How to Choose Solar Flood Lights?

Flood lights are great investments for your home, whether for the outdoor front porch, backyard, or the entire landscape area. They’re even better investments when they’re solar-powered. Besides the added security brought by the extreme brightness, they also add a touch of aesthetic drama to your outdoor area.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Flood Lights


Brightness is obviously one thing to consider when purchasing solar floodlights. ut here are a few more features to keep an eye on.

Durability and Battery Life

Since floodlights are installed outdoors, ensure that you pick one that can withstand all external elements, such as rain, heat, and even snow.

Common weatherproof certifications are IP65, IP67, and IP68.

You also want a solar flood light built to last, so check that your units come with high-quality materials and long battery lives.


When we say size, we mean the size of the solar panel itself and the size of the entire floodlight unit.

Put simply, larger solar panels can produce more electricity because they have a larger surface area to collect solar energy. This is why some outdoor solar flood lights come with two or more solar panels attached to them.

Check where you plan to install your floodlight and ensure enough space to install the solar flood light of your choice.

Illumination and Coverage

As we stated earlier, brightness is one of the key things you should consider when buying solar floodlights.

Before you determine your desired level of illumination and coverage, first determine your purpose for wanting a floodlight. Is it for security? For added lighting? Or simply to add to your property’s aesthetics?

Once you’ve determined your purpose for buying your floodlight, you can then proceed to choose the right illumination and coverage distance.

The illumination or brightness is measured in lumens and varies depending on the intensity or area to be illuminated. Solar-powered floodlights typically have a brightness ranging from 300 to 800 lumens. The brighter the lights are, the more lumens they emit. This also implies that your space may be more secure.

Coverage distance, on the other hand, refers to how far your lights will go. We recommend going for those that cover beyond 100 square feet for optimal coverage. Unless, of course, your floodlight is merely for decorative purposes.

Solar Flood Lights Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar flood lights work?

In the simplest terms, solar flood lights work by harnessing the sun’s energy to produce electricity and store it as energy. The energy is then used to power LED bulbs, which then convert the energy into light.

What are the benefits of solar flood lights?

The great thing about using solar-powered floodlights is that they are currently among the most energy-efficient light sources. The lights are powered by the sun, which means the energy is clean, sustainable, and renewable. They require no maintenance and emit no fumes, greenhouse gases, or carbon emissions, making them very environmentally friendly.

How long do solar flood lights last?

The lifetime of solar flood lights highly depends on the battery. So essentially, the battery life cycle is a factor in determining how long your solar flood light will last. Generally speaking, outdoor solar light batteries have an average lifespan of about three to four years before they need replacing.

However, the battery is just one factor. The flood light’s ability to withstand weather conditions also has an impact on its overall lifespan.

Finally, the LED lights themselves have their own average lifetime, usually 100,000 hours of run time.

Overall, with all of the above taken into consideration, solar flood lights on average can last up to 8,000 nighttime uses – which is a pretty long time!

Solar Powered Flood Light Review

1. AmeriTop Solar Powered Flood Light – 2 Pack

AmeriTop is a brand that focuses on the design and manufacture of solar lighting technologies and LED sensor light bulbs. The AmeriTop solar flood light comes available in either black or white color variants, so you can pick one to suit your home’s exterior.

Its enhanced PIR motion sensor is one of the many selling points of the AmeriTop brand of solar floodlights. This floodlight brand comes with two modes: the sensor or off mode. The sensor mode turns the unit off automatically during the day. It will only turn on at night when it senses movement. It will automatically turn itself off again after 30 seconds of no motion detection. Conversely, it will remain on for as long as people remain active in the sensor area.

This brand also has a relatively wide lighting area, which is enhanced by its wide-angle, three-headed design. These heads are also adjustable, so you are able to move it upwards, downwards, and even horizontally. The coverage reaches up to 270 degrees of lighting angle, and the sensor reaches about 16 to 26 feet in distance.

The lighting unit measures about 11 inches wide and 2.4 inches wall, and the solar panel is around 6 x 4.3 inches in diameter. The size is large enough to provide adequate brightness yet not too huge to take up a large mounting space. The unit is powered by 128 super bright LED lights that yield about 800 lumens of brightness.

In terms of durability, the AmeriTop is made of durable ABS material, ensuring that your floodlights stand up to all elements. Its IP65 standards ensure it withstands heavy rain, extreme heat, and even heavy snowfall.

If anything, it would have been great if the AmeriTop’s solar power panel were adjustable, like the three light heads are. This would have contributed to its ability to harvest solar energy more. Also, the fact that it isn’t adjustable limits how far the light heads can be adjusted upwards.

Other than this minor flaw, we think that the AmeriTop is truly the one to beat as the best solar floodlight.


  • Enhanced PIR motion sensor – light is triggered when the sensor detects motion and is deactivated when no motion is detected within 30 seconds.
  • Wide lighting area – 270 degrees of lighting angle and sensor reach of 16 – 26 feet.
  • Just the right size to fit your average mounting space but large enough to provide adequate brightness.
  • Durable, weatherproof material.


  • Solar power panels could have been made adjustable.


2. TBI Pro Solar Motion Flood Light – 2 Pack

TBI Pro is a Chicago-Based team of engineers focused on designing, manufacturing, and retailing a wide range of innovative products. Their products range from electronics to solar lights, pet products, and even home and garden solutions.

The TBI Pro comes as the most expensive set of solar flood lights currently out in the market, but the below features may justify their price point.

Brightness. They have the brightest ever solar flood light technology out there, with 216 LEDs and 2200 lumens. Using their state-of-the-art RaLights technology, this type of brightness setting gets you visibility that’s very close to what you get if you were in daylight.

But don’t worry if super bright is not your thing or if you don’t want it like that all the time. The TBI Pro comes with three lighting modes: bright light, dim all night, and double safety. This feature allows you to control your lighting setup according to your property’s needs and your preferences on particular nights.

Speaking of brightness, the TBI Pro design also comes with a 355-degree angle rotation. Again, this is the widest in the current market. This feature again allows you to maximize the lighting potential of your floodlight. Light up more areas with just one single floodlight unit. It also has a lighting coverage area of 1600 square feet, which is again the largest of its kind.

Since we are on a roll, let’s talk about how the TBI PRO has the largest battery capacity. Yes, this solar flood light has 2200 mAh of battery capacity, the largest of its kind. In simple terms, this translates to a working life of more than 30,000 times on and off. That’s even double the average, which is only 12,000!

Obviously, the price can be a “no” factor for the TBI Pro. But if you have the budget, it may well be worth the investment. Other than that, just like the AmeriTip, we also wished that the solar power panel of the TBI Pro can be adjusted.

Overall, however, if the price was not an issue, the TBI Pro is truly a top contender for the best solar floodlight.


  • Brightest solar flood light currently available – 2200 lumens, close to what you would get with daylight.
  • Three lighting modes to choose from.
  • 355-degree angle rotation for wider coverage, the largest coverage area of 1600 square feet.
  • Largest battery capacity – 2200 mAh.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Could also be improved by making solar power panels adjustable.


3. YiaMia Solar Flood Lights

YiaMia is an Amazon retailer of various LED lighting technologies, from submersible LED lights to solar floodlights and LED night lights.

The unique selling point of the YiaMia brand of solar flood lights is its remote-control feature. Essentially, this solar flood light comes with a remote that allows you to control the brightness between 50%, 75%, and 100% and the timer setting.

Speaking of timer setting, this is also a relatively unique feature of the YiaMia and deserves mention. You basically can pick between two different timer settings: two hours or six hours of lighting time. Additionally, a time extension setting on the remote allows you to add an extra hour with each press of the button.

Another thing worth mentioning is that YiaMia is the cheapest floodlight on the market with the best features and the highest quality materials.  Speaking of quality materials, the YiaMia is made of high-quality and high-impact ABS plastic with 1P65 certification. This means that it is capable of withstanding all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

In terms of battery, the YiaMia has a 4400mAh battery that can achieve full charge in seven hours. A fully charged panel lights up the floodlights for up to 18 hours of use, which is very impressive considering its price.

Ironically, the setback of the YiaMia comes with its selling point. Although the remote comes in really handy, it also limits where you can install the floodlight. The remote control only works when aimed at the back of the solar panel, which means you can’t mount it on the roof. Instead, you can only mount the floodlight on a wall and somewhere with less obstruction so the remote can work.

Another possible setback is that this floodlight only has a brightness of about 250 lumens, which may not be too bright for some. However if you’re after just the right amount of brightness, this shouldn’t be too much of a downer for you.

In summary, if you’re after a feature-packed, affordable solar flood light that isn’t too bright, the YiaMia is a top option.


  • Remote control feature to control brightness and timer.
  • Timer setting – pick between two different timer modes and extend for an hour with each button press.
  • Affordable – cheapest floodlight in the market with the best features.
  • High-quality material – IP65 certified.
  • Great battery life.


  • Remote needs to be behind the solar panel, so solar panels must be installed on walls with limited obstruction for remote work.
  • Brightness may be inadequate – only 250 lumens.


4. LEPOWER Solar Flood Light

Lepower is another well-known Amazon retailer in the home and outdoor lighting niche. The Lepower is available in three neutral colors, so you can pick one to match your home’s exterior: white, brown, or black.

Let’s begin by talking about the Lepower having a 15 feet cable. Now, this feature is often underestimated, but it’s actually very useful. It allows you to mount the floodlight fixtures on your walls and the solar power panels higher on the roof. This means you get more efficient harvesting of solar energy.

Another plus factor of the Lepower solar flood light is its three operational modes. You can choose from auto mode, which triggers light only when motion is detected. Or go for the normal mode, automatically turning the light on 50 minutes after it reaches full charge. Or you can go for the test mode, which essentially allows you to adjust and test the light before installation.

The Lepower is powered by 2400mAh batteries and has a remarkable brightness of up to 1600 lumens. If that wasn’t enough to impress you, the brand also reports its product to have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or the equivalent of over 5 years. The unit is also IP65 waterproof and comes with easy installation.

Other than design and make, another winning feature is how Lepower extends a one-year warranty for any quality problems with their products. This means that the product is truly valuable for money as if you do get a faulty one, the warranty should cover a replacement.

Our only concern with the Lepower solar flood lights is the design of its light fixtures. It slides into a bracket, and the bracket is what you screw into your surface of choice. There really is nothing holding the light securely onto the bracket, which can potentially slide off in extremely strong winds.

Otherwise, the Lepower is a great solar floodlight to consider if you had a relatively high roof. The 15-foot-long cable would really be of benefit when trying to maximize the efficiency of harvesting solar energy.


  • 15-feet cable allows mounting of solar power panels on higher places, such as rooftops.
  • Three operational modes – auto, normal, or test mode.
  • Great battery power and high brightness – 2400mAh batteries and 1600 lumens.
  • Great after-sales service – one-year warranty for quality problems.


  • The light fixture can be improved to have a more secure placement.


5. Cshidworld Solar Flood Light Outdoor – 2 Pack

Cshidworld Store has several electronics and solar products on Amazon. Among these are solar lights, hands-free earphones, laptop stands, and lamps.

An appealing feature of the Cshidworld solar flood light is its adjustable design. Unlike the previous floodlights on this list, the solar power panels are adjustable, so are the floodlight fixtures themselves. Having the solar panel adjusted is truly a major plus as it means you can adjust it to efficiently catch the sunlight, therefore, maximizing its energy.

Brightness-wise, the Cshidworld is powered by 2400mAh batteries with 224 LED beads. This produces a brightness of up to 800 lumens, which is ideal for a solar-powered led light.

The floodlight unit also comes with three optional modes, allowing you to control the light trigger and brightness level. The security mode activates the light when the motion sensor is triggered. The smart brightness control mode lets the light stay on at 10% brightness all night but activates into the brightest setting once the motion sensor is triggered. Finally, you have the no induction mode, where the light remains static at 30% brightness regardless of the presence or absence of motion.

Speaking of motion, the Cshidworld comes with an enhanced PIR motion inductor feature. This means that the floodlight is armed with a wide-angle and intelligent induction control that can detect motion up to 32 feet and within a 120-degree angle.

Perhaps the only thing that needs to be improved with the Cshidworld solar flood lights is the operational manual that comes with it. It would be great if it had more extensive and clearer instruction on how you operate the unit and how the different modes and function buttons work.

Overall, however, if you’re after an extremely bright solar floodlight with adjustable solar power panels, consider the Cshidworld at the top of your list.


  • Adjustable design – solar power panel and floodlight fixtures rotate and adjust in all directions.
  • Bright and powerful – 2400mAH batteries, 224 LED beads, 800 lumens.
  • Three optional lighting modes to suit your needs.
  • Enhanced PIR motion inductor feature.


  • Needs a clearer and more detailed operational instruction manual.


6. NACINIC Solar Motion Sensor Flood Lights – 2 Pack

Pacific is another Amazon retailer in the solar and LED lighting space. The Nacinic brand comes available in either your choice of a single or a double pack of two solar-powered floodlights.

Brightness is the selling point of the Nacinic brand of solar floodlights. It boasts an LED bead count of 132 and a reflective light panel that produces a lumen of 1200. With a 5500K high brightness output, it is way brighter than similar solar-powered LED floodlights in the market.

It also comes armed with an extremely sensitive PIR motion inductor. It’s sensitive enough to detect motion even up to only 26 feet away and even angles of only 120 degrees. In combination with the brightness features, this sensitivity makes it a great floodlight to consider for adding security to your property.

Design-wise, the Nacinic solar floodlights come with a three-head adjustable design. This means that the heads adjust three ways, independent of each other. So, you can light up more areas with just a single unit, saving you on costs. The coverage area reaches around 16 to 26 feet, and the lighting width spans a remarkable 270-degree lighting angle.

Finally, like most of the floodlights mentioned on this list, the Nacinic also has three optional lighting modes. The security model allows the motion sensor to turn the unit on for 30 seconds once it detects movement. The continuous on all night remains in a dimly lit illumination regardless of the presence of motion. And finally, the dimmable sensor control is essentially on dim mode and turns bright on motion detection.

The only criticism we have of the Nacinic also comes with one of its lighting modes. For a security light, we would have wanted it to have a continuous bright mode. This would have been better as an ideal fourth option than only waiting for the motion to be bright.

All in all, list Nacinic as one of your options if you’re after an adjustable and powerful solar flood light with a sensitive sensor.


  • Bright and powerful – 132 LEDs, reflective light panel, 1200 lumen, 5500K brightness.
  • Sensitive PIR motion inductor detects motion up to 26 feet and 120 degrees.
  • Three-head adjustable design with a 270-degree lighting angle.
  • Three optional lighting modes.


  • It would have been better if it had a continuous bright mode setting.


7. Luposwiten Solar Flood Light – 2 Pack

Luposwiten is a Chinese manufacturer of solar-powered outdoor lights.

An appealing feature of the Luposwiten is its compact design. The entire unit, including the solar panels, measure at 5.1 x 4.3 x 2.7 inches only. This makes it the perfect solar floodlight to install in small or tight spaces.

But don’t let the size deter you. It might be small, but it is definitely packed with brightness. It comes equipped with 100 extremely bright LED beads with a total illumination power of up to 2000 lumens. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s definitely brighter than some larger solar flood lights in the market.

The battery is also extremely powerful, again considering the unit’s size. The lithium-ion battery has a 2600mAh capacity, and the lifespan is calculated by the manufacturer to be at the impressive 50,000-hour mark.

In terms of quality of material, the unit is made of high-quality and durable ABS material, with IP65 waterproof certification. Luposwiten also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month limited product warranty, which are great reassurance features, especially when purchasing online.

However, a major setback to the Luposwiten is that it only turns on when it is extremely dark. This won’t be a problem if you mount it on lower areas as the solution is to simply cover the solar panel with a black cloth to activate the lights. However, for floodlights, which you would normally install in higher areas, this might not be a possible solution.

Overall, if you’re after a solar flood light small enough to mount into a compact space, the Luposwiten is probably your best option.


  • Compact design – only 5.1 x 4.3 x 2.7 inches, including the solar panel.
  • Extremely bright considering the size – 100 LED beads, 2000 lumens.
  • Powerful, long-lasting battery – 2600 mAh, predicted to last 50,000 hours.
  • High-quality ABS, IP65 material.


  • Only turns on when it’s extremely dark. No other way to manually override this.


8. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Powered Flood Light

Baxia Technology is a huge Amazon retailer of a vast range of home solutions from solar-powered lights to humidifiers and aromatherapy diffusers.

The Baxia solar lights are marketed technically as outdoor lights but have the brightness of 2000 lumens, which by definition, counts them as floodlights. It is another relatively compact outdoor lighting fixture measuring 8.8 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches, including the solar panel. If this wasn’t enough, this set of Baxia lights always comes with a pack of two, so you’re pretty much getting double the power of these features.

The lithium-ion battery pack is also relatively powerful at 2600mAh and has a charging time of eight hours in direct sunlight. A full charge lasts a good 10-12 hours of uninterrupted use.

This set of Baxia outdoor lights has a built-in PIR motion sensor, which is extremely sensitive. It can detect motion within a 10-16 feet range within angles of 125 degrees. Once motion is detected, the light is triggered and stays on for about 30 seconds.

In terms of quality of materials, the Baxia units are created with IP65 certification and a waterproof, high-quality ABS design. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a six-month limited product warranty to back up their quality assurance standards.

It’s a shame that the Baxia only turns on with a motion trigger for this brightness level on a compact unit. It would have been great if an added feature allowed this unit to be on continuous at the level of brightness it offers instead of only activating on the motion.

Other than this minor criticism, the Baxia is another solar floodlight to consider if you were looking for a compact, motion-activated one.


  • Compact yet extremely bright – 2000 lumens, measures 8.8 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches, including the solar panel.
  • Powerful battery – 2600 mAh, eight-hour charging time, 10-12 hour working time.
  • Built-in sensitive PIR motion sensor with 10-16 feet and 125-degree angle range.
  • High-quality, IP65 certified materials.


  • Only turns on with motion. It would have been great to have a continuous brightness feature.


9. Richarm Solar Flood Lights – 2 Pack

The Richarm Store is well-known on Amazon when it comes to outdoor solar lighting. Their products range from solar lights to solar-powered fountains.

The Richarm solar flood lights come in a unique, spotlight-like design and are great for mounting anywhere – on walls, on pathways, or by your landscaping.

They come in packs of two, extremely bright, high-output 42 LEDs, each having a maximum brightness of 800 lumens.  These spotlight-like lighting fixtures can be adjusted to 120 degrees beam angles, allowing you to choose your area of illumination.

Convenience-wise, the Richarm solar flood light unit comes with a remote control that allows you to take charge of light mode and timing. The unit comes with three lighting modes. Mode one is automatic, where the unit turns on at dusk and shuts down at dawn. Mode two turns on and off depending on the timing you set it to. And mode 3 has brightness and timing dependent on your specifications.

In terms of quality of materials, the Richarm is built to last. It is IP65 waterproof certified, designed to withstand not only water but other extreme weather conditions. It’s also meant to be shatter, shock, and vibration-resistant.

We do have a few issues with the Richarm solar floodlights. The major one, ironically, is also its plus feature: the remote. The unit only operates via the remote. It doesn’t come with any other switches on the unit. This means that if you misplace or break the remote, there is no other way to operate your floodlight.

The next one is the manual needs improvement on instructions and overall content. There is no clear explanation as to what each button on the remote specifically does.

Overall, if you want a solar flood light that has versatility when it comes to where it’s mounted, the Richarm is one to consider. It’s also a great top option if you want a remote-controlled solar floodlight.


  • Spotlight-like design that is easily mounted on all types of surfaces, including the ground.
  • Comes in packs of two high-output lighting fixtures that are adjustable to 120 degrees.
  • Convenient – comes with remote control.
  • Built to last – IP65 certified. Shock, shatter, and vibration-resistant.


  • The unit can only be operated via remote – so it may be inoperable once the remote is lost or broken.
  • The operational manual lacks clear instructions and content.


10. UPONUN Solar Flood Light Outdoor

Upon is yet another Amazon retailer specializing in the outdoor solar lighting space.

An attractive feature of the Uponun solar flood light is its unique design that almost resembles a street light. Although it may look like one, it can be easily mounted onto any wall surfaces, roofs, or lamp posts. It’s pretty straightforward to install and comes with all the things you need for installation.

Another appealing feature of the Uponun solar flood lights is its smart remote control. It allows you to control the lighting color, brightness, and hours. One thing unique with this remote compared to the previous remotes on this list is its memory function. This means you don’t have to reset your lighting modes again each day.

Speaking of light, the Uponon comes in two integrated light colors: cool white and warm white. Brightness-wise, it is extremely powerful and can reach up to a maximum of 1300 lumens on a full charge. Again, via the remote, you have the option of choosing your brightness levels, which is anywhere from 10-100%.

Another useful feature is its three lighting modes, which again can be selected via the remote. The light sensor mode is triggered at dusk, while movement triggers the motion sensor to activate bright light for 15 seconds. The last mode is manually controlled by the user through the remote and on or off button. So you can keep it on at your desired level of brightness for your preferred length of time.

One minor setback to the Uponun is its relatively huge size. It measures 16.46 x 8.86 x 3.35 inches, so it may not be ideal if you’re after a solar flood light to fit a compact space.

In summary, the Uponun solar floodlight is a great option if you’re after a large floodlight with remote control.


  • Unique design that is straightforward to install.
  • Smart remote control – controls brightness, light mode, and timing.
  • Bright – 1300 lumens.
  • Three lighting modes to suit your preference.


  • A relatively huge size may not be ideal for compact spaces.


More often than not, people install solar flood lights for added security. With this in mind, our top pick for the best solar floodlight is the  AmeriTop Solar Flood Lights.

The enhanced PIR motion technology is great for alarming any homeowner to any possible motion around their home. The relatively wide lighting area and extreme brightness are great for scaring away any intruders or highlighting the neighbors’ home.

Finally, the AmeriTop is affordable, made of high-quality weatherproof materials, and comes in just the perfect size. It’s a real value-for-money solar floodlight.

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