How to Choose Solar Motion Security Lights?

The best solar-powered motion security lights are going to keep your home secure at night even when you are traveling.

The one thing that all vandals, burglars, and rodents hate is light. Therefore, if there are no dark shadows in your garden to offer a hideout, you will increase your security a great deal.

With the cost of power rising every day, you need the best solar lights to secure your home. In addition, they are eco-friendly. Therefore, adopting solar lighting for your motion security lights helps you to do Mother Nature one good turn.

Another benefit of the best solar security lights is their simple installation.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Solar Motion Security Lights


There are thousands of solar panel security lights with motion sensors. Therefore, choosing the best one can be a daunting task for beginners. However, after reading this simple guide, you will know the features that you should look out for.

The light intensity

This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider. The solar security light is not only important for illumination, but it also keeps your place secure. Therefore, you want it to shine really bright so that it can scare the burglars away.

At the same time, after the motion detection is over, you want the light to go back to dim mode to save the battery. Basically, look for at least 600 lumens brightness rating.

The battery

First, the battery should be replaceable. If you are not keen, you might buy a light with an irreplaceable battery. In that case, it would mean that the entire light goes into the trash can when the battery fails.

High capacity batteries are better because they stay running longer. However, they take longer to charge.

The design and flexibility of the light

This is very important too. In addition, it can determine how versatile the light will be. For example, the ability to rotate the light is a good thing. That way, you can direct it right where you need it most. In addition, a solar panel that is separate from the rest of the light can be better than a compact unit. Therefore, you can install it right where it can get the most light.

Motion Detection Range

The further away it can detect motion the better. Many compact units have a motion detection range of 10 to 30 feet. In addition, the light only illuminates brightly for about 30 seconds or less and then goes back to normal. However, there is always an exception where you can have a detection range of 72 feet and 120 seconds of illumination.

Build quality

Check the materials carefully, because these lights are useful outdoors. For example, a waterproof rating of at least IP65 is good, but the higher, say, about IP67 is even better. Therefore, check whether the light is weatherproof because it will be exposed to all elements like heat, snow, rain and wind.

FAQs for Solar Motion Security Lights


Here are some of the questions that most people ask about solar powered security lights with motion sensor:

Can my solar light stay on the full night?

This depends on a few things. However, if it has a dim mode and is set to that, it can last through the night after a bright day of charging the battery. In addition, it also depends on the battery type. For instance, high capacity rechargeable batteries last longer on one charge than smaller ones.

Can solar motion security lights really keep my home secure?

One of the things that burglars love most is the cover of darkness. Therefore, whether you are at home or traveling, you need enough light all around. However, if you decide to use electricity, it can really spike your bill. Therefore, the only solution is to use solar powered security lights. They can run all night and increase brilliance when they detect motion.

What are the best places to install motion sensor lights?

First, buy many lights and install them around the house to eliminate any blind spots. In addition, install some lights on the driveway and the paths leading to the house. Overall, you should install a motion sensor light at any place that a burglar may use to access your house.

Install a light on the patio, gate, fence, deck, on large trees and bushes, garden paths and many similar places.

What is the best motion detection range?

Usually, most people are comfortable with a detection range of at least 10 feet. However, there is no maximum but most reach up to 26 feet. What matters most is the light’s ability to illuminate brightly as soon as it detects motion, without delay. In addition, it should hold that super bright moment for at least 20 seconds before it can dim again.

Solar Powerd Motion Sensor Light Reviews

With the coming of tiny homes, increase in Rv-ing, camping and other off-the-grid adventures, manufacturers ramped up the production of solar lights.

Therefore, choosing the best one can be hard. However, when you read the reviews below, you will see the important features that our select solar powered security lights come with.

1. Aootek Solar Powered Motion Security Light – 2 Pack

No list of solar powered security lights can be complete without the Aootek 182 LED motion sensor lights. If you install a couple of these lights in the pitch-black sections of your home today, you will increase your security a great deal. We will show you how they help with that in the features sections:


First, these lights have 182 LEDs that light up brightly, which helps to keep even the darkest patches of your home or garden lit up. In addition, these lights have a wide angle of view at 120°, which means that a couple of them can eliminate all the dark spots.

Secondly, these lights can detect motion from 26 feet away and from all angles. Therefore, if you are installing them for security, they will keep burglars away before they get too near to your windows. In addition, by design, these lights leave minimal blind spots. Therefore, there is no way a person will approach undetected.

Thirdly, you might love the superb construction of the lights. You can use them in almost every condition outdoors. On the same note, they have a waterproof rating of IP65. Therefore, they will work in the rain or snow. Of course, a rating of IP67 would have been better but it is what it is.

Fourthly, the monocrystalline silicon solar panel collects even the minimal sunshine and converts it into energy. In the same line, it keeps this energy in the Lithium-ion battery for nighttime illumination. For instance, it has a 20.5% conversion rate of sunshine to energy. Therefore, all that you need is brightness for the panel to charge the battery.

In spite of the good things to say about this light, we think the IP65 waterproof rating is a bit low especially if you live in heavy snow areas.


  • Installation of the lights is so simple and DIY
  • It gives you 3 modes of brightness
  • Installation hardware is provided
  • Long motion detection distance and angle
  • The dim until motion setting is very helpful


  • Instead of facing upright straight, the solar panel is designed to stay at an angle. Therefore, it does not harvest as much sunshine as it should.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a solar motion detector light that you can install, set on “Always On” and forget about it, the Aootek 182 LED light might help you.


2. URPOWER Solar Motion Security Light – 4 Pack

URPOWER says that they are currently lighting up more than 5 million homes in the world. In addition, they make solar security lights to meet different needs. However, a promise does not stand unless the light has the features to back it up.


By design, these lights have miniature solar panels on the top and that the light itself is large and slants upwards to offer a bigger illumination angle. Therefore, you will get 270° lighting angle, which is just 90° shy of getting full 360° coverage.

Secondly, there are 120 LED chips in the light. Therefore, you can get a lot of brightness depending on your setting. In addition, you are in full control of the brightness that you can get from this light. For example, the light illuminates brightly when someone approaches and then it extinguishes automatically.

The detection distance and angle are 26 feet and 120° respectively. In addition, the light is going to illuminate brightly for 20 seconds only before it extinguishes itself. Therefore, this helps to preserve the battery. Additionally, the URPOWER solar lights settings are very simple to use even for a beginner.

Finally, these lights come with a good design and high-quality material. For instance, they are made with ABS plastic which is light in weight and does not crack. Additionally, they have a waterproof rating of IP65, which makes them good for use under all conditions.

These are good lights and they come in a pack of 4. However, there is a disadvantage because the lights are not bright enough. Overall, their illumination is like what you would get from a 40-watt bulb.


  • They have a buckle to enable you to hang them wherever you like
  • Wide angle of illumination
  • They are affordable and they come in a pack of 4
  • You can use them at home, for camping, RVing and other adventures


  • The angled design of the panels can inhibit how they collect sunshine

Bottom Line

Despite the complaints about the brightness of the URPOWER 120-LED solar powered security lights, they give value for money. The best thing about them is that you can hang them or install them semi-permanently.


3. Lemontec Solar Powered Security Lights – 2 Pack

If you need solutions to your outdoor lighting needs, the Lemontec solar security lights with motion sensor might be good for you. It is affordable, effective and it can last a long time. Keep reading to see the features that these lights come with.


One of the things you might love about the Lemontec solar security motion lights is that the amount of light is under your control. For instance, there are three lighting modes. One of them is a dim light motion sensor, bright light motion sensor and the strong light mode. If you set it to strong light, it will stay on but it will illuminate brightly once it detects motion.

The light has 62 big LEDs, which can produce up to 2000 lumens of brightness, far higher than most other lights. In addition, these lights are automatic. Therefore, when they detect motion from as far as 26 feet, they light up brilliantly for about 10 seconds.

This light comes with a 1800mAh battery. Consequently, after a day of charging in the sun, it can illuminate the LEDs from dusk to dawn with a few hours to spare. In addition, this light has a strong construction with ABS plastic. Therefore, it can withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, frost and other very well.

The only downside to this light is that the PIR motion sensor detects motion, but the light stays brilliant for only 10 seconds. Longer would be better.


  • The lights are bright enough for security
  • High quality construction for durability
  • Can do well in all weather so you don’t need to bring them down
  • Three settings for brightness and motion detection


  • May not run through the night on the gloomy days

Bottom Line

These Lemontec solar lights with motion detection are so simple to install and use. They also have replaceable batteries so the lights stay in use for a long time.


4. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Powered Outdoor Security Lights – 4 Pack

This outdoor comes with a high capacity battery that charges during the day so that the LEDs can light up at night. In addition, three or four of these lights can illuminate the exterior of your home at night, thereby making it unwelcome to vandals and burglars.


Firstly, this BAXIA TECHNOLOGY solar motion security light comes with durable material, mostly ABS plastic. In most online marketplaces, it comes in packs of two or four, so you can buy what will meet your lighting needs amply. Also regarding the design, the small solar panels are located on the back. Additionally, their flat design enables them to capture the most sunshine.

Secondly, this is a motion sensor light. However, you will realize that it does not cover the same range as the other lights reviewed here. On the same note, it can only detect motion from 10 to 16 feet away. In addition, the light will stay at high brightness level for 30 seconds and then it will extinguish automatically.

Thirdly, this light comes with a 2600mAh battery. In addition, the charging time is 6 hours and the running time can reach 12 hours? On the same note, even during gloomy days, the solar panel charges the battery, but it may not last many hours.

Fourthly, you may install these lights outside, thanks to the strong ABS material and a waterproof rating of IP65. Therefore, this light is waterproof, frost-proof and even heatproof. On the same note, these qualities make it a good candidate for installation anywhere.

These lights have a downside. For instance, in some instances, they only illuminate when they detect motion. Therefore, they will be practically useless when there is no motion.


  • Good solution for lighting spaces without wiring
  • Running time is long enough
  • They install so easily without the need of technician
  • They withstand the weather elements very well


  • The motion detection distance could be longer

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a simple-to-use solar security light that will light up brightly when it detects motion, get the BAXIA TECHNOLOGY lights. They offer up to 2000 lumens, which is more brightness than most lights give.

5. Sunforce Solar Security Motion Light – 1 Pack

Not only is this solar light effective for outdoor or indoor lighting, but it also looks really good. However, this is no surprise because Sunforce makes beautiful LED lights. In addition, they have been providing lighting solutions for many years. Keep reading to see the features of this 80-LED light.


This is not a compact unit because the solar panel and the light are separate. However, every material that you need for installation comes in the package. In addition, there is also an installation cable of 15 feet. Therefore, you can set the solar panel where it will capture the most sunshine.

Overall, you are going to get 900 lumens, which provide good illumination over the lawn, yard, driveway or other place. In addition, the motion detection range of the camera is 180° and 30 feet, which is more than what most other lights offer.

The light comes in a waterproof design. Therefore, you can install it pretty much everywhere. Just follow the user manual to know how to install it. Additionally, it comes with replaceable 3 AA rechargeable batteries.

There are some disadvantages to this light. For example, when you are mounting it, you should remove the bracket and mount it first. However, even after you do that, attaching the light to the bracket can be a pain.


  • Flexibility for installation because the panel is separate from the light
  • Good material for durability
  • Super brightness and long running time
  • The light and panel are maintenance-free


  • The plastic parts feel too soft
  • Installation can be a challenge

Bottom Line

In spite of the downsides that you may experience with this light, it has super brightness and keeps the intended areas bright. It is bright enough to keep burglars and animals away.


6. Vivii Solar Motion Security Light – 6 Pack

Your search for an affordable lighting solution for your backyard, driveway, garden, barn and sheds might be over with the Vivii solar security light. This is a 30-LED solar light that can stay extra bright without consuming too much charge. However, keep reading to see its features below:


You will notice the large solar panel that charges the battery fast. Therefore, in a maximum 5 to 7 hours, it will be full in proper sunlight. In addition, this is going to give you up to 12 hours of running light, which is not bad at all.

This light has PIR motion sensor. It has a wide range angle so it is able to detect motion from 26 feet and 270°. In addition, the light will brighten up for 20 seconds and if there is no motion after that, it will extinguish itself. By this, we mean it will go back to the regular lighting mode.

The extent of the brightness is up to 300 feet, which is super bright by all standards. Therefore, if the main reason why you are installing this light is to deter burglars, it will do a good job.

The installation of these lights is super easy. In addition, even if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you will love how easy it is. On the same note, it is sold with all the installation hardware.

There is no serious disadvantage with these lights except that if your unit fails, it fails badly. There have been reports of some units failing, but this is in isolated products. Thankfully, the Vivii customer service team is responsive.


  • A lot of brightness from the lights
  • Long running time of dusk to dawn and longer
  • Good quality construction
  • Sold at affordable price


  • A real gloomy day might give you just a couple of hours worth of charging

Bottom Line

There are no perfect solar lights for your outdoors but some come close. The Vivii solar panel security lights come close enough.


7. AmeriTop Solar Powered Outdoor Security Lights – 1 Pack

AmeriTop is the one-stop-center for solar LED lighting. For many years, they have been providing indoor and outdoor lighting solutions with some of the best solar powered motion security lights. In addition, they provide these lights in different aesthetics and styles to meet diverse needs.


These lights are sold in a pack of two and each pack contains three spot lights and one solar panel. The white color of the spot lights makes them unique from many others in the market. On the same note, the three lights are adjustable since they have two joints. Therefore, you can position them in the best way possible so that they can harvest the most energy.

This is a light for all seasons because it comes with durable construction. For example, it is made of ABS plastic which does a good job of protecting the delicate electronic parts. In addition, it has a waterproof rating of IP65, which means you can use it in rain, snow and sleet. Additionally, the installation is so simple and the seller provides the hardware that you require for that.

The integrated battery is big with a capacity of 2200mAh. Therefore, it can run the lights through the night and besides, the auto on and off feature works the lights without your interference. The motion detection distance is 26 feet and the angle is 120°. Therefore, whether you are installing these lights for security or for illumination purposes, they are quite effective.

In spite of the good things happening with this light, there is a serious disadvantage. The lights may not be entirely waterproof as some units have been reported to let in water. However, these seem to have been isolated units but still … it is worrying.


  • Large illumination area thanks to the adjustable design of the three spotlights
  • Nice color makes them look good against any exterior décor
  • Simple to install and get them running
  • 128 LED chips give a bright light in hot months


  • A few running hours during winter when the sun is not enough

Bottom Line

If you are looking for solar powered garden security lights, these AmeriTop lights might meet your needs. They have a high capacity battery and they work as advertised.


8. Otdair Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor – 2 Pack

The three-head design of these lights makes them look fantastic and they also offer a bigger illumination angle. In addition, they are rotatable, which makes it possible for them to offer 360-degree illumination. But first… the features!


By design, these are three spotlights with two joints. In addition, there is a large solar panel that charges all three at the same time. Additionally, the solar lights have 70 LED chips. However, they are large and therefore you are assured of getting good illumination.

You can adjust the solar panel and the three spotlights individually. Therefore, this enables you to use the light in any way that you want. For instance, you can have one light illuminate the driveway while the other two light up the garden.

For your solar powered outdoor security light to give enough light, the battery is very important. On the same note, the Otdair solar panel security lights come with a high capacity lithium-ion 2200mAh battery. If you set it on glare mode, the manufacturer says it can last 6 hours. Therefore, on a lower brightness setting, it will last through the night.

Since these are motion-detecting lights, the distance of motion detection is very important. Therefore, this light detects motion from 33 feet away. In addition, it illuminates brightly for 30 seconds and then extinguishes itself. It can also detect motion within a range of 120°.

The only disadvantage that you will get with these lights is that they are not as brilliant as hard-wired lights get. However, this is something that we have come to expect from all solar lights.


  • You can point them wherever you like
  • They are easy to install even on walls
  • The lights running time can extend to the following morning on a sunny day
  • You can adjust the solar panel to capture the most sunshine
  • Auto on and off feature for dusk and dawn


  • The price is a bit steep

Bottom Line

This is like a three-in-one light because of the design. Therefore, you might love it if you want to illuminate a large area of your yard since you can adjust the two sidelights to face different sides.


9. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Powered Motion Security Light – 1 Pack

If you are looking for high powered solar flood lights, you might consider getting these ones. The light comes with a solar panel that is separate and comes with a 20-foot cable. Therefore, you can install the panel which will capture more sunlight for more running hours.


From our introduction, you can tell that the GLORIOUS-LITE solar security light with motion sensor is not the regular compact kind. However, the benefit of this is that you can choose the most appropriate position for your solar panel.

In addition, this is a 3-light setup with the middle one being a larger size than the rest two. They are also adjustable so you can choose the best position for the best illumination.

This light has an upgraded motion sensor that can detect motion from as far as 72 feet away. In addition, unlike the other lights that will light up for only 30 seconds after detecting motion, this one lights up for 120 seconds. In addition, it is also able to sense people and animals in a car, something that smaller lights can’t do.

You can install this light outdoors even in exposed spaces. On the same note, it comes with a waterproof rating of IP65, so it can withstand elements such as rain, snow and others. In addition, the casings of the lights are ABS plastic, which is super strong and durable.

Lastly, the built-in battery has a 2400mAh capacity. In addition, this is a replaceable battery, so it should be able to keep this light running for many years.

There is a small disadvantage to this light if we may call it that. For example, because the solar panel and lights are separate, you have to do double the installation work.


  • You don’t need an electrician to install the light
  • It lights up the driveway really brightly
  • Good for areas like barn, shed and garages without electricity
  • Does a good job of securing your home since it senses motion from 72 feet away


  • Requires you to charge for 3 days in the sun when new before you turn it on

Bottom Line

This is a high quality, best solar powered security light that might meet your needs if you don’t want a light that runs all night. Fully charged, it can do 50 minutes of serious motion triggered lighting, each session lasting 2 minutes.


10. A-ZONE Solar Powered Outdoor Security Lights – 2 Pack

These lights from the A-ZONE store come in a unique and chic design. If you care about looks, these spotlights might be what you are looking for. However, looks alone do not make a good outdoor security light with a motion sensor. Keep reading to see the features.


One thing you might love about this light is that it rotates by 360° to cover the areas that you want. Additionally, it has excellent build quality, which makes it good for outdoor installation in exposure to the elements. For instance, they have used aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. In addition, all the parts have been put together carefully to enhance the durability of the lights.

The battery is very important in any solar light. Therefore, this light has a 2600mAh battery that charges in 6 hours and lasts 40 hours in dim mode. In addition, it is replaceable, so you do not have to throw the entire light into the trash can once it depletes the battery.

This security light is going to light up brightly when it detects motion from 26 feet away or closer. However, if it detects no more motion, it will extinguish itself in 20 seconds. The range of detection is 120°, which is pretty much the standard with most solar powered outdoor security lights.

There are not many downsides to this light. However, the slanted design of the solar can prevent them from getting the maximum sunshine.


  • Stays in dim mode until it detects motion
  • Battery can last up to 40 hours on one charge
  • Aluminum alloy and ABS casing for durability
  • Looks terrific like a surveillance camera


  • In winter and fall, the running time for the LEDs will be shorter

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that this is one of the unique looking lights out there in the market. Therefore, it adds a certain degree of appeal to your exterior décor.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Choosing the best solar motion security lights might be the best solution for securing your home or business.

However, there is such a wide variety of these lights and all of them claim to be the best. Therefore, if you don’t look at the features keenly, you might pay the price of champagne for a beer.

Thankfully, some lights such as the 182-LED Aootek give good value for money. For instance, it is durable, consistent and it works as advertised. In addition, its price is so affordable.

With a large solar panel, it captures a lot of sunlight even during gloomy days. Therefore, you can always be assured of your home’s security at night.

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