How to Choose Solar Christmas Lights?

Have you installed the best solar Christmas lights in readiness for the season?

The season can never feel complete without lights. However, lighting up the traditional way can really put a dent in your wallet.

In terms of functionality, solar Christmas lights operate similarly to other solar lights. However, these lights are attached to strings/wire for easier draping on door frames and trees.

Basically, they have small solar panels that harvest energy from the sun and store it in batteries. You can check our article on the best solar light batteries.

The batteries then power the LED lights for Christmas at night, washing your house and garden in this glorious halo.

What to Consider When Buying Solar Christmas Lights


With such a huge variety of solar Christmas string lights, first time buyers find it hard to get a good pack. However, if you follow the guidelines below, you ought to get value for money.

Charging Time Vs Running Time

If a solar panel can give a full charge in 8 hours, it is only fair to expect at least 10 hours of running time. However, a charging time of 4 hours in direct sunlight and running time of 12 hours is even better. Therefore, shorter the charging time and the longer the running time the better!

Bulb Types and Make

Usually, there are two types of bulbs for Christmas lights. They are incandescent and LED. The latter is the darling of the industry because they have a long lifespan. In addition, they are plastic (mostly ABS) rather than glass. Therefore, they last a long time. Incandescent bulb types burn at a faster rate.



Although this goes hand in hand with the charging vs. running time, higher capacity batteries are better. For example, a 1500mAh battery is better than a 650mAh one. On the same note, more capacity means more juice and longer running time. In addition, a replaceable battery beats an irreplaceable one all the time.

String Length

The length of the solar Christmas string lights is very important. In the same line, longer is better because you can drape it over the fence, doorframe, deck and patio any way that you want. In addition, it can cover more or all of the Christmas trees. On that note, you will get lengths ranging from 15 feet to 80 feet. Also find out how much spacing there is between the bulbs on the solar Xmas lights.

Lighting Modes

Lighting modes can help you set the mood that you want. For instance, steady On is for people who just want illumination. Additionally, slow or fast flashing mode is good for a party, birthday and so on. Wave mode has a peaceful effect and so on. In addition, some outdoor solar Christmas lights come with 4 lighting modes while most come with 8.

Solar Christmas Lights Reviews 

There is such a wide variety of solar LED Christmas lights in the market. Consequently, for a first-time buyer, it can be hard to choose the best.

Here, we have compiled a list of options that you might want to get. But first, read their features, pros and cons before you can decide whether they will meet your needs.

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Brightech, a Los Angeles based brand name is behind these lights. They say that their mission is to offer home and business owners customized designer lighting at affordable prices. On that note, they bring you these solar Christmas lights that are affordable, good quality and durable.


These lights are waterproof by design. Therefore, you can use them in the elements without fear. They come with uniquely designed plastic bulbs. However, even if they are plastic, they also have a high temperature rating so they are never in any danger of melting. In one package, you will get 12 lights.

Since these are string lights, the strand length is 27 feet. Therefore, before you can order, check how much length you need. Between the solar panel and the first light, there is a distance of 3 feet. After the last bulb, there is an extra 3 feet to help you tie up. Basically, the portion that lights up is 20 feet.

These lights get their power from a single solar panel that harvests power during the day and lights the LEDs at night. When the season is over and you don’t want them lighting up any more, just switch off the solar panel so that it does not charge the lights anymore. It has a switch for just that in the back. For installation, the solar comes with a stake and a clip. In addition, the batteries are replaceable.

In spite of all the good things that these solar lights offer, there is a disadvantage. These lights do not have enough brightness, but they are visible from a distance.


  • Panel charges in direct and indirect sunshine
  • The bulbs are shatterproof so they won’t crack when they drop
  • Easy installation even if it is your first time
  • Heat and wind resistant (to certain degrees)


  • Will hardly last until dawn in days that are not too bright

Bottom Line

These 12 solar lights for Christmas might help you if you need to light up your house for the festive season. They are just bright enough to be seen so you can use the package you buy or change to a bigger solar panel.


2. AMIR Solar Christmas String Lights

When you install these lights in the right way, they are going to wash the whole house in a pleasant halo. In addition, they will increase the ambiance and bring the Christmas spirit right to your doorstep. On the same note, they have different lighting modes from steady to fast-flashy to create different moods.


The solar panel harvests the energy during the day and stores the power for nighttime use. When dusk sets in, the bulbs turn on automatically lighting up your home. Since these bulbs feed off the solar panel directly, there is no need for batteries or their replacement in the future.

In one package, you are going to get 100 LED bulbs that run on copper wire. These bulbs are made with shatterproof and heatproof plastic. The copper wire is 33 feet long. You can shape these lights any way that you want. In addition, the LEDs illuminate on all sides so they give a better illumination than most.

When the lights come, they are just partially charged. Therefore, you should set up the solar panel in the morning so that they can charge fully. However, the manufacturer says that the battery is not replaceable. Therefore, if the battery is damaged, it is the end of that solar panel.

These lights can switch on and off automatically. However, there is also an on and off switch so that you can switch them off when you don’t need them anymore or when you are traveling for a few days.

In spite of these lights giving good value for money, they have a disadvantage. The provided batteries are not much good since they are 1000mAh. The manufacturer says you should not replace them too, which is a bit misleading because they can be replaced.


  • These lights illuminate all round – 360 degrees
  • Easy to store since you can roll the lights up
  • 33 feet of wire with 100 LEDs is good for the price
  • These lights are rain resistant


  • You should not attempt to replace the bulbs
  • Batteries may not be powerful enough to give high brilliance

Bottom Line

If you love getting artistic with your Christmas lights displays, you might love using these LED lights because the copper wire is so easy to shape.


3. Sunlitec Solar Led Christmas Lights

These solar powered Christmas lights from Sunlitec are going to bring the celebratory spirit and ambiance to your outdoor living spaces. Along the same line, these lights remain useful even after the festive season. You can use them to light up your umbrella when you want to dine outside on clear starry nights.


There are 25 waterdrop LED bulbs. On the same note, these bulbs are waterproof and so you can leave them exposed throughout the season. They have a lifespan rating of 50,000 hours. They are designed to light up in four different modes. Therefore, you can choose a mode depending on the mood and ambiance that you want to set.

These lights also come as the complete package. For instance, there are bulbs set on a string length of 8.2 meters or 27 feet. In addition, they also come with a battery, which has a capacity of 2000mAh. This is a lithium-ion battery, so it charges fast.

The lights come with a 3W/5W solar panel. On the same note, this panel can charge the 2000mAh battery within 8 hours, perhaps slightly more. In addition, it has a USB port so you can also charge the battery using a USB charger. If you choose a USB charger, the battery will take about 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

There is a small disadvantage with these lights. For instance, they may not last through the night even after a bright day of charging the battery, but that is generally accepted because the weather is usually gloomy around Christmas.


  • You can charge the lights via USB on those gloomy dark days
  • Satisfaction guarantee of 12 months
  • Rainwater is not going to affect them
  • They make a striking appearance with 25 bulbs


  • String length could be bigger

Bottom Line

While these lights are not 100% perfect, they will still serve you well. Therefore, if you need lights that you can use even after Christmas, you might love the Sunlitec solar lights.


4. JosMega Solar Christmas String Fairy Lights

If you are looking for all-season solar string lights, you might love the JosMega fairy lights. This company mainly focuses on pendants, copper string lights, curtain lights, LED net lights and others. Therefore, they have the experience to meet your outdoor lighting/decorative needs.


There are many commendable features that these lights come with. First, the lights are attached to copper wire, which is flexible and waterproof. On the same note, you can use these lights for all seasons. Therefore, if you don’t want to remove them after Christmas, they will still retain their quality.

Secondly, the lights illuminate from all directions, so they don’t cast shade. If there is a power blackout, you will find that they illuminate wherever they are installed with clear light. Additionally, you get to choose the lighting mode depending on the mood that you want to set. In the same line, some of the popular lighting modes include steady, slow fade, wave, slot glow and flash.

Thirdly, these are upgraded lights as you can learn from the title. Some of the things that JosMega has upgraded include the battery. If charged to capacity, the 800mAh battery is going to run the lights for several hours. In addition, they have a waterproof rating of IP65, so you can leave them running throughout the year.

Fourthly, the string is actually a copper wire. Consequently, it is flexible and it bends easily. You will find it easy to install these lights anywhere. Each pack has a 33 feet long string with 100 bulbs. Collectively, you will get 200 LEDs and 66 feet of length with the pack of 2.

In spite of the obvious benefits that you can enjoy from these lights, they have a disadvantage. The LEDs are so tiny. Therefore, they just decorate but they do not provide serious illumination.


  • Long enough to cover most of your decorative needs
  • Good price for the string lights
  • Weatherproof so you can keep them out all year if you like
  • Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • They charge fast in direct sunlight


  • Do not light up spaces properly; they are only good for decoration

Bottom Line

You might love these lights if you only need to decorate and not illuminate any space. Additionally, the LEDs are too tiny but they are affordable.


5. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

For decades, Joomer has been helping many people meet their Christmas decoration needs with all types of lights. The varieties that they offer start from the multicolor tiny solar LEDs to battery string lights. Their lights can bring the feeling of Christmas right to your doorstep.


These solar LED Christmas lights come with 100 tiny LED bulbs per package, attached to 39 feet of string. This is enough to allow you to drape in any way that you like over different outdoor and indoor living spaces. Since these lights are weather-proof, they will still function even in the snow.

These lights are so simple to install and you can have them running in no time at all. For instance, the solar panel comes with a ground stake. The long string makes them easy to wrap around any tree, wall, doorframe or other structure in the yard. In addition, there is enough allowance between the first light and the solar panel at 6 feet. Therefore, you get to position your solar panel strategically.

The design of the lights also integrates advanced sensing technology. Therefore, when it is dusk, the lights turn on automatically. On the same note, when it is dawn, they turn off again. In addition, there is also an off/on button for more control. The lights also come with a mode button for selecting the modes.

There are 8 lighting modes so you can choose what you feel best suits your mood. In the same line, the lights keep the memory of the modes that you choose. Consequently, you do not need to reset them every time that you turn them on.

These lights have a disadvantage that can make or break the deal for you. For instance, you leave them on non-flash mode; the running time reduces substantially as they can run for 4 hours only.


  • Good lead length enables you to place solar panel anywhere
  • Installation is so simple
  • Mix of so many different colors is very nice
  • Affordable price even though string is longer than others
  • Use of ABS plastic for bulbs makes them shatter-proof


  • Too tiny LEDs at 5mm diameter
  • Only lasts long when set on flashing mode

Bottom Line

With a 1200mAh battery, you might love these lights, but you ought to know that they do not come with warranty.


6. SUPSOO Solar String Lights

The SUPSOO solar Christmas lights are multipurpose in nature, so you can use them for different occasions. In addition, because of their hardy nature and sturdy build, you can keep them exposed outside as much as you like. But first, see the features of these lights:


These lights come with a 1200mAh battery and a solar panel. Therefore, during the day, the solar panel charges the battery, which powers the LEDs at night. Additionally, the panel will charge the battery in direct or indirect sunshine to give you 10 to 12 hours after a bright day. However, in indirect sunshine, the running time for the lights will be a bit shorter.

The length of these Christmas string lights is 72 feet. Additionally, the lights have 8 lighting modes starting with steady, wave, flashy and so on. Also, there is an off and on button for the light and there is a mode button. In addition, the lights also switch on and off automatically using the integrated sensor.

The lead cable between the solar panel and the first LED bulb is 6 feet long. Therefore, it is enough to enable you to position the solar panel right where you want it. In addition, these lights are snow and waterproof.

There is a small disadvantage with these lights, although it is not a deal breaker. They are not bright enough, but they work to highlight entrances, walls, fences and so on.


  • Many LEDs for a more spectacular display
  • Good price for such long strings
  • They run many hours if charged in direct sunshine
  • Versatile for use in different areas


  • There is no information regarding warranty

Bottom Line

The SUPSOO string lights run many hours and so they are useful for highlighting decks, fences, door frames and other structures. However, they are tiny so they give minimal illumination.


7. Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights

If you would like solar string lights for Christmas with a high capacity and replaceable battery, you might want to try the Binval lights. In addition, these solar LEDs are versatile because you can use them for different places and purposes.


These are extra long string lights because especially if you buy them in a pack of two. For instance, each one has a solar panel, ground stake and 72 feet of light. In addition, these strings have 200 tiny LEDs. Therefore, you can get a big ambiance from 400 LEDs. The bulbs exude a warm white color and they highlight fences and doorframes well.

The lights come with 1800mAh battery, which is also easy to replace. Therefore, you might also find out whether you can replace it with a higher capacity battery for more light. However, even with the original battery, you can get up to 12 running hours from 8 charging hours.

These lights can stay outside for the entire year if you like because they are snow and waterproof. This will not affect their brilliance. In addition, they have 8 lighting modes to help you create the ambiance that you want. However, ensure that snow does not collect on the panel because it can cause damage.

In spite of being so good, these lights have a flip side. They seem to switch modes as they like. Therefore, you have to go outside to reset the lighting mode, unless you don’t mind the random changes.


  • Warm white brilliance through the night
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • High capacity battery keeps them running longer
  • Simple installation even for first-timers


  • Some sections may fail with time leading to an unattractive display

Bottom Line

These string lights for Christmas sell with a 12-month warranty since the day of purchase. In addition, their build quality looks sturdy and they have run through the night without going off.


8. MagicPro Solar LED Christmas Lights

If you don’t mind topping your budget for heavy-duty outdoor solar lights, the MagicPro LED solar lights might help you. One package comes with just 15 of them. In addition, they give out a warm white glow that is appealing and energy saving. However, read on to see its full features.


Because of their heavy-duty build, these might be premium quality bulbs as the manufacturer claims. In addition, they are weatherproof, so you can use them in heavy rains or snow and they will stay intact. In the same line, you need to know that they are made of glass material. Therefore, they will sustain damage when mishandled.

They are just 15 LED bulbs, but they attach to 44 feet of string. They are easy to install on any outdoor living space. In addition, they are versatile, so you can use them for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

The solar panel that these lights come with will charge them for 6 to 8 hours. On the same note, the LED bulbs are going to illuminate for 8 hours, but this mostly depends on the brightness of the day. In addition, they have an auto on/off feature so they come on during dusk and turn off at dawn.

You will get 4 lighting modes which are steady, slow flashing, fast flashing and pulsating mode. While most come with 8 modes, still, these 4 are more than enough to help you set the right mood.

In spite all the benefits, these lights have one disadvantage. They are not shatterproof! Therefore, if one drops, it will shatter and finding a replacement can be hard.


  • Easy to install in different places at home
  • They are brilliant especially after a bright day
  • Fair running time depending on conditions
  • Different lighting modes


  • Sold at a costly price
  • Spaced too far apart

Bottom Line

If you buy these LED lights for Christmas, handle them with care because they are made of glass rather than plastic. Therefore, they are not shatterproof.


9. SEMILITS Honey Bee Shaped  Solar Christmas Lights

Semilits says that when you buy these lights, you may return them within 12 months if you don’t like them for any reason. However, you might not find the need to return them once you see their features, which we will expound below:


These are string lights and they come with 20 LED bulbs. However, these are not regular bulbs because they are shaped like bees. In addition, the bees’ wings are adjustable, so you can twist and turn them until you achieve the best position. At the same time, these bees’ wings are made of plastic so they are shatterproof.

With a total length of 16 feet, you will find these lights quite bright. Additionally, they are easy to install since they require no wiring. They are easy to drape on trees, door frames or any other structure. In addition, they are waterproof, so they can stay exposed through the seasons without sustaining damage.

The solar panel comes with a ground stake, which drives easily into the soil. Additionally, the lights use a battery to illuminate, so the panel harvests while the battery stores the energy. However, while it does the job, this is a small, 600mAh battery. All the same, on a bright day, you can get a running time of up to 10 hours.

These are good lights but the flipside is that the length is too short at 16 feet only. Therefore, if you have a large area to light up, you will need to buy more.


  • Simulated bees look quite appealing when they light up at night
  • These lights are affordable
  • On a good day, you can get up to 10 hours running time
  • They can withstand low and high temperatures


  • Two lighting modes only
  • The battery can be challenging to replace

Bottom Line

The Semilits come with more bells and whistles than many other Christmas string lights. However, they run a bit short so you might have to buy more if you need to cover more ground.


10. GIGALUMI Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights – 2 Pack

These solar Christmas string lights come in a tantalizing fairy design. Therefore, if you want a set of lights that will be unique for miles around, you might love these. They come in small flower shapes and light up in different colors. In addition to using them during Christmas, you might also use them for birthdays and other occasions.


First, the package has two sets of string lights and collectively, they have a length of 46 feet. In addition, the total number of flower lights is 100 LEDs. Due to their thrilling, unique and multicolor design, when they light up, they are quite eye-catching. In addition, there is a solar panel and its ground stake in the package.

Secondly, these lights are so simple to install since there is no wiring required. The solar panel charges the two AA batteries, which come in the package. In addition, they charge in direct and indirect sunlight. However, the running time will vary depending on how bright the day was.

Thirdly, these lights have a waterproof rating of IP65. Therefore, they cannot sustain any damage from rainwater or snow. They are all-season types of lights for decorating your garden and home.

Finally, the material used for making the lights is plastic. Therefore, they are shatterproof. If they detach from the string and fall, they will not sustain damage.

There is a small disadvantage with these lights though. These lights come with only two flash modes – steady and flashy. This is on the lower side since many come with 8 modes.


  • So simple to install since they come with a ground stake
  • Multi-colored fairy shapes are appealing
  • They are lights for all seasons
  • They are bright and run long if the day was bright


  • Solar panels do not charge much in indirect sunlight

Bottom Line

With a bright full day of charging, these lights have a running time of 10 hours. In addition, you might like them if you do not want to uninstall your lights after Christmas.

FAQ for Solar Christmas Lights


Many first-time buyers have many questions regarding their first solar LED Christmas lights. However, here, we have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Do solar lights work in winter?

This is a very important question considering the timing of the Christmas season. On that note, the answer is yes, because solar panels charge in direct as well as indirect sunlight. Find lights that come with a fast charging battery to make maximum use of the few hours of direct sunlight in December. In addition ensure they have a waterproof rating of IP65 so that you can use them the whole year.

Do solar lights need sunlight or just daylight?

Of course, direct sunlight is much better especially for charging high capacity batteries. However, solar panels need daylight to work. Even on cloudy days, they will still be working but they might not harness as much energy as in direct sunlight.

Can I use outdoor Christmas lights on a Christmas tree?

This depends on the lights. Most cannot because outdoor lights get hotter than indoor ones. However, some can be used both indoor and outdoor. On that note, check with the manufacturer to know whether the lights you buy can be used for either.

Is the installation of solar lights different from that of other Christmas lights?

It is easier, faster and safer because there is no wiring involved. In addition, most of the solar panel Christmas lights come with ground stakes, string lights and other features that make them so easy to install.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After considering the features, quality and ease of use, we can recommend the Brightech Ambiance Pro solar lights for Christmas.

These solar Christmas lights will change the way your home looks. The bulbs are made of ABS, shatterproof plastic and they have a unique design. In addition, they are rainproof, snowproof and they have a rating of 20,000 hours of use.

The charging time for these lights is 6 hours and you can get a running time of at least 6 hours. However, on a bright day, the running time can be up to 10 hours.

Brightech is a leader among equals. For instance, most of the string lights in this review article are longer, they have more LEDs and they shine longer.

Therefore, just make sure you know what you need and get it. Any of the lights that we review here is going to give you good value for your buck.

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