How to Choose Solar Lights for Shade?

You’ve heard about solar lights and their benefits. You want to save costs or help the environment by going solar. But you live in an area that does not receive as much sunlight as necessary to power a unit. Or you probably have shaded areas that need lighting.

So, you wonder if it’s a good idea to invest in solar lights despite this. The answer is yes. But, you can’t go for just any unit as not all solar lights work in such areas.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Solar Lights for Shades


The efficiency of Solar Panel and Battery

It would help if you considered a solar panel that properly absorbs sun rays because you need to illuminate shaded areas. Still, the battery must have a high capacity to store this energy. Lithium-ion batteries are a favorite as they have a big capacity.

The brightness of Bulb

The brightness depends on the area you want to illuminate. If it’s a very dark area, you might need LEDs with very high capacity. The same goes for those who need to use the lights for security. You need the lights bright enough.

Light Technology

If you prefer lights with sensors, then you must check how intelligent the system is. Why? The light can self-regulate, meaning you don’t have to control it all the time. For instance, a preferred option might be a set with automatic on and off switches. With this, the lights go on at dusk and off at dawn.

On top of that, a light that has a motion detector might be a good option. This feature can help you conserve power. For instance, if you choose a mode that only comes on when somebody is approaching, the light can save energy.

  • Solar panel and battery must be efficient
  • LED bulbs work best
  • An intelligent light can help you conserve energy

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it easy to install solar lights?

Yes. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and most of the lights come with instructions on how to set up. You don’t need an expert to install the unit. Besides, some of the lights require a step as simple as just sticking it into the ground.

Which brands do most people trust when choosing the best solar lights for shade?

The market is full of options. However, not every set of lights can serve you as preferred. Therefore, some of the most popular solar light brands for shade are Litom, Amir, and Urpower.

How do I maintain solar lights for shade?

The best way to get the most out of a solar lighting system is buying keeping its panels clean. This way, you can enjoy the brightest lights under shades. Still, you must ensure batteries are changed whenever they have outlived their usefulness to avoid damaging the set.


Lighting shaded areas can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what to look for when buying the lights. But, if you buy an efficient solar panel and battery, you’re likely to get the desired results.

Also, getting LED bulbs and a motion-sensitive unit will help you illuminate properly and save energy for use later.

Of course, to enjoy the benefits, you must take proper care of your solar lights.

Solar Lights for Shade Reivew

1. URPOWER Solar Lights for Shade – 2 Pack

These lights might be ideal if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t need tools to fix. They come with stakes if you want to use them along your pathways on the ground. Also, a set of screws can help you hang them on a wall if you have a broader area to cover.

Because they come with a 270-degree adjustable solar panel and a 90-degree adjustable light head, getting maximum sunlight is not a challenge. Additionally, you can easily illuminate any area with an adjustable light head.

Still, these lights are easy to install. You can either stick them on the ground or hang them on the wall to illuminate your pathways or yard.

We also like that these lights have an automated switch. The button comes on in the evening and off at dawn. This quality makes these lights great for power-saving.

On top of that, you can adjust the intensity of light. You can either go for low or high light, depending on your needs.

Over and above that, this set has an IP64 water-resistance feature. This quality means that harsh weather does not easily damage the plastic lights.


Despite this system being IP64 waterproof, some of its components, such as the panel’s housing, are not sealed. The downside to this is that water can easily seep into the unit and cause damage. That notwithstanding, the other items are water-resistant.

Bottom Line

When it’s all said and done, these lights are easy to install and give you the option of deciding how much light you need at any given time. However, you might need to cover your solar panels when it rains to prevent damage. A recommended pick.


  • Adjustable panel – ensures maximum exposure to sunlight
  • Adjustable light head – easy to focus light on the specific area
  • Automatic on/off buttons – self-regulates, helping you save energy
  • Two intensity modes – can switch between high and low lighting
  • IP64 waterproof material – plastic lights can withstand rain and snow


  • Not all components are waterproof – can be destroyed by heavy rain
  • Can’t tolerate extreme heat intensity – cracks under high temperature


2. GIGALUMI Solar Lights for Shade – 12 Pack

For those with landscapes or driveways, this set might be what you need. Besides, if you prefer a subtle light that gives your outdoors a warm glow, these lights might be worth looking into. They are also great for outlining your home border.

One advantage of this set is the automatic on and off button. You don’t have to remind yourself to put off the lights at dawn. The upside of this is that you can conserve energy.

Additionally, these lights have stainless steel stakes. This feature can help you avoid rust that can come with years of exposure to water when it rains or when you water your garden.

Besides, this stainless steel material protects the lights from overheating. This aspect also means you can get the most out of these lights as they are durable.


The downside to these lights is that they may not shine bright enough if you’re looking for lights to illuminate every part of your yard. Despite this, the lights still provide enough illumination.

Bottom Line

All factors considered, these lights are ideal for anybody who prefers stainless steel because of their durability. Also, the fact that you can stick them into the ground makes them the right choice for walkways and driveways. But, you might have to pick other options if you’re looking for brighter lights.


  • Automated switch – great for energy conservation
  • Stainless steel material – offers protection against harsh weather and is durable


  • Not bright enough – might not illuminate as per your preference


3. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights for Shade – 8 Pack

If you’re looking for solar lights for your shaded areas that are rustproof, this set might be worth considering. The lights are easy to assemble.

The advantage of these lights is that they are made of glass and stainless steel. These features enable you to use the lights for long because they are protected from rust.

Besides, these lights are easy to install because you don’t need extra tools to set them up. Also, they are wireless, making them neat to fix. This feature helps you to avoid wires creating a mess in your garden.

What’s more, the unit comes with an automatic on and off function. With this aspect, you can preserve energy, only lighting your areas when necessary. The lights come on at night and automatically go off in the morning. This also means you don’t need to attend to them.

Moreover, you can leave the lights on for eight to 12 hours without worrying about draining the battery. The battery lasts till morning if properly charged, allowing you to keep your pathways and gardens well lit.

On top of that, the lights are IP62 weather-resistant. This means your lights can be out in the rain, snow or be exposed to frost without damage. The beauty of this weatherproof feature is that the lights can serve you for many years, saving you costs.


On the downside, the stakes can be very delicate and easily break and might not stand firmly on the ground. Due to this, you might need to handle them with extreme care when setting up.

Bottom Line

All in all, this set of lights is great value for money. It is ideal for those who want to keep their lights rust-free. However, if you have kids or pets and are afraid they might knock them over, there could be other options.


  • Stainless steel material – protects from rust
  • Wireless installation – avoids messy cables
  • Eight to 12 hours of light – you can leave them on overnight
  • Automatic on/off switch – conserves energy
  • IP62 weather-resistant – no damage by rain or snow


  • Fragile stakes – easily break


4. InnoGear Outdoor Solar Lights for Shade – 2 Pack

Should you be in the market for a panel that is easy to rotate, this light could be worth looking into. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a solar light that is adjustable, you can consider this option.

The beauty of this spotlight is that you can turn the panel 180 degrees up and down. Also, the light head can also pivot 90 degrees. These qualities enable you to get maximum light from the sun at any angle and illuminate your garden as far as possible.

Besides, these ABS plastic lights are durable, serving you for many years. Additionally, the solar panels are monocrystalline, making them more efficient by converting energy 30% faster than other types.

What’s more, you can set the solar lights on two modes depending on how long you want it to stay on. The high mode gives you bright light but stays on for only six hours. On the other hand, if you leave it on the low mode the light illuminates softly but lasts 12 hours.

Moreover, the lights automatically go on or off depending on the lighting in its surrounding. This means when there is another source of light nearby, the spotlights go off and vice versa.

Also, this set has FCC, RoHS and CE certification, meaning it is safe to use.


On the downside, these lights are not water-resistant, meaning there might be a risk of damage by rain, snow and frost. But, they are made of high-impact ABS plastic, which in most cases will help them withstand harsh weather.

Bottom Line

When you consider everything, these lights are valued for money. If you want an adjustable panel and light, they do the job. But, if you are looking for a product that is waterproof, you might have to go for another option.


  • Adjustable panel and light – good exposure to light
  • Made of high-impact ABS plastic – makes them durable
  • Two lighting modes – you can control the intensity
  • Automatic on and off – conserves energy
  • FCC certification – safe to use


  • Not water-resistant – the risk of damage by harsh weather


5. MAGGIFT Solar LED Garden Lights – 8 Pack

If you’re looking for a set of solar lights that you can raise from the ground depending on your needs, you can consider this unit. These lights are ideal if you’re also looking for a water-resistance feature.

We appreciate that these lights have an automatic on and off switch. This feature helps you to save energy because the lights automatically go off in the morning. Also, you don’t have to worry about switching it on at night, meaning if you arrive home late you’ll find a well-lit pathway.

Moreover, the set comes with two stakes. You can use the normal stake or the raised one. The beauty of this is that you can elevate the light from the ground in case of rain to protect them from debris. In addition, you can illuminate a bigger space with elevated stakes.

Besides, the lights are neat to install because they are wireless.


One feature you might not like about this set is that the bulbs are slightly small. Therefore, they might not illuminate as brightly as you’d prefer. However, for most people, the brightness is enough.

Bottom Line

Generally, these lights are ideal for anybody looking for adjustable length. You can raise them high or leave them near the ground to illuminate as you prefer. But, if you would like very bright lighting, you might have to settle for other options.


  • Automatic on and off switch – doesn’t need much attention
  • Normal and raised stakes – adjust the length as you desire
  • Wireless installation – no messy cables running through your garden


  • Slightly small bulbs – lighting might not be as bright


6. TONULAX Solar Lights for Shade – 2 Pack

In case you’re looking for a set of lights that blend in with your plants, this option might be right for you. It comes in the shape of a multi-colored lily that harmonizes your garden.

We like that this unit comes with an upgraded solar panel. This wider panel can absorb sunlight faster, making it efficient for a day without strong rays.

Furthermore, the lights come with a 600 MAH battery, which you can conveniently replace should you need to do so.

On top of that, the glass is weather-resistant. Why? It is IP65 rated while the stem is made of metal, making it durable. Also, the IP65 rating makes it suitable for use when it’s rainy or snowy without damage.

What’s more, the stem and leaves are easy to bend in any direction because they are supported by iron wire. This quality gives you the flexibility you need to shape the light for maximum illumination or if you want it to focus on one area.


One thing you might find challenging with this set is shaping the leaves and stems without breaking them. Why? The leaves and stems can be quite fragile. Therefore, you have to handle them with care.

Bottom Line

When you consider all factors, these lights are valued for money. Their lily-like design combined with an upgraded solar-panel makes them ideal for your garden. If you constantly need to shape them, you have to handle them delicately.


  • Upgraded solar panel – absorbs and converts more light
  • Replaceable 600 MAH battery – convenient to change
  • IP65 weather-resistant – suitable for any weather
  • Flexible stems and leaves – you can shape any way for maximum lighting


  • Fragile base – leaves can quickly detach from the stem


7. Magictec Solar Lights for Shade – 2 Pack

If you want a solar spotlight that you can either stick on the ground or mount on a wall, you might like this option. It is ideal if you want to have the option of where to position them for maximum illumination.

We appreciate that this set of lights comes with a 180-degree adjustable solar panel. This feature enables you to adjust the panel depending on the direction of the sunrays. Therefore, the panel can absorb as much light as possible whether on a sunny or slightly cloudy day. If you only get a few hours of sunlight per day, you can also maximize that.

Besides, the light head is also adjustable up to 90 degrees up and down. This quality helps you to comfortably focus your light on any area.

Also, the manufacturer has used ABS materials on the solar lights, making them heatproof and can survive bad weather. These features prevent the lights from being destroyed by water and heat.

What’s more, you don’t need cables to set up the lights. You can install wirelessly and avoid having wires, which can be easy to trip on as you walk on your pathway.

Additionally, the lights use a GTR lighting system, which brightly illuminates your garden.

On top of that, you don’t need to keep attending to the lights. Why? They come with an automatic on and off switch. This means you can also avoid wasting energy by keeping the lights on longer than necessary.


On the downside, these lights quickly go off when they detect another lighting in the surrounding. This aspect can be quite inconvenient if you come home to a poorly lit pathway.

Although they are claimed to be waterproof, there is a risk of water getting in.

Bottom Line

All in all, this set of lights offers value for money. They are automatic and the panel is easily adjustable to face the direction of the sun. However, if you have a sprinkler and risk water damage, there could be better options.


  • Adjustable panel – absorbs maximum light
  • Flexible lights – face any direction to illuminate areas
  • ABS materials – heatproof and slightly waterproof
  • Wirelessly installed – no tripping over cables
  • GTR lighting system – bright illumination
  • Automatic on/off switch – conserves energy


  • Sensitive to another lighting – goes off easily
  • Not completely waterproof – can become waterlogged


8. Linkind Solar Lights for Flower Beds – 4 Pack

Should you be looking for lights that are not quickly discolored due to exposure to UV rays, this option might be worth your investment. They might be worth considering if you also want to avoid damage by harsh weather.

We like that these lights have anti-UV material. This means your lights are likely to retain their original color even after exposure to UV rays.

Besides, you get to decide where to position them. You can either fix them on the ground or mount them on the wall for the desired lighting.

Also, the lights are IP67 waterproof. In case of bad weather such as heavy rain or snow, you don’t have to worry about destruction, which helps you avoid replacement costs.

Moreover, you can choose from two lighting modes. If you want the light to be on for 12 hours, then you can settle on the dim mode. On the other hand, the brighter mode will offer you lighting for six hours.

What’s more? The lights automatically go on in the evening and off in the morning, helping you save energy. Additionally, they can detect other lighting in the surroundings and adjust accordingly.

Besides, this set comes with 180-degree adjustable panels. This feature boosts efficiency as the panels can be adjusted according to the direction of the light. Also, the lights can move up and down up to 90 degrees, helping you illuminate a bigger area.

On top of that, this unit has passed the CE and FCC tests, making them safe for use.


On the downside, these lights are not as bright as advertised. If you want a very bright light for your outdoors, this might not be it.

Bottom Line

When you take everything into consideration, this set is a valuable investment if you want waterproof lights that don’t discolor. However, you might have to go for another option if you want very bright lights.


  • Anti-UV material – prevents discoloration
  • Two installation options – stick on the ground or hang on the wall
  • IP67 waterproof – comfortable use under any weather
  • Two lighting modes – helps conserve energy
  • Automatic on and off switch – doesn’t need round-the-clock attention
  • 180-degree adjustable panels – absorbs maximum sunlight
  • 90-degree changeable light – illuminates a bigger area
  • FCC certified – safe to use


  • Overly sensitive to motion – can keep flickering on and off
  • Not very bright – limited use to areas where you only need dim light


9. AMIR Solar Lights for Flower Beds – 1 Pack

In case you’re looking for a set that can give you up to 14 hours of illumination and still have adjustable panels and lights, this option might be worth looking into.

These solar lights are IP65 waterproof. Due to this quality, you can comfortably use your lights under harsh weather. These lights are not damaged by rain, frost or snow. If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather most of the year round, these features might come in handy.

Also, you have a choice between two modes of lighting. You can use dim light for eight hours, which is pretty decent lighting. And, if you want the illumination that goes up to 14 hours, you can keep your lights on low mode. These qualities make this set convenient to use and give you full control of your lighting system.

What’s more, an automatic on and off switch helps you to save energy. Your lights will begin illuminating your pathways at dusk and go off at dawn when you have natural light.

Besides, the unit comes with a set of screws that make it easier for you to mount on the wall. Whether you want to illuminate your driveway, pathways or gardens, you can either stick the lights on the ground or hang them up.


What might be a deal-breaker is that the screws are not very long and so you might not be able to hang your light firmly. However, if you’re using the lights on the ground, this is not a challenge.

Bottom Line

Generally, this set is a good investment which gives you long hours of illumination and is suitable for harsh weather. You might need longer screws to hang the light properly.


  • IP65 waterproof – no damage from rain, frost or snow
  • Two modes of lighting – convenient to use
  • Automatic on and off switch – runs on its own
  • Two installation options – you can fix it on the ground or hang it on the wall


  • Slightly short screws – mounting can be a challenge


10. Sunlitec Solar Lights for Shade – 2 Pack

If you are looking for a set of lights that have the feel of torches with real flames but are still safe to use, these Sunlitec ones could be worth considering. The lights have a warm, yellow glow.

We appreciate that these lights are IP65 weather-resistant. Therefore, they can withstand harsh weather. Whether it’s winter, summer or rainy, the lights will illuminate without damage.

What’s more, even in winter you can get five hours of light from this set. However, you need to charge it fully for it to illuminate properly.

Besides, the lights are wireless and don’t need cables during installation. This feature keeps your outdoors neat and without the risk of people tripping on wires.

In addition, you have two options on how to set up the lights. You want to stick them on the ground or mount them on a wall, depending on the area you wish to illuminate.

On top of that, the lights automatically go on and off. This means you don’t have to keep checking on them. Still, you can save energy by avoiding unnecessarily having the light on because they only start illuminating at dusk.


The downside to this set is that the lights can be quite light, making them easy to knock over. This also means in the case of strong winds they bend, making it hard to illuminate properly.

Bottom Line

When all factors are considered, this set offers value for your money. It’s ideal for those looking for wireless installation and weatherproof lights that give a glow like a real flame. But, they need the care to prevent them from being knocked over.


  • IP65 weatherproof – suitable for any kind of weather
  • Winter lighting – gives five hours of illumination
  • Wireless installation – no risk of tripping on cables
  • Two ways to position them – mount on the wall or stick on the ground
  • Automatic on/off switch – conserves energy


  • Quite light – easy to knock over


When you have considered everything, the Urpower set has the best solar lights for shades. Why? These lights have an adjustable solar panel, which makes it easier to chase that sunlight no matter the direction.

Besides, you have the option of either hanging them on the wall or fixing them on the ground. This aspect makes it easier to use in whichever space you have to position your lights for maximum illumination.

Still, Urpower lights don’t need round-the-clock attention because they have an automatic on and off switch. The beauty of this feature is that it also helps you to conserve energy. Also, controlling the intensity of the light is in your hands.

What’s more, the IP64 water-resistance rating makes them suitable to use anywhere. Whether you live in a hot or rainy state, these lights are suitable for any weather.

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