How to Choose Solar Step Lights?

We all miss going out at night to watch the stars or just to unwind from time to time. You can also hear some disturbance in your compound and go out to check the cause of the noise. But, going out at that hour can be risky if you do not see your stairs clearly; hence the need for solar step lights.

With the best solar step lights, your home will be more accessible. However, you’ll find a lot of them on the market, and that could be stressful and overwhelming to choose what you want.

What to Look Out for When Hunting for The Ideal Solar Step Lights


Anyone who has shopped for household items knows the stress of having to go through hundreds of items. We have made this buyer’s guide to make your work easier when shopping for the ideal solar step lights. We have even gone a step further and listed the specific features you need to check out when shopping for these lights.

Work time

Among the essential features, you need to confirm prior to purchasing solar step light is work time. Some lights can last for more than 12 hours, and this is helpful because it means you will enjoy proper lighting for the entire night.

Automatic operation

You can avoid the hustle of switching your solar step lights on every evening and off every morning by selecting the automated lights. Such lights can detect when it is getting dark and where the quantities of light are increasing.

Housing material

Like every other shopper, you want to buy lights that will remain in good condition for as long as possible. To achieve this, you should select the lights made with durable and weatherproof materials. Some of the common materials in solar step lights making are aluminum, copper and plastic.


Solar step lights are purposely meant to let you see where you are stepping on when using your stairs at night. Consequently, you do not need very bright lights whose brightness can even affect your vision. It is advisable to go for lights producing warm LED light without much brightness.

Installation process and options

It is also paramount to ensure the lights you get can be installed easily. You do not want lights that will require that you get a professional to do the installation. Instead, it is advisable to get the lights that have a straightforward installation process. When it comes to installation options, you should go for the solar deck lights, which can be installed on different types of surfaces in different ways.

Type of solar panels used

In the current days, certain solar panels are more efficient than others. The most efficient panels can absorb more energy and within a shorter time. If the lights you choose are fitted with such solar panels, you will have more reliable lighting on your outdoor stairways. Such panels will absorb the required energy even on days when the sunshine is not direct.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I switch my solar step lights off when going to bed?

Most of these lights have both automatic and manual operations. You can use the manual option to switch the lights off when you are not using them, and this will save a significant quantity of power.

Why are my solar step lights not working after I have completed installing them?

The most likely cause of this issue is that you have not switched them on. Even if most of these lights have automated operations, you are required to switch them on after installation.

How long does it take to charge my lights?

The standard charging time for most solar step lights is 4-8 hours. But it is helpful to read the description so that you can be sure of the specific charging time.

Will I need to change the battery?

It shall be necessary to replace older batteries with new ones after a certain period. This is because most batteries are designed to last for about 12 months before they can be replaced.

Can I get a single piece of the lights I use?

Most of the solar step lights come in a pack with several lights. Consequently, it is pretty hard to get a single piece.

Solar Step Lights Reviews

1. XLUX Solar Step Lights – 6 Pack

Have you ever missed a step on your stairs at night? Even if you never have, you should not wait until the day you fall to install the stairs lights. By choosing good solar lights such as XLUX S60 solar step lights, you will not even need to raise your power bill since the lights get their power from the sun.

The main attribute that impresses us on these step lights is the use of polycrystalline silicon solar panels. These panels are known for absorbing energy even on cloudy days, allowing your lights to remain functional even during the cold seasons.

These lights do not produce the industrial white light, which is at times too bright. Instead, they emit soft and warm light, which will just light your stairs without disturbing your neighbors or affecting your vision.

We are also pleased by the simple installation where you can install them without any external help. The only thing you need is to position the lights in a way that the solar panels face the sun directly. During the day, the lights will absorb the energy required.

You also get to enjoy automated operation on the lights. They are designed to turn on every evening and then turn off in the morning. You do not have to worry about power wastage since the lights remain completely during the day.

The features that disappoint us on these lights include being significantly fragile compared to similar lights. If they are under high pressure or accidentally hit with a hard object, they can break easily. We are also disappointed that the lights don’t have motion sensors.

Out verdict on these solar step lights is that they give you value for every penny you spend. With them on your stairs, you will be able to avoid unnecessary accidents during the night.


  • An easy to install design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Properly balanced LED light
  • Automated operation
  • Need zero maintenance


  • Can break easily if not handled properly
  • Only available in a pack of six


2. F-TECK Solar Step Lights Outdoor – 8 Pack

F-TECK has been able to establish itself as a top solar products manufacturer. The company has an assortment of products, with some of its top products being the F-TECK outdoor stainless LED solar step lights.

Among the features we admire most about these lights is their size. Each unit measures 3.93 inches by 1.1 inches by 3.26. With this size, you are able to install the lights on your outdoor stairs without creating any bumps or obstacles.

We are fascinated by the quantity of energy these lights can save. They are endowed with auto on/off operation, which allows them to stay off when not use. Their 600mAh 1.2V Ni-MH can conserve power when the lights automatically turn off.

These solar step lights also have a waterproof design where they cannot get damaged by rain or snow. They will continue working normally even after a storm, which is an excellent attribute considering the lights stay outdoor.

Moreover, we are impressed by the long work time where the lights can work continuously for about eight straight hours. The only thing you need is to install the lights in a position where they will have direct access to the sun during the day.

We are, however, concerned about the size of these solar step lights. Being relatively small means, they absorb lower quantities of energy. This might result in the battery taking longer to charge, even on sunny days.

Even with the few flaws, we stand by our opinion that these are some of the most useful solar step lights you can get in the market. Their design is in a way that your stairs are well lit throughout the night.


  • A compact design
  • Production of top quality LED light
  • Waterproof for outdoor use
  • Comes with installation screws
  • A reliable and robust battery


  • Can be damaged by too much exposure to wetness
  • Might take relatively longer to recharge


3. Davinci Lighting Solar Outdoor Stair Lighting – 4 Pack

Solar step lights’ design is a way that they fit on your stairs without making the stairs bumpy. Some of the solar with this design are the Davinci solar deck lights, which can fit on stairs of any design.

Among the outstanding features of these lights from Davinci include producing a brightness of 15 lumens. With this kind of brightness, you can see all the attributes of your stairs without the light blinding your eyes.

We are further impressed by the fact that the lights come with a dusk to dawn sensor. You do not have to worry that you might forget to turn the lights on or off since they turn themselves on and off automatically.

The light housing is made with high-quality industrial-grade ABS plastic, which also has the fade protection attribute. With these modern features, you can be assured of durability and keep your outdoor stairs looking elegant.

We are also pleased by the fact that these solar step lights have a weather resistance ability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wetness and scorching sun. This allows them to last longer where their estimated life span is 100 000 hours.

The only thing that is on the downside of these lights is using plastic instead of metal. The light can break if too much pressure is exerted on them. It would have been better if Davinci could have used more robust materials that cannot break easily.

The few flaws on these lights do no elude that these are first-class solar step lights. You can reap all the benefits of having well-lit stairs no matter where the stairs are leading to. You also get to save on power bills since the lights do not need electricity.


  • The brightness of 15 lumens
  • A dusk/dawn on/off operation
  • A life span of about 100 000 hours
  • Fits perfectly on stairs
  • Comes with a 600mAh in-built battery


  • Made with weak materials
  • Lasts for only six hours when fully charged


4. GIGALUMI Solar Step Lights Outdoor – 12 Pack

Properly designed solar step lights provide you with benefits such as being able to use your stairs at night safely and well lit outdoor stairs without raising your power bills. Some of the top lights for your stairs are the GIGALUMI 12 Pcs solar deck lights.

If you are a person who is always concerned about the appearance of his/her home, these step lights are ideal for you. They have a beautiful bronze finish that leaves your outdoor stairs looking elegant. They also have an L shape to let them fit perfectly on the stairs.

We further like the warm LED light produced by these lights. Each unit produces light of about 3 lumens, which is enough to provide vision without excessive brightness. The lights turn themselves on at dusk and off in the morning to save power.

You can flatten these lights and lay them on the stairs, or you can install them in a vertical position. The installation process is simple, with the only requirement being to make sure the light can access sunlight conveniently.

Extreme weather conditions cannot affect the performance of these lights since they are totally weather resistant. Even after a rainy day, you can still be sure the lights will work properly once light levels start reducing in the evening.

After seeing so many positive attributes on these solar step lights, we are a little disappointed that they last only about seven hours. They might not last the entire night mostly if the solar panels could not absorb enough power during the day.

After considering all the lights’ features, we conclude that they are a wise way of making a lasting investment. With these lights, you are guaranteed safety while using your stairs at night.


  • IP44 waterproof certified
  • Two installing options
  • Gets power exclusively from the sun
  • Wireless installation and usage
  • An elegant bronze finish


  • Short working time
  • 12 pieces might be too many for some people


5. IThird Solar Step Lights – 4 Pack

Well lit outdoor steps always make you feel comfortable and relaxed when using them at night. One of the most effective ways of lighting your stairs in a pocket-friendly manner is installing reliable solar lights such as iThird LED solar powered stairs lights.

We primarily like these lights because they are made using strong and durable stainless steel combined with ABS. These are two materials that come together to ensure the lights are durable and can withstand even the harshest of weather.

We are also impressed by the work time of 8 to 12 hours. The work time is helpful because you do not want to wake up at night and find your stairs lights are off because they exhausted the power they had absorbed during the day.

The stairs lights from iThird can absorb enough power during the day because they use modern solar panels.  Your only responsibility will be to install the lights in a way that the upgraded solar panels can get direct sunlight.

A reliable 3.2V 200mAh Li-FePO4 battery is another attribute that has impressed us on these lights. The battery can effectively store the power absorbed by the solar panels to provide the lights with enough light at night.

Our only frustration about these modern lights is the relatively shorter life compared with other similar lights. Their design is in a way that they will light your stairs for 30 000 hours before you need to replace them.

Despite the few disappointments on these step lights, we believe they are ideal for anyone looking to have properly lit stairs. You can count on these lights when it comes to providing cool LED light on your stairs without raising your power bill.


  • Reduced charging time and enhanced working time
  • Upgraded modern solar panels
  • An effective and chargeable battery
  • Made with sturdy and tough materials
  • Turns on and off automatically


  • Excess wetness can cause damage
  • Their size can result in unwanted bumps on your stairs after installation


6. JACKYLED Solar Step Lights – 8 Pack

Getting any JACKYLED product gives the assurance that you are getting a quality product made by a reliable manufacturer. Some of the most helpful products you can get from the company include the JACKYLED solar steps lights.

The main feature that makes us excited about these lights is the wide polycrystalline silicon panel. The panel’s size allows it to absorb more free energy from the sun within a shorter time. It takes just 6-8 hours to charge these lights fully.

Another feature we appreciate on these lights is a Ni-MH AAA 100mAh rechargeable and removable battery. The battery gives the lights a working life of 8-10 hours, therefore, lighting your stairs the entire night.

You also get to enjoy the fact that these lights are weatherproof. They can withstand any wetness level, which is a helpful feature considering you install the lights on your outdoor stairs. Even if it rains for hours, you can be sure the lights will still function properly.

The production of warm and moderate white LED light also caught our eyes when checking these lights out. The light illuminates your outdoor stairs in a way that you will be able to see where you are going without excess brightness blinding you.

Even with all the useful features, we could not help but notice the lights’ relatively poor design. They are big in size, which means they might create bumps on your stairs. We are also concerned about their durability since the stainless steel used to make their bodies is relatively weak.

Besides the few flaws, we are impressed by all the other features of these solar step lights. When you purchase them, you take the first step towards making your outdoor stairs safer at night.


  • Faster charging
  • A replaceable and chargeable battery
  • Weatherproof
  • Auto on/off operation
  • Each unit comes with three LED bulbs


  • Relatively shorter life span
  • Only lasts for up to eight hours per night


7. JSOT Solar Deck Step Lights – 12 Pack

You can significantly reduce your power bill by replacing your step lights with solar steps lights. Among the top solar lights you can get for your stairs are the JSOT solar deck lights.

If you are looking for lights that can produce strong and warm LED light, these are ideal for you. The lights produce light of up to 30 lumens, making them some of the most powerful solar step lights on the market.

We are further impressed by the 700mAh rechargeable battery that comes with these lights. The battery ensures your stairs are lit for about nine hours every night, provided the lights can charge in the right manner during the day.

Installation of these lights is another attribute which we like. There are no wires required. You can either use the screws provided to install or get double-side adhesive, which will firmly hold the lights in place.

We also notice the attractive design of these solar step lights from JSOT. Besides using them to light your stairs at night, you can also use them for décor to make your outdoor stairs look elegant at all times.

After checking out all the lights’ features, we are a little disappointed by the long time it takes to charge. We are also disturbed that the auto on/off feature does not work at all times, and as a result, there are times you will be required to switch the lights on and off manually.

The few flaws cannot compare with the many helpful features of these solar step lights. Deciding to purchase them allows you to light your outdoor stairs in an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly manner.


  • Can absorb power even on cloudy days
  • Designed to fit perfectly on stairs
  • Two installation options
  • Heatproof and waterproof
  • Endowed with 0.3W solar panels


  • The battery needs to be replaced after a few months
  • Excessive wetness can cause damages


8. GVSHINE Solar Step Lights – 6 Pack

Most of us love to stroll out at night to breathe the fresh air or just do star gazing. You can make this night experience more worthwhile by installing solar step lights. Among the top such lights you can install on your outdoor stairs are the GVSHINE outdoor stainless steel LED step lights.

We cannot ignore these lights mainly because of their laconic design that makes them stand out. The design allows the solar panel to be on the upper area while the LED bulbs produce quality light directed downwards.

Another impressive feature you enjoy on these lights is their moderate size, where the measurements for each unit are 3.93 inches by 1.1 inches by 3.26 inches. This size means they fit perfectly on your stairway without creating unnecessary bumps.

We also like the Ni-MH 600mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery. With this battery, you can be sure your lights will remain on for the whole night, and as a result, you can smoothly go out to unwind at any time you want.

The outer casing of these lights is made with strong and durable stainless steel. They also have a weatherproof design to protect them against extreme weather conditions. These features combine to give you optimum durability.

The many positive attributes do not hide that these solar step lights stay charged for less than eight hours. The size of the solar panels means that the units take longer to absorb the necessary power.

From our perspective, these lights rightfully deserve to be included in the list of top solar step lights. Even if there are a few flaws, the many positive features allow you to get full value for every cent you spend purchasing the lights.


  • A moderate size
  • Straightforward installation
  • A weatherproof design
  • Made with stainless aluminum
  • Emit top quality LED light


  • Require special care
  • Solar panels are relatively smaller


9. XTF2015 Solar Step Lights Outdoor – 2 Pack

Most homeowners are in the current days opting for solar step lights. The primary reason behind this is that these lights are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. All that you need is to select reliable lights such as these XTF2015 copper solar step lights.

Our main attraction to these lights is the day off automatic charging and night automatic lighting feature. The lights switch themselves on every evening provided they are properly charged.

We are also pleased by the 4 pieces of 0.2W solar panels that are installed in every unit. These panels are designed using state of the art technology to let them absorb as much power as possible within the shortest time possible.

The quality of the light produced by these units is another feature that will surely impress you. These lights can produce light of up to 100 lumens, which is spread all around the lights to let you see your stairs properly.

The makers of these solar step lights have made the installation easier by providing everything needed for installation. You just need to install the lights on the walls along your outdoor stairs in a way the lights are exposed to direct sunlight. They even come with double-sided stickers for easier installation.

Our only concern about these lights is their inability to withstand long periods of wetness. You might want to cover the lights if it rains for several days continuously since too much wetness can damage some of the lights’ components.

We believe that you can benefit optimally from the XTF2015 Copper outdoor step lights. Our conclusion is informed by that you will be able to light your stairs conveniently without having to inflate your power bills.


  • A durable copper casing
  • Simple installation with no wires
  • Can last the entire night
  • Automatic operation
  • Highly effective solar panels


  • Require to be positioned in specific ways
  • Do not work well in excessive wetness


10. SECUROAD Solar Outdoor Stair Lighting – 1 Pack

Technology has facilitated the designing of modern solar step lights that can light your stairs more efficiently. Some of the top-ranked solar step lights are the Securoad super bright solar lights.

The primary feature catching our eyes on these lights is the aluminum alloy housing.  With this housing, you are assured of durability and effectively dealing with harsh outdoor conditions such as rainfall, snow and hot sun. The housing also does not rust even after being exposed to moisture.

You also enjoy four working modes: dim-bright, off-bright, constant light, and emergency light. These modes are made possible by the powerful light and motion sensors. You can also control the different modes manually.

We are also impressed by the top-notch solar panels that are complemented by PET lamination. The solar panels are able to absorb the required conditions in almost any weather, including during cloudy days. The panels just need to be poisoned in a way they will be in direct contact with sunlight.

Power and performance have also been enhanced on these lights which come with a 4500mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery can provide the lights with continuous 12 hours of lighting, especially after the battery has been fully charged.

Even with all the good attributes, we had some reservations about the size of these lights. They are relatively big, which means they require more space. The size of the lights might make them look out of place when installed on stairways.

Besides the size, we like all the other attributes of these solar step lights. You get to choose the way you want your stairs to be lit without having to spend a lot of your hard-earned money.


  • Four operational modes
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • UV resistant
  • Sensors with a range of 26 feet
  • IP65 waterproof certified


  • Bulkier than standard solar step lights
  • Takes relatively long to charge


Identifying the solar step lights with the most superior features is proving hard since all the lights have outstanding features. After long hours of consideration, we have settled on  XLUX Outdoor Waterproof Solar Step Lights. These lights’ size has played an essential role in helping us decide because the lights are relatively small but come with superior features.

We are further impressed by the 700mAh 1.2 V Ni-MH battery, which provides the lights with the necessary power. In addition, automated operation and being totally weatherproof have influenced our decision to regard the XLUX Outdoor Waterproof Solar Step Lights as the best.

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