How to Choose Solar Shed Lights?

If you have a barn or shed without electricity, don’t fret because there is a solution for you. Just look for the best solar shed lights to light up the dark space.

Of course, you could hard-wire it, but that would mean paying more in the form of electricity bills every month. However, do not do that just yet. Solar is the most suitable solution for you. It will cost you a little money upfront, but after that, you just continue enjoying renewable energy.

There are many reasons to light up your shed. However, the main one is that a dark shed is a serious security threat. In addition, if you store garden tools and other gear in the shed, you want to spot it easily. A good shed solar light can help you.

What to Consider When Buying Best Solar Light for Garden Shed


There are hundreds, probably thousands of solar lights for garden sheds in the market. Furthermore, every manufacturer claims that theirs is the best. Therefore, for your first-time purchase, it can be hard to really choose the top one.

However, we have done the research, and here are the factors to bear in mind before buying an LED shed light.

The size of your shed

If you have a large shed, you might need a shed solar light with a bigger range. For example, a light with a range of 5 meters can cover most sheds. However, if you have a small shed, you can get the solar shed lighting kit that is fitting for the size.

If you have a really large shed, you might need more lights at the same time. Indeed, this is the best option because when you need to use a light elsewhere, you can just take one.

In addition, you should run the wire to the most appropriate position in the shed for ample lighting.

What you do in the shed – running time

Many people use their sheds for storage. Therefore, the kind of light they want is one that they can turn on and off for a few minutes. In that case, long-running hours for the solar lighting for the shed don’t really matter. However, if you work in the shed for many hours, you will need a light with 6 to 12 hours running time.

Light intensity – measured in lumens

If you work in the shed, you might want more accent lighting than a person who just pops in to stow or take a garden tool. Furthermore, if you have something like a workbench, you need more lumens from your light. Therefore, check the lumen rating of the manufacturer because it is a direct indication of how much brightness you will get.

Price and warranty of the lights

Some lights can come at extravagant prices. At the same time, some can come quite affordably. Nonetheless, the good thing is that there is a shed solar lighting kit for every budget.

Equally important is the warranty, which is an indication of how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product. Indeed, if you are buying costly solar powered lights for shed, the warranty is vital. However, if you are buying a light that is priced below $10, it will most probably not have a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions


If this is your first time buying a solar shed lighting system, you might want to enlighten yourself first on certain aspects. Consequently, we bring you a compilation of questions that most people ask when buying a solar panel kit for shed.

How Do Solar Shed Lights Work?

Fortunately, it is not rocket science how these lights work. However, in the package, you will see an installation cable, the solar panel and the light/bulb itself. You will also see the installation hardware.

Nevertheless, we are not going to discuss the installation. For that, refer to the user manual that comes with your light. The light has a rechargeable battery, which is either inside the bulb or in the solar panel. The solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores it in the battery for later use.

Most lights have options for one-off lighting, auto on/off at dusk and dawn, a remote controller or a pull cord. Therefore, when darkness sets in, it will go on automatically or you have to use a remote controller/pull cord.

Does Solar LED Shed Light Work On A Cloudy Day?

Indeed they do. However, the amount of brightness will reduce. For instance, your light can give you the same brightness that a 50W bulb can give on a bright day. However, it can give about the equal of a 20W bulb on cloudy days.

In the same way, we might mention that today’s solar panels collect energy from sunlight rather than from sunshine.

How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

This depends on many things. For example, a good solar panel should be IP67 waterproof, which means it is practically waterproof. If installed in a place without risks, this panel can last up to 30 years. However, its efficiency will reduce with time until such a time when it can no longer charge the battery.

On the same note, even if you get just 5 years from a solar lighting kit that you paid $15 for, you should honestly consider it a good deal.

Solar Shed Light Reviews

With hundreds of shed solar lights, sifting through the chaff to get to the grain can be hard. However, after reading these reviews, you will be able to find good light for your barn or shed.

1. LightMe Solar Shed Light

Apart from lighting the shed, you can also use this outdoor solar energy lamp for hiking, fishing, camping and other uses. Furthermore, its minimal weight makes it portable. Therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go and it weighs a meager 0.26 pounds.


Coming with lithium technology, the battery is going to give you up to 8 hours of running time on a full charge. However, you have to position the solar module in such a way that it captures maximum sunlight. In addition, the capacity of this battery is 850mAh and therefore it charges fast.

This light is also handy for outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing and so on. Therefore, you will be happy that you can charge it with a USB charger. Consequently, when you don’t want to carry the solar module for camping, you can charge and carry the bulbs alone.

These lights are designed for indoor or outdoor use. In addition, the bulbs have hooks, so you can hang them anywhere. At the same time, when it is charging, you will see a red light at the top of the bulbs. Lastly, when fully charged, they will last for 5 hours.

In spite of the good features, the LightMe Portable Solar Light has a disadvantage. For instance, it has the on/off button under the hook. Therefore, to switch it off, you have to take down the bulb to reach the button.


  • Uses a USB charger to charge with electricity or the solar panel
  • The versatility of use for different purposes
  • Running time of 5 hours is fair
  • The price is good


  • The solar is mounted with plastic hardware, so it might feel a bit flimsy

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a solar light for shed that you can charge with electricity using a 5 to 8V USB charger, you might like this one. However, ensure it charges fully for one to two days after buying it before you can use it.


2. Kyson Solar Shed Light

Once installed, Kyson shed solar lights work without any need for maintenance. In addition, this light has a good design and build quality. On the same note, it has many features as you will see below.


The first thing that you will notice about this solar light is the external solar panel. In addition, it comes with a 3-meter cable for installation. Therefore, you can find the amplest place for it, where it will capture the most sunlight.

The parts feature superb construction from materials such as stainless steel. Therefore, durability and reliability are assured. Furthermore, this material does not corrode. Therefore, it is an install-and-forget kind of light without the need for maintenance.

This solar light for the shed comes with remote control. Therefore, you can control it without going to the shed. In addition, it also comes with a pull cord, so you can light it up any way that you like.

The light comes with a 400mAh rechargeable battery. In addition, the charging time is 4 to 6 hours, of course depending on the brightness of the day. In the same line, the running time can be up to 12 hours, which is good enough.

The only disadvantage with these outdoor or indoor shed lights is that they cost more than many others. However, the features make it worth having.


  • Versatile, can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Good looking light for interior décor
  • Convenient control methods like remote and pull cord
  • Easy to install without requiring a technician


  • A higher capacity battery would have been better

Bottom Line

This is a stainless steel LED light that provides nice accent lighting when used indoors. In addition it gives enough illumination for sheds and barns, but the brightness will depend on the amount of space being lit up.


3. Designers Edge Solar Power Shed Lights

Since 1987, Designers Edge has been in the business of making outdoor and indoor lights for residential, commercial and industrial use. Therefore, if there’s an area that you need to light up without hard-wiring it, you might consider these rechargeable solar lights.

But first …

The Features

First, these solar lights are quite versatile because you can install them in the shed or on a pole. That way, they can light up a bigger space. In addition, with a 16-foot wire, you can position the solar panel where you think it will get the most sunshine. As you can see, this cable length is much better than most lights that come with 12 feet.

Second, this light has 10 LED bulbs that give up to 30 lumens of brightness. In addition, you can control the brightness level of this shed solar light. For example, you can get all the 10 LEDs to light up for full brightness or you can set it such that only 5 illuminate. Therefore, the length of time that the battery lasts is under your control.

Third, the battery is 600mAh, replaceable and rechargeable. Therefore, you might want to change to a bigger 2000mAh battery. However, even the stock one still does a good job and it can give you up to 5 hours running time.

The only disadvantage is that the battery is too small since it has a 600mAh capacity. Therefore, it might not give you a running time of more than 3 hours. Bigger would be better!


  • Rated for a maximum 100,000 hours lifespan
  • 2 brightness modes depending on your needs
  • You can install it anywhere you wish
  • It has a long installation cable


  • Not enough light to do tasks under but enough to get something out of the shed at night

Bottom Line

You might like this light if you are looking for general shed lighting and not a task light. Therefore, it cannot help you read unless you hang the bulb low and turn on the 10 LEDs.


4. Nature Power Solar Shed Light

The Nature Power Shed solar light gives you the choice to place it anywhere you wish in a shed, in the garden, camping space and others. In addition, it is weatherproof, so you can install the solar panel in exposed spaces and leave it.


First, the pull cord of the light from the ceiling is adjustable all the way from 7 to 32 inches. Therefore, you can hang it high or low depending on your needs. In addition, the keyring remote controller makes the light easy to switch on and off without walking to it.

Second, there are 4 LEDs in the solar light and 2 brightness levels. Therefore, you can switch on all of the 4 LEDs or just two of them depending on your lighting needs. Furthermore, a high brightness setting will get you about 2 hours of running time. On the other hand, a low brightness setting will give you up to 8 hours of running time.

Third, in addition to using the remote controller, you can also set the light to go on automatically at dusk and go off at dawn. On the same note, there is an off/on setting, which you can access with the remote controller.

Fourth, the installation of this light is so simple. In addition, it comes with installation hardware. Therefore, just position the solar panel and run the wire where you want the light to hang.

Despite the good features and usability, this light also has some disadvantages. For example, the battery cover is screwed into place, so it is a problem getting to the batteries. A snap-on design would be much better.


  • Three controls which are Auto, Off and On
  • The remote controller is a thoughtful addition
  • It is very simple to install anywhere you want
  • Good level of brightness for small sheds, barns and gazebos


  • It can be hard to figure out how the remote controller works

Bottom Line

You can use this light to light up various spaces outdoors. However, the user manual does not offer a lot of help so you might have a hard time figuring things out.


5. LightMe Solar Powered Lighting for Shed

Your search for a good interior shed lighting that you can use in a chicken coop, shed and barn might stop here with the Afoskce solar light. However, you need to know its features first so that you do not buy it blindly.


First, the flexibility of this light is admirable since the LED bulb comes with a hook. Therefore, you can hang it just about anywhere. In that case, this light has many uses. For example, you can use it in chicken coops, camping tents, barns and even sheds.

Second, the bulb also comes with a 3.5 meter cable for installation. Therefore, if you need to install it on a semi-permanent basis, you will use this cable. You can install the solar panel where it will capture the most sunshine. You can then use the cable to run the bulb to where you want it and then use the hook to hang the bulb.

Third, the solar panel charges the battery, which then stores the energy for lighting up the battery at night. However, the charging time is 6 hours but the running time is 3 hours. Therefore, only buy it if you do not need a light that runs through the night.

The main disadvantage of this light is that the running time is too short. Therefore, this light is best for short-time use, or for when you want to access the shed.


  • It gives enough brightness to see things in the shed
  • It is simple to install and the bulb comes with a hook
  • The natural white color of the light looks good
  • It is very affordable


  • The solar panel is too small and feels too flimsy

Bottom Line

This light will work as advertised. However, it has its disadvantages, which we have outlined. Therefore, only buy it if you are OK with the running time.


6. Lixada Solar Powered Light for Shed

For years, Lixada has been offering different types of solar lighting products. Likewise, their collection of lights includes some for indoor, and others for outdoor use. In addition, they make portable lights in the form of flashlights. Therefore, if you need an LED light for your shed, their pendant light might be a good choice.


First, the material for this light is stainless steel. Therefore, it is anti-corrosive, which makes this light maintenance-free. In addition, this material can last a long time.

Second, there is a small solar panel that is very capable of doing its job of charging the battery. In addition, by design, the solar panel can rotate, enabling you to set it where it will capture more sunshine. At the same time, the battery that is inside the solar panel has a 450mAh capacity. The charging time is 6 hours and the running time is 4 hours.

Third, you will be in full control of how this light operates. In the same line, it comes with an RF (radio frequency) remote control and pull cord. If you pass under it, just pull on the cord and it lights up. Likewise, it is such a joy to use this remote control. Because this is an RF remote controller, it means you do not need to point it toward the light to work.

This light has a disadvantage though. It is too small, so it is a mini light. As a result, it does not offer a lot of brightness.


  • So simple to install and use
  • You can use it for camping, indoor, shed and outdoor lighting
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability
  • Comes charged so you can use it out of the box


  • Running time is shorter than the charging time
  • Low brightness level

Bottom Line

To get this light to charge for the first time, just make sure that the switch on the solar panel is set to “on.” For small space lighting needs, this is a good light.


7. Tera Light – URANUS Solar Shed Light

Tera Light – Uranus is one of the renowned brands when it comes to solar lights for different indoor and outdoor applications. For instance, you can find their indoor solar lights. In this case, they bring you their solar light for the garden shed. Continue reading to see its outstanding features.


First, it is always good to start with the build quality. Subsequently, this light has a superb and durable construction. The material of choice is aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is corrosion-resistant and it requires minimal to zero resistance.

Second, the solar panel is installed outside with a lead cable to the light. On the same note the cable is 3.5 meters long. Therefore, you get the convenience of choosing the best position for the solar panel. In addition, with cable and electric tape, you can increase the length of this cable.

Third, this solar panel shed lighting kit has a large capacity battery. In particular, the light comes with three batteries, each with a capacity of 2000mAh. Therefore, you get a total capacity of 6000mAh. In addition, you get up to 1500 lumens of brightness, which are enough for a park, driveway, barn or shed.

This is a high-quality light. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage that you should be wary of. The instructions in the user manual are too wanting. Furthermore, they do not even explain anything about the remote controller.


  •         Long-lasting thanks to solid build
  •         High brightness from the light
  •         Comes easy to install with all installation hardware
  •         Can be used outside, inside and even during camping adventures
  •         It has a high capacity Lithium-ion battery


  •       This light is costly
  •     Not much in terms of settings

Bottom Line

This light is simple to use, charges fast and lasts a long time. In addition, its design allows it to be useful indoors, outdoors and in other settings as well.


8. FEIFEIER Solar Powered Lights for Sheds – 2Pcs Led Bulbs

If you are looking for an easy-to-install and use shed solar light, you might love the FEIFFER solar lighting kit. In addition, this is like a plug-and-play solar light for a shed because once it is in place, it can go on and off automatically. However, you must see the features first.


This light comes with a high capacity battery that is rated at 3600mAh. Therefore, when it charges fully in the bright sun for about 8 hours, you can get up to 30 hours of running time. In addition, this light comes with two bulbs using the same solar panel. Therefore, you can light up a bigger space.

Secondly, the installation of this light is simple. For instance, the solar panel can be installed using the provided ground stake. Therefore, you can install it where it will capture the most sunshine.

Thirdly, you might love the on/off feature so that you can know your lamps light up even when you are traveling. However, in this setting, you cannot use the light in the day unless you cover the solar panel with a black cloth. In addition, you can set the lighting at 100%, 75% and 50% brightness level and this will affect the running time.

There is a disadvantage to this light. For instance, it will not work during the day because when the sensors sense daytime, the light goes off. In addition, you might have installation challenges if this is your first such light.


  • Versatile enough to use for camping, barns, sheds and so on
  • Will work even when you are not at home
  • Brighter than most lights in its price range
  • The solar panel is weather-resistant so you can leave it out the entire year


  • The running time reduces drastically when there is gloomy weather

Bottom Line

In spite of the few downsides you may experience with this light, it works brighter than most. In addition, it is good for emergency lighting or for camping, fishing and chicken coop.


9. Lampelc Solar Power Shed Lights – 2 Pack

You might consider the Lampelc solar light bulbs if you need lamps for shed, camping and other needs. In addition, this light comes in 2 packs, that is, two bulbs and two solar panels. However, the panels are small enough so you can travel with them easily.


First, the bulbs come with hooks, so you can install them wherever you like. In addition, when camping, you can hook them on a branch to light up the area around the tent. In addition, these lights come in packs of 2. That way, you can light up a bigger space.

Second, the cable is long at 3 meters. Therefore, you can place the solar panels in direct sunshine so that they can charge the batteries faster. In case you want a “permanent” installation, the solar panels are weatherproof, suitable for all-year exposure.

Third, the built-in rechargeable batteries can give you a running time of up to 8 hours. At the same time, the charging time is 6 hours in bright light and 8 hours in not-so bright light. Therefore, it can last days if you only intend to use it when looking for something in the shed.

Fourth, the light has 12 LED chips that can light up to give you up to 110 lumens of brightness. In addition, the range of the light is up to 18 feet. Therefore, this makes it perfect for camping, gazebo and other areas.

The only disadvantage that you might experience with this solar shed light is that it can split open if you drop it on hard ground. However, the saving grace is that everything fits back together well.


  • 12-month warranty and customer service is available 24/7
  • The good brightness range of 5 meters
  • Versatile usage so you can use it in many areas apart from shed
  • Bulbs have a hook so you can hang it right where you want


  • The light is dim when you charge it with the bulb on

Bottom Line

If you want a solar shed light that you can use for other things apart from the shed and barn, this one might meet your needs. Therefore, you can use it for camping, fishing, hiking and other activities.


10. DiDi DENG Solar Powered Lighting for Shed

If you are looking for beautiful pendant lights that you can use indoors or outdoors, you might love the DiDi DENG lights. However, they are specifically made to use in the shed, barn, chicken coop or such places that lack hard-wired electricity. Apart from their usability, they have nice features.


First, there are three brightness modes in 100%, 75% and 50% levels. Furthermore, when the light is fully charged, it can give the same brightness as a 50W lamp. However, when there has not been enough sunshine, it will give a brightness that is equal to a 20W lamp.

Second, you can have many installation options. For instance, the solar panel and light come with a 9.9-foot cable. Therefore, you can position the panel right where the sunshine is. In addition, it has a waterproof rating of IP65 so you can leave it outside all year.

Third, this light comes with a high capacity battery with a rating of 4400mAh. Therefore, it can give supper brightness at 100%. Furthermore, it can last much longer than lower capacity batteries. Apart from this, when the battery is depleted, you don’t need to dump the entire light. You can buy a new battery and replace it easily.

Unquestionably, this is a high-quality light. However, it has a disadvantage because to use the remote controller, you have to point it to the solar panel rather than the light.


  • Comes with remote controller for easier use
  • Stainless steel material for shade is a good choice
  • Looks good on your interior décor when you install it indoors
  • Easy to use outdoors when camping or on another adventure


  • It will only work when it is completely dark. Therefore, if you have light dusk moments, it will not turn on.

Bottom Line

For an unwired space of 14 by 10 feet, you might consider this solar light for shed. It is also versatile enough for different applications such as camping and fishing.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We hope this write-up on the best solar shed light reviews will help you choose a good solar lighting kit for your shed.

Furthermore, we have a recommendation to make. You can never go wrong with brands such as Tera Light-Uranus and Kyson. We have reviewed a model from each brand, so be sure to check it out.

Nevertheless, every light that we bring you here can serve you. The good thing about these solar panel lights for the shed is that they are practically maintenance-free.

In addition, you can use most of them for other purposes apart from the shed and chicken coop lighting. For example, you can use them for accent lighting inside your home. Additionally, you can use them for camping, fishing and other outdoor adventures.

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