How to Choose Solar Backpack?

We are now living in a technological world where power is one of the most basic resources. For most people, staying connected through devices like smartphones or tablets is essential, especially during outdoor activities like hiking. Reliable power is a safe guarantee because it can accommodate all the devices you will use.

Thus, a solar backpack can become a valuable tool. It generates power via the rays of the sun, which makes it very convenient and environmentally friendly.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Backpack


Given that there is a rich supply of different types and brands which seem all good and worth buying, you might feel puzzled about how to choose the special one. Taking what we have discussed above into account, we can look at the factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Now, let’s look at some points and tips we gathered to think about when selecting:

Power Bank

If you want to buy a solar backpack for outdoor purposes, you have to learn about whether there is a power bank included in the pack. The power bank determines the amount of energy you can store. And when you go outside, you will take many different gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and torches.

So a reliable power bank is primary for your trip. Besides, you should pay attention to the charging possibility as well as the charging speed, to make sure that it manages to charge all the appliances and devices you need in the wild.

External USB Ports


Besides considering the power bank, another important factor you should be concerned about is if there are enough external USB ports to meet various charging needs. Generally, different backpacks have different settings, among which the USB port is a very basic consideration.

The reason is that you need sorts of different ports for your specific devices. For example, the port used for tablets sometimes doesn’t work for phones. So multiple USB ports can eliminate your worries by getting all the appliances charged respectively.

Size and Weight

An obvious issue is that the solar backpack could be very large and heavy. The reason for this is that the solar panel included in the backpack is typically quite heavy. That means you are carrying a movable battery that is used to store power to charge those appliances.

The larger the bag and panel, the larger the size and weight you’ll be carrying on your back. If you want big storage, the battery bank should be large and heavy. Most normal solar backpacks are about 20-25L. So the space is big enough to carry your needs and your electronic devices. You can choose one according to your multiple demands.



Although compartments are not as significant as the other mentioned features, it is still worth thinking about when you are going to buy a solar backpack. Since the compartments roughly represent the storage capacity of a backpack, buyers usually can get to know how big the backpack is, and that could be a preference consideration for some people.

Those who plan to be outdoors for several days, in particular, need to pack a lot of items. Therefore, enough compartments can accommodate considerable items. Also, users can find what they need quickly because things are divided into specific compartments, which provide many conveniences.

Solar Panel

As the most essential component of a solar backpack, the solar panel should draw your attention. And there is more than one matter about the solar panel that should be valued before buying a solar backpack. The first and foremost one is the specification of the solar panel, which mainly relates to the wattage.

You must know the range of the wattage, for it determines how long it will take the PV module to get your appliances charged. Usually, if you want to charge your larger electronic devices in a comparatively short time, you should choose those with higher wattage (between 7-10 watts).

Then, you will get a high charging efficiency. Another factor is whether the solar panel is removable. If there is a removable solar panel, you can have more flexibility when using it.



Compared with a regular or indoor backpack, an outdoor radio could suffer more wear and tear. You could carry a solar backpack anywhere you spend your leisure time. If you go camping or hiking, the backpack might experience many reels, stumbles, bumps, and rubs.

Sometimes, it could encounter water contact or heavy rain. So it has to have prohibitively durable housing to protect itself from being damaged. Meanwhile, it should be water-resistant, because the outdoor weather could be very changeable.

And all the electronic devices in the backpack need protection. So select those with tough and waterproof fabric, you can use it for a much longer time and need not worry when bad weather comes.

Solar Backpack Reviews

1. EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

If you are not very familiar with solar backpacks and want to buy one, starting with a famous brand is a safe choice. EnterPlex is a well-known American brand that masters leading manufactured solar technology. As a beginner, you can rely on this brand and try this one. It is an executive style that makes it fashionable.

The most eye-catching feature of this solar backpack is its stylish design. Firstly, it is designed in executive style, providing a good looking. So you can use it in various ways, including outdoors, school, business trips and so on.

This feature allows you to make the most use of it. Not everyone buys a solar backpack for outside activities. Secondly, the color is gray which looks elegant. So if you care more about appearance, this is a good option.

Besides, the weight of this backpack is about 2.9 pounds. Solar-on-plastic technology makes the unit very light and flexible, adding virtually no weight to the backpack. So you don’t need to worry about getting too tired after carrying it for a long time. What’s more, it is made and stitched well without fraying. It is also water-resistant, which allows you to use it outdoors even when the weather is bad.

Another feature worth mentioning is the favorable power and charging efficiency. The unit has a 3-watt integrated solar panel, which generates enough energy for your smartphones or cameras in a relatively short time(no more than 5 hours). Moreover, it is expandable by about 2 inches, which offers convenience for extra equipment that might be needed from time to time.

However, there is a downside too. The unit is likely to get worn, for the stitching of the straps is not firm enough. And it takes a short time to wear off. But if you like this backpack, you can add more stitches after receiving it.

In a nutshell, if you don’t mind the tiny shortcoming, this unit is still an ideal one for your trip because the features are rich and useful.


  • Solar-integratedcharge efficiently
  • Executive designuse in business trips
  • Waterproofcan adapt to bad weather
  • Lightweighteasy to carry
  • Expandable compartments can bring extra equipment


  • Poor strap qualitywear off easily
  • A little smallhard to fit bulky stuff


2. Voltaic Sytems Solar Backpack

For fanatics of outdoor activities, a functional backpack is the most necessary weapon. So Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt could be a dream choice. It is famous for its high wattage and strong power supply, which give users a wonderful using experience.

The first key point is that it features a super-powerful battery bank (V50), which can store considerable energy to charge all electronic tools quickly and safely. With a power output of 10 watts, the solar backpack can store much energy and power, allowing you to get your small devices charged in a short time. Therefore, outdoor fans don’t need to worry about a dead phone because of a lack of power. This is very significant when you are in far-away fields.

Another feature that may attract you is the high-performance solar panel. Made from industry-leading mono-crystalline solar cells can charge most cellphones completely in 3.5 hours in direct sunlight. That means you don’t have to wait for a long time to recharge your phone. And the above-mentioned battery bank can store power even when it is cloudy or the sun is not out.

Something else we would like to talk about here is the wonderful compartments. It comes in several different sizes of compartments. To be specific, there is the main storage compartment that can fit bulky items, a padded laptop sleeve (up to 15″ laptop and 10” tablet), much convenient storage for cables, adapters, and tablets, expandable water bottle/tripod pocket, easy access padded sunglasses pocket. This feature meets all your needs of essentials well.

On the other hand, it has defects too. It is 25L, so the backpack is quite bulky. You have to bear a big weight when using it.

In conclusion, although it is a large and heavy unit, it provides multiple functions and enough storage and power. Trip lovers shouldn’t miss it.


  • 10 wattsbig charging capacity
  • V50 power bankstore more energy
  • High-performance solar panelcharge quickly
  • Compatibilitycharge various devices
  • Multiple compartments can bring extra equipment


  • Bulkytoo large
  • Heavycould be tired


3. Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack

As an ergonomic and functional unit, the Sunnybag Iconic Solar backpack is highly recommended. This item is a suitable mid-range choice. It has a stylish looking and a decent texture. It won’t be too large or too small. So this one is proper for some picky customers.

Firstly, this solar backpack features powerful solar cells. The solar panel delivers 7 watts of power and 22.4% efficiency and can charge a smartphone battery in a very short time (about 2 hours) in direct sunlight. Given that, you will never have a chance to complain about a dead phone during your trip.

Besides, it comes with high compatibility. This solar backpack charges mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, smart watches, power banks, and some other portable equipment by an integrated USB port. What’s more, the USB port is compatible with different models of iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy. This function reduces any inconveniences caused by different types of devices.

Another attractive point is that it is made from waterproof material and comes with a rain cover. This feature allows the users to break out from the limit of bad weather. Moreover, thanks to the integrated solar panel with a built-in charger, it serves as a perfect companion for those who like to be independent and keep their devices charged.

While, besides the above features, there comes negatives too. For example, it doesn’t include an energy bank, so the solar panel can not store the power like a battery.

All in all, despite the storage issue, this unit offers the strongest functions in the market, and it charges devices quickly. So why not have a try?


  • 7 wattsbig charging capacity
  • Water-resistantdurability
  • Rain coveradapt to bad weather
  • Compatibilitycharge various devices
  • Compartments can pack many items


  • No energy bankcan not hold the charge
  • A little heavy– doesn’t suit petite users


4. ECEEN Solar Backpack

Unlike all the previously mentioned solar backpacks, Eceen is a Chinese brand that specialized in batteries and solar chargers. Besides supplying solar panels to plenty of manufacturing firms, Eceen also develops its solar products, such as a solar backpack. The unit under introduction is typical.

One of its charming features is that the item is a 7 watts solar backpack, which provides enough power to charge all your small electronic essentials, including smartphones, digital cameras, i-pods, and so on.

That means the backpack can not only act as a portable pack that contains all your needs like phones, torches but also serves as an efficient charger holding energy. And the solar panel is removable, which can be highly convenient for commuting to school or the workplace.

Besides, the ECEEN solar backpack can maintain a very smooth flow with high-efficiency 22% transfer rate solar cells, and there comes a protective Voltage Stability Control, which helps to avoid unsteady or bad currents. Plus, there is a built-in 5V USB cable. Therefore, you will have a quick and safe charging experience.

Another surprising feature is its design. The backpack is made of Nylon and Poly fabric, so it is weatherproof. When you are enjoying your outdoor trip in hills or fields, bad weather may happen from time to time. And all the items you bring may need careful protection from the rain, especially the electronic devices. Also, with this feature, you can use it much longer.

However, there is also a worth-mentioning defect. The size of this unit may seem small for lovers of outdoor activities.

In a word, although it is relatively small, it has many useful functions, and it can be used for various purposes.


  • Light-weightedeasy to shoulder
  • Waterprooffight against bad weather
  • 7 wattslarge charging capacity
  • Removable solar panel convenient to use 
  • High efficient chargingsave time 


  • A little smalllimited space
  • No battery pack cant store too much power


5. Sunnybag Explorer Solar Backpack

Another wonderful unit produced by Sunnybag is the explorer solar backpack. This company always emphasizes safety. So the solar panel packed in this item is strictly tested and certified before transportation. If you care more about safety, you’d not miss the unit.

This solar backpack has removable solar panels, and it provides nearly 7 watts of power. Plus, the solar cells supply 22.4% efficiency. So you can easily get your small essentials charged through the removable panels under the direct sunshine.

Something else we would like to talk about is that it comes with an integrated built-in USB port system, via which you charge all the electronic appliances such as mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smart-watches and so on. That means it has high compatibility where you reduce many unnecessary troubles.

Moreover, it features plenty of compartments too. As a backpack, compartments are a very primary function. They satisfy your requirement of sorting your belongings. To be specific, besides numerous pockets, there is a padded 15” laptop compartment, 15 liters of volume, and ergonomic design. This is very ideal for those organized lovers.

On the contrary, the unit can’t store charge for a long time, which could be troublesome for some users.

To summarize, despite the minor shortcomings, this is still a dreamy option for most customers. It is a reliable model for you to buy.


  • 7 wattsbig charging capacity
  • 4% efficiencycharge quickly
  • Integrated built-in USB systemcharge various devices
  • Compatibilitycharge various devices
  • Compartments can pack many items


  • No energy bankcant store charge long
  • A little lightdont suit strong users


6. Voltaic Systems-Converter 5 Watt Solar Panel Backpack

If you need a long-distance commute quite often or sometimes want to go camping or hiking, this 5-watt solar backpack is worth considering. The color is Matte Black, seeming decent and suitable for business trips. So this is for those who have various needs.

Firstly, it features a battery bank (V25 POWER BANK), which can store power and energy, with which you get your equipment charged quickly and safely even when it is cloudy and the weather is not very clear. So you won’t feel down if your area is less sunny.

Another attractive point is that like other products of this company, it is made from industry-leading mono-crystalline solar cells. Plus, the wattage is 5-watt. That means in direct sunlight, you can charge your devices like cellphones in as short as 3.5 hours. This feature makes it a time-effective unit.

Besides, it is designed sophisticated. The total storage is 20 liters. There is a main storage compartment, adding a padded, decent laptop(tablet) sleeve that fits 15″ laptops and up to 10” tablets. Plus, 2 interior pockets, front and side pockets are included for charging small electronic appliances. So you can organize your essentials flexibly.

Something else you may like is the high compatibility. There is a wonderful USB system, via which various devices ranging from smartphones to laptops can be charged.

However, some users may complain about the zippers, which are not as smooth as they wish.

All in all, this unit is a typically full-function one and can be used for both outdoor purposes and business trips. So if you are looking for a highly practical solar backpack, don’t miss it.


  • 5 wattsmoderate charging capacity
  • V25 battery bankstore enough power
  • High-performance solar panelcharge quickly
  • Compatibilitycharge various devices
  • Multiple compartments can bring extra equipment


  • Light-weightedtoo small for some hikers
  • Bad zipperscould wear off


7. FARAZ Solar Backpack

Faraz solar backpack is designed to be user-friendly. It is armed with a solar panel for your energy supply demands. This item has an output of 6-watt. So it can quickly and safely charge your devices at your convenience. What’s more, this unit can charge several devices at the same time.

In terms of its user-friendly feature, the producer has tailored this solar backpack with waterproof material for safety purposes. So when the weather is terrible in the fields, your solar panel won’t be damaged. The material is firm and durable to last for a quite long period without much care. Thus your money spent on it is worthy.

Something else you might have an interest in is the bag design. It comes with padded straps that are adjustable to fit your back well and leave less burden on your shoulders. And the thick padding can ease your carrying pressure. Meanwhile, there are zipper enclosures to promote the safety of your essentials.

Besides, the unit has multiple compartments, providing enough storage space to accommodate plenty of items like smartphones, laptops(tablets), cameras, and so on. With this function, you can sort your accessories freely and specifically.

On the other hand, although the material of the solar panel is water-resistant, the bag itself is not waterproof. Some users may mind this.

To conclude, despite the above-mentioned defect, this unit is an ideal solar backpack that can meet all your needs and is designed user-friendly.


  • 6 wattsmoderate charging capacity
  • Waterproof panelsavoid being damaged
  • High-performance solar panelcharge quickly
  • Zipper enclosuresbetter protection
  • Multiple compartments can sort items freely


  • Irremovablecord cant connect the battery bank
  • Non-waterproof bag could get wet


8. ECEEN Solar Hiking Backpack

If you prefer a solar backpack with comparatively larger storage, you will be fond of this unit. The weight of it is 4.6 pounds which seems a little heavy but provides larger space. And the color is black, suiting people who wanna keep a low profile.

As for the wattage, this unit has an output of 10 watts. Therefore it can produce enough power to charge all your small electronics with solar energy with the attached solar panel. That makes it perfect for carrying backpacking accessories. Whether you are going to travel, go to school, or go on business trips, you can always use it.

Besides, there are also plenty of compartments, allowing you to tuck all your stuff into the backpack with sorts. This feature helps to protect the essentials from bad weather, and whenever you need something, they are quite come in handy.

Something else worth mentioning is that it comes with a 5V USB port, through which you can charge your small devices, such as cellphones, MP3 players, and so on. This is convenient and simple.

While, the bag is not waterproof, which may cause some trouble for you when the weather is bad.

All in all, if you focus more on the eco-friendly and energy-efficient concept, this is a recommended option, though the bag’s material is non-waterproof.


  • 10 wattslarge charging capacity
  • weatherproofavoid being damaged
  • Attached solar panelcharge easily
  • Resistant to polymer materialbetter protection
  • Multiple compartments can sort items freely


  • Irremovable solar panel less convenient
  • Non-waterproof bag could get wet


9. PowerKeep Solar Powered Backpack

Powerkeep energizer wanderer is the most eco-friendly model in the market. It is designed as a both solar and hydration backpack. When you are enjoying beautiful nature, you can live an independent environmentally-friendly travel life.

First and foremost, it comes with a removable solar panel, and its power output is 3-watt. Plus, the solar cells are integrated into the item. Compared with other units with larger wattage, you may mind it less power output. But to some degree, this feature makes it very portable and easy to carry. And it still meets your power need.

What’s more, it comes with a battery(10000mAh), providing you with energy storage of 37Wh. The included battery bank is equipped with lithium polymer cell technology with a small USB (5V/2.0A) port and can get charged by USB cable (from AC power) within 6 or 7 hours, or by solar power in 10 hours. This offers high flexibility.

Something else we would like to talk about is that it features multiple compartments. There is a main storage compartment, coupled with side pockets and sleeves. You can organize all your belongings well and go out for various purposes.

However, there are shortcomings too. For some travelers who will go for long travel, they may think the wattage is a little small.

In a nutshell, although it has relatively less power output, it can still supply enough power for your devices and it is very eco-friendly.


  • Battery bankcan store energy
  • High charging speedcharge quickly
  • Removable solar panelmore flexibility
  • Hydration eco-friendly
  • Multiple compartments can sort items freely


  • 3-watt output less powerful
  • Non-waterproof could get wet


10. HAWEEL Solar Panel backpack

Among all the recommendations in the market, this Haweel external frame backpack may rank first in terms of fashion. It has a very stylish design and beautiful color. This bright blue one is ideal for users especially young users who are keen on outdoor activities.

This item has a power output of 7 watts, which is large enough to supply energy for your essentials such as phones, cameras, and so on. And it has a 22% rating efficiency conversion. So the charging speed is high.

Besides, because it has both a USB and earphone port, you can enjoy some music while getting your phone charged. This is a very considerate and user-friendly design, attracting many teenagers.

Moreover, it comes with plenty of compartments. There is a big main compartment that is large enough to carry your clothes, laptops, cameras, and even your favorite book. Apart from that, there are two side pockets too where your water bottle and umbrella are carried.

On the other hand, it is not water-resistant, which put the accessories at risk of getting wet.

To summarize, although it is non-waterproof, it is wear-resistant and tear-resistant, which makes it very durable. Given its fashionable design and multiple functions, you are suggested to have a try.


  • 7-watt outputsupply power well
  • 22% efficiency transfercharge quickly
  • Stylish designmore attractive
  • Wear-resistant suitable for outdoors
  • Multiple compartments can sort items freely


  • No battery bank less powerful
  • Non-waterproof could get wet

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar backpacks on the market to suit almost any budget and need. If you have decided you’d like one for your outdoor trip but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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