How to Choose Solar Path Light?

Path lights play a role in our daily life. They not only brighten your way at night but also beautify your garden path. Therefore, they are indispensable parts of your garden or yard.

We are all familiar with the traditional path lights that use normal electricity or batteries. In contrast, solar path lights are powered by the sun. That is the biggest difference between the two kinds of path lights.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Path Lights


Solar path lights have a variety of features, also, buyers may have some questions about them, and there are four main factors you need to consider when choosing one.


Regarding outdoor products, water resistance ranks first place in the consideration list. And this is more essential for solar path lights because path lights have to work outdoors their entire lifespan. If they are not water-resistant, they could get ruined soon and easily.

Also, since the solar path lights are activated by solar power, the solar panels need to be installed outdoors to collect sunlight, which means that they need to be super weather-resistant. Otherwise, they will stay at risk of being destroyed by terrible weather.

A perfect solar path light should be both waterproof and weatherproof.

Lumen output

Brightness is another factor that you need to pay attention to. It will influence your safety largely at night.

Normally, the lumen output of path lights ranges from 2 to 200. It is a quite large range for people to choose from.

People who buy solar path lights have various purposes. For example, if you want the path lights to brighten your way at night, you may hope the lights to be bright enough.

Or, if the lights are too bright at night, both your neighbors and your family will be bothered when going to bed. Also, if you buy these lights just for decorating your garden or yard, they should have low lumen output.

You should consider your purposes, then choose the correct brightness level you need.

Automatic on/off

Another vital factor you should take into account is the auto-switch. An auto-switch does users lots of favor.

As we can tell from the name, the automatic on/off switch is in charge of regulating the lights automatically. After installing the lights, you just turn on the switch, then the model begins work. And when dusk comes, the lights will turn on, in the same way, they turn off when dawn comes. You just don’t need to do anything.

In that case, the model can save power and set your hands free.

Solar Path Lights Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar path lights work?

All solar lights work in the same principle. Solar path lights are not an exception. They are powered by solar energy.

Manufacturers put a photovoltaic cell in the models. So the path lights include the power receiver named solar panels. Solar panels of path lights are usually separated from lights and need to be placed at a perfect angle under the sky. They will receive the most sunlight during the day and create solar power to charge the lights.

Most solar path lights can operate all through the year. So they can generate energy nearly every day. But on rainy days or cloudy days, their performance can be discounted to some extent.

After you install them along the pathway, the lights will receive sunlight during the daytime and turn on to work at night.

Why should I buy solar path lights?

Solar path lights bring about plenty of advantages. And some of them are worth mentioning.

As a kind of typical solar product, solar path lights reach a high level of environmental protection. By replacing your old path lights with solar path lights, you will live a green life. Solar path lights are activated by solar energy which is natural and renewable. So you won’t exhaust any endangered resources. At the same time, using solar energy won’t generate emissions. Therefore, solar path lights contribute to sustainable development.

Another benefit of using solar path lights is consistency. Using traditional path lights may cause disorder due to power-off, instead, since solar path lights are charged by solar power, they can work every day nonstop. Even during bad days, they can still serve your pathway by using the power saved in the battery previously.

Also, the installation of solar path lights is very simple. Anyone who buys them can deal with the mounting effortlessly. You just need to stick them into the soft ground with stakes or poles. There is no need for string or wiring. And they hardly need cleaning or maintenance.

Finally, there are very nice adornments for your house. Simply by installing some solar path lights, the garden or small pathway can be decorated gorgeously.

What factors to consider when it comes to aesthetic design?

Most outdoor solar lights are used for house safety. But apart from the common function, aesthetic consideration is also worth attention.

The first factor that can influence the look is the color. Usually, they are designed in multiple colors, including black, white, silver, bronze, and so on. You can choose from them according to your preference.

Style is another feature to take into account. Some of the lights are designed in antique style, and some others look modern. They match different kinds l garden pathways.

Size matters too. Big lights suit wide pathways, and small ones are for narrow paths.

Solar Path Lights Reviews

1. Moonrays Metal Solar Path Lights – 2 Pack Automatic Lighting, Rubbed Bronze Finish

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Metal Path lights are the first model we would like to recommend. If you are looking for some solar path lights that can act as decorations for your garden or backyard, you’d better not miss them.

First of all, they have a lumen output of 30 lumina. This brightness level is high enough for you to see whatever is on your way at night. Plus, the light is surrounded by the circle of a ribbed glass lens. Each light can radiate light through a 360-degree display. Meanwhile, the design makes them beautiful and romantic in the dark.

Second, the installation is easy and handy. You simply need to stake them into the ground, they can be fixed and begin to work without care and management.

Besides, as long as you install them along the pathway in a line, they will receive sunlight during the daytime and generate power to charge the included battery. And they are sensitive to the brightness of the sky. When the sun goes down, it will turn on automatically without manual operation. When the sun rises the next morning, they will turn off and continue to produce energy.

Another amazing factor that we want to talk about is the stylish design. They are in rubbed bronze, which makes the lights elegant and chic. And the ribbed glass lens is a combination of classic and modern.

However, there come some negatives too. For instance, they are just in two packs. If you have a large space to brighten, you need to pay more money for them.

In conclusion, despite the high price, they are practical and beautiful. The multiple functions can meet your various requirements, and make the price worth it.


  • 30 luminabrighter
  • Stylish appearancebeautiful decoration
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • 5 inches tall
  • Automatic switcheffortless 


  • 8 hours to fully charge too demanding for the weather

Only 2-packs – need more money to get more lights


2. Signature Garden Pathway Solar Lights – 6 Pack

Signature Garden 6-pack solar garden lights are another recommendable product on the pathway lights list. They are designed mainly for garden paths. Besides being beautiful, the lights are also durable because of the stainless steel material. So if you are looking for some solar path lights that are of good quality, we recommend these lights.

To begin with, those pathway lights are designed wireless, which allows the users to save effort when installing the models. Since they are usually used for pathways, you just need to stake the lights into the ground along your pathways. There is no need for wiring or some other operations. Even for laymen of mounting, this is easy.

Another amazing feature of the lights is the powerful weatherproof and water-resistance.  Given that, the lights could deal with any weather conditions including extremely terrible ones. So even on winter days, the lights can still keep working outdoor without being damaged by low temperatures or snows. This feature can extend the lifespan of the lights.

Besides, this is a six-pack model that can meet the demanding requirements of some users who want to buy lots of lights. After installing the lights along the two sides of the pathway, the gardens can be decorated into a cozy and beautiful place. Meanwhile, they can brighten your way and keep you safe.

However, the lights also come with some small defects. For example, they have to be charged by exposure to direct sunlight, which can not be realized in some locations.

In conclusion, although there are some minor defects, they can’t outweigh the wonderful benefits that the lights bring about.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 6 packsmore light spots
  • Stainless steel materialdurable
  • Wireless installation easy to ground
  • Round shapelooks beautiful 


Need direct sunlight demanding for weather

Inappropriate LED snuginconvenient


3. Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light – 6 Pack

To begin with, one of the most significant features of these lights is the design. They are designed in four different colors, including black, bronze, copper, and silver. This feature allows you to choose the most suitable lights that can match your garden or patio perfectly. Plus, the lights come in a 6-pack set, which means that you can have more lighting spots along your pathway. So they are good decorations too.

Moreover, they come with outstanding waterproofing. In that case, the lights can deal with any weather conditions all through the year. Therefore, you don’t need to care too much about the light even on heavy rainy days. They won’t be damaged and don’t need extra protection. This is a relief for most users, especially those who are busy working in their offices.

Besides, the package also includes a large solar panel and a 1200-mmh rechargeable battery. The large solar panel can better generate solar power for the model. And if there is extra production, you can save it into the battery for backup in case there is an emergency.

On the other hand, the defect is that some users think the brightness is a little dim. So those users, can think twice before buying these lights.

In a word, although the light is not bright enough, it can be a good decoration and light for your pathways.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • Glass lensbeautiful
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Stainless steel durable
  • 4-colormore choices 


  • Not bright enough limited use

No multiple modes – inconvenient


4. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights – 6 Pack

GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights are specially designed for the path, garden, lawn, patio, and walkway. They have some chic details in the appearance design. If you don’t want the same or similar styles with others, you can check them out. They are quite special and attractive.

One of the most wonderful features of these lights is water resistance. They are powerful waterproof, which allows the solar lights to keep performing in any bad weather conditions. They can withstand rain, snow, or storm, so they don’t need special protection during bad days. Also, they have an anti-rust coating on their surface, so they are sturdy and durable.

Besides, the light shell is made of metal, and there are two colors: black and bronze. Both two colors are elegant, making your garden refined and beautiful. Plus, the lampshade is made of glass, which can help the light go through and brighten your way.

Moreover, the lights are 19 inches in height. Compared with many other similar products, they are much taller, which improves the range of the illumination. They have relatively high lumen output that can increase the brightness of the pathway, and therefore add safety.

On the other hand, there are some small shortcomings too. They are comparatively expensive. And some users report that the lumen output is a little low.

All in all, if you don’t mind the price, we recommend you have a try because they come with so many wonderful features and functions.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • Glass lensbeautiful
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Anti-rust coating durable
  • 19 inches highbrighter 


  • A little expensive a big budget

10-lumen output – less bright for some users


5. Oak Leaf Solar Pathway Lights – 12 Pack

If you are looking for a set of solar path lights that include as many lights as possible, you should consider the Oak Leaf 901003 pathway lights. They have 12 packs in total and don’t cost too much. If your garden is large and needs plenty of path lights, why not try them?

First of all, they are a pile of delicate lights that experienced three finishes, making them very refined and chic. Besides, they are designed in three beautiful colors, including chic Cooper, upscale silver, and classic black. Thus, you are free to choose the most suitable color to match your adorable garden or yard.

Moreover, they are water-resistant and weather-resistant. You can use them without trouble in any weather conditions and seasons. They can work on bad days like heavy rain. You don’t need to worry that they could be ruined. Meanwhile, they are made of stainless steel that is sturdy and tough, improving the durability of the lights.

Furthermore, they are very easy and simple to install. Thanks to the wireless design, you merely need to push and stake them into the soft ground after you connect the lights with the shades and the poles. Then turn on the automatic switch, and they begin to work without manual operations.

On the other hand, the lens is made of plastic, which seems not firm enough. And they are just 14 inches in height.

In conclusion, although they have some defects, they are still a good choice for people who need a large number of path lights.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 12-packsmore light spots
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Stainless steel material durable
  • 3 finishesrefined 


  • 14-inch too short
  • Plastic lenseasy to be broken


6. BEAU JARDIN Warm White Solar Path Lights – 8 Pack

If you prefer to buy solar path lights with a combination of modern and antique styles, BEAU JARDIN solar lights are the perfect option. They have some unique decorative patterns on both the shade and the lens, which make them very outstanding in aesthetic design. So antique-style lovers would better seize the chance.

Among all the features, the most wonderful one is the design. First, there are four colors for you to choose from. They are black, silver, bronze, and stainless steel. You can choose the most appropriate color for your garden or pathway. Second, the shade is made of glass that comes with diamond grain, making the light beautiful and unique.

Besides, they feature an automatic on/off switch. With the help of this function, the lights will absorb sunlight and convert it into energy, then charge the lights and the battery. When the sun is gone, the lights automatically turn on and brighten the way. Also, when the dawn is coming, they just turn off and save energy.

Another amazing feature of these lights is they are IP65 waterproof. With such powerful water and weather resistance, the lights will hardly be damaged by any terrible weather conditions. So you don’t have to spend money on maintenance. They can serve for a very long time.

However, there always exist some shortcomings. For example, the lumen output is only 6 lumina, which is under the expectation of some users.

In a nutshell, while there are shortcomings, if you buy them mainly for decoration purposes, you are recommended to have a try.


  • IP65 waterproofbetter protection
  • 8-packsmore light spots
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Stainless steel material durable
  • Refined aesthetic designgorgeous 


  • Expensive more money
  • 6-lumen outputnot bright enough


7. GardenBliss Brightest Solar Path Lights – 10 Pack

GardenBliss solar pathway lights are another good choice for people who are looking for a large pack of lights. Their finish style is matte. And they are designed in 8-packs to 10-packs, changing according to different colors.

One of the most wonderful features of these lights is the design. There are four different colors for you to choose from antique bronze, bronze, satin black, and white. And the former three are in 8-packs, the white light pack including 10 lights. You can choose the most suitable ones for your garden, yard, or patio.

Another feature that would attract you is the water resistance. They have a double waterproof seal. In other words, they can handle any weather conditions ranging from rain to snow. Whether in Winter or Summer, they can keep working without stopping and extra protection. So they can be used for a very long time with little maintenance.

Something else that we would like to talk about is the installation. It is easy for you to mount these models along the pathway or other outdoor places. They don’t need complex wiring. You simply stake them into the soft earth, the installation is finished. And then, they begin to work without manual operations. So they are free of care.

However, one of the defects is the height. The biggest height is 12 inches, which seems too short for gardens. And the batteries are not in the package.

In summary, although they are shorter than some other products, they are still worth buying because they have plenty of advantages and the customer service is perfect.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 8-10 packsmore light spots
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Elegant design beautiful
  • 365/7/24 customer serviceuser-friendly 


  • Batteries are not included more money
  • 12-inch heighttoo short


8. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor – 8 Pack

Manufactured by Solpex, these solar path lights are in 8-packs. They look chic and modern. The low-key design makes them elegant but beautiful. And they are not too heavy, which makes the installation much easier. You can have a check.

First of all, they are IP44 waterproof. This feature allows the small twinkle-like fairies to maintain their performance in any weather conditions. You don’t have to spend additional energy or money on maintenance. They can withstand terrible weather and stay good.

Besides, they have a marvelous aesthetic design. The shade comes with two rings connected to the top. When the light comes from the lamp, the ray is shaped into a snowflake. So the illumination is unique and beautiful. They can be the perfect decoration for your garden or walkway at night.

Moreover, they come with an automatic on-and-off switch. After installing them on the ground, you just need to turn the switch on, they start working, receiving, and converting solar energy during the daytime. And when the sun is gone, the light will turn on automatically to light up the way. And when the sun comes out, they turn off. You don’t need to operate them every day.

On the other hand, there are small shortcomings. For instance, they are a little expensive compared to some similar models.

All in all, if you are fond of them and would like to pay the money, they won’t let you down. They can give you the perfect user experience through their amazing functions.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 8-packsmore light spots
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Elegant design beautiful
  • Decent battery lifelonger lifespan 


  • Batteries are not included more money
  • Expensiveneed a big budget


9. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights – 8 Pack

These solar pathway lights are another GIGALUMI product on our recommended list. However, these models have many differences from the former recommendation. The obvious difference is the appearance design. You can check them out and see whether they are your type.

First of all, they have super powerful solar panels. With the help of solar cells, they just need at least 4 shining hours to get fully charged during good days. After getting fully charged, they can work for up to 8 hours at night. This is a very attractive feature for people who come from areas with fewer sun hours.

Besides, the lights are designed with marvelous waterproof. Therefore, they can deal with any weather conditions in your location. And they can withstand all four seasons. You don’t need to worry that some heavy rain could ruin the small equipment. They are tough and durable.

Moreover, they feature an automatic working mode. After you install them along the pathway, you just need to turn the working mode on, they begin to get involved in power-producing. They will receive sunlight and transform the solar power into energy that the lights can use directly. When the dark comes, they automatically turn on and brighten your place. Also, when dawn comes, they turn off without manual press.

On the other hand, the warranty service is not very appealing, just for 60 days.

In conclusion, although the warranty policy is not so nice, the products are good to use. And the multiple features can meet most of your requirements.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 8-12 packmore choices
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Elegant design beautiful
  • Automatic switchsave energy 


  • Batteries are not included more money
  • Poor warranty policyunder the expectation


10. XMCOSY+ Solar Garden Pathway Lights – 4 Pack

XMCOSY+ solar path lights are also enjoying good reputations among users. They are typically designed in antique or vintage style. If you are a big fans of vintage style, you’d better not miss these lights. They look mysterious and gorgeous.

Among all the amazing features, the most attractive one is the refined design. The color of the shade is electroplated copper, making them full of archaic feelings. And the light is in warm white, which decorates the garden cozy and peaceful at night. They have a 360° glass lens with vertical grain. So the illumination is tender and beautiful.

Moreover, they are IP65 waterproof, which improves the durability of the products to a large extent. They are working outdoors for their whole life, so being extremely water-resistant is important. They can meet any strict weather conditions, including rain, snow, or storm. You can relax even on bad weather days.

Furthermore, they come with an automatic on/off switch. With the working mode on, the lights will work automatically. They collect sunshine and generate energy to charge the battery and lights. Then the lights turn on when the night comes. And they turn off when the daytime comes. You don’t have to press the button by yourself.

However, the package only includes four models, which is too small pack for some users.

To conclude, after talking about the wonderful features of these lights, you may get interested in them. If you mind the number of the lights, you can buy two packages.


  • IP65 waterproofbetter protection
  • High battery life ratinglonger lifespan
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Vintage design beautiful
  • Automatic switchsave energy 


  • Only 4-packs fewer lights
  • Short in heightunder the expectation

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar path lights on the market to suit almost any requirements. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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