How to Choose Solar Driveway Light?

Do you bump into things or miss the road while driving on your driveway at night? Many of us find it challenging to navigate our driveways at night, often due to poor visibility. You can get rid of this problem by getting solar driveway lights.

What to look out for when hunting for the ideal solar driveway lights


Getting suitable solar driveway lights that will suit your needs can be a daunting task. You will get many options to choose from, and this can be confusing. We have made everything easy by providing you with a buyer’s guide and pointing out the specific features you need to look out for the next time you shop for the ideal solar driveway lights.


Most driveway solar lights are designed to withstand high pressure levels mainly because they are installed in places where they can easily be run over by vehicles. You need to ensure the lights you choose are designed to withstand high levels of pressure.

Quality of light

Different driveway lights produce varying qualities of light. It is advisable to select the ones that produce bright LED light directed to the ground and not to the eyes of the person driving. The quality of light determines how well you are able to see the road while driving.

Battery life

You do not want to get lights that cannot last the night. As a result, it is always paramount to be sure about the battery life of the lights you buy.It is advisable to choose lights that can last more than eight hours on a single charge.


It is also very helpful to get solar driveway lights that can switch themselves on and off. These lights have light sensors that automatically switch them on as daylight fades. They usually switch themselves on at dusk and last the entire night, where they switch themselves off in the morning.

Power conservation

Power saving lights are usually very helpful, especially in the cold seasons when there is minimal sunlight. With power-saving lights and efficient solar charging, you are more likely to have consistent lighting regardless of the weather. Most power-saving driveway lights have motion sensors where they dim themselves when there are no movements nearby.

Life span

Most driveway lights are designed to last for years without getting damaged. But there are some which last longer than others. It is advisable to go for the lights with a longer lifespan. With such a light, you will not need to go back shopping for replacement lights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What distance should be between solar driveway lights?

The distance depends on the size of the driveway and the number of lights you have. In most cases, the lights come in a pack of four or more lights. It is upon you to decide how to space the lights so that they can help you drive at night effectively.

How regularly should I change the batteries?

It is advisable to change your batteries anytime you notice the lights are not functioning optimally. This includes when the lights are unable to last the entire night.

Do I need a professional to install the solar driveway lights for me?

Most of these lights have a pretty simple installation design. Consequently, you just need to follow the user guide to install the lights in the place you have chosen.

Can the solar light charge without the sun?

Charging the lights does not necessarily require direct exposure to the sun. They can effectively charge even on cloudy days provided the sun is up. The only issue you will have is that charging will take longer.

Can I change the positions of the lights after some time?

It is totally possible to change the positions of the lights. It may take time to uninstall the lights. But if you need to change their positions, you can remove them and then repeat the installation process in a different place.

Solar Driveway Lights

Among the primary benefits, you will get from these lights include the fact that your power bill will not be affected. The lights are exclusively powered by the sun, and as a result, you do not have to pay any power bills. These lights are also strong where they cannot get damaged even if you run them over with your car. To make your selection easier, we have listed the best solar driveway lights.

1. Siedinlar Solar Driveway Lights – 4 Pack

Getting solar driveway lights made by a reliable company such as Siedinlar always gives you confidence that you are buying a quality product. The company has gone ahead and designed modern driveway lights known as the Siedinlar solar driveway lights.

Among the features we like about these lights is their ability to remain on for 12-15 hours after being under the sun for 6-8 hours. With this kind of longevity, you can be sure that you will always have a well-lit and marked driveway no matter the time you arrive home.

The body of these lights is made with aluminum alloy to provide the necessary power and durability. You can run over the lights with your truck or car, and the lights will not be damaged. The makers of these lights deliberately included this feature because the lights are positioned on the ground where they can easily be run over.

We also like the wireless installation design of these driveway lights. You will be able to save on power costs because the lights do not need any electricity. The only cost you will incur is the purchase price, and after buying, you will not need to purchase anything else or pay any other bill related to the lights.

The lights use a 1.2v Ni-MH AAA battery that is charged by the well-positioned solar panel. With this battery, which also produces 500mAh, you have the assurance that your driveway lights will get the necessary power to produce top quality light for longer hours.

Even with the many positive attributes, we could not help notice that installing the lights can be challenging, especially when it comes to spacing. You might put the lights too close together or too apart from each other, which can reduce the lights’ effectiveness.

Even with the installation issue, we can still recommend these lights. They give you an opportunity to have a safer and well-lit driveway.


  • Automatic operation
  • Well-positioned solar panels
  • A powerful rechargeable battery which can be replaced
  • Can be installed on different kinds of surfaces
  • Cannot be affected by extreme weather conditions


  • Short working life
  • Spare parts for these lights are hard to get


2. Happybuy Solar Driveway Lights – 12 Pack

It is very important to have a well-lit driveway, especially at night. The driveway lights guide the vehicle on directions to take without knocking anything over. You can have reliable and cost-effective driveway lighting by using Happybuy solar driveway lights.

One of the most important aspects of these lights that we like is being able to handle 20 tons of weight. You can drive your truck over the lights, and nothing will be damaged. The modern design and an aluminum frame both contribute to the strength of these lights.

You also get prolonged working hours because the lights can remain operational for up to 72 hours. The lights absorb the free energy from the sun and then produce bluish LED light during the night. The bluish light is visible from a distance to let you drive safely.

We further like the fact that these lights are waterproof where they are IP68 certified. You do not have to worry about wet seasons since the lights can withstand wetness. But it is important to note that too much exposure to dampness might reduce the lights’ life span.

Installing these solar driveway lights is also simple, mainly because there are no wires needed. You can install the lights on a driveway, road, walkway, sidewalk, deck, dock, or any other similar place by just fixing the lights with screws. After installation, very little maintenance is needed to keep the light in good condition.

Despite all the good features, we are concerned that the package does not come with screws. You will have to incur the extra cost of buying the right screws. The lights also come in a set of twelve lights, which can be too many for a person with a small driveway.

Besides the few flaws on these lights, we find them ideal for anyone who wants to have a professionally lit driveway. You will be able to drive more conveniently at night since you will have a better sense of direction.


  • Clearly visible LED light
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless installation
  • Long working hours
  • Wan withstand up to 20 tons of weight


  • If broken, they are not easy to repair
  • Needs to installed on the right surface


3. JACKYLED Solar Driveway Lights – 8 Pack

One of the most pocket-friendly ways of lighting your driveway is getting solar driveway rights. These lights act as a warning when driving at night since you are able to see the road more clearly. Some of the top solar driveway lights are these reliable lights from JACKYLED.

These particular driveway solar lights have a multipurpose design where you can use them on a driveway, deck, garden, backyard, walkway, path, road, or a dock, among other similar places. The multipurpose design gives you the freedom to use the lights in any way you want.

We also like the fact that the lights are made using top quality poly-carbonate. With this material, you can be assured that the lights will not be affected by any weather. The material also gives them the ability to withstand a pressure of up to 20 tons.

Each of the lights that come in this package is endowed with six premium LEDs. The LEDs are able to produce super bright light, which can be clearly seen for about 875 yards. The lights remain functional the whole night provided they have enough power from the sun.

JACKYLED has gone ahead to ensure you do not spend anything else after purchasing these lights by providing screws. You just need an ordinary screwdriver to install these lights in your preferred place, depending on your preferences. There spaces for the screws, and as a result, you will have a relatively easy time doing the installation.

Despite these driveway lights being rated so highly, we could not help but notice that they are a bit bulky compared to most similar lights. This might be a problem considering that you do not want lights, which will take a lot of space on your driveway.

After careful consideration, we think that these solar driveway lights can be of great help to you. If you arrive home early or you leave early in the morning, you will no longer have to worry about seeing the road clearly.


  • Can withstand heavyweight
  • Charging is automatic
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Easy installation
  • A strong outer shell


  • Too much wetness can spoil the lights
  • Without the sun, the lights will not work at night


4. VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights – 12 Pack

Driveway lights are an essential part of your driveway because they act as warnings and guides whenever you are driving at night. With reliable lights such as solar deck lights ground driveway lights, you have the assurance that you will be driving safely in your driveway irrespective of time or visibility level.

The main feature we like on these lights is straight forward where you just need to apply silicone sealant on the spot where you want to install the lights. The sealant will hold the lights in place, and even the harshest weather cannot remove them.

Another feature we like is that the lights produce soft and warm nightlight. The light is focused on the ground, which avoids the issue of bright light blinding your eyes when you are driving. With this light, you will be able to see where you are going clearly.

You also do not have to switch the lights on in the evening and off in the morning because they are automatic. After charging for several hours during the day, they will switch themselves on in the evening after the quantity of light has started to reduce.

The power of these lights is another feature that has made us like the lights. Even if you run them with your car, they will remain in good condition mainly because of the strong and tough body. This lets you install the lights even in the middle of the road.

The only issue we had with these solar driveway lights is that you will need to separately purchase the necessary silicon. If you buy substandard silicon, the lights will not hold properly, and this can result in significant losses.

The few flaws on these lights do not even come close compared to the many benefits you get from these lights. You only need to make your order and proceed to install the lights at the place of your choice.


  • Produces quality light
  • Wide solar panel for optimum energy absorption
  • Can withstand the pressure of a truck
  • Long working life
  • Installation is easy


  • Removing the lights from the ground can be challenging
  • Requires extra care to remain functional for longer periods


5. SmarketBuy Solar Lighting for Driveways – 12 Pack

SmarketBuy is a name that is associated with quality in the solar driveway light manufacturing field. The primary reason behind this is that the company is known for making top-class lights. Some of the latest lights from this company include the SmarketBuy 12-pack solar dock lights weatherproof wireless dock lights.

The power of the light produced by these solar driveway lights is the main feature that we like. The white LED light’s visual distance is 500 meters, which allows it to be visible. The light comes from six LED bulbs installed on each unit.

We also like the crystal line solar panels that provide the units with the necessary energy. These panels are designed in a way that they can absorb energy from the sun even on cloudy days. They just need to be exposed to the sun for six to eight hours in a day.

Considering that these lights are installed on the ground where they can be run over by vehicles, it is vital for them to be sturdy. These lights can withstand up to 20 tons of pressure, and as a result, you do not have to worry about accidentally running them over.

The run time is also impressive, where the lights can remain functional for up to 72 hours when fully charged. With this option, you do not have to worry even if there is no sunshine for several days because the lights will remain functional.

The only flaws we could find on these lights include that their installation can be hectic. They need to be installed on a special surface where they will hold firmly. We also note that when exposed to wetness for a prolonged period, they can get damaged.

The few flaws do not override the many positive attributes of these driveway lights. As a result, we recommend them for anyone with a driveway, sidewalk, garden, walkway, or any other place where the lights can be helpful.


  • Solar panels with the power of 0.2W
  • A luminescence frequency of 2HZ
  • A case made of cast aluminum
  • Sensitive motion sensors
  • IP65 waterproof certified


  • You need to get installation components
  • Almost impossible to repair when damaged


6. SOLMORE Solar Driveway Lights – 4 Pack

Solar driveway lights help you in different ways, including letting you get a clear sense of direction when driving at night. The top solar lights such as SOLMORE 4 pack solar driveway lights also help you save on power since they only use sunlight, which is free.

One of the main things you will like about these solar driveway lights from Solmore is that you can install them without any help. There are no wires involved or any specialized tools, and as a result, you can go ahead and install them on almost any surface.

We are also attracted to these lights because of their long working hours. They last up to 12 hours in the bright mode, which allows your driveway to be well lit for the whole night. The only thing required is to ensure the lights are adequately charged during the day.

Even if your driveway gets wet regularly, you do not have to worry about these modern lights. They are IP68 waterproof certified, where they can remain on wet surfaces and still be able to work correctly. The only thing you need to avoid is exposing them to wetness for prolonged periods.

You also do not have to worry about the lights’ effects on your vision while driving at night. They are designed to direct the LED bright light on the ground instead of upwards towards your eyes. The bright light will help you see the road without interfering with your vision.

Even with all the positive attributes, we could not help but notice that the lights can withstand only 9 tons of pressure. This is relatively lower compared to other similar solar driveway lights, which can withstand an excess of 20 tons.

With all the impressive features, we are confident that you can benefit a lot from these driveway lights. You will not increase your power bill in any way because all the energy used by the lights comes from the sun.


  • A tightly sealed battery
  • Can withstand all weathers
  • Very echo-friendly
  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Do not reflect light


  • Relatively lower pressure withstanding levels
  • Needs to charge properly to produce ample light


7. CHINLY Waterproof Solar Driveway Lights – 8 Pack

CHINLY promised to design first-class solar driveway lights, and it has kept its promise by making these CHINLEY solar driveway lights. These lights have some of the trending and helpful features to keep your driveway well lit.

The crystalline solar panels are among the outstanding features we like about these lights. You are guaranteed more than 40 hours of light, even on cloudy days, through the power absorbed by the panels and then directed to the high capacity batteries.

We are also impressed by the 20 tons of pressure that these lights can handle. The aluminum casing facilitates the high-pressure handling capacity. With this kind of pressure level, you do not need to worry about damaging the lights with your vehicle.

The lights have an all-weather design where they remain functional in all seasons. It does not matter how hot or how cold it is because the lights will work in any condition. You only need to avoid exposing them to too much wetness because this can reduce their working life.

Enhanced longevity is another attribute we like about these solar driveway lights. They produce a warm LED light with optimum brightness, which is sustained for about 12 hours provided the lights are properly charged. To be fully charged, they require about 6 hour’s exposure to sunlight.

We like almost all features of these solar driveway lights from CHINLY except for the quality of light. It seems the quality of light reduces as the power level reduces, and as a result, you need to keep the units well charged for them to produce top-quality light.

We have considered all the features of these lights, and our verdict is that they will give you value for what you spend. With all the carefully designed features, you shall be able to have a well-lit driveway.


  • Wattage of 1
  • Can withstand high levels of pressure
  • Produces warm LED light
  • A powerful Ni-MH 600mAh battery
  • Working time of more than 40 hours


  • Quality of light depends on power level
  • Require extra components in installation


8. APONUO Outdoor Solar Lighting for Driveways – 8 Pack

APONUO has established itself as one of the leading driveway lights manufacturing companies. The company has been making highly rated rights, and one of its top products is the Solar Driveway Lights APONUO.

We are mainly attracted to this battery because of the 600mAh large capacity battery that is able to power the lights for 12 hours. You are guaranteed to get uninterrupted night light, which allows you to drive at night without knocking things over.

Another feature we like about these lights is the ability to light more than 875 yards. With this kind of light, you are able to see all the features of your driveway irrespective of time. Past users of these lights have confirmed that they got exactly what they expected from the lights.

The lights also come with an upgraded switch control option. You just need to flip the switch, which is well-positioned. With this function, you are able to control when you want the lights to be on and when they should be saving power.

These lights are also IP68 waterproof certified. With this option, you do not have to worry that wet conditions will damage your lights. They can also function normally in hot conditions without anything being damaged.

These lights have relatively small panels, which limits the energy they are able to absorb. They could be better if the panels were bigger since they could be able to absorb more energy. The panels installed also require extra care, which can be hectic.

These lights’ different positive attributes make us believe that they are the exact lights that you need in your driveway, garden, walkway, or any other place where they can be applied. You get optimum value for what you spend because the lights have all the attributes you might need.


  • Made with strong materials
  • Saves you power bills
  • Simplified installation
  • Long battery life
  • Simple usage


  • Too much exposure to water reduces life
  • Battery requires to be changed after about six months


9. MAGGIFT Solar Outdoor Solar Driveway Lights – 8 Pack

All lighting products from MAGGIFT are always rated among the top lighting products. The main reason behind this is that the company concentrates more on making products that meet all the users’ needs, such as the MAGGIFT 8 Pack Solar Disk Lights.

Our favorite feature is the quality of the light produced by these units. They have been designed in a way that they produce white LED light that illuminates the ground in which you are driving. The light is not directed to your eyes, and as a result, you are able to drive more safely.

The lights come in a pack of eight, with each unit using an 800mAh NI-MH battery. The batteries allow the units to remain functional for about 12 hours, depending on their power level. Charging the battery to optimum power requires just eight hours.

We are pleased by the aluminum engineered body that can withstand a pressure of up to 20 tons. These lights’ body has been appropriately tested through modern technology to ensure you cannot damage it even if you run it over with your truck.

Moreover, we like the fact that these lights have one of the simplest installations you will get. You just need to switch them on and then press them on the ground. This installation also allows you to change the location of the lights easily.

The only thing that disappointed us with these lights is that their sensitivity is pretty low. They might not switch on at dusk simply because they are not able to sense darkness. The makers need to improve the sensitiveness of the lights to ensure total automation.

Our analysis shows that these solar driveway lights are some of the top lights you will get. You are assured of safer and more convenient driving at any time.


  • Well-engineered body
  • Straightforward installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • High-quality light
  • IP68 waterproof certified


  • Poor power conservation options
  • Requires extra care to remain functional


10. YiLaie Solar Driveway Lights – 4 Pack

Installing solar lights on your driveway gives you an assortment of benefits, especially when driving at night. With these lights, you will be able to drive without worrying that you might hit something in the dark.

The primary feature we like on these lights is the straightforward installation, where they come with a super strong 3M tape. The tape gives you the freedom to install the lights almost anywhere you want, including on your garden or swimming pool.

We are also impressed that you can use these lights in any season since they are weather resistant. It does not matter whether it is raining or the sun is too hot because they are designed to withstand any weather.

The battery life is another feature that we like about these lights. They use an inbuilt 700mAh built-in battery that provides power for uninterrupted bright light for more than 16 hours. You just need to ensure the lights are adequately charged during the day.

The ability to withstand pressure and durability further makes these lights ideal for your driveway. They can withstand a weight of about 20 tons, which is a great feature considering you will install the lights in a place where cars usually pass.

Our only concern is that the body of the lights can rust if exposed to too much wetness. Because of this, you need to ensure the lights are installed in a place where they will not be exposed to wetness for prolonged periods.

Our opinion about these lights is that they are ideal for your driveway. With all the modern features, you shall be able to make your driveway safer and more convenient to use.


  • Certified to be waterproof
  • Works automatically
  • Have a robust and reliable battery
  • No wiring is needed
  • Can be installed on almost any surface


  • Can be affected negatively by wetness
  • The battery takes longer to charge fully


It was very hard to choose the best lights from the ones we have listed. But we have been impressed by Siedinlar 4 pack solar driveway lights. The battery life is particularly impressive, where the lights can last for 12 hours while operating on optimized mode, which involves full brightness.

We also like the fact that the Siedinlar 4 pack solar driveway lights produce well balanced LED light. The light produced lights the ground without affecting your vision while driving. The lights are also completely waterproof, where they remain functional even during storms. With all these positive attributes, we are convinced that the Siedinlar 4 pack solar driveway lights are the best among the ten solar driveway lights we have listed.

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