How to Choose Solar Spot Lights?

The best solar spot lights will not only enhance the security of your home, but they will also give it a fantastic look.

In addition, exterior and yard lighting enhance the value of the home. In addition, a home with solar outdoor lights can sell faster than one without.

If you hear some scurrying noises outdoors, you do not want to step out in the pitch darkness. Therefore, you want to keep your immediate surroundings well-lit. However, if you use the hard-wired option of lighting your yard, not only will you rack up a huge installation bill, but you will also pay more at the end of every month.

Thankfully, you will get your respite from the best outdoor solar spot lights. They come with rechargeable batteries and solar panels.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Solar Spot Lights


It seems there is more to the best solar spotlights than just offering illumination. For instance, some come with colors, some a warm yellow light and some a cool white light. In addition, some are costly and some cheap. So what should you consider when buying a set? Keep reading.

Charging Time and Running Time

Outdoor Solar spot lights use batteries. Therefore, the solar panel charges the battery during the day and at night, it uses the stored energy to illuminate. On that note, Some solar panels can charge their batteries in about 5 hours. Overall, the best time range for spot light charging should be 5 to 7 hours.

In addition to the charging time, the running time is also vital. Therefore, look for a light that promises at least 8 hours of running time on low mode. In addition, if it can do 5 hours on high mode, you have a winner.

Brightness Level

Measured in lumens, the brightness level of a solar spot light should be as high as possible. Therefore, some come with 700 lumens and at least 30 feet of lighting range. In addition, some can give 2000 lumens. On that note, higher brightness levels are better if you need more security.

The Battery Capacity

If you look at all the solar spot lights in our list, you will see that most of them have a battery capacity of 2000mAh. Others have 2200mAh and yet others have even higher capacities. Therefore, once again, just as we advise when it comes to brightness levels, the higher the battery capacity the better. On the same note, batteries with high capacity last longer.

Price and Warranty/Guarantee

The starting price for a good solar spot light can be around $15. However, some can be downright extravagant, costing much more than that. Therefore, check the features because it is better to pay more money and get more features than pay less and get fewer features.

In addition to the price, give priority to the solar outdoor spot lights with a warranty and money-back guarantee. However, while some have a money-back guarantee of 30 days with limited or no warranty, others offer 12-month 24/7 technical support.

Light Color

If you need the spotlights for backyard security, they should come with cool or warm white light. However, if you are buying a solar spotlight for your yard to celebrate a party, look for the ones that come with colors. At least 7 colors that can change automatically can do the trick and set the party mood.

If you do not want multiple colors, try the lights that glow in warm yellow. In addition, some come in blue or purple-tinted colors. Consequently, your needs will determine what you get.

Motion Sensor

For solar lights spotlights, motion sensors may or may not be included. However, the ones that come with motion sensors illuminate brightly for about 30 seconds and then they go back to their set illumination. In addition, they can detect motion from 15 feet away.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you order your best solar landscape spotlights, you might have some questions. Therefore, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these lights.

How do you install solar spot lights?

First, every solar spotlight comes with its installation kit. In addition, the solar spotlight for the yard comes with mostly a stake for ground installation. Additionally, it also comes with screws in case you want to install it on the wall. At the same time, check the user manual, it will have the installation instructions.

During installation, choose a place that gets the most direct sunshine. Therefore, you should not install it under trees to avoid shade.

How bright should my solar spot light be?

If it has at least 120 lumens, you can buy it. However, you will find that most of these lights come with a brightness rating that is much higher than that.

What is the best design for solar spotlight outdoor?

Look for one that comes as a compact unit, yet at the same time can be adjusted independently. For instance, it should be possible to adjust the solar panel without affecting the setting of the light head.

On the same note, some lights come with separate panels. For example, the APONUO solar spotlight comes with four lights, and one solar and battery. In addition, the lights have cables for connecting to the solar.

Solar Spot Lights Reviews

There are tens of outdoor solar spotlights. However, whether you are ordering yours from or other online marketplaces, do not buy blindly. First, you need to read the solar spotlights that we will bring you here. That way, you will know what is going to give you value for money.

1. URPOWER Solar Spot Lights – 2 Pack

Coming in a pack of 2, these lights are high quality, made with ABS plastic. In addition, they produce a cool white light so they can be really bright when you need them to be. If you are looking for a way to light up your garden without sky-rocketing your power bill, you might want to try these solar lights.


When you buy these lights, you will need to install them. Therefore, you can choose to use the stake to drive them into the ground, or install them on a wall. In addition, for wall installation, they come with the required screws.

You can install the light outdoors and literally forget about it. In addition, it is frost-proof, waterproof and heat-resistant. Therefore, even if the temperatures are at their extreme ends in summer or winter, you need not uninstall or bring them in. They have a waterproof rating of IP65.

When you are traveling, you need lights such as the URPOWER Solar Outdoor lights for safety. On the same note, they come with automatic on, off and recharge function. Therefore, even if you travel for months, they will go on and off at dusk and dawn religiously.

The lights are so simple and straightforward to use. For instance, they have just two lighting modes – high and low. In high brightness mode, the lights can run for up to 6 hours. Additionally, in low brightness mode, the lights can run for as long as 9 hours.

These lights look and feel pretty solid all the time. However, there have been isolated cases of the lights failing to light up in a few months.


  • High capacity 2200mAh battery
  • 2 Installation methods
  • Good for different uses such as pool lighting or garden lighting
  • Really bright cool white light


  • The cost is a bit high

Bottom Line

The sturdy build of these lights makes them good for outdoor installation and use. The most important functions are automated. Therefore, once you set them up, you are done.


2. LITOM Solar Landscape Spot Light – 4 Pack

On the website of the manufacturer, the Litom 12-LED solar outdoor spot light is one of the bestselling products. Once you see its features, it is easy to see why. Keep reading.


First, the usability of this light is under your control. For example, the spot light has a wide angle of 120 degrees. Therefore, it is going to illuminate a bigger space. At the same time, the solar panel itself is adjustable by 90 degrees. Therefore, you can set it to capture the most sunlight.

Second, the spot light has two lighting modes. For instance, it can light up super bright in which case it will run for 6 hours. In addition, it also has a low brightness mode with a running time of 6 hours. On the same note, the light has an auto on/off function so it lights up super brightly.

Third, the lights have a durable design. On the same note, they have a waterproof rating of IP67. Therefore, it is not going to sustain damage even in snow, sleet, wind and rain. In addition, it is also heat-resistant, so it is going to give you good value for money.

These are good lights but they have a disadvantage. For example, they start to peel off after some time of being exposed to the weather.


  • Easy to install in the ground with stakes or on the wall
  • The cold white light is bright
  • Runs on patented technology
  • Easy to install and goes on/off automatically


  • The price is high

Bottom Line

While this spot light has its disadvantages, the benefits are more than the cons so it is worth buying. You can use it for a deck, pool, garden and also as a wall light.


3. InnoGear Outdoor Solar Spot Lights – 4 Pack

Innogear is like a one-stop center for different types of home needs. Therefore, their solar spotlights are just one of the many items that they offer. Keep reading to see the features that this pack of 4 lights comes with.


First, the Innogear solar lights should be so simple to install because they come as a compact unit, you know with everything included.  Therefore, to install it, you just need to plant the spike in the ground and set the switch on and you are done.

The light and the panel are attached to the shaft or the spoke that goes into the ground. However, the light is at the front and the solar panel is at the back. On the same note, the solar panel and the spot light are independently adjustable. Therefore, you can have the panel at the position where it will capture the most sunshine.

There are two working modes. First, there is the super brightness mode where you can focus a narrower but brighter light at a spot. In addition, this mode is good for the time when you want to focus on a certain aspect or feature in your garden. The second mode is the low brightness mode, in which the spotlight can run for 12 hours.

The Monocrystalline solar panel (1.5W) has a higher conversion rate as compared to other panels. Therefore, it will harvest energy from light as well as sunshine. With a conversion rate of 30 percent, you will always have light at night.

In spite of the good features that this light comes with, in isolated cases, it seems that some of the LEDs in the lamp do not work. However, when you buy from, you can return in 30 days.


  • High-quality lithium battery 3.7V 2200mAh to store energy
  • It has a high brightness level
  • You can rotate the spot light by up to 180 degrees
  • The lights come on automatically when they sense darkness


  • Might not run through the night if the day was cloudy

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that this outdoor solar spot light gives value for money. However, set it in a space without shade so that it can harvest a lot of energy.


4. Nekteck Solar Power Spot Lights – 2 Pack

If you are looking for a no-frills solar spot light with an all round performance, you should try this one. Sold in a pack of two, you will probably need more if you intend to illuminate a big space. Because of its focused light, you can install it to light up your driveway.


Nothing can beat adjustable features in a solar spot light. Therefore, you might love the compact, yet adjustable design. For instance, you can adjust the solar panel separately without affecting the light. Therefore, you can set the solar panel in such a way that it captures the most sunlight. On the other hand, the light is adjustable by up to 180°.

The conversion rate of a solar panel is very important. On that note, this solar panel has a conversion rate of 20 percent. Therefore, this means that the panel will convert 20 percent of all the sunshine and sunlight that lands on it. On the other hand, it will charge the battery faster than one with a conversion rate of 14%.

Another important consideration is the lighting modes. Therefore, with this light, you can set it at Always On mode or set it on high/low modes. On the same note, if you set it at high mode, the running time will be up to 6 hours. On low mode, you can get up to 10 hours of running time.

There are many more features and benefits that you can get from this light. However, it still has some disadvantages. For instance, the wires in the circuit board are very thin, so you might rip some of them when replacing the battery.


  • Good brightness level from the lights
  • You can leave it outside in all types of weather
  • Comes with stakes or screws for ground or wall mounting
  • Sold with 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty


  • The solar panel may not charge enough on a cloudy day

Bottom Line

This well-performing light can withstand frost, torrential rains and summer sun without sustaining damage. The money-back guarantee and warranty inspire confidence.


5. Claoner Solar Powered Spotlight – 2 Pack

This pack of 2 solar spot lights from Claoner might yet be the best deal that you will get. For instance, they come at an affordable price. In addition, each spot light has 32 LEDs for more light. However, check the features first before you can commit your money.


First, you will get a good lighting angle at 150°, but this huge-angle does not scatter the light at all. Therefore, you can use this light for focusing on some part of your garden that you want people to see more. In addition, with a brightness level of 1200 Lumens, this light will illuminate very well.

Second, the lights have three brightness modes. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits your needs most. In the same line, some people just want to leave their light to the “Always On” setting. In this case, they will go on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. You can also see the lights on low, medium and high brightness modes (24hrs, 12hrs and 6 hrs respectively).

Third, the polycrystalline silicon solar panel has a high conversion rate of 20 percent of all the sunlight that hits it. Therefore, you can light up your yard or garden without racking up the electricity bill. The conversion rate of a solar panel determines the running time that you will have from the battery.

When you buy a spot light to install outdoors, you want it to be usable in different types of conditions. In this case, you will not be disappointed because this light has a high waterproof rating of IP67. Therefore, you can leave it outside in all types of weather. In addition, it is made of high-quality ABS plastic that does not crack easily.

There is no doubt that these lights are as flawless as they can ever get. However, their flipside is that they do not last as long as other lights with their battery size.


  • Easy to mount on the ground with a stake or on the wall (comes with screws)
  • Can stay outside even in extreme weather conditions
  • They are among the most affordable in the market
  • Compact design means the solar faces one direction


  • The adjustable solar panel would have been much better

Bottom Line

This light works as advertised. Therefore, if you are looking for a focused light that can light up your garden or lawn, this might be ideal for you.


6. DBF Solar Spot Lights – 2 Pack

The DBF outdoor spot lights are for people who love to see some color in their yard, driveway or other exterior space. Compared to many of the best solar spot lights, the price for these ones is more affordable. But first, the features …


With the DBF lights, you get the opportunity to choose from among 7 colors. Therefore, you can use these lights to add panache and style to an otherwise drab yard or garden. In the same line, you can use these lights for Christmas, Halloween, anniversaries, birthdays and other special days.

In addition to changing color, you also have the option to lock the color to the one that you love. On the same note, you can also choose three colors, mostly red, green and blue. That way, when the light goes on, it switches intermittently between the three.

One of the most important things in a solar outdoor light is the battery. Therefore, the DBF colored outdoor spot lights come with a 2200mAh battery. After a full day of charging, you can have up to 8 or even more hours of light. In addition, during winter, these lights can run for up to 6 hours. On the same note, these lights have an automatic on/off function.

When it comes to the quality of the light, this spot light has 18 LEDs. In addition, compared to other lights in the market, this one also seems to have a narrower focus. Therefore, it can highlight certain features in your garden well and then wash them with color.

The only disadvantage with this light is that you cannot focus on architecture or other art that you have in the garden. In case you do, it will just wash them with colors.


  • Long-running time even during winter
  • Dusk to dawn auto on and off function
  • Has a high waterproof rating of IP67 so you can install it outdoors
  • You can push it to the ground with stakes or mount it on a wall


  • Not much brightness when running on the colors

Bottom Line

If you would like to set a party theme in your garden, driveway or lawn, you can buy the DBF outdoor spot light. It comes with 7 colors, which you can set to change automatically to create an outstanding effect.


7. APONUO Solar Spotlights – 4 Pack

Sometimes, a solar light manufacturer will go out of their way to break the norm to create something unique and of outstanding quality. For example, APONUO brings you this high-quality light with aluminum alloy casing instead of the commonly used ABS plastic. In addition, there are more features, as you will see below:


You will get a whopping 4000mAh rechargeable battery powering the four spot lights. Most of the other outdoor solar spot lights that we have reviewed here come with battery capacities of 2000 to 2200mAh. Therefore, higher capacity means a longer-lasting charge. Consequently, this battery can last up to 12 hours!

You get wall installation hardware as well as high-quality stakes so that you can install it in the ground if you like. In addition, you will also install the solar panel independently and then connect the lights with the provided 3-meter cable. Therefore, you can install the lights facing different directions.

You can adjust the solar panel in any way that you like. However, you can adjust the spot lights by an angle of up 270°. In addition, the use of aluminum alloy enables you to use the lights outdoors exposed to the elements.

Going by the features, these lights are good but still, they have their flipside. For example, the first charge can be quite slow, so do give them a couple of days to charge fully.


  • High quality build with aluminum alloy
  • Long-running time once fully charged
  • Since the lights connect by 9.8-feet cable, it is easy to install the panel where you want it
  • They turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically


  • If a car passes by at night, they will sense the light from headlights and turn off

Bottom Line

Once you install the solar panel where you want it, just give it a day or two to charge fully. After that, you should have a pretty carefree usage. For 4 lights and 1 solar, it is a good value for money.


8. JSOT Outdoor Solar Spot Lights – 2 Pack

The JSOT outdoor solar lights lack the bells and whistles that many other lights in this category come with. However, it is very effective and offers good overall lighting performance. Therefore, if you are looking for a light to illuminate small trees, driveway and other features in your outdoor space, this might be it.


This light comes with two joints, which enable you to adjust the light and the panel independently. In addition, with the 2020 upgrade, you can adjust the solar panel by up to 360°. On the other hand, the light head is adjustable by up to 120°.

There are two lighting modes with this light. Therefore, if you need a super bright mode, just set it to high mode and it will run for up to 6 hours. In addition, if you need low to medium bright light, set it at low mode. On the same note, at low mode, the running time can be up to 10 hours.

The illumination distance of these spot lights is 33 feet maximum. In addition, the maximum brightness rating is 300 lumens, which is not bad for this range. Another thing that we might mention here is the high capacity battery with a rating of 2200mAh. It can take up to 7 hours to charge fully on a bright day.

This is a good pack of lights. However, there has been concern about durability. In addition, there is not much info about the money-back guarantee or warranty.


  • Can install with a stake in the soil or on the wall
  • Goes on and off automatically
  • Good running time even on high brightness mode
  • IP65 waterproof rating is good


  • Nothing about the warranty
  • Range could be better

Bottom Line

This solar powered spot light has a conversion rate of 19% so it charges the high capacity battery in a maximum of 7 hours. If you are looking for a short-range performance spotlight, you might want to try this one.


9. Itscool Solar Spotlights – 2 Pack

Itscool Solar Outdoor light is going to wash your yard or garden with a cool white light. Therefore, you can use the light for security as well as for highlighting purposes. However, that alone is not enough to help you make a decision. Therefore, keep reading to see the features.


The most captivating feature about this spot light is the 9 colors. Therefore, you can set them to change automatically from one to the other for maximum effect. In addition, you can lock to one color and at the same time, you choose just three colors. Finally, you can just choose the white color for brightness.

The reason for buying solar lights is to light up and decorate the outdoor space. Therefore, you might appreciate that a full day of charging can give you up to 16 hours of running time. In addition, 7 hours are enough to charge the battery full in bright sunlight.

With automatic on and off functions, you need not worry even if you are traveling. Therefore, when it is dusk, the sensor is going to activate the light to turn on automatically. In addition, at dawn, the sensor turns the light off.

Because the sun moves across the sky, having some adjustability in a spot light can really help a lot. On the same note, with this spot light, the solar panel is adjustable by almost 180 degrees. Therefore, you can turn it to face the sun at the best angle to charge the battery.

This spot light seems to be well made and is a good performer too. However, it would be so much better if you could use it as a floodlight. As of now though, you are limited to lighting brush, trees and other features in your garden.


  • 9 colors changing automatically can help you set a party mood
  • Long running time when it is fully charged
  • Automatic recharge and on/off is very effective
  • Each spot light comes with its own remote controller


  • Too costly for a pack of 2 lights only

Bottom Line

This light is a good performer and has some admirable features. In addition, it works as advertised and the long-running time endears it to many users.


10. ROSHWEY Solar Spot Lights – 2 Pack

When you want to light up the yard, consider the spot lights that give cool white lights. These ones are brighter than the ones that have a blue or purple tint. On that note, the ROSHWEY solar outdoor lights meet this criterion. In addition, they have other features.


One of the reasons why you want to invest in spot lights is security. Therefore, for that, you need as much brightness as you can get. The good thing is that this light comes with 18 LEDs per light. In addition, it has a brightness rating of 600 lumens.

The light and the solar panel are independently adjustable. For example, the spot light can be adjusted by up to 90° while the solar panel can be adjusted by 180°. Therefore, you can set the light in the way that it will best capture the most sunlight.

Hand in hand with the solar panel, the battery is also very important. For instance, higher capacity batteries last longer. On that note, this light comes with a 2200mAh battery. If it is charged fully, the running time can be up to 10 hours on low brightness mode. Additionally, the charging time is between 6 and 8 hours depending on the weather.

After installing your spot lights outside, you do not want to have to worry about removing them if the weather changes. Therefore, the ROSHWEY lights have a waterproof rating of IP65. It will withstand snow, wind and rainfall.

Despite so many good features, some things in this light need improvement. For instance, the color is too yellowish, which means it fades in comparison to lamps with cool white colors.


  • Designed with high-quality ABS plastic
  • Can give you a running time of up to 5 hours on dull days
  • Auto on and off function is very helpful
  • Sells with a 12-month warranty
  • 30 day money-back guarantee for a full refund


  • Could be brighter than they are

Bottom Line

This is an all-round performer light without any issues. While the color is a bit yellow, they give a good splash in the garden or driveway. Basically, it performs as advertised.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the helpful information that you see here, you can now go ahead and choose one outdoor solar spot light.

The ones that we bring you here have been chosen depending on their usability, brightness, installation and efficiency.

Our recommendation is the URPOWER Solar Spot Lights. They are so simple to install. In addition, they come with independently adjustable panels and lights. Lastly, you can get a running time of up to 9 hours after charging in the bright sun all day.

Does this mean the other solar landscaping spotlights are not worth it? Far from it, they give value for money. Therefore, do not limit yourself to URPOWER only. In addition, keep an open mind and get something that suits your budget.

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