How to Choose Solar Powered Security Camera?

Security has always been a critical issue for all of us. Thanks to the development of technology, people can install security cameras to promote safety in their homes or offices. And there are various sorts of security cameras. However, you may find some shortcomings in them and plan to upgrade your cameras. Then there come solar-powered security cameras.

The main difference between a traditional and a solar-powered security camera is the power source. As we all know, a regular security camera works with electricity, by contrast, a solar security camera is powered by the sun.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar-powered Security Camera


Solar-powered security cameras come with a variety of features and potential buyers may have many questions about them. There are three main factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Water resistance

Water resistance is a significant factor when it comes to any outdoor equipment. Meanwhile, it is also important for solar-powered products. This is also true for solar-powered security cameras. It is even more significant for this product because security matters a lot to all people.

A solar-powered security camera works with power from sunlight, which means the device has to be placed under the sky. There could always be bad weather like rainy days. Bad weather not only affects the solar gathering but also reduces the product’s lifespan. A perfect solar-powered security camera should be outstandingly waterproof.


The placement directly influences electricity production. As it is known, a solar-powered security camera gets powered by the sunlight via solar panels. The principle to work with is to place the solar panels directly under the sun. Maximum sun exposure is the key for the solar panels to collect sunlight as much as possible.

Peak sun hour plays the most important role in keeping the solar-powered security camera performing well. During peak sun hours, the sun can generate up to 1000 watts of power per square mile. That is powerful enough for your model to function.

We suggest you select a solar-powered security camera with detailed guidelines on how to place the solar panel and how to control the angles to get the most solar power for more than 6 hours per day.

Wired or wireless

A solar-powered security camera works when it accesses the network. But there are two types of connection with the network: wired, and wireless.

The wired connection is a little complex. Users have to wire the camera to the network router and connect it to the computer system. If you need to record some videos to supervise the whole picture of a house or office, you have to do this on a computer.

Wireless connection is simpler compared with the former. You just need available WIFI or cellular data(3G or 4G), and a mobile application. By accessing the provided network wirelessly, you can watch, record, and adjust the model as you need.

We recommend you choose a solar-powered security camera with wireless installation. It also makes the model simple and elegant.

Solar-powered Security Camera Frequently Asked Questions


How does a solar-powered security camera work?

We all know briefly that a solar-powered security camera works with solar power. But the answer is not so simple.

Put it understandably, the cameras come with a solar panel that gathers sunlight and transforms it into direct current. Then, the direct current can be converted into alternating current, which is then reconverted into direct current to charge the batteries and power the cameras.

Generally, the solar panel works under direct sunlight when it is sunny. However, when it is cloudy or rainy, the unit can still produce electricity, although it is incomparable to that on sunny days. So don’t worry about performance failures on rainy days. Also, most solar-powered security cameras are waterproof.

Why should I buy a solar-powered security camera?

A solar-powered security camera provides plenty of benefits. And some important ones are as follows.

Like many other solar power products, solar-powered security cameras are eco-friendly. They work with power from the sun, instead of some non-renewable resources. So their operation neither consumes any scarce energy nor generates any toxic emissions. So they can protect the environment, meanwhile, conserve the energies.

Solar-powered security cameras offer users better-ensured security and protection. The model can be installed wirelessly, which allows it to work via WIFI or cellular data. So as long as there is a wireless network, the security cameras can record videos for supervision. You can watch what is happening on your cellphone, instead of sitting in front of a fixed desk.

Solar-powered security cameras can work for 7 x 24 hours. It has rechargeable batteries that can store the generated energy and provide electricity backup. So you can capture the happening events all the time, whether day or night.

What happens if the WIFI goes out or the battery dies?

If there are network problems, such as lack of WIFI signals, or arrearage, cameras can keep working but you won’t be able to watch what is happening on your cellphone. If the cameras use cloud storage, they will stop storing the video immediately. So you’d better fix the network or pay the fees as soon as possible.

We recommend you choose a model with a rechargeable battery, enabling the camera to keep working for at least twelve hours.

Solar Powered Camera Reviews

1. Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Powered Security Camera

Ring Stick Cam Solar is one of the best solar-powered security cameras on the market. It ranks at the top for its highly convenient and humanized design. This unit offers additional protection and convenience because it allows owners to communicate with people in their houses from cell phones, tablets, and laptops. It is also one of the original solar-powered security cameras featuring two-way talk, letting you watch, hear, and talk at the same time. So if you are searching for a multiple-sensory solar security camera, this is one of our best picks.

One of the wonderful features of this model is the included privacy configuration. It features customizable privacy fields and audio privacy, with which you can have a selective and filterable concentration, allowing you to pay attention only to what’s important to you.

As long as you connect it to the Ring app, you will monitor your house from all angles. And if you add a Ring Protect Plan, you can save and share videos and pictures. This is a powerful and worth-recommending accessory that can help you to review missed photos and mattered videos for a maximum period of up to 60 days. What an attractive function!

Besides, this solar-powered security camera comes with voice control, through which you can deliver orders as you need. That is effort-saving and humanized. So you don’t need to get to a fixed spot to control it or won’t fall into trouble when your hands are occupied by other tasks.

However, this is a more expensive camera than other models. And the Ring Protect Plan is not included. If you want it, you need to pay extra money for it.

All in all, despite the big budget, this is a recommendable solar-powered security camera. It provides full surveillance and humanized design. So don’t miss it.


  • Multiple-sensory functionbetter user experience
  • Voice controlconvenient
  • Versatile mountingsflexible
  • Accurate motion detection outstanding protection
  • Compatible Ring alarmextra safety 


  • Expensive need a big budget
  • Required subscription for video recording – cause inconvenience


2. Reolink Argus 2 Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

Reolink Argus 2 solar-powered security camera is a wireless model that can be installed simply. Owners who want to update their security equipment should check this out. The wireless installation allows you to use it conveniently as long as there is a WIFI connection. Also, this feature makes it look chic and elegant.

One of its most amazing features is the IP65 waterproof protection for both cameras and solar panels. This is an outstanding outdoor security camera. Water resistance helps to prevent the camera from being damaged by the rain. Also, the solar panel is well protected to stormy and rainy weather, ensuring a longer lifespan. This is a disburden for users.

Besides, this solar-powered security camera features high-definition quality video of 1080p and extraordinary night vision. So you can see the vividly captured video for surveillance. And thanks to the stunning night vision, users can keep monitoring day and night to build a complete protection system. Plus, this camera is also detachable, allowing you to take it out with you if you need it. Equipped with the starlight CMOS sensor and 6pcs 850nm infrared LEDs, the unit has perfect night vision of 33 feet in length and 130°in width, bringing you super clear pictures and videos.

Something else we would like to talk about is the included two-way talk system. With this function, users can hear unexpected noise and react, which promotes the protection system.

Also, it comes with a micro SD card slot that handles a capacity of up to 64GB for house security camera recording. And it supports cloud storage. So all these images and videos you need to store can be saved to both the SD card and cloud store. This can eliminate the risk of losing footage and conserves your privacy without leaks.

On the other hand, the SD card is not included and you need to buy it separately. Also, motion detection may a little postponed.

All in all, although there are a few defects, this solar-powered outdoor security camera is still a recommended one, for it has so many high-quality functions and looks good.


  • Waterproofbetter protection on rainy days
  • 1080p HD videoclear
  • Micro SD card64G capacity
  • Cloud storage additional saving protection
  • Customizable alertsconvenient 


  • SD card is not included need to buy separately
  • Postpone motion detectioncause trouble


3. Reolink Argus Eco Solar Powered Security Camera Outdoor

Reolink Argus Eco solar-powered security camera is another model manufactured by Reolink Argus. It is worth recommending for its multifunctional design and high-quality performance. It comes with high definition vivid video of 1080p, displaying images and videos to its ultra quality. If you are looking for a security camera, this is an ideal choice.

To be surprising, the Eco solar-powered surveillance camera supports the Google Assistant service. This is a smart function, with which owners can communicate directly with the camera to deliver some orders. For example, when you want to see what’s happening in a specific corner of your yard, you just need to say ”Hey Google, show me the backdoor” and you will see live video from the camera. This is user-friendly and convenient. I believe everyone is gonna like it.

In terms of the quality of the view, this model is designed with a sophisticated CMOS image sensor and a 100° wide field of vision. With the help of this design, users can get a clear and wider field of videos. Moreover, it has 850nm infrared LED lights to offer you a gorgeous crystal vision of up to 33 feet. Therefore, you can not only supervise the whole picture of your house but also keep an eye on the house at night. That is an all-rounded surveillance camera.

As for motion detection, the unit features a Digital PIR motion sensor that is extraordinarily sensitive to ensure precise alarms. When set in your mobile app, it allows you to receive timely notifications, email alerts, and sound alarms when it detects any motion events. Also, you can configure the motion sensitivity and working time flexibly in the app for higher accuracy.

However, this one is not weather-resistant as some users wish. And some buys complain that it can’t connect with PCs.

In a nutshell, if you don’t mind the shortcomings, you can buy this. It performs perfectly in safeguarding.


  • Google Assistantuser-friendly
  • 1080p HD videoclear
  • Micro SD card64G capacity
  • Cloud storage additional saving protection
  • Customizable alertsconvenient 


  • Poor waterproof may ruin the model
  • Disconnect with PCsinconvenient


4. SOLIOM S90 Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

SOLIOM S90 solar-powered security camera is a high-quality outdoor surveillance camera. It comes with three solar panels and a battery with a big capacity. These solar panels are so powerful that can collect sunlight and convert it into electricity to be stored in the battery.

As for the solar panels and battery, specifically speaking, the model can be self-supported by 3 solar panels with a built-in 12000mah battery. They can generate current from the sun from 500 to 1000m each hour. This is a battery-charging camera. So users who wanna big electricity production shouldn’t miss this.

Besides, this solar-powered security camera is made of unique plastic material that makes the model super weatherproof. As an outdoor security camera, being weather-resistant is a significant feature because this function can protect both the camera and the solar panels, extending their lifespan.

Also, the security camera includes an installation box with all necessary instructions, tools, and accessories. So most users can install it effortlessly. According to the buyers’ feedback, the typical installation time is no more than 15 minutes. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry.

On the other hand, there is also a shortcoming. Some owners complain that the motion detection is not very accurate sometimes. For example, it may send a notification when there is nothing.

All in all, despite the over-sensitivity, this is a very ideal solar-powered outdoor security camera. And the integrated three solar panels are very attractive.


  • 3 solar panelspowerful
  • Weatherproofbetter protection
  • Intelligent motion detectionsafer
  • wireless convenient
  • Two-way audiobetter communication 


  • The wrong detection sometimes under the expectation
  • Delayed recordingget the wrong information


5. Hiseeu 1080P Solar Wireless Camera

Hiseeu solar-powered security camera is another recommendation. If you are searching for a solar-powered security camera with a remarkable aesthetic design, this is the right one. Apart from its multiple practical functions, the manufacturer focuses on its beautiful appearance.

Firstly, it has two sorts of camera mount in the package, one is magnet fixed, and the other is screw fixed. If you want to instill it outsides, screwing is a better choice. If you want it in your office, a magnet mount is suggested. So you have an alternative. And we recommend you install the solar panel on a higher spot to obtain the peak sunlight.

Something else that may please you is the IP65 waterproof feature. This function allows the camera to handle extremely terrible weather. So when stormy or heavy rainy days appear, your cameras and solar panels can still keep working without being ruined.

What’s more, it features a PIR detection sensor that can detect mammals at about 67°F. When the camera captures an animal, it will activate the recording function in three-thousandth of a second and send the most precise real-time alarm notifications. So the surveillance is sharp and timely. Plus, the motion detection sensitivity is adjustable, allowing you to tune it into low, medium, or high mode on the App.

Furthermore, the camera is wireless. As long as it is connected to WIFI(2.4GHz), users can control the model in the downloaded CloudEdge App from Google Play or Apple Store. There is a smart user interface allowing the users to pair, record, and browse what they want. The model supports up to 6 people to view the surveillance camera at the same time.

However, the electricity produced by the solar panel can’t support the camera for a whole day sometimes.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful model with multiple functions to meet your needs. Buyers who care more about the design could take this option.


  • App remoteconvenient
  • Two installation optionsflexible
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Adjustable sensitivity user-friendly
  • PIR motion detectionsafer 


  • Poor energy production may cause pause
  • Less micro SD card capacitydisappointed


6. YESKAMO Solar Security Camera

Yeskamo is a wireless outdoor solar-powered security camera that can be installed wire-free. Also, it comes with built-in 4Pcs rechargeable lithium batteries with an available big capacity of 15,000mAh. And the model has a very long lifetime. As long as the solar panel gets the best direct sunlight for 4-day per month, the camera will be working without unexpected stops. So people who don’t want to be bothered by frequent recharging can have a try.

One of the most amazing features is the IP65 water resistance. The model was manufactured with a durable and sealed design, so the camera has very sturdy outer skin. This is very important for outdoor equipment. Both the camera and the solar panel can avoid being damaged by bad weather.

Regarding the network, this wireless security camera performs independently with 2.4GHz WIFI but is incompatible with 5G cellular data. It is armed with two antennas that boost the WIFI signal to provide a more constant wireless connection, improving 50% distance compared to other battery cameras.

Besides, the unit features smart motion detection and real-time notifications. When it detects some human-shaped items or something else happens, it will send timely notifications to your cell phone. With the help of this function, you can always be clear about what’s happening in your house. However, the included PIR sensor detects only objects with heat signatures (about 37°C/98.6°F).

On the contrary, sometimes the camera recording could be delayed, causing some troubles for users.

In a word, this is a model with both durable and good-looking design. And it has so many wonderful user-friendly functions. Searchers don’t miss it.


  • App remoteconvenient
  • Two antennaspromote WIFI signals
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Smooth night vision user-friendly
  • Human-shape detectionsafer 


  • Delayed camera recording may cause trouble
  • Cant work with Windows PCdisappointed


7. COOAU Solar Powered WiFi Security Camera

This Conico solar-powered security camera is a very economical model. For people who are looking for a home security camera and plan a tight budget, this is a suitable choice. The model comes with a durable 15000mAh rechargeable battery and an independent solar panel, the camera can be self-sustained when the electricity is run out. So you don’t need to worry that the model could stop working.

Like many other previously mentioned models, this camera is also made of durable and strong material that helps the unit IP65 waterproof. That is to say even on extremely stormy or rainy days, the camera and the solar panel can handle well, without being broken.

What’s more, it features PIR motion detection and instant alerts. The camera can be controlled both on Android and IOS devices. Plus, the motion sensitivity can be adjustable to ensure accurate alarms. When detecting something, the camera will send you a real-time notification. So you won’t get wrong alerts caused by other things, which helps the users to catch up on what is going on and what you care about.

Moreover, this model offers high-definition video of 1080p and outstanding night vision up to 50ft/15m with 4 infrared LEDs. With the help of this function, owners are allowed to watch everything they want in a super dark environment. Therefore, your hose can be monitored and protected perfectly both day and night.

However, some users are bothered by the short range of motion detection. It only works well at a distance of a few feet.

In conclusion, despite the small shortcomings, this is still a recommendable model with all-rounded functions and a low budget.


  • Support both Android and IOScompatible
  • Two antennaspromote WIFI signals
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Outstanding night vision user-friendly
  • RIP motion detectionsafer 


  • Small detection range may cause trouble
  • Cant work with other apps disappointed


8. ZUMIMALL Solar Powered Security Camera

Zumimall solar-powered surveillance camera is another affordable model with multiple functions. This is a user-friendly camera that can work perfectly after connecting to the 2.4G WIFI network. Then you will live an eco-friendly security life.

First of all, this model features an upgraded PIR motion detection sensor and instant alerts. And the detection sensor is adjustable so that the camera can send accurate alarms. Whenever the camera detects something, it will send you real-time alerts. And it won’t send wrong notifications to confuse users.

Besides, the designed house material provides IP65 water resistance to protect your model. Users who come from areas with often extreme weather should take this one. The weatherproof function keeps the solar panels and cameras safe and sound. Even, the camera can have a longer lifespan, so you won’t buy a new one after a short while.

What’s more, it comes with a cutting-edge optic lens. So you can watch super clear and stunning photos and vivid videos to supervise your house and the outside world conveniently. Also, this model can automatically shift to night vision, providing outstanding night vision up to 33 feet even at night. That is important for house safety and protection.

On the other hand, the provided cloud storage is only 7 days free. After that, you have to spend extra money on it.

To summarize, although cloud storage needs additional money, the model is suitable for most people who need to upgrade their security cameras, even for beginners. It is easy to install.


  • Support both Android and IOScompatible
  • Withstand -4°F~122°F – endurable
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Outstanding night vision user-friendly
  • RIP motion detectionsafer 


  • 7-day free cloud storage extra money
  • Resetting inconveniently disappointed


9. Ankway Solar Security Camera

Ankway solar-powered security camera is a super-powerful camera compared with other models on the list. This camera comes with an advanced 18000mAh Battery and a rechargeable solar panel. It operates with 6pcs batteries, allowing the surveillance camera to perform precisely even on constant rainy days or lack of sunlight, and the solar panel is self-powered without stopping, so users don’t need to worry about recharging the camera manually.

Surprisingly, the model features a wonderful visual design. There is high-definition video of 1080p with 4 light LEDS and 2 infrared LEDs. Thus it can provide vivid videos and clear images to help you capture and record what you care for.

Besides, it also has a remote control. With this feature, owners can remotely control the camera to rotate 355° horizontally, 120° vertically, and 3X digital Zoom to concentrate on any fields without detail leak.

Meanwhile, this also has IP65 water resistance. If you install the camera outdoors, you won’t worry that the solar panel or the camera is ruined by bad weather. It provides good protection for the model and eliminates the likely damage.

However, it is only wall-mounted and can merely be used for outside fields. So if you want one that can be mounted in the office or living room, you need to hesitate.

All in all, this is a specially designed security camera used outdoors. The included functions are multiple and practical.


  • Support both Android and IOScompatible
  • Big energy capacityendurable
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Outstanding night vision user-friendly
  • RIP motion detectionsafer 


  • One-month free cloud storage extra money
  • Outdoor-mounted only under the expectation


10. IeGeek Solar Powered Security Camera

ieGeek wireless solar-powered security camera is also a model both practical and cost-effective. It comes with a solar panel and advanced 15000mah rechargeable batteries to ensure eternal power. So users don’t have to take it off to recharge the camera. You can check this out for its low budget and convenience.

This model works with a 2.4 GHz WIFI network, and this security camera comes with two sensible antennas that can improve the WIFI signals. So the camera can provide quicker recording and smoother flow.

Besides, this model also features PIR motion detection and real-time alerts. As soon as it begins to work, the motion detection starts to detect. You are allowed to adjust the sensibility level freely ranging from 1 to 10. so you will hardly receive the wrong alarms. Also, the built-in photodiode allows timely alert notifications(in 0.2s-3s), so you can save and share with others anytime.

Moreover, the unit comes with two-way audio, allowing users to hear and speak all the time. This interactivity feature brings more convenience and flexibility.

Plus, it also has an IP65 waterproof function that can protect both the solar panel and cameras from being ruined when bad weather happens. So the model is durable and powerful to use.

However, sometimes, the notifications can be inconsistent, causing problems for users who care more about the instance.

In a nutshell, with this nice price tag, this model is a satisfying security camera, meeting most of your safety requirements.


  • Support both Android and IOScompatible
  • Two-way audiobetter interaction
  • IP65 waterproofavoid camera damage
  • Outstanding night vision user-friendly
  • RIP motion detectionsafer 


  • Not support all-day recording, only records when it detects motions
  • Short cord hard to install the camera

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar gate openers on the market to suit almost any requirement. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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