How to Choose Solar Rope Lights?

If you’re planning an evening party or simply want to brighten up your backyard, lighting is probably at the top of your list. You probably have lanterns, wall lights, or post lights, but have you considered rope lights?

The great thing about rope lights is that they are flexible and can be relatively long to suit your space.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Rope Lights


Apart from your budget, there are other key features that you need to consider when buying solar rope lights. Find out what these are below.

Light Illumination and Mode

Before considering the light mode, first determine the primary use of your solar rope light.

Choose a bright light setting with a static mode for rope lights intended to be the primary source of lighting during the night for your space.

If used for decorative purposes, your illumination types and modes can vary.

You have the option of choosing the brightness or color of lights according to your event’s theme.

For example, choose colorful, alternating light modes for Christmas or other holiday decorations.

You can also choose dimmer static lights if you simply want to set an ambient mood in your space.

Some solar rope light brands have multiple light illumination modes and settings, which is always a great feature to have.

Flexibility and Length

Again, this ties in with your purpose. How do you plan on installing it?

If you intend to wrap the rope lights around your fence, you probably don’t need a highly flexible type.

You do want a flexible rope light if you plan on mounting the rope light on certain fixtures or want to form it into a certain shape.

You also want to make sure you get enough rope length to suit the area. Consider the price with this, too. Will a cheaper one mean you’d need to buy more? Would a more expensive one be enough to cover the entire space? Which one’s more value for your money?


You probably want a rope light that lasts, so ensure you get a durable one.

Consider also where you intend to place the rope lights. Would it be for indoor or outdoor use?

If using outdoors, check if the rope lights are resistant to all types of weather. Check that they can withstand extreme heat, heavy rains, or extreme snowfalls.

Solar Rope Lights Frequently Asked Questions


How long do solar rope lights last?

There is no blanket lifespan for solar rope lights, as their lifespan ultimately depends on the quality of materials used. Generally, however, you can expect the batteries on solar lights to last about three to four years before you need to replace them.

The LED lights on the solar lighting fixtures, on the other hand, have about ten or more years on them. But then again, ultimately, the lifespan is dependent on the quality of materials and how you take care of them.

How long does it take to charge solar rope lights?

The battery charge time of solar rope lights is highly dependent on the manufacturer, and the amount of sunlight received. Some brands can take between six to eight hours to charge in normal sunny conditions, while some may take shorter or longer.

It’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s specifications on this. Some manufacturers offer a battery charger for days with limited sun exposure, such as in winter.

How do you install solar rope lights?

Installing solar rope lights is quite easy. It’s comparable to installing your Christmas lights. Simply fix or hang the lights where you want them, or shape them into your desired form and that’s it. The important thing to remember is to make sure that the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight and not concealed behind shrubs or trees.

Solar Rope Lights Reviews

1. LiyuanQ 8 Mode Solar Rope Lights – 2 Pack (Top Pick)

LiyuanQ is an Amazon retailer of an extensive range of lighting products, from solar lights to cork and USB lights. Other than that, their product line also expands into garden decors and tools, such as test kits, pebbles, and gardening tools.

There’s so much to love with the LiyuqanQ solar rope light brand. First is the versatility of lighting options available. You can buy either the multicolor, white light or yellow light varieties. Whatever your color choice may be, each pack comes with a pack of two 33-feet rope lights with 100 led pieces at a very affordable price.

Other than color options, the lights also come with eight different modes. You can pick between flashing fireflies, fading, chasing/flashing, waving, slowly fading, twinkling/flashing, steady on, or off. There’s definitely a light mode that will perfectly suit your intended decorative or lighting purpose.

Durability is also a highlight with the LiyuanQ solar rope lights. These lights come lined with 33 feet of copper wire, fully covered by clear PVC cables. The tubing is durable enough to give it strength. But it is also thin enough to give it the flexibility to allow you to use it as decorative lighting as you please.

The LiyuanQ solar rope lights are IP65 waterproof – both the rope lights and the solar panel. You don’t have to worry about leaving them outdoors and getting soaked in the rain. The high-quality materials also ensure that they withstand extreme heat and other severe weather conditions.

This solar rope lights set will need about six to eight hours when exposed to normal sun conditions. This charge time will enable your rope lights to last around 8 to 12 hours, which is more than enough for overnight lighting.

One minor drawback to the LiyuanQ is that they may not be the brightest solar lights out there. They light up your space enough but not as bright to attract attention, so this may be a turn off for some.

Overall, the LiyuanQ is probably the way to go for solar rope lights that are versatile, durable, high-quality, and affordable.


  • Versatile light illumination and modes – choose between multicolor, white, or yellow. Eight different lighting modes.
  • Durable with adequate length – 33 feet copper wire with PVC cable covering.
  • Flexible enough to use as decorative lighting.
  • IP65 waterproof.
  • Great battery life – 6 to 8 hours charge time to achieve an 8 to 12-hour work time.


  • Brightness may not be adequate for some.


2. Joomer Solar Rope Lights – 2 Pack (Budget Pick)

Joomer is also an Amazon retailer of various lighting products, but its focus is on decorative, festive, and outdoor lighting technologies.

A great feature of the Joomer is its versatility in color choice and length choice. You have the option of purchasing between warm white or cool white and between 33 feet or 39 feet.

Also, the solar power panel on the Joomer solar rope light comes with an adjustable design. We love this kind of solar panel because it allows you to develop a more efficient way of absorbing sunlight efficiently. The solar panel can be tilted anywhere between 0 to 90 degrees easily.

Again, like the rest of the units on this list, the Joomer has eight different lighting modes for you to choose from. These modes are changed using the button at the back of the solar power panel. A plus point for the Joomer in this arena is its memory function. This saves the last mode setting you were on, so you don’t need to restart and reset the mode daily.

Finally, the Joomer also wins in the design space. It is made of ultra-thin wiring, which adds to its aesthetics. It creates the illusion of LED lights seemingly floating in the air. The flexible PVC design is also commendable. It allows easy bending and folding for decorating and storage when the lights are no longer in use.

In saying that, their plus factor may also be their downfall. Because they’re super thin and very flexible, they can also tangle easily. This means if you’re not careful, you may have to spend more time untangling them rather than decorating.

All in all, however, the Joomer brand is a great option if you’re looking for an ultra-thin solar rope light that remembers its light mode function.


  • Versatile both in color choice and in length – Available in cool and warm white and 33 or 39 feet.
  • Adjustable solar power panel design.
  • Eight different light modes with memory function.
  • Ultra-thin, flexible wiring.


  • Has the tendency to tangle up easily.


3. IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights Outdoor (Upgrade Pick)

Image manufactures and distributes a long list of electronic and lighting technologies online. Their products range from tea lights, rope lights, to music stands and tracing light pads.

A standout feature of the Image brand of solar rope lights is its remarkably large solar panels with a higher density. With the Image solar rope light, you can easily fill a 2400mAh battery. This means that your solar rope light illuminates brighter and lasts longer. In fact, it has been known to last over 10 hours.

Another unique feature of the Image rope light comes in its detachable design. This means that the solar panel is detachable from the solar lighting itself. So, if you want a solar rope light for use indoors, this is doable. Simply detach the solar panel, bring it outside for charging (about six hours), and attach it back to your lighting fixtures when done.

If, however, you plan on using the Image solar rope lights outdoors, that’s okay too. This set of solar rope lights has a waterproof and safe voltage operation design. This means that even in extreme rain or water submersion conditions, you aren’t putting your rope lights at risk of damage.

Another great feature of the Image is its relatively lengthy design. It spans a good 78.7 feet or 20 meters long and contains 200 LED lights. That’s a great length to cover a relatively large area, saving you from having to buy two or more packs or rope lights.

The Image’s setback is that you can’t turn the solar lights on manually. You have to wait for the environment to be dark enough before the unit automatically turns itself on.

Other than that, the Image maybe your brand of choice if you want a quick-charging solar rope light for use outdoors or indoors.


  • High density, large solar panels – means brighter and longer illumination.
  • Detachable solar panel – you can charge outdoors and use indoors.
  • Waterproof and safe voltage operation design for outdoor use.
  • Long design and greater LED lights for larger coverage.


  • You can’t turn on the lights manually – the unit automatically turns on when it is dark enough.


4. KUshopfast Solar Rope Lights

KUshopfast is an online retailer of a wide range of products from lighting equipment to gift boxes and light up shoes.

A key feature of the KUshopfast is its adjustable solar panels. You can tilt the solar-powered panels anywhere from 0 degrees to 90 degrees to absorb sunlight as efficiently as possible.

Although the price may be relatively more expensive, it comes with double the features of similar products on the market. First, the length of these solar rope lights comes at a remarkable 72 feet, providing great coverage for large areas. Next, it contains 200 LED copper wire lights.

In terms of flexibility, the tubing quality used in these solar rope lights is extremely bendable. You can shape it into any form or allow it to go through any space without worrying about breakage. This feature makes them great as decorative lighting for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The KUshopfast solar rope lights are also versatile because they come in three colors: cool white, warm white, and multicolor. For your decorative purposes, you can also choose between eight flashing modes. You have the waves, fading, combination, fireflies, twinkle, chasing, slowly fading, and steady-on.

Obviously, the high-end price can be a discouraging factor for the KUshopfast solar rope lights. But if you have the budget, the above features may well be worth it.

Another potential setback that we need to mention with the KUshopfast is that it may not be bright enough for some. It does, however, give enough illumination to set up a warm and soothing ambiance.

In summary, if you don’t mind spending more on a good quality solar rope light, the KUshopfast brand is perhaps the way to go. This is especially true if you want one that pretty much doubles the features of similar products on the market.


  • Adjustable solar panels – tilt from 0 to 90 degrees to efficiently absorb solar energy.
  • Doubles the features of most similar products on the market – 72 feet long, 200 led lights.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Versatile – available in three colors, with eight flashing modes.


  • More expensive than most products on the market.
  • Brightness may be inadequate for some.


5. Aluvee Solar Rope String Light

Aluvee is an Amazon retailer that specializes in the solar lighting technology niche.

The main reason Aluvee made it to our list is its relatively affordable price point. It is the most affordable price solar rope light on this list. Like most products on our lists, don’t let the price fool you. They are not only affordable; they are definitely valued for money.

Another plus factor of the Aluvee brand of solar rope lights is its wide array of light colors and lengths. The 33 feet, 100 LED options are multicolor, warm white, or white. While the 50 feet, 150 LED options come available in blue, multicolor, purple, warm white, and white. It’s a great option if you want a rope light to match your party’s décor theme.

If you’re planning a pool party, the Aluvee solar rope light is also great to use as pool decor. Because the solar rope lights are IP65 waterproof certified, you can use them as an underwater décor. You need to remember that it’s only the LED lights that are waterproof, and the solar panels aren’t submersible.

Another great feature of the Aluvee is its smart light sensor. This means that you don’t have to keep turning the switch on and off for the lights to operate.  Your rope lights will automatically turn on at dusk and will turn off at dawn.

The only setback with the Aluvee is that its length is obviously at the shorter end, compared to other similar products on the market. However, if considering the price, and if you’re only decorating or lighting up a small space, then this shouldn’t be a major issue.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • A wide array of colors and lengths to choose from.
  • The solar rope light component is submerged in water.
  • The smart light sensor automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.


  • Relatively shorter length compared to similar products.


6. JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered Rope Lights

Josmega is an online retailer of a huge variety of solar lighting technologies, from rope lights to sensor lights and fairy lights.

What we like most about the Josmega solar rope lights is that the wiring is extremely thin; it’s almost invisible. When the lights are on, it looks as if you only have LEDs hanging in the air without any wires holding them.

Lighting mode wise, the Josmega has eight different lighting modes. Choose between twinkle, flash, slow fade, strobe, steady on, sequential, chasing/flash, or in the wave). The rope lights are super flexible, so you can twist and turn them into any form or shape you prefer. Another great feature of the Josmega is that it comes with a remote, allowing you to control the light modes from a distance.

In terms of charging time, a continuous charge time under direct sunlight is required for a working time of up to 10 hours. The lights have automatic sensors, so they turn on automatically at dusk.

The Josmega solar rope lights are made of high-quality PVC material with an eco-friendly solar battery casing. All materials are waterproof and durable and come with smart temperature technology to prevent the unit from overheating.

The only thing worth noting about the Josmega brand of rope lights is you may find them too dim as lighting options. If you’re looking for decorative lighting, they should be fine, but if you want something that adequately lights up space, you may find the brightness lacking.

Overall, the Josmega is a great consideration for a solar rope light that can be controlled from a distance via remote control.


  • Extremely thin wiring – creates the illusion of floating LED lights, great for decoration.
  • Versatile decorative lighting – eight light modes.
  • Relatively long light-up time – 10 hours.
  • Sturdy material – high-quality PVC, eco-friendly solar battery casing, smart temperature technology.


  • Light may be too dim to provide adequate brightness for space.


7. HLHome Solar Powered Led Rope Lights

HLHome is an Amazon retailer of solar rope lights. This brand of rope lights comes in a 66-feet IP65 waterproof package with 200 LEDs.

A very standout feature of this brand is its versatility. It may only come as a single pack, but you have the option of changing it into either plain warm white or colorful lighting mode. The lighting mode in itself has eight different settings.

You can also control all of these features from a distance, using the included remote control with eight function keys. The remote also allows you to control the brightness and manually turn off the lighting unit.

If using decorative lighting, you will also love the timer feature of this brand of rope lights. You can pick between three timer options: three hours, five hours, or eight hours. Again, all of these timer functionalities can be conveniently operated through the remote.

Finally, this set of solar rope lights charges relatively quickly thanks to its larger solar panel with a higher power of 4.5v/250mA. It only takes about six to eight hours to fully charge it, and that will last your unit a super long time of 50-60 hours.

The only downside of the HLHome solar rope lights is that they require a certain level of darkness to automatically turn on. However, we found a way around it. Simply cover the solar panel with a dark cloth, and that should turn it on, of course, as long as your unit is fully charged.

In summary, the HLHome is another great remote-controlled versatile solar rope light ideal for outdoor decorative use.


  • Super-versatile – change from warm white to colorful lights with eight lighting modes.
  • Control the settings from a distance using the included remote control.
  • A timer feature that can also be controlled via remote.
  • Large, high-powered solar panels for quick charging and longer working time.


  • Needs to be really dark to trigger automatic on mode.


8. JMEXSUSS 8 Modes Solar Powered Rope Lights

JMEXSUSS is an Amazon retailer of decorative lights, from solar to Christmas to string lights.

If you’re after a specific color for your solar rope light, the JMEXSUSS may have what you’re looking for. This brand has five color options: blue, purple, warm white, white, and multicolor. Each rope light has 120 LEDs and is 39.4 feet, so it is also relatively long to cover a standard-sized space.

You also won’t have decorating problems as the PVC tubing used in this brand is high-quality and extremely flexible. The matching copper wiring ensures that the solar string lights are intact regardless of folding or twisting the tubes to suit your decorative style.

The JMEXSUSS solar rope lights are also a perfect lighting solution for outdoor use, as it has passed IP65 standards. This means that the rope light unit is waterproof, frost-proof, and sunproof. This also means that if you’re after a great pool décor or a lighting fixture for your snowman, this could be it.

Another commendable thing about this brand of solar rope lights is its one-year after-sales warranty. They have an unconditional refund or return policy if for any reason you are unhappy with the product you receive. Now that is excellent customer service right there.

Our issue with the JMEXSUSS is not new and is perhaps common with most rope lights on this list. The brightness doesn’t seem to be enough and is more decorative or ambient lighting. However, this may not be an issue for some, especially if you’re only looking for rope lights for décor anyway.

Overall, if you’re looking for a color-specific weatherproof solar rope light, the JMEXSUSS may be one of your top options.


  • Many color options are available – blue, purple, warm white, white, and multicolor.
  • Extremely flexible, high-quality PVC tubing.
  • Passed IP65 standards – waterproof, sunproof, frost-proof.
  • One-year after-sales warranty – unconditional.


  • Brightness is more for ambient or decorative lighting and not bright.


9. Asmader Solar Rope Lights Outdoor

Another Amazon retailer, Asmader, has also jumped into the solar lighting niche. Their solar rope right installment comes as a 60-feet 200 LED light.

The unique selling point of the Asmader solar rope lights is its dual power system. The rope lights can operate using solar rechargeable batteries or through AA batteries. This means that in cases where there is insufficient sunlight, such as t wintertime, your solar lights can still work.

Speaking of solar power, the Asmader has a relatively larger solar panel than similar products on the market. It is over twice as big as most products on the market. It has a remarkable 2000mA capacity and an IPCE of 19.7%, which makes it charge faster at a lesser time. Again, a feature that is helpful on days when the sun shows up at shorter times.

The Amador comes available in two color options of warm or cool white and, as with most solar rope lights, has eight different light modes. The light modes can be conveniently changed from as far as 130 feet through the included remote control, another handy feature of the Asmader brand.

Finally, the Asmader solar rope lights come with a sturdy build with waterproof copper wiring. This super-thin and waterproof copper cover also means that it’s sturdy enough to not easily tangle up, yet flexible enough to shape and decorate.

The only thing that is keeping the Asmader from the top of our list is that the solar panel cover could do with improvement. It comes in a low-quality clear resin that does not protect it from UV light, causing it to haze over time.

Overall, if you’re after a solar rope light that functions despite any weather conditions, the Asmader is a top contender.


  • Dual power system – works on solar power or by using AA batteries.
  • Larger solar panels – charge faster for a shorter period.
  • Variable light modes that can be controlled via remote control.
  • Sturdy, waterproof, and flexible rope light.


  • Solar panel cover needs improvement in design.


10. GIGALUMI Outdoor Solar Rope Lights – 2 Pack

Gigalumi is another Amazon brand that features different outdoor solar lighting technologies. The Gigalumi outdoor solar rope lights are available in three colors: cool white, warm white, or multicolor.

Running at a length of 35.7 feet, the Gigalumi solar rope lights are the perfect set to create some ambient lighting for a standard-sized backyard. Containing 100 pieces of LED, it’s not too bright, yet it’s not too dim either.

Like many of the solar rope lights on this list, it has eight lighting modes. The Gigalumi’s standout feature is that it has a memory function, so it remembers the last setting it was in. You can choose from a combination, flashing fireflies, waves, fading, slowly fading, cashing/flashing, steady on, or twinkling/flashing.

The LED lights are covered in high-quality, durable, and bendable PVC tubes. This means that the tubes are flexible enough, allowing you to mold them into any shape or form for decoration. You can also simply twist it around branches, porches, fences, pools, pathways, and so much more.

Finally, in terms of its ability to last outdoors, the Gigaliumi outdoor solar rope lights are IP65 waterproof certified. This means that it has passed the standards for being able to withstand all kinds of weather, from heavy rain to heavy snowfall, as well as extreme heat.

The obvious downside to the Gigalumi is that it can be a bit too short for larger areas. Also, the brightness may be too dim for the preference of some. However, if you’re after ambient lighting only, this shouldn’t be a major issue for you.

Overall, the Gigalumi is a good solar rope light consideration for setting up a feel-good mood for a relatively small area.


  • Illumination is perfect for the ambient lighting of smaller spaces.
  • Eight lighting modes with a unique memory function.
  • High-quality, durable, and flexible PVC tubes.
  • IP65 weatherproof certified.


  • Length may be inadequate for larger areas.
  • Not for those who prefer extremely bright lighting.


Solar rope lights are perfect for giving our spaces a bit of brightness or decorative touch.

When it comes to the best solar rope light currently available, our top pick is none other than the  LiyuanQ 8 Mode Solar Rope Lights. It’s just so versatile not only in color but also in lighting modes. This means it can be used either as a lighting or a decorative piece.

The battery quality is also great and is enough to light up an entire night’s length. More importantly, the quality of materials used is superb, considering the price point is very affordable.

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