How to Choose Solar Deck Lights?

Homeowners and renters alike would agree that a well-lit deck is a perfect spot to enjoy a glass or two on a dark starry night. If you think your deck would benefit from a bit of sprucing up, why not consider adding solar lights? The subtle brightness will provide added security at night, and they also enhance the aesthetics of your space. Plus, thanks to solar technology, expensive deck lights are now a thing of the past.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Solar Deck Lights


The great thing about solar deck lights is that they won’t be adding up to your monthly bills. If you choose the right ones, they will end up as a one-off or a very occasional expense.

Brightness and Color

As a general rule, pick a solar light that generates the maximum amount of brightness with the minimum amount of power.

Choosing the level of brightness is an individual choice. Some light is really bright, while some are happy with the somewhat dim ones. Think carefully of your intended use for your solar deck lights (decorative, security purposes, etc.), and then choose your brightness level based on that.

Solar deck lights also come in different colors, and again this is a matter of personal preference.

Illumination Range

Some units cover a wider range than others. It is important to know the range of the product as this determines how many units you need to purchase relative to the area you need to cover.


Although reliant on the sun, solar lights still need batteries to store the solar energy gathered from the sun. There are many variants of batteries used in solar lighting, but the most long-lasting is lithium-ion batteries.

Recharge and Light Time

Some models take shorter hours to charge. However, it can also only turn on for relatively shorter periods.

As a general rule, go for one that charges the whole day and stay on for the entire night.


Choose a product that withstands all sorts of weather conditions – rain, heavy snowfall, high heat – think of all the extremes.


This choice is entirely up to you. But, like any other product, would you mind spending on a high-end quality product and not needing to replace it for years to come? Or would you rather buy a more affordable one and risk perhaps needing to buy another set a few months down the track?

Frequently Asked Questions


On average, how long do solar deck lights last?

Generally, the batteries on solar deck lamps have about three to four years before they require replacing.

How do I install solar deck lights?

Generally speaking, solar deck lights are installed using either screw fixation or mounting via a double-sided adhesive. There are a few variations on how to do this depending on the manufacturer of the product.

When purchasing your deck lights, they will usually come with installation instructions. Ensure you follow this as proper installation of solar deck lights will ensure that your deck lights last longer.

Are solar deck lights waterproof and snow-proof?

Most market models are waterproof and are also resistant to all sorts of extreme weather, including snow. However, to ensure that your lights indeed can tolerate heavy rains and heavy snowfall, always check that your product choice is made of sturdy and durable material, the kind that won’t break and will adapt to these rough weather conditions.

Is it important to have motion detection features for a deck light?

If your intention is just for lighting, then it isn’t, but it certainly is a great added security feature to have.

To help figure out what works best for your home, check out our list of the 10 best solar deck lights below.

Solar Deck Lights Reviews

1. Aootek Solar Deck Lights – 4 Pack

Aootek is a Chinese manufacturer of solar LED lighting products and prides itself on being the market leader in this space. The brand lays claim to its commitment to innovating lighting solutions that are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a deck light with smart features and one that is easy to maintain, this brand may make it to the top of your list.

What we love most about this solar deck light is its three light modes. The security light mode triggers the light once motion is detected and automatically turns off after 15 seconds of being motion free.

Next is the permanent all-night mode, which is great if you’re having all-nighters with friends by the deck. Finally, you get the smart brightness mode, which is like the second mode, but the light turns brighter when it detects motion up to about 8 meters. The last mode is especially useful for areas where walking motion is expected, as it lights up your path as you approach.

Another great thing about this brand of solar deck lights is its wide-angle illumination. The current version illuminates up to an angle of 270 degrees, significantly wider than similar products in the market. This means you’d only need to buy relatively few units to light up your area.

Aootek solar lights are both waterproof and heatproof, making them perfect for use outdoors, in all weather conditions.

Finally, these solar lighting sets come with premium LED lights and wide solar panels, which essentially means they conserve solar energy more efficiently. They’re also durable, making them very much suitable for long-term use.

Ironically, the Aootek solar deck lights’ downfall is also related to their best feature – the three light modes. The thing is, the mode select switch is located at the back of the lighting unit. This means that if you screw-mount the unit to a surface, you would have to unscrew it again to change between settings.

Overall, the Aootek DG36-04 ticks the necessary boxes for a solar deck light: bright, energy-efficient, and durable. It is a top contender, if not the winner, for the best solar deck light.


  • Three lighting modes – pick a light mode suitable for your home and your lifestyle.
  • Waterproof and heatproof – perfect for the outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • Durable – ideal for long-term use.
  • Wide-angle illumination – you don’t need to buy many units to adequately light up your deck.


  • Lighting mode switch located behind unit – you would have to unscrew unit from mounting to switch between modes.


2. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights – 4 Pack

Siedinlar is also a Chinese company known for its solar lights and a wide range of specialty lighting products, such as lamps, fairy lights, underground lamps, and UV ray lamps for non-medical use.

If you are looking for a versatile solar deck light that can be mounted on almost any type of surface, this brand may be the one for you.

From our perspective, the best selling point of the Siedinlar solar deck lights is its aluminum alloy frame, making it the durable and suitable choice for all outdoor surfaces. This feature makes it great for mounting onto pathways, without you having to worry about the unit being stepped on or damaged.

The same aluminum frame feature also makes this brand aesthetically pleasing, as the neutral tone makes it easy to blend in with your current deck’s design. In fact, it’s so neutral it probably wouldn’t even be noticed during the day and would only be prominent at night when lit up.

Another standout feature of this brand is its short charging time. On average, it only takes about six to eight hours of daytime charging to achieve a light up time of around 12-15 hours at night.

Finally, this solar deck light brand is also waterproof and can withstand the sun’s extreme heat.

Speaking of heat from the sun, although the sun rays don’t damage the unit’s function, if you’re particular with aesthetics, you may not like the look of it after prolonged exposure. This is because the unit will have some slight yellowing after a long time under the sun. This is, however, an expected wear and tear result and doesn’t bother most people.

Perhaps another downside of this brand is its pricing. You may find that their units cost significantly more than similar products on the market.

Overall, if the price is not really an issue for you and you are after quantity and longevity, then the many great features of the Siedinlar should be enough to win you over.


  • Aluminum alloy frame – makes it versatile, durable, and sturdy.
  • Neutral tone design – adds to your deck’s aesthetics.
  • Efficient charge time and long light-up time – only six to eight hours of daytime charging to enable an 8 to 12-hour light-up time.
  • Waterproof and heatproof – withstands all sorts of weather conditions.


  • More expensive than similar products in the market.
  • The unit may show some yellowing over prolonged sun exposure.


3. Phereu Solar Lights for Deck – 16 Pack

Phereu is another Amazon retailer, and you probably guessed it right: yes, their primary focus is solely on outdoor solar lights.

If you’re looking for the most cost-efficient yet quality solar deck, you may want to consider this brand as it has the cheapest price per unit on our entire list. The Phereu solar deck lights come in a pack of 16 bronze-colored 3-inch wide and 1.8-inch tall outdoor lights.

One of the great features we like about this brand of deck lights is its warm color tones. The illumination is not too loud, and it’s not too dim, either. It has that perfect amount of brightness to give your deck a warm glow, yet not too bright that the glare hurts the eye.

Another winning feature is its ease of installation. Even if you haven’t installed anything in your life before, the installation guide is very user friendly, and the screw locations are very easy to follow.

Battery-wise, the charging time is also fairly reasonable, requiring about five to six hours to achieve a light up time of about 8 to 12 hours. Not too bad considering the size of the unit and the price of the pack.

One thing that we would like to point to about the Phereu solar deck lights, however, is that its apparent “weatherproof” units. Advertised as waterproof, the lights certainly work even after getting drenched in the rain. The only thing is, some of the units do get filled with water, and you may need to unscrew them and drain water off of them occasionally.

Regardless, however, if you are after a pack of solar deck lights that do the job at the cheapest price, the Phereu solar deck lights may be what you are looking for.


  • Cost-efficient – comes in a pack of 16 and has the cheapest cost per unit among the products on this list.
  • Warm color tones – not too bright and not too dim.
  • Easy installation – no complicated techniques, easy to follow guide.
  • Reasonable battery life – lasts 8-12 hours after a charge time of 6-8 hours.


  • Water gets trapped inside units, although technically waterproof, as it still works after getting wet.


4. JSOT Solar Powered Deck Lights – 12 Pack

JSOT is an Amazon retailer of solar lighting technology. The company brands itself as one that is focused on renewable solar energy technologies to benefit the environment.

These solar-powered deck lights come available in affordable packs of 6 or packs of 12. The latter offers relatively greater value than the smaller pack.

The winning feature of this solar deck light brand is its stainless-steel make. This feature makes this solar deck light strong and less resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. Stainless steel is also low maintenance and extremely durable.  This feature also adds a modern touch, which complements modern decks and various modern architectures.

Like most deck lights on this list, the JSOT is also generally water- and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of weather condition. Additionally, the solar panel comes covered in a waterproof silicon case, giving it added protection, especially from prolonged water submersion.

Finally, these solar deck units come with two mounting options. You can install it using the included screws or use strong-hold double-sided tape for surfaces that can’t accommodate screws. If you’re renting and don’t want to make permanent changes to the property, using the double-sided mounting option is the way to go.

If there’s one thing we would improve about this product, it would probably be how the screw heads are made. They’re super tiny that if you’re not careful when you’re installing it, you may end up breaking it, and effectively the unit itself (or perhaps end up having to use the double-sided tape option instead).

Another thing is although it is bright enough to make your deck look cozy and allow some visibility, some people may find the illumination to not be enough.

All in all, if you’re modern and sleek-looking solar deck lights that have all the basic features at a value price, the JSOT 12-pack variant may well be your cheapest option.


  • Stainless-steel design – resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. Modern looking, durable, and sturdy.
  • Affordable – comes in 6 and 12-pack varieties.
  • Silicone solar panel case – gives added waterproofing.
  • Two-mount options – use screws or double-sided tape to mount to any type of surface.


  • Tiny screw heads – fragile and susceptible to breaking during installation.
  • Illumination may not be too bright for some.


5. JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights – 8 Pack

Jackyled is another Amazon retailer, but they cover a more extensive product range, from solar LED lights to surge protectors, ring lights, lamps, and light adapters. The Jackyled solar LED light is a versatile product as it can be used as a deck light, step light, fence light, driveway light, and so much more.

Among the great features of this brand of solar deck lights is its wide polycrystalline silicon solar panel. This upgraded feature allows it to charge quicker and absorb sunlight more efficiently. This is a great feature, especially on days when the sun isn’t shining too bright.

Speaking of brightness, we find this to be another positive feature of the Jackyled solar deck lights. They’re not too bright, nor are they too dim either. They provide just enough light to give your deck that ambient lighting that it needs.

Again, speaking of illumination, a unique feature of this solar light brand is that it comes available in six different colors. Choose from white light, warm light, blue light, green light, red light, or orange light to suit the style you intend for your deck.

We also love that the brand offers a one-year warranty period for their solar lights. If you use the QR code provided with each purchase, you can end up extending this to a total of two years.

Finally, like the other lights on our list, they also come with a sturdy, weather and waterproof design.

If there is one thing we could fault with the Jackyled solar LED lights, it would probably be their installation. The brand claims to be easy to install, and it is, for the most part, but you do have to create your own template for screw installations as it does not come with one.

In summary, the Jackyled solar lights are the perfect set of solar deck lights if you want a medium-level brightness for your deck.


  • Wide solar panel – enables fast charging and requires less light to charge.
  • Medium-level brightness – perfect for setting the perfect soothing night ambiance for your deck.
  • Available in six light colors – white, warm, green, blue, red, or orange light.
  • One-year warranty period – extendable to two if scanning their provided QR code.
  • Water and weatherproof.


  • No template for screw installations – you would have to create your own.


6. Greluna Solar Deck Lights – 8 Pack

Greluna is also an Amazon retailer. This time, their specialty is on home outdoor solar lighting solutions and flameless led candles. The Greluna solar lights come in packs of eight wall-mounted solar lights. You can get them in two different variants: white or yellow.

A unique feature of the Greluna solar lights is its dual operation mode. First, you get the warm mode, where the solar deck lights light up normally: warm white for the white variant and warm amber for the yellow variant. Next comes the color-changing mode, with the lights changing into different festive colors. We feel like the second mode is great for use at parties or for decorating during the holiday season.

We like its antique design, which would fit almost all deck themes – whether contemporary or traditional. The design is very reminiscent of the traditional lamp posts. If you want to add a classic touch to your deck, this is probably a solar deck light to consider.

Apart from aesthetically appealing, the Greluna deck lights also come with a sturdy built, withstands all weather conditions. The product is marketed as waterproof, heat resistant, and frost resistant, which is especially important for areas subject to extreme winter conditions.

Finally, the lighting units are super easy to install and can be done by one who doesn’t even have any DIY experience. The instructions are pretty straightforward, and no template is needed for screwing on the unit to the wall. If screw mounting is not possible, using a double-sided adhesive mounting option is also possible, and this seems to work really well, too.

The only thing limiting with the Greluna solar deck lights is its mounting capabilities. It is only suitable for mounting on walls. So, if you’re searching for deck lights that can be installed elsewhere, such as on the deck pathway, this is not the solar lighting solution for you.

In terms of brightness, they’re not necessarily the brightest deck light out there and are leaning towards the dimmer side when it comes to illumination strength. But again, if you’re only after a bit of lighting, then this may not be too much of an issue for you.

Overall, if you’re after an elegant, classic-looking solar deck light for mounting on walls or fences and you don’t mind a slightly dim illumination, then the Greluna solar lights may be worth considering.


  • Antique design – gives your deck an elegant, classic look.
  • Dual operation mode – choose from warm, steady light, or vibrant color-changing mode.
  • Weatherproof built – waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant.
  • Easy to install – choose between screw or double-sided adhesive mounting.


  • Only suitable for wall mounting.
  • Low-brightness – not suitable if you’re looking for solar lights to really brighten up your deck.


7. ZOOKKI Solar Deck Lighting – 4 Pack

Zookki Direct is a relatively large Amazon retailer with a wide array of products, covering not only solar lighting but also essential oil diffusers, cycling gloves, video projectors, and so much more.

In terms of standout features, we have to admire Zookki’s intelligent solar motion technology, which has a relatively wide range. It can detect motion up to 26 feet and lights up to a 120-degree angle. Motion activates the light to turn on, and it will remain on for as long as there is motion but will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of no continuous motion detected.

The Zookki outdoor solar lights are extremely bright, which means you would only require a few units to light up a relatively wide area. Again, the wide-angle sensor also comes into play in this aspect, as you would only need a few units to keep a certain area “secure” and bright at the same time.

In terms of quality, the product comes with a high-impact ABS plastic make, making it capable of being waterproof, resistant to snow, heat, and extreme weather conditions.

Aesthetics wise, we love that the Zooki outdoor solar deck lights come in a sleek black design. As the saying goes, black goes with just about anything, so whether you decide to mount it on the wall, on the deck steps, or over the pathway, the seamless black finish would perfectly complement the surrounding area.

We do have our share of criticism for the Zookki deck lights. The brand’s listing description is confusing in terms of how long their warranty period really is.  A part of their product description says a year, while another part says 24 months. Again, not really a big issue and perhaps just a bit of a typo or a proofreading oversight.

Overall, if you are looking for a set of deck lights that gives both brightness and security at the same time, Zookki may cut.


  • Extremely bright – a few units would light a relatively wide area.
  • Intelligent solar motion technology – gives added security to your outdoor space.
  • High-impact ABS material – makes the lights resistant to all types of weather.
  • Sleek black design – would complement all types of decks.


  • Confusing warranty period – product description lists it as both a one-year or a two-year warranty.


8. Davinci Lighting Solar Deck Lights – 2 Pack

Davinci Lighting is an Amazon retailer focused solely on the distribution of solar cap lights. The Davinci solar post cap light gets its edge from producing solar lights for a certain niche: they are only suitable for mounting on posts. If you prefer post lights on your deck instead of wall or floor mounted lights, this is perhaps one of your best options.

The Davinci is a versatile solar post cap light in that the lighting fixtures easily fit standard wooden posts, whether it be 4-inch, 5-inch, or 6-inch posts. Other than that, it can also be mounted on a rather flat surface, like a patio or a deck table, for instance.

Another key feature is its quality built. Primarily made of plastic, it is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, extreme sleet, and even snow. Additionally, the units come in UV-resistant housing with a textured matte finish, which means it will take a significantly long period before it shows signs of fading from extreme sun exposure.

Design-wise, these solar post cap lights come in a gorgeous classic design and are also available in both slate black or pearl white colors. That means you’re free to choose what color suits your personality and your deck’s style the most.

Battery wise, the lights can last up to six to eight hours, and a full charge is achieved with only about eight hours under direct sunlight. The wide-angle LEDs help absorb sun rays better, which makes for more efficient energy conservation.

On the flip side, what makes the Davinci Flexifit unique may also be what is pulling it down. Because it is only fit for mounting on posts or flat surfaces, it is not the type of solar deck light suitable for everyone. For example, if you don’t have posts, this will be an obvious no-no product for you.

Another thing that is a bit of a turn off with the Davinci solar outdoor cap lights is that the lights may not be as bright as we would like them to. Again, we all have our lighting preferences, so if you don’t mind the slightly dimmer light types, then this product may still be a go for you.

All in all, if you want to give your deck posts a makeover and add a bit of lighting to your deck at the same time, the Davinci solar post cap lights may be a contender.


  • Made solely for posts or flat surfaces – great for people who prefer post lights instead of a wall or floor-mounted deck lighting.
  • Quality built – resistant to most extreme weather conditions, UV-resistant housing.
  • Stunning classic design – available in slate black or pearl white finish.
  • Long battery life – can last from six to eight hours.


  • Only suitable for deck posts or flat surfaces.
  • Dim illumination.


9. YiLaie Solar Deck Lights – 4 Pack

YiLaie is a Chinese manufacturer of battery-operated and solar light fixtures for various commercial, residential, industrial, and architectural purposes. Their lights are suitable for use indoors, outdoors, in the car, stationary, or on the go.

A key feature that makes the YiLaei solar deck lamps unique is its screw-less design. Each of the units comes with a strong 3M tape for mounting, so you don’t have to worry about poking holes onto any surfaces just to install these gorgeous lights. The screwless feature means you can mount it virtually anywhere – on stairs, walls, posts, or pathways.

These outdoor solar deck lights also come in a modern disc design. Its lighting components are located around the sides of the disc and the solar panel atop the disc. This ingenious design creates a beautiful dramatic effect at night once the LEDs are activated and illuminated.

Besides the aesthetics, we also have to appreciate the quality of the material used in this solar deck lighting. The units are made with durable plastic that is resistant to pressures of up to a whopping 2 tons! So not only will it work well for your deck, but it can be used for your driveway, too.

It is also designed with ultrasound technology packaging to have anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties other than withstanding heavyweights. The material used also ensures the units can withstand extreme heat, frost, and heavy water or snow exposure.

An obvious downside of this brand of deck lights is its relatively higher price compared to its counterparts. However, again, if you don’t mind paying for more and getting the above features, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Perhaps another issue would be the fact that it mounts using a double-sided adhesive, which ultimately, due to normal wear and tear, may fall off with time. But then again, double-sided tapes aren’t necessarily expensive, and replacing them is fairly easy, so if you don’t mind having to replace the tape every few years, then again, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Overall, if you are on the lookout for a solar deck lamp that won’t damage your surfaces with screws and one that can withstand heavy pressure on them, the YiLaei disc lights are perhaps the way to go.


  • Screwless design – mounts to any surface using the included 3M double-sided tape.
  • Modern disc design – adds a stunning dramatic effect to your outdoor space.
  • Sturdy – can withstand pressures of up to 2 tons.
  • Durable – anti-rust, anti-corrosion, resistant to extreme forms of weather.


  • Costs significantly more than similar products in the market.
  • Double-sided tape may fall off over time.


10. OTHWAY Decorative Deck Lighting – 4 Pack

Othway is yet another Amazon retailer of outdoor solar lights. This particular line of solar lights from Othway comes available in packs of two or four and variants of black or white.

A unique feature of the Othway outdoor deck light is its honeycomb-type design. This gives a dramatic scatter of light, illuminating the area below the light plastic cover further. The same design also gives it a nice aesthetic feature.

Installing the units is also relatively easy and only involves a two-step, screw-on process. Removing the plastic cover is similarly easy and is done by a simple s squeeze maneuver along the sides.

If you don’t want your deck lights to cause too much glare, you would love this deck lights brand as they come in warm white lights. They give just the right amount of light to liven up your deck yet not enough to disrupt the neighbors.

The solar panel charge time is also relatively short, requiring only six hours. In saying that, this can also be its downside, as a full charge at this time frame would only last about four to eight hours, although, for a small solar light such as this, that is pretty impressive.

Another notable downside is that the rear end of the units is ribbed. This means you if you wanted to use double-sided tape instead of screws, you probably wouldn’t have any luck achieving this.

Overall, however, the Othway outdoor solar lights are a great lighting fixture to use on deck walls or fences, especially if you only required a minimal to the dim amount of lighting.


  • Honeycomb design – creates a dramatic scatter of light.
  • Easy installation – involves only a two-step process.
  • Warm white light – won’t cause too much glare.
  • Short charge time.


  • Short light-up time.
  • Ribbed back – makes mounting with double-sided adhesive almost impossible.


The deck is definitely one of the areas of the home that deserves beautiful lighting. Hands down, our pick for the best solar deck light would be the Aootek Solar Outdoor Lights.

It simply ticks all necessary boxes and more. It provides different brightness levels at an amazingly wide-angle range and has an additional smart motion sensor.

The wide solar panels and durable make ensure it will last long-term despite whatever weather conditions.

Finally, it comes at a reasonable price point – not too cheap, yet not one that breaks the bank either. It truly is the perfect combination of affordability, functionality, aesthetics, and the bonus of security.

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