How to Choose Best Solar Flashlights?

In this writeup, you are going to learn about the best solar flashlights.

You see, even if you have a truly well lit outdoor space with solar shed lighting, solar ground disk lighting and others, a flashlight also comes in quite handily.

Besides, it is a portable source of light. Therefore, you can use it at home and when traveling, you can toss it in your backpack.

In addition, you can also carry your solar flashlight to light your camping, overnight hiking, fishing and other adventures.

At the same time, you still want to have a flashlight in the glove compartment in your car. Therefore, if the battery terminal goes loose at night, you can fix it. In addition, a flashlight comes in handy when your car breaks down at night.

Simply put, everyone, including kids, needs a flashlight. However, you should not choose flashlights with disposable batteries because running them can be too costly. Therefore, you can choose solar flashlights.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Flashlights


There are hundreds of solar flashlights in the market. Some are high-quality products going for a higher price range. In addition, some are quite affordable at less than $10. Therefore, which one should you buy? Keep reading to see the features that a good torch renewable energy flashlight should have.

Design and Durability

Most of the time, we buy flashlights to use outdoors. Therefore, you need a torch that can withstand the shocks that come with outdoor use. These include things like water-resistance, shockproof and others. Thankfully, almost all of the solar flashlights that we have reviewed here are water resistant to certain degrees.

Survival Tools

Sometimes, it is just better to pay a little more money to get a flashlight that can save your life in dire situations. Therefore, you might want to buy a tactical flashlight with a safety belt cutter and window breaker hammer among others.

Charging Methods

One characteristic that all of the solar flashlights we have reviewed here share is that they have a very long charging time. Therefore, the inclusion of the USB DC charging option is good. In addition, if it comes with the hand-cranking system, it will be even better.

Light Modes

It certainly helps a lot to have a torch that has different lighting modes. For example, high beam and low beam modes are the most basic. However, an extra bright setting when working on a task could be helpful. At the same time, a flashlight with a red emergency light can help a lot.

Portability and Usability

Look for a flashlight that has a carabiner clip so that you can attach it to your backpack or pant loop when hiking. In addition, you can also attach it to a key chain. If it is bulky, ensure it is collapsible or foldable for easier packing.

For usability, some tactical solar flashlights come with magnets so that they can stick on metal surfaces. Therefore, you can keep your hands free to fix your car, pitch your tent or do some other task.

Run Time

This is about how long the flashlight can run on one charge. In addition, it is also about how long the flashlight can retain a charge. The last thing that you want is to charge the flashlight to full capacity and then find it has self-discharged when you need it.

Look for a flashlight that has a running time of at least 4 hours. In addition, some can even run for up to 10-12 hours on low beam or dim mode.

In our review section, we have also looked at flashlights that have running times of up to 7 hours on high brightness. Therefore, if you look around carefully, you will find a light that will give you good value for money.

Type of Beam

Although many of the basic flashlights have high and low beam modes, some also have more modes. For instance, some torches come with strobe beams that produce short and long flashes. These can be useful in distress situations.

On the same note, your flashlight should have a focused beam. This beam can shoot really far and it is narrow in design.

Finally, some flashlights come with floodlight beams. In addition, this kind of beam can help when you are camping, fishing or on other outdoor adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you can choose one solar panel flashlight, you might want to see the questions that most first-time buyers ask:

How much does a flashlight weigh?

This depends on the design. For example, a simple flashlight with hand cranking can weigh about 80g. However, solar flashlights and solar lanterns can weigh much more than that. For example, their weight can start at 200g.

How does a solar flashlight work?

A solar flashlight works as follows. First, it needs to be charged. You can charge it by leaving it in the sunlight for some time. In addition, you can also charge it with a USB cable if it has such a provision. On the same note, if it has a hand-cranking mechanism, you can crank it the recommended times to charge it.

What is a hybrid solar flashlight?

This type of flashlight uses solar panels for charging, and it can also use replaceable batteries as a backup power source. Therefore, when the solar panels are not charging, you can charge it from another charger at home. Usually, such torches come with a USB charging cable.

How bright are solar flashlights?

Once again, this depends on the one that you buy. Some can have brightness levels of up to 250 lumens while some can have as low as 50 lumens. In addition, it also depends on the design of the flashlight. For example, some have bright, warm white light. On the other hand, others have blue or purple-tinged light. Of course, white light is the brightest.

Solar Powered Flashlight Reviews

When ordering a solar panel flashlight online, you find so many varieties that it is hard to choose the best.

However, we have done the footwork for you. In addition, we have compared the best solar torches and selected these ten for you.

1. NPET T09 268 Lumens Solar Flashlight

NPET solar flashlights come to win many models. For instance, this is the T09, but when ordering online, you will also have the opportunity to order models such as T08-2, T10-2, T10-5 and P70. On the same note, the T08 and T09 models are the cheapest ones. Keep reading to see the features of the NPET T09.


One of the things that most people want to know is where the solar panels for the torch are located. In this case, they are on one side of the torch. Therefore, to charge, you will have to expose the solar side to the sun. In addition, the torch integrates a 2000mAh battery. Therefore, it can charge during the day so that you can use it at night.

The torch is a true workhorse and it has features to back that claim. For instance, it has magnets that attach to any metallic surface so that you can have your hands free. Therefore, you can place it in the most convenient place in your car when fixing it.

This torch comes with 7 working modes. For instance, in high headlight mode, the running time is a maximum of 6 hours. In a medium, side white lamp and flashing modes, the battery can last 7 hours. On side red light mode, it can last 7 hours. In addition, changing between modes is simple too.

The torch also has safety features. For example, it has a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. Therefore, if you ever are stuck inside your car, you know what to do.

We could go on and on about the features, but they are so many. However, good as it is, this solar powered flashlight still has a disadvantage. It is too heavy! Therefore, holding it for long in your hand can cramp your wrist, especially if you are using it as a spotlight to focus on a certain task.


  • The tactical design has safety features
  • Has USB port to charge your devices
  • Long illumination distance of up to 700 feet
  • It is water resistant
  • It has a compass on the bottom


  • Brightness could be higher

Bottom Line

While it has its disadvantages, this flashlight has more pros. In addition, with a compass, the option to charge it with electricity and many working modes, this flashlight gives value for money.


2. MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

You might want to get the MECO hand-cranking solar powered flashlight for your car’s emergency light. In addition, when embarking on an outdoor adventure such as camping, hiking and so on, you might want to take this flashlight. In addition, it is an affordable option for an emergency flashlight.


First, you must be wondering what hand-cranking means. However, this is a surefire way to keep your flashlight working even when the batteries are not charged. When you hand-crank it for the recommended time, the internal gears turn, in effect charging the batteries and you can have light.

The small solar panel is located on one side of the flashlight. Therefore, when you expose it to the sun or artificial light, it will charge the batteries. In addition, you will have hours of running time from the LEDs. You never need to run out of light with this flashlight.

You can also attach this light to your backpack when you are hiking because it has a carabiner clip. However, even if you have to carry it in your hand, it is light in weight at 86g only.

If you love reading under the covers, you might love this flashlight, again, thanks to its low weight. In addition, the three LED beads offer a good amount of light, which is soft to the eyes if you want to read with it.

There are many good things about this small light. However, it has a disadvantage because it doesn’t have a long-running time. In addition, the three LED beads cannot offer the kind of brightness that you can use to do tasks.


  • Price is affordable
  • Has a good quality build with a strong plastic cover
  • The light is very simple to use
  • Hand crank mechanism means you will never run out of light


  • The brightness level is low

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cheap, simple flashlight, you might love the MECO hand cranking one. In addition, it can make a good gift for a child or friend.


3. ThorFire Hand Crank Solar Powered Flashlight

Nice name for a flashlight and it is also nice to have the hand-cranking system because it means that you will never run out of light. However, for the high price that you will pay for it, you should know whether it has the features to justify it. Keep reading.


The first and of course the most noticeable feature is the hand-cranking mechanism. It means that you can crank it to charge the battery so you can have light. Therefore, you need not fret because of the days that you forget to charge it in the sun. In addition, this flashlight’s hand-cranking is very efficient. If you crank it for 1 minute, you can have 1 hour of light.

If you are a GI Joe, this flashlight is going to be suitable for you. There are many reasons for that. First, it has a high-quality build and it is shockproof. Therefore, when you drop it, it will not sustain damage. Secondly, it is waterproof with a rating of IPX6. Consequently, this means it remains waterproof for up to 45 feet of water.

When using this solar flashlight, first, you can charge it for an hour in direct sunlight to get 2 hours of light. However, it comes with three working modes, which include 1 LED, 3 LED and SOS flash mode.

In spite of many features and good build quality, this light still comes with a blue-tinted light so it is not as bright as white light.


  • Good looking and stylish design
  • Hand cranking means you will never be out of light
  • Waterproofness is a good deal
  • Can have a long-running time after charging fully


  • This light is dim so it might not serve as a good focus light
  • It is costly

Bottom Line

This is hand-cranking light without too many bells and whistles but it does its job well. However, it would be much better if it had white light.


4. Delxo Solar Flashlight

You can buy the Delxo Patriot flashlight in either black or red color. In addition, you can get the 2-pack option, which saves money. Since this is a tactical flashlight, it comes with safety and emergency features. Of course, we shall look at some of these in the upcoming sections.


First, you can charge this flashlight using the sun since it has a nice built-in solar panel. However, at the same time, you can also charge it with a USB cable, which is in the package. In addition, it has a 2000mAh battery. On the same note, once it is fully charged, the torch becomes a power bank. You can use it to charge your smartphone, iPad or other devices.

This is not only a flashlight, but it is also a survival tool. For example, it comes with a seat belt cutter, which can help to free you if you are stuck. Additionally, it also has a window breaker. That way, you can get yourself out of a car accident easily.

If you worry about durability, this flashlight is rugged in design. Besides, it is also water-resistant and if you drop it, it resists shock. The body of the flashlight is made of anodized aluminum alloy for durability. Therefore, if you are an avid outdoor adventurer, this solar torch might suit you just fine.

This torch also offers different lighting modes. For example, it has a headlight mode that can run for up to 6 hours. Medium, flashing and side white lamp modes can run for 7 hours. In addition, flashing and slow flashing modes and switching from one mode to another is ever so easy.

This is a durable flashlight but it comes with one disadvantage. For instance, it has a buzzer button, but the siren sound it produces is so low, like what you would get from a toy.


  • Versatile uses such as camping, car and hiking
  • Can charge using solar or USB cable
  • It has tactical survival and safety tools
  • Strong and durable build


  • Long charging time with solar power of up to 30 hours

Bottom Line

This multi-use tactical light can serve you well while requiring minimal care and maintenance. However, it will cost you slightly more than what you would pay for other lights.

5. PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Flashlight

When you need a surefire solar powered flashlight for camping, hiking, car emergencies and even for home use, you might want to try the PrimalCamp. In addition, the price of this light is affordable so you can even buy a couple or three of them.


This torch comes with a hand cranking and generator mechanism. Therefore, if the batteries run out of charge at night, you can crank it up for 6 minutes to get 1 hour of light. Cranking it is so easy and even kids can use this light.

When you have the time to charge the batteries, just turn the solar side of the torch up. In addition, this small solar panel also recharges the batteries even with other light sources. Therefore, you will always have light.

Another feature that you will be happy with is the carabiner clip. Therefore, you can hang this flashlight on your belt loop, backpack strap and any other place that has a loop or strap. Consequently, portability need not be a problem.

Lastly, you need to know how much light you will get from the LEDs. In the same line, there are 3 LED beads in this flashlight. Therefore, they might be able to give you a decent, not stunning, but a decent amount of light.

There is a small disadvantage to the PrimalCamp Hand Cranking Solar light. The addition of the hand-cranking system makes it seem bulky.


  • Hand cranking means you will always have light
  • Portable design with carabiner clip
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • It sells with a satisfaction guarantee for a refund if you don’t like it


  • The light could be brighter
  • Does not have different lighting modes

Bottom Line

For the price that you will pay for this flashlight, you will get a durable design and build. However, it is just a basic torch without too many bells and whistles.


6. Simpeak Hand Cranking Solar Powered Flashlight

Having a rechargeable solar flashlight is not only recommended but it is a safety measure. When traveling, you should toss one in your pack and when driving, have one in your glove compartment. In that case, you might consider choosing the Simpeak hand-cranking solar torch. But first, you need to know its features:


Of course, the most outstanding feature that this light comes with is the hand crank mechanism. Therefore, if you forget to charge it, you can crank it to light up. In the same line, you can crank it for 1 minute to get 10 minutes of running time.

Secondly, when you have to charge it by the solar panel, just place it in such a way that has exposure to the sun. In addition, you can also expose it to a lamp or any other source of light and it will still charge.

Third, the build quality of this flashlight is good. Therefore, you need not worry about damage when you drop it. At the same time, it has a carabiner clip, so you can attach it to your backpack. If the sun is behind you, attach it facing it so that it can continue charging as you hike.

The torch comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. However, there is no information about whether you can replace it. However, the body has screws so most probably you can. However, you would need to refill the screws with silicone to prevent water from getting in.

The only disadvantage that you will get with this light is that the hand crank and generator charge the batteries ever so slowly. 1-minute cranking for 10 minutes of lighting is on the lower side.


  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Light in weight so it is easy to hold for a long time
  • Fits easily in the pocket
  • Good build quality with an army green color


  • It is not very bright

Bottom Line

This small, affordable solar flashlight is simple to maintain and use. However, its brightness level could be better.


7. Goal Zero Torch 250 Solar Flashlight

With the Goal Zero solar powered tactical flashlight, the main thing that stands out is its design. In addition, it is effective at lighting because it can give light with a brightness level of 250 lumens. In the same line, as you delve deeper, you will see that it has other attractive features.


First, by design the LEDs are on the side rather than at the head as you might have seen with other flashlights. Therefore, you get a bigger and brighter light. In addition, you can also use this light as a spotlight to focus on a task or you can use it as an emergency red light.

This flashlight also comes with two lighting modes. For instance, with the bright mode, it can run for 7 hours. In addition, in dim mode, it can run for up to 48 hours on a full charge. On the same note, the battery is an impressive 4400mAh. Large capacity batteries hold the charge for longer and they produce a brighter light.

Third, to make sure that you always have a working light, there are three modes of keeping it powered. For instance, there is a USB cable for DC charging. Obviously, this will charge faster than the solar panels. In addition, the torch has a hand cranking system that will give you 2 minutes of light for 1 minute of cranking. Lastly, you can charge it in the sun.

The only disadvantage that you will get with this light is that the rubber parts start getting sticky after some time.


  • Long-running time especially in dim mode
  • Has a USB cable to charge your devices
  • Can use it as a flood light to light your campsite
  • Three different charging options are a great deal indeed


  • Takes too long to charge fully in the sun
  • The solar panel does not charge at all on cloudy days

Bottom Line

You can convert this torch to a power bank and charge your devices when out of the home. Besides, the hand-cranking and USB charging options are good extras to have.


8. XREXS Solar Powered Flashlight

XREXS makes it to the list of the best solar powered flashlight reviews because of its stylish design and functionality.  Therefore, if you are looking for a versatile torch that you can use for various purposes, you might want to try this one. However, first see its features.


Firstly, this solar flashlight is also a survival tool. Therefore, it comes with some safety features that you mostly find in military or tactical tools. For instance, it has a window breaker. Therefore, if you lock yourself inside your car, you can break out. In addition, it also has a safety belt cutter. You can use the cutter to cut cords and ropes at home or when camping.

Secondly, you can set the torch on any metallic surface using its magnet. That way, you can direct the beam to the part of your car’s engine that you are repairing. For that reason, this flashlight comes in handy when you have roadside emergencies.

Thirdly, this solar flashlight has a rechargeable 2000mAh battery, with solar panels on one side. Therefore, when you have the time, set it somewhere so it can charge using the sun. In addition, it takes a bit longer to charge fully, you know, up to 30 hours, but it will have a long-running time.

Fourthly, just like many tactical flashlights, this one also comes with a high-quality build. For instance, the body is made of anodized aluminum alloy. Besides, it is also water resistant and shockproof.

Despite all the good things that this flashlight has going for it, it still has some disadvantages. For instance, many users decry its low quality. However, this seems to be a thing with isolated cases but still, it is worrying.


  • This is a survival tool with safety features
  • Bright and dim functions for the front light
  • Has a sidelight, which is good for lighting
  • Good for outdoor uses


  • Sometimes it fails to charge with solar
  • The price is high

Bottom Line

The XREXS solar flashlight is good for people who are looking for a survival flashlight. It comes with many safety features and the build quality is good. However, all these features push the price up.


9. Operkey Camping Lantern Portable Solar Flashlight

From the title, you can learn that this is a combination of a solar flashlight and lantern. Therefore, you can expect it to be super bright. However, design alone does not make a good torch. Therefore, you need to see its features.


This is a dual function flashlight. You can use it as your camping, hiking or fishing lantern. However, despite its bulky looking build, it is still light in weight at 317g only. By design, you can hold it by the included strap so that it illuminates torch-style from the head. However, at the same time, you can also set it upright as a lantern.

The solar flashlight lantern uses a 1800mAh battery. In addition, when the battery is fully charged, you will get a running time of 10 hours. In addition, you can charge it using the included solar panels or by DC using the included charging cable.

It should be easy to transport or store this light because it comes in a collapsible design. At the same time, when you collapse it, you can tuck it away in the smallest space in your backpack. This makes it easy to travel with the lantern for hunting, backpacking, hiking, camping and other outdoor adventures.

In spite of this light comes with many features, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, you cannot be sure of its durability. It has many joints and collapsing and uncollapsing it might wear it out fast.


  • Good brightness levels
  • Can run as long as 12 hours on flashlight mode
  • Light in weight and has a strap for holding it
  • Usable as a lantern or as a flashlight


  • It has a charging port but it seems to charge Android devices only

Bottom Line

This solar flashlight is going to give you good value for money. In addition, it has a nice, portable design and with good care, it can last a long time.


10. HybridLight Solar Flashlight

This is a simple, efficient and nicely built flashlight. In addition, it can charge with a USB cable or solar. Since the torch has a high-quality build, you can take it to power your way through different outdoor adventures. However, read on to see its features.


The Hybridlight solar flashlight is so-named because you can charge it using the built-in solar panels. In addition, you can also charge it using the provided USB cable. However, it does not come with a wall charger.

It has a USB charging port. Therefore, you can use it to charge mobile devices. Therefore, when charged full, use it as a power bank to charge your phone when traveling.

When lighting up, the flashlight has two modes. For instance, you can use the low beam mode, which can run for 25 hours. In addition, you use it on high beam mode with a running time of 7 hours. In addition, if you charge it fully and not use it, it will retain it for years.

In spite of the many features and high-quality battery, this flashlight has one disadvantage. For example, the provided USB port cannot charge an iPhone.


  • It has a long-running time even when used on high beam
  • It is waterproof for up to 3 meters immersion in water
  • Charges fast using the provided USB cable
  • 160 lumens of white light is really bright


  • The battery is not removable
  • It will be ruined if you drop it

Bottom Line

This torch comes with many high-quality features. In addition, it gives a white bright light so you can use it for task lighting. Therefore, we can conclude that it gives value for money.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Choosing the best solar flashlight need not be too hard if you have information. In addition, a side-by-side review article such as this one can truly help you.

In this case, we highly recommend the NPET T09 268 Lumens Solar Flashlight, you can use it for different purposes including camping, hiking, fishing, car emergencies and even indoors as a backup light for the blacked-out days.

However, all the torches that we have reviewed here, including the solar flashlight with the phone charger are going to serve you well.

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