How to Choose Solar Light?

Lights are among the essential utilities in our daily lives. They bring light to us every night so that we can do whatever we want in the dark. We just can’t imagine life without lights.

However, as lights consume much energy every day and we have to pay the bills each month, solar-powered lights emerge as the times require. Meanwhile, traditional lights are exhausting resources and emitting pollutants. Therefore, to protect the environment and save money, many people begin their green lives by using solar lights.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Lights on Amazon


Solar lights have a variety of features and types, also, buyers may have some questions about them, and there are four main factors you need to consider when choosing one.


Being water-resistant and weather-resistant is one of the most significant qualities when we choose solar products. They are even more important for solar lights because most of the lights are likely to be used for outdoor purposes. For example, solar garden lights or pathway lights have to be installed outside and work outside for a whole life. Then they have to be extremely water-resistant.

If the solar lights are high-level waterproof and weatherproof, they can withstand any bad weather conditions ranging from rain to big snow. They can deal with such weather situations, so you don’t have to protect them additionally.

A perfect solar light should come super powerful weatherproof and waterproof, particularly for the solar panels.

Brightness modes

To ensure a better user experience, designers always give top priority to the brightness modes when manufacturing solar lights.

There are multiple solar lights in the market and people shop for them for various destinations. Usually, they can use the lights indoor and outdoor. When using indoors, you may need the lights to be as bright as possible because it is too dark in the buildings at night. While when using them outdoors, you may want them to be less bright to ensure a romantic ambiance.

Sometimes, the brightness level causes troubles, for example, high brightness leads to bad sleeping quality. Also, they are bothersome for people who live near your house.

We suggest you buy solar lights with adjustable brightness modes. In that case, you can adjust the brightness level flexibly and freely.

Automatic on/off

Including an automatic switch matters too. Solar lights take advantage of advanced technology, being smart and automated is just what we expect. This function can set our hands free.

With the assistance of the automatic on/off switch, users don’t have to set the working mode manually, which is effort-consuming. After turning on the switch, they start to work with self-service. During the daytime, they stay off and receive sunlight automatically, and after sunset, the lights turn on automatically to brighten the areas. For the sake of an emergency, some solar lights include a manual option to turn on or off.

At least, for users who have a bad memory, the auto-switch provides a big help. Users can relax because they offer the perfect performance automatically.

Solar power wattage

Solar power wattage plays a direct role in the charging of the solar lights. It is related closely to the working time of your solar lights. Usually, peak sunlight hours and solar power wattage can influence the charging process.

Peak sunlight hours can be decided by the location, season, weather conditions, and the angle of the solar panels. If you are from an area where the peak sunlight hours are fewer than 6 hours, you’d better shop for solar lights with a larger solar power wattage.

Solar Lights Frequently Asked Questions


How do solar lights work?

Like many other solar products, solar lights work with solar power. But the answer should be detailed so that you learn some relative knowledge.

Owing to the photo-voltaic technology, solar lights have built-in solar cells or solar panels that are responsible for collecting sunlight. When you put the solar panels under the sun, they will receive the sunlight and produce solar power. Then, the power will be converted into energy to activate the lights.

Some solar lights include integrated rechargeable batteries which can save sufficient power. So you can use the lights even when there is no sunlight. And solar lights feature an automatic on/off switch that regulates the lights automatically.

Why should I buy solar lights?

Unlike traditional lights, solar lights benefit our life in several different ways.

As we all know, solar lights are powered by solar energy that is a kind of natural power. In other words, as long as users expose solar panels to the sun, the solar cell begins to gather sunlight to produce green power to charge the lights. Through that way, the lights can operate without either polluting the environment by emitting toxic gases or deplete any nonrenewable resources.

Moreover, by using solar energy, the solar lights can keep working constantly without stop because of grid-off or some other reasons. Most solar panels of the lights can generate power all through the year, although the efficiency could be reduced by fewer sun hours in Winter.

Furthermore, it is safer to choose solar lights compared with conventional lights. For one thing, you don’t need to design complicated wiring which may bring about some potential dangers. For another, solar lights always come with an auto-switch, which helps to improve safety.

What factors to consider when choosing a solar light?

Different users have different purposes, so the manufacturers provide various options. And you should select the most appropriate one according to your requirements. Using a place is the first consideration for you. You have to decide where you are going to install the lights, at least make clear that the light is for indoor or outdoor.

Lights types are also important. There are multiple options, like modern, simple, chic, or antique. The main function of the lights is also different. Some people buy solar lights for security, and some others use them for decoration purposes.

Solar String Lights Reviews

1. Brightech Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

Are you looking for a pack of solar string lights? Well, Brightech Ambience Pro string lights are the first on our recommendation list. They are designed in vintage style, appropriate for decorations. Searchers would better not miss that good product.

One of the wonderful features of this model is its beautiful design. They use vintage Edison bulbs that are shaped pretty and antique. Therefore, if you use these lights to add atmosphere to your garden or patio, you will be surprised. And they are heavy-duty, so you can mount them freely without worrying about the weight.

Besides, they are very tough and sturdy to use. The lights are supported by weatherproof technology. They can deal with bad weather like rain or snow. Also, they can withstand the wind of 50MPH. Even being used for outdoor parties, they won’t be damaged. Plus, the bulbs are made of shatterproof plastic which can feature heat resistance of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Something else that you would like is replaceable bulbs. If some of these lights go die, you can replace them yourself, which is convenient and cost-effective. Also, they can be charged by both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight, although the charging efficiency can be reduced under indirect sunlight.

However, the defect is that the lights can only work for 6 hours after being charged fully.

To conclude, despite the comparatively shorter working time, the lights are ideal for any ambiance activities.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • Vintage designbeautiful
  • Replaceable bulbsconvenient
  • Wireless installation easy to ground
  • Shatterproof bulbsdurable 


  • Short working time under the expectation
  • Not bright enoughinconvenient


2. OxyLED Solar Garden Lights – 3 Pack

OxyLED solar garden lights are another decorative lights to recommend. They have a colorful appearance and light. If you are looking for some solar lights specially for holidays like Christmas, you can check them out.

To begin with, the lights are designed into different shapes, for example, a butterfly. These animal-like looks make the lights attractive and festive. The shade material is crystal clear acrylic, which allows the light goes through the shade. With such lights in your garden, the place will look like a fairy tale.

Besides, the lights come with an automatic on/off switch. After installing the lights into the ground, you need to press the switch manually to allow the lights to work. Then they will receive the sunlight and produce solar power to charge the lights. When dusk comes, the lights turn on automatically. And on the next morning, they turn off.

Moreover, the installation is easy. Since they are solar-powered, they don’t need complex wiring. You simply stick them into the soft ground with the included stakes and poles. The poles are made of heavy-duty stainless steel.

On the other hand, there are some defects. Some users complain that the lights are so colorful that they can decrease the sense of fashion.

In a word, in general, they are the perfect option to decorate your garden or yard during the festivals.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • Ambience designbeautiful
  • Colorful lights lovely
  • Wireless installation easy to ground
  • Auto-switchuser-friendly 


  • Too garish some users mind this
  • Easy to be brokeninconvenient


3. Signature Garden Solar Garden Lights – 6 Pack

If you are looking for solar lights for your backyard or garden, you can check the Signature Garden 6 pack solar garden lights out. Designed especially for gardens, the models look beautiful and elegant. Plus, the material of the lights is stainless steel that is strong and durable. So why not take a look?

To begin with, the garden lights come with a high level of water resistance and weather-resistance. As a result, the lights can withstand any weather situation including terrible ones. Even encountering a stormy day, the lights can handle it and stay good. So users don’t have to protect the lights on bad days, which makes people relax.

Something else that you would like is a simple installation. Since the lights are solar-powered, they don’t need any wires to access the electricity. In that case, what buyers only need to do is mount the lights into the garden ground with some included stakes. That is quite simple and easy for any users even those who are not good at installations.

Moreover, these garden lights come in a six-pack. So if you need more than two lights to decorate your patio or garden, this pack will satisfy your requirement. And the lights’ shape is a round, which allows the illumination to radiate in 360 degrees, providing the most light to brighten your garden.

However, there are also some defects. For example, only in direct sunlight, the models can be fully charged, which is hard to meet sometimes.

In conclusion, despite the minor defects, they are good choices for your garden because they come with multiple wonderful features.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 6-pack more light spots
  • Stainless steel materialdurable
  • Simple installation easy to ground
  • Shaped in a roundlooks beautiful 


  • Need direct sunlight demanding for weather
  • Inappropriate LED snuginconvenient


4. URPOWER 2-in-1 Solar Spotlight – 2 Pack

URPOWER 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED solar lights are adjustable and made of high quality. They are designed in three different colors, including cool white, warm white, and multiple-color. They look cool and elegant. But this model comes in two packs, and they are shapes round in dial.

The first feature that we would like to talk about is the installation option. They have two installation options. You can ground them on the ground with sticks. Or you can fix them on the wall using screws. Both the two ways are wireless. And they can work as landscape lights to your decorations, or work as normal lights to brighten your way in the front door or driveway.

Another wonderful function is that they feature two brightness modes: low light mode and high light mode. But the two modes consume different amounts of solar energy. If you use the high light mode, they can work for 6 hours, and if you turn on the low light mode, they can work for 10 hours. To meet the energy consumption, you need wider solar panels.

Something else you may be interested in is automatic on/off switch. They can automatically turn on when the sun goes down, and turn off when there is bright sunlight. So you don’t have to turn them on or off manually. You just need to enjoy their service without care.

However, there are shortcomings too. Some users complain that the lights go fade after using for a long time. And the working hours can be heavily influenced by the direct sunlight hours.

All in all, there are always two sides to a coin. If you pay attention to the functions they provide, you can check them out.


  • IP65 waterproofbetter protection
  • 2 packsmore light spots
  • Two installation optionsuser-friendly
  • 2 brightness modes easy to use
  • Automatic on/off switcheffortless 


  • Need direct sunlight demanding for weather
  • Shorter lifespanneed to change after a while


5. LEREKAM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights – 2 Pack

LEREKAM 12 LEDs solar Landscape Spotlights are made by a famous lights brand named LEREKAM, so their quality can be guaranteed. Solar lights beginners can have a try. They come in several sets.

To begin with, these lights are of good quality. They are made of high-impact ABS plastic, and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, which promoted the sturdiness of the products. Plus, there are four different colors for you to choose from cold white, multicolored, warm white, and black. You can select the most appropriate color according to your house style.

Besides, these solar lights are IP65 waterproof, which ranks at the highest level among this kind of light in the market. With such outstanding water-resistance, the lights can deal with any weather conditions even the most terrible ones, like heavy rain or a storm. And even in Winter, you don’t need to add extra protection to the lights. They can get through the winter outdoors.

Moreover, they feature two brightness modes. There is a low light mode and a high light mode. When you need slight brightness, you can choose the low light mode, which can extend the working hours to 12 hours. And when you need higher brightness, you turn to high light mode(working for 6 hours).

However, they also have some defects. For instance, they have no motion sensor, so you have to operate them manually.

In conclusion, if you don’t mind operating the lights manually, you can choose them because they are high-quality and multifunctional.


  • IP65 waterproofbetter protection
  • Four colorsmore choices
  • Two installation optionsuser-friendly
  • 2 brightness modes easy to use
  • Long battery lifedurable 


  • Need direct sunlight demanding for weather
  • No motion sensorneed to operate manually


6. Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights – 2 Pack

Aootek 182 Led solar outdoor lights are another popular product on our recommendation list. They are designed for the outdoors. The lights contain 182 LEDs, which largely improve the brightness. So these lights are the perfect choice for security purposes.

One of the wonderful features of these lights is the included sensitive motion sensor that can detect people from an angle of up to 120 degrees. And the detection height can reach 26 feet. This is a very vital feature for lights used outdoors, for it helps to brighten the place whenever there is motion.

Another amazing feature is that the lights come with multiple working modes. They have three operating modes. When you choose the security mode, the motion sensor will turn the lights on or off automatically. When your select the permanent-on mode, the lights will turn on throughout the whole night. And when you press the smart-brightness-control, the lights will keep on all night and become brighter when detected motion.

Besides, they are IP65 waterproof, which is quite a high level for solar outdoor lights. When you install the lights outside, you don’t need to pay extra attention. They can withstand the terrible weather from Summer to Winter. So there is no additional payment for maintenance.

On the other hand, the shortcoming is that you have to unscrew the model when you want to switch the working mode, which is inconvenient.

All in all, although they have minor shortcomings, they are still attractive due to the multiple functions.


  • IP65 waterproofbetter protection
  • 182-LEDbrighter
  • Easy installation user-friendly
  • 3 working modes easy to use
  • Motion sensorsmart 


  • Need direct sunlight demanding for weather
  • Complex to switch the modeinconvenient


7. Ring Solar Path lights

If you are looking for solar lights that are super smart and enhanced by hi-tech, the Ring solar pathway lights are the perfect option. They are designed mainly for pathways. Upgraded by advanced technology, these lights are easy to control. Also, they are chic and simple.

First of all, they can work with ALEXA. As long as you connect the Ring app with the ALEXA device, you can control the lights through voice. By saying ‘ ALEXA, turn on the lights ’ to the device in your room, you can turn the lights on. Also, you can manage the setting on your phone. When there is motion, the lights will send notifications to your phone. This is intellectual and convenient.

Besides, the lights come with an automatic motion sensor. The sensor is very sensitive and can detect motions quickly, so it can work as security lights too. For example, if there is a thief in your yard, the lights can detect him and send you the message.

Moreover, the lights are easy to install. Although they use advanced technology, they don’t need complex to assemble and settings. You just need to stick them into the ground along your pathway, they begin to work. After connecting them on the app to the ALEXA, you don’t need any manual operations.

On the other hand, they have disadvantages too. They need a bridge to connect to WIFI, and you need to buy it separately.

In a nutshell, if you don’t mind paying more money, you can have a try. They won’t let you down.


  • IP66 waterproofbetter protection
  • 80 luminabrighter
  • Work with ALEXA user-friendly
  • 3 working modes easy to use
  • Motion sensorsmart 


  • Need bridge to access to WIFI extra money
  • Only one colorlimited options


8. TomCare Upgraded Outdoor Solar Landscape Lights – 4 Pack

TomCare solar lights are a set of torch lights. So if you are looking for solar tiki torches to replace your old real flame torch lights, you should check these lights out. They are designed professionally and safely.

To start with, the package includes all needed accessories like the lamp holders, poles, and stakes, with which, you can install the models easily. Usually, users choose to mount them on the ground. Plus, the torchlight is up to 43 inches in height, which favors reaching the optimal illumination.

Something else that you would be surprised about is the auto-switch. The torch lights feature an auto-switch that turns the lights on when the sun goes down and lit up the areas. In the same way, when dawn comes, they turn off automatically. In this way, the lights can save energy.

Besides, the lights have a built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery. It takes about eight hours to get the battery fully charged, and then they can support the lights to lit up for up to 12 hours, which is sufficient for any night activities.

However, they have some shortcomings too. For instance, the finish of the lights is plastic, which is easy to get broken.

In conclusion, if you can tolerate minor shortcomings, they are the perfect option for you because all the key features are included, so you’d better not miss them.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • LEDsafer
  • 43-inch in heighttall enough
  • Auto on/off switch convenient
  • Lit up for up to 12 hoursperfect performance 


  • Plastic finish easy to get broken
  • irreplaceable battery under the expectation


9. Alpha 180X Solar Flagpole Light

Apart from those lights designed for normal purposes, there are solar lights for professional purposes too. The Alpha 180X flagpole light is particularly designed for a flagpole. So if you are looking for solar flagpole lights, you’d better not miss them.

First, the lights are weather-resistant and waterproof, which allows them to work outdoors safely and carelessly. As long as you mount them on the poles, they start working without further protection or operation. All the working processes are automatic, so they save energy too.

Moreover, there are up to three brightness modes for you to choose from. The modes include a low light mode, a normal light mode, as well as a high light mode. They radiate the light with a bottom lumen output of 60 lumina and atop one of 230 lumina. Correspondingly, the working hours vary from 6-hour to 12-hour. This is convenient and user-friendly.

Furthermore, the light comes with 35 packs of white LED, which release a beautiful white beam at a 60° beam angle, ensuring an all-rounded space coverage. Also, thanks to the multiple brightness modes, the flagpole light can be brightened according to your requirements.

On the other hand, there are complaints too. Some buyers complain that the illumination is a little dim and they can only be mounted to the poles.

In summary, if you don’t mind the small shortcomings, this flagpole light is an ideal option, for it comes with plenty of practical features and functions.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • 35-packbrighter
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • 3 brightness modes convenient
  • Automatic switcheffortless 


  • Not bright enough under the expectation
  • Limited mounding wayinconvenient


10. Gama Sonic Bulb-Double Head Solar Lamp Post

GS-94C-D Victorian Bulb-Double headlamps are manufactured mainly for your front yard, back yard, or decks. They are designed in a two-pack. And they are colored black that makes the lights very vintage and elegant. So if you are looking for decorative solar lights, these are recommended.

One of the most wonderful features we would like to talk about is automatic on/off switch. The lights come with a sensitive built-in photocell sensor. After users turn on the working mode, the models start collecting sunlight and produce solar energy. When dusk comes, they can automatically turn onto lit up the way. And when dawn comes, they will turn off without pressing. Thus, the light can save much energy and effort.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the installation because it is simple. Since the lights are wireless, users only need to hang them on the top of the poles and stick the holes into the ground, they will begin to work. During the night, they keep the way bright, and during the daytime, they are good decorations of your yard.

surprisingly, they barely need regular cleaning or maintenance. After you mount them on the poles and turn on the working mode, they will work automatically. If you want to keep them clean, you can take down and wipe the solar panel occasionally.

On the other hand, the defect is that you have to switch the brightness modes manually. That might bother some users.

In a nutshell, despite some manual operations, they are the perfect option for people who are looking for back or front door solar lights.


  • Waterproofbetter protection
  • Nice appearancebeautiful decoration
  • Easy installationuser-friendly
  • Adjustable solar light convenient
  • Automatic switcheffortless 


  • Not bright enough dim
  • Need choose the modes manuallyinconvenient

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great solar lights on the market to suit almost any requirements. If you have decided you’d like to purchase one but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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