How to Choose Solar String Lights?

What better way to create the most beautiful outdoors than using solar string lights? Not only do they bring holiday cheer, but they also give your home a warm ambiance, especially at night.

Again, solar string lights will do the perfect job for your casual nights when you’re hosting guests for dinner. They are also a go-to for more ceremonies like birthdays.

What’s more, enjoying the night will not add a single penny to your electricity bill.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar String Lights


Light Time

The average working time for a solar-powered light is between 8 and 15 hours. Therefore, to get one of the 10 best solar string lights, look for those that offer you the optimum lighting for its charging time. Remember, the longer you charge the lights, the longer you can use them.

Bulb Type

Solar lights come with different options for bulbs. For bulbs with the most extended shelf-life. Also, consider the material used to make the bulb. Glass can be fragile, while plastic can serve you longer.

Weather Resistance

Because most solar lights are for outdoor use, you tend to expose them to harsh weather. You might not have the time to bring them in every time the weather changes. Putting this into consideration, always pick lights with weather-resistant features.

  • Usage time – between 8 and 15 hours is good enough
  • Bulb material used – plastic is more durable
  • Waterproof feature – either IP65 or IP67 c

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do solar lights last?

It all boils down to batteries, bulbs, and solar panels. Expect the batteries to serve you for up to four years. When it comes to LEDs, you can have up to 10 years of service

Can I leave my lights out in the rain?

Yes. There is no need to bring the lights in every day. But, this depends on the type of lights you settle for. If you decide on a weather-resistant option, then rain and snow can’t damage the system.

What are the benefits of solar lighting?

The beauty of solar lights is that they can save you from high electricity bills. Still, they are environment friendly.


When it comes to solar lights, you should settle for the most energy-efficient and a unit that is not easily destroyed by harsh weather. Still, put into consideration that LED bulbs have a long lifespan.

The advantages of these lights are immense, and they can serve you for years.

Solar String Light Reviews

1. AMIR Solar String Lights – 1 Pack

If you’re looking for affordable but quality lighting, then you can consider Amir Upgraded Solar Powered lights. They are easy to shape and could be one of the most excellent options to check out.

We like that these use flexible, copper-wired lights, which means you can shape them whichever way you wish.

Another advantage is that you can coil this wire for a neat finish because it comes with a bobbin winder. You can curve it around that tree in the middle of your yard. Therefore, no wires will be crisscrossing in your yard.

This option is one of the best because it gives you a 360-degree view. Therefore, you can see all your gardens or patio areas. Also, if you want to light corners and pathways, you can use these lights.

We also appreciate that it comes with 100 LED lights.

Besides, the on and off buttons are automatic. This feature means the lights go off at dawn and go back on at dusk.

If you’re afraid harsh weather might damage your lights, then this option could help you deal with that. Why? The string lights and the solar panels made of plastic and copper are IP65 waterproof. This feature is essential for an item that will spend most of its time outdoors. You don’t have to take them in every time it rains.


The one downside to this solar lighting option is that the battery won’t last long unless you charge it properly. But, with exposure to the right amount of sunshine, you can get the most out of it. Also, it might help if you buy an extra set of solar rechargeable batteries.

Bottom Line

In general, this option is well priced for its benefits and is excellent for those on a tight budget. But, if you live in an area with many days of insufficient sunlight, there might be better options — a recommended pick.


  • Flexible wire – easy for you to shape it around trees or on the roof of your deck
  • All-round view – enables you to illuminate every corner of your yard
  • Waterproof – keeps the cables and panel safe from rain


  • The battery may not last – but with good sunlight, you can resolve this


2. KUshopfast Solar Led String Lights – 2 Pack

These solar string lights are perfect if you not only want to illuminate your outdoors but also make it fun. If you’re hoping to jazz up your patio or have a ceremony coming up, these lights might be for you.

The one unique feature about these solar lights is that you can switch between eight modes. For example, you can choose fireflies flashing, waves, fading, or twinkling whenever you want or depending on the occasion. But, if you prefer steady-on lights, you can also stick to that mode.

If you don’t have the time to change to different modes every day, you have a choice to keep one setting for a while. A built-in memory chip will save you the trouble of changing the modes daily. How? It saves your last settings.

For those whose events go late into the night, this option might be worth considering. This is because the battery can keep the lights on for up to ten hours.

Moreover, the unit comes with an automatic on and off button, making it ideal for energy saving.

On top of this, if you live in a place where it rains a lot, you can leave your lights out. Due to its IP65 waterproof materials, moisture does not damage the unit, preventing a short circuit. However, it would be best if you did not put these lights in the water.

What’s more, the cable is made of thin, flexible copper. Therefore, you can shape these lights around your trees or gazebo comfortably. Besides, they have a heat-resistance function. This quality protects them from overheating.


Because the wire is thin, there is a risk of it breaking. This quality makes it easy for it to become entangled and hard to detangle when you need it. Therefore, you have to be careful when unboxing it or pulling it down when you want to store it.

Bottom line

All things considered, these lights are likely to give you value for money. They are not expensive and have great features. However, you have to extremely careful when packing and unpacking to avoid making a mess.


  • Eight modes – gives you a variety to choose from
  • Built-in memory chip – saves your settings
  • Long-lasting battery – provides light up to 8 hours
  • Automatic on/off button – enables you to save energy
  • Thin, flexible cable – comfortable to shape and invisible at night


  • Thin wire – the risk of breaking
  • Easily entangled wire – can take time to unbox or store


3. Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights – 1 Pack

You could be looking for lighting that gives your outdoor a vintage look. Well, if that is the case, consider these lights from Brightech. You might just find they are the perfect match for you because they come with vintage Edison bulbs.

If you like hosting barbecues, then these lights might be the right choice. They are ideal because their S14 bulbs brightly light your porch or pergola. This lighting helps you to correctly see when the food you’re grilling is ready. Besides, they have just the right amount of light to avoid being overpowering.

We like that these lights come with shatterproof plastic bulbs, making them worth the price. If you’re worried about the bulbs breaking and scattering the pieces everywhere, then this feature might come in handy.

Another positive is that their battery can last you up to six hours. But, like most solar lights, you have to charge them properly during the day. The lights need at least six hours of sunlight to charge fully. However, indirect sunlight still does the job. Of course, not as properly as when you place the lights under direct sunshine.

Together with the WeatherTite technology used, this shatterproof quality makes the lights strong enough to withstand harsh weather. Why? The bulbs also have a heat resistance of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can replace them should you need to.

If you’re also looking to control your lighting system, this comes with an on and off button. The button helps you to switch the lights on and off as you prefer.


Although they claim the bulbs provide a brightly-lit outdoor, there are parts the light can’t reach in reality. Why? A 2ft-part of the cable does not have bulbs, making that section of the lights dark. However, the 18ft of string that has lights works for most people.

Bottom Line

These lights could be well worth your money because they come with features such as shatterproof bulbs and WeatherTite technology, which might serve you for a long time.


  • Bright S14 bulbs – clearly illuminate your outdoors
  • Shatterproof plastic bulbs – doesn’t create a mess once broken
  • Lasting battery – provides up to six hours of light
  • On/off buttons – gives you full control of your system


  • No bulbs in 2ft-part of string – but can still light well


4. JMEXSUSS Solar String Lights – 2 Pack

You might be going for a mellow, starry look for your outdoors. If so, these blue solar fairy lights could do just the trick for you. Whether you want them for Christmas, Halloween or as wedding décor, they are worth a shot.

They come with a thin silver wire, which means it’s almost invisible at night. This quality is a plus because only the lights will be visible without crisscrossing wires.

To give your yard or pergola a fancy look, you have a choice of eight modes. The modes can range from waves, combination, fading, fireflies, chasing, twinkling, fading slowly, or even steady-on. You can easily switch between the functions as you please.

Another upside is the unit’s flexible copper wire. If you don’t have anywhere to hang your lights, this option might be useful for you. Why? You can fashion the cable into a heart or mold it around a bench to illuminate your outdoors.

Additionally, a fully charged battery can go for between eight and 12 hours.

What’s more, an on-and-off switch makes it easier to conserve power. The lights go off at dawn and are back on at dusk. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to remind yourself continually to turn on the power.

Besides, both the solar panel and copper wire are IP44 waterproof materials. Whether it’s heavy snow or rain, these lights can hold out against harsh weather.


While these lights come with various modes to play around with, this feature might not serve you long. It becomes awkward to reset the mode when the mode button fails to work. Also, the settings get lost when the batteries die.

Bottom Line

Overall, the option can be perfect for your outdoors, mostly if you prefer soft lighting and have an occasion coming up. But, should you not be into the changing modes, there could be better choices for you.


  • Silver, thin wire – unnoticeable at night
  • Eight modes – lively choices to pick from
  • Flexible cable – can be used in any place outdoors
  • Automatic switch – energy conservation is easy
  • IP44 waterproof – protected from rain and snow


  • Mode button sensitive – can leave you with few options
  • Settings can get lost – can be resolved of you ensure battery always has charge


5. Joomer Led Solar String Lights – 1 Pack

You can get these lights if you love a magical feel at night. Also, should you want lights that look good even when they are off during the day, you might like this.

We appreciate that these lights give you a total of eight modes to select. This feature gives you the option to choose whichever atmosphere you want to create. Whether it’s a combination of settings, waves, sequential, slow fade, twinkle, or steady on mode, the call is yours.

Further, they come with built-in memory. So, if you select one mode today and you want it to run the whole week, it’s possible. The unit will keep the settings until you change.

Another fantastic quality is the automatic on and off switch that makes controlling it a hands-free job.

Besides, when fully charged for six hours, you can enjoy this lighting for between 10 and 12 hours.

Also, should it rain or snow at night, you’re protected. Why? The components, which are plastic, remain waterproof.


Although the bulbs give enough glow at night, they are smaller than claimed. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re not looking to have an extremely brightly-lit area.

Bottom Line

When you consider all factors, these solar string lights do an excellent job if you enjoy a subtle glow on your lawn, deck, or patio. Therefore, if you want to enjoy some privacy of not exposing your home to your neighbors, consider this.


  • Eight modes – spoilt for choice
  • Memory function – remembers your settings
  • Automatic switch – sensor detects day and night to save power
  • Waterproof materials – can withstand bad weather


  • Small bulbs – do not give a bright enough glow


6. LiyuanQ Solar String Lights – 2 Pack

These solar string lights are ideal if you want an all-rounded light for your pathways or gardens or hang them on your fence. But, you could still use them on your patio or lawn.

Firstly, they come with 100 micro LEDs that give a 360-degree viewing angle, enabling you to illuminate in every direction. For example, this feature makes it easy to light every corner in your garden, preventing people from stepping on it.

Another feature that we appreciate is their low-heat emission bulbs.

No matter how long you use the lights, they will not overheat and cost you your lights.

Still, you can select lighting from a range of up to 8 modes. If you have a birthday party, you may like the fireflies flashing mode. However, you can still choose combination waves, fading, chasing, fading slowly, twinkle or steady-on.

When it comes to the battery, expect to get over eight hours of light once fully charged. The automatic on and off switch will also come in handy if you don’t prefer turning off the lights yourself.

Because the copper string light and solar panel are IP65-waterproof, you can comfortably use them in any weather. Rain and snow don’t damage the lights.

With the thin, flexible copper wire, you can make whatever creations you wish to light your outdoors. You may want to mold the light around signs for your front yard. You can even shape them around the plants in your garden.


Although the over 60ft-long thin wire is a plus when you want to illuminate a big area, it can get messy. The wire becomes easily entangled and awkward to unwind. On top of that, it can easily crack if you don’t handle it carefully.

Bottom Line

Considering everything, these lights are a good pick if you’re working on a tight budget but want quality. You just have to be gentle with the wire to avoid damage. Also, as long as you use a spool when storing the lights, you might get the best out of it.


  • 360-degree viewing angle – illuminates all parts of your outdoors
  • IP65 water-resistant feature – no damage from rain or snow
  • Low-heat emission bulbs – protects from overheating
  • Eight different modes – you can enjoy a variety of lighting options
  • 8-hour battery life – gives you almost a full night of light
  • Automatic on/off buttons – saves power
  • Flexible wire – easy to mold around objects


  • Thin, delicate wire – can easily break
  • Entangles easily – detangling can take some time


7. JosMega Solar Outdoor String Lights – 1 Pack

You’re probably looking for a festive touch in your outdoors, and this could provide just what you need. The lights’ warm, white glow also makes them a great accessory during weddings, birthday parties, and other occasions.

We like that the manufacturer has upgraded lights to larger panel size and a larger battery capacity of 800 mAh. This upgrade translates to long hours of illumination.

On top of that, if you charge these lights for 8 hours, then you can get up to 12 hours of light. In case of a bad weather day, and they only receive 1 to 2 hours of illumination, you can still use them for between 2 and 4 hours at night.

Even more good news is that on a completely cloudy day, you can get 1 to 2 hours of light from this unit until the sun comes up, and you can recharge again.

Additionally, the strings have easily malleable copper material, with which you can experiment. If you want to mold them around a tree trunk or on a rail by your pool, they do the job.

Also, you can enjoy eight modes of lighting. Depending on what atmosphere you want to create, you can choose from a combination, wave, sequential, slow glow, slow fade, or steady-on. You can also settle on a combination of modes.

We appreciate that you can use these lights under any weather. The string lights are IP67 waterproof, and the solar battery case is IP65 waterproof. These features prolong your usage.

If you’re worried about your outdoor lights’ safety, you might consider this option that the manufacturers have tested for quality. As a result, they have FCC and CE certifications and meet RoHS standards.


Even though they are said to be easy to install and mold due to the wire’s flexibility, they can quickly become entangled. Further, the bulbs are tiny and the wire too thin. Therefore, the lighting is not as bright, and the wire easily breaks.

Bottom line

When you take everything into account, these solar lights are useful if you’re looking for a unit that runs for a long time. The upgraded battery and panel can provide the time extension you need. However, if you’re going for very bright lights, there might be a better option.


  • Upgraded panel and battery capacity – Longer hours of light
  • Copper string – Easily moldable
  • Eight modes – a variety of lighting to choose from
  • IP65 and IP67 material – can be used under any weather
  • FCC and CE certification – safety standards met


  • Wire too thin – prone to breakage
  • Small lights – not very bright


8. Sunlitec Solar String Lights – 1 Pack

If you love solar lights but live in a place that rarely gets enough sun, then this unit could be for you. Also, if you have no problem bringing your lights indoors for charging, this is an option that is worth checking out.

The dual charging option is perhaps the one feature that sets these lights apart. The unit comes with a solar charging option as well as a USB charger and port. The solar panels need to charge for 8 hours, and the USB charger takes 4 hours before it is ready for use. The USB option makes it easier for you to light your outdoors, even on cloudy days.

Another advantage of this unit is that LED balls cover the bulbs. What this means is that your lights from the water. Besides, should they fall, there is little risk of breakage.

Furthermore, this unit gives you various lighting modes to choose from, helping you create the mood for different occasions.


Even though the lights come with LED balls, the bulbs are very fragile. Therefore, taking them out of the box once you buy them takes more time to avoid breakage. But, if you unpack and hang the lights up in a delicate manner, you can avoid damaging the bulbs.

Bottom line

All in all, this unit is well worth the money considering its two charging options. If you don’t want limitations such as bad weather and you always conveniently light need to your outdoors, go for this. However, you have to be careful with the bulbs.


  • Dual charging feature – convenient to charge even in bad weather
  • LED balls – keep your bulbs safe from water and breakage
  • Variety of lighting modes – you can set the atmosphere you want


  • Fragile bulbs – require delicate handling


9. JoomerSolar Outdoor String Lights – 1 Pack

Should you be looking for Christmas lights, this could be well worth your time and give you value for money. These multi-colored lights have a memory function that helps you remember every setting.

We like that a built-in memory chip is part of the package. This function makes it convenient for you to enjoy your different lighting modes without changing them daily.

Besides, there are eight modes to select. Whether you prefer your lights to be in twinkle mode for a day and then flashing the next, the choice is yours.

What’s more, there is an automatic on and off button that helps you to conserve energy. Moreover, these solar lights give you up to eight hours of light when adequately charged.

Still, the ABS material used to make the lights is IP65 weather resistant feature. Therefore, heavy rain or snow can damage the lights.


The downside to this unit is that it comes with a small solar panel, which means it doesn’t get enough light most of the time. For that reason, the bulbs don’t light for long. Therefore, you need to expose your panel to direct sunlight to absorb as much light as possible.

Bottom Line

In general, if you’re looking for good Christmas lights that are decorative as well as environment-friendly, these can be your go-to. If Christmas is snowy and you’re worried about whether the lights will survive the season, this option could do the trick.


  • Multi-colored lights – give them a decorative edge
  • Memory function – you don’t have to change the modes daily
  • Automatic on/off button – is energy efficient
  • IP65 waterproof – easily survives harsh weather


  • Small solar panel – may not absorb power unit well, but can be resolved by direct sunlight exposure


10. Kolpop Solar String Lights – 2 Pack

If you’re working on a tight budget, then consider this option. The unit gives you ample lighting with its 100 LED bulbs, which are ideal for your pergola, patio, or yard. You can also use them for events.

This unit’s beauty is its eight modes of lighting, which means you’re spoilt for choice. You can set them on steady-on mode or fireflies, waves, fading, chasing, twinkle, and other options.

Further, the string lights are made of copper wire, which is very flexible. If you want to shape your lights on a mailbox or a sign, this copper wire makes it easy for you to do so.

Another key feature is the automatic on and off button. It adjusts itself depending on the time of the day, whether it’s dusk or dawn.

We appreciate this unit’s IP65 waterproof quality. Therefore, harsh weather does not damage the lights. Also, their heat-resistant ability means they don’t overheat, damaging your rays.


Even though these lights give you more than 8 hours of sunlight a night with a reasonable charge, they might not be long-lasting. Their ability for all the bulbs to stay lit goes down over the years. However, they will have given you optimum service before they finally give way.

Bottom Line

Considering all factors, these lights are great if you’re looking for a weather-resistant, automatic unit. But, if your goal is to have solar lights that go for years, there are better options. However, it will cost you more.


  • Eight modes – change the mood as you please
  • Automatic unit – saves you the trouble of putting it on and off at dawn and dusk
  • IP64 weather-resistant – the weather will not damage the unit
  • Flexible wire – shape it around objects


  • Not long-lasting – they easily yield to pressure over the years


All factors considered, we recommend the AMIR Solar String Lights. Why? The unit is one of the 10 best solar string lights because its copper wire is very flexible and allows you to mold your lights around any object. You can also use them for decorative purposes on a tree trunk, mailbox, sign, or around your pool.

Besides, they automatically go on and off, meaning they self-regulate.

Still, the set comes with 100 LED bulbs that offer a 360-degree view. This feature means no matter how dark your outdoors are, the illumination covers all the corners.

Additionally, the lights are made of weather-resistant IP65 copper and plastic materials. Therefore, you might never have to fret about rain or snow interfering with the unit.

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