Equally important, we must mention the build quality of these lights. Since they are installed on the ground vertically, most people are afraid that they will crush them when they walk on them. However, the frame has the capacity to withstand up to 9000kg of weight without breaking. Comparatively, nothing short of the weight of two African elephants is going to break these lights.

These small lights have many good features. However, despite that, they also have a disadvantage because the blue light that they emit does not offer much brightness. In spite of that, they can work well when you install them as boundary lights.


  • They emit beautiful blue light
  • The lights are durable and hardy
  • Good for highlighting features such as stairs, swimming pools and pathways
  • They will last through the night on a full charge


  • They can only be used to mark pool boundaries but not inside the pool
  • Requires you to charge them for 12 hours when new before you can use them

Bottom Line

These are nice looking lights that emit a cool bluish light. However, please note that they are mostly good for aesthetics rather than providing brilliant light.


9. GEEDIAR Solar Power Pool Lights – 8 Pack

Since 2013, GEEDIAR has brought lighting, home and garden, health care, toys and even beauty products of different types. However, here, we are going to look at their swimming pool solar floating lights. To begin with, you shall see the features that you can look forward to.


First, the light comes with a 2000mAh battery, which stores energy during the day and lights up the LEDs at night. In bright sun, the small solar module inside the inflatable light takes about 8 hours to charge the battery fully. On the same note, the battery will keep going for even more than 6 hours. However, the charging time and running time will differ depending on how cloudy or bright the day is.

This light is 100 percent waterproof. In addition, it has a waterproof rating of IP68, which also makes it snow and windproof. Additionally, even when it is raining, the light never lets in water. Furthermore, this light is built with high quality material to last long.

You can turn your swimming pool into a fanfare of colors using these lights. For instance, they come with up to 16 colors and they have 4 lighting modes. In addition, you can set it to 3 or 7 color flashes or to 3 or 7 color gradients to create the mood that you want. On the same note, since the lights come with a remote controller, you can use it even from 16.5 feet away to control the show.

Despite all these features, you should be wary of the disadvantages that these lights come with. For instance, the brightness could be better, so you will have to buy more lights if you have a medium to large pool.


  • High weatherproof rating enhances durability through all seasons
  • They are multipurpose so you can hang them along walls, trees and other places
  • Nice colors and flashing modes to create a perfect mood
  • The high capacity battery ensures long running time
  • The colors are therapeutic as they help you relax


  • On seriously overcast days, the lights may end up not charging at all

Bottom Line

These lights are easy to use and you can leave them in the pool if you will be using them often. Even charging does not require you to remove them from the water.


10. LOFTEK Solar Swimming Pool Lights

For a long time, LOFTEK has been making floating lights chargeable by electricity. However, now, they have an amphibious solar floating light that charges in the sun. They come with upgraded batteries that can run for tens of hours. Keep reading to see more of the features that these lights come with.


First, you will get 1 light per purchase, but you can order more depending on your needs. However, that one light ball comes with a stake, so you can install it in your garden if you like. In addition, it comes with a USB charging cable and a user manual. Therefore, on those cloudy days when there is no sun, you can charge it with the cable.

Second, this floating solar light can change to 16 RGB colors. It also comes with a remote controller so that you can control the color change. In addition, the remote controller can work from 26 feet away. Therefore, you can change from different RGB modes from the poolside.

Third, inside every ball, there is a solar panel measuring 3.7 inches in diameter. Despite this small size, this solar panel charges this lightfast, in 5 to 8 hours. In addition, when fully charge in bright sunshine, the light can stay running for up to 20 hours.

Fourth, these lights come with an upgraded 1000mAh battery. Therefore, when lighting in white mode, the battery can last up to 8 hours. When lighting up in RGB colors, the battery can run for as long as 10 hours. Consequently, you get a better deal with these LOFTEK solar powered pool lights than you get with most others.

In spite of all these features, the high price for this light is a disadvantage that may dissuade some people from getting it. However, the features more than justify the price.


  • Fast charging time with solar or USB
  • Sold with a money-back guarantee of 35 days and a warranty of 12 months
  • Senses light so it turns on automatically at night and off at dawn
  • Many fantastic colors with 5 brightness levels
  • The long-running time when the 1000mAh battery is fully charged


  • Can start letting in the water at the screws after several months of use

Bottom Line

This is a big light and it comes fully charged with solar and ready to use right out of the box. While the cost is steep, we feel that the many features give value for the money.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Nothing beats relaxing in the pool in the damp heat of summer nights. However, since you will not be swimming daily, you also want the lights to be decorative.

Thankfully, solar pool lights serve many purposes. One of them is safety when you are swimming at night. You don’t want to bump your head on the railing. In addition, these lights look really attractive, especially the multi-colored ones.

At the same time, most solar swimming pool lights are not only good for the pool, but you can also use them indoors, in the garden, driveway and pathways.

Finally, our recommendation is Esuper, or Blibly. These lights are battle-tested and they have proven themselves repeatedly. In addition, there must be a reason for their being among the top brands of pool solar lights in the market.

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