How to Choose Solar Lamp Posts?

Whether it’s for your garden, driveway, or backyard, a solar lamp post is a nice decorative and functional addition. Not only do they make your space prettier, but they give it additional brightness too.

Traditional electric lamp posts were hard to install and high-maintenance, making them a non-option for most households. Thankfully, solar technology has now made it possible and affordable to have lamp posts around our homes.

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying Solar


Despite the various design options, solar lamp posts share the same basic features, like the key ones we’ve listed below.

The type of solar lamp post you should purchase ultimately depends on your personal preference. However, allow us to suggest a few key features to watch out for when buying solar lamp posts.

Desired Height

  • Pick a height that suits the lamp post’s surroundings.
  • Ensure the solar lamp post you pick is not too tall that it ends up overpowering the environment. You don’t want your solar lamp post sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • You also don’t want your solar lamp post too short and hidden from your view. It won’t serve its intended purpose as a lighting source if it’s shorter than other elements in your landscape.

Preferred Temperature

  • The temperature of the lighting tone of your lamp posts will depend greatly on what you want to achieve.
  • If you want to achieve a friendly environment and cozy ambiance, go for warmer tones.
  • If your goal is to provide your space with really bright lighting, then cooler tones are the way to go.

Type of Installation

  • Solar lamp posts still require installation, although the process isn’t as complicated as electric lamp posts. Of course, the first step is assembling the parts, regardless of what installation type your posts are.
  • Solar lamp posts come in two main types: planter-based and stake or anchor system in terms of installation or mounting.
  • As the name implies, planter-based solar lamp posts come with planters or planter boxes. These planter systems serve as the base that provides support for your lamp post. To make this base stable, you will need to fill it with soil, rocks, or plants like a regular planter. The advantage of a planter-based solar lamp post is that it can be mounted on either the ground or concrete.
  • The anchor system of solar lamp posts, on the other hand, comes with large stakes for burying into the ground. To achieve stability, you would have to bury this relatively deep, so your lamp posts are held securely in place. This type of lamp post is ideal for installing on gardens or in tight spaces where planters may not fit. Because they are also secured deep on the ground, they may withstand external elements, like strong winds, better than planters.

Solar Lamp Posts Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of having a solar lamp post?

  • The top benefit of having solar lamp posts is adding a beautiful and functional lighting accent to your outdoor space.
  • Solar-powered lamp posts are clean and environmentally friendly forms of energy because their operation does not produce harmful emissions.
  • Also, because it is powered by sunlight, it’s a very sustainable form of energy. It also means there will be no ongoing costs, saving your monthly electricity bills a fortune.
  • Again, because the energy source is the sun, solar lamp posts can be used in extremely remote areas without electricity.
  • Having solar lamp posts is also easier to install. You can do it yourself as there is no complicated wiring, eliminating the need to hire an electrician for installation.

Do solar lamp posts produce the same brightness as electric lamp posts?

  • It is a common misconception that brightness is related to the power source. This notion is not necessarily true.
  • The key to achieving a bright solar lamp is picking one with higher light output or otherwise known as lumens.
  • Whether your energy source is electric or solar, lower lumens result in dim lighting while higher lumens emit brighter light.

Will my solar lamp post still work during the wintertime or stormy cloudy days?

  • Solar-powered lights still work despite minimal exposure to sunlight. They will still work as bright as their lumens indicate.
  • The difference is that their light-up time may be shorter because they aren’t exposed to full sunlight. A solar lamp post that works a good eight hours with full sun exposure may only last 4-6 hours otherwise. The charging time is dependent on a few elements, such as the manufacturer and the solar panel quality.

Solar Lamp Post Reviews

1. Gama Sonic Baytown Ez Anchor Solar Lamp Post – 78″ High

Gama Sonic was established in 1985 initially as a manufacturer of emergency lighting solutions and other electronics. Their brand has since evolved into creating and marketing various solar-powered lighting in addition to a wide array of products.

The Baytown Range of Gama Sonic is among their brightest solar lamp products, with a 130-lumen level. The great thing about this range is it comes available in warm white or cold, bright white. It may look simple in terms of design, but you can pick the temperature you are after.

Another thing we love about the Baytown from Gama Sonic is its impressive 10-12 hour working time on a full charge.  It probably has one of the longest solar lamp posts light-up time at the moment. It also comes with automatic operation in that it intuitively turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

Height-wise, the Gama Sonic Baytown range is about 78 inches or 6.5 feet tall. The height is perfect for pretty much any environment. It’s not too tall to overpower the house when mounted on the front yard or driveway. It’s also not too short that it gets hidden under the shrubs or bushes of your backyard garden.

The Baytown is also quite easy to install. Although it comes with a stake system installation, there is not much digging needed. This solar lamp post brand comes with an EZ-anchor base for ease of installation. Simply use the auger and turning bar (included in the pack) to anchor the base securely onto the ground.

Finally, the Gama Sonic GS-105S-G comes with a waterproof cast-aluminum, tempered glass, and monocrystalline make, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Perhaps the only criticism we have with this range of solar lamp posts is its very simplistic design. If you’re after an extremely decorative lighting piece, this may not be for you.

Overall, if you don’t mind a simple yet relatively affordable and feature-rich solar lamp post, consider the Gama Sonic GS-105S-G.


  • Bright and versatile – 130 lumens, available in warm white or bright white.
  • Long working time – up to 10 to 12 hours on a full charge.
  • Automatic and intuitive operation – on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Just the right height at 6.5 feet.
  • Easy installation – secure without digging using the EZ-anchor base.
  • Durable, waterproof materials.


  • Extremely simplistic design.


2. Gama Sonic Everest Downlight Solar Lamp Post – 79″ High

The next solar lamp post product on our list comes from Gama Sonic too. This time, it comes from the Everest Series – Gama Sonic’s more expensive solar lamp posts range.

What the Baytown lacked in design, the Everest range definitely made up for. The design is a cross between the industrial urban lamp post and modern pendant lamp style. If that wasn’t enough, you could also pick between two classic color options: black or green.

The price may be more on the high side, but so is its height. The Gama Sonic Everest is 92 inches or 7.7 feet tall. It’s the perfect decorative lighting solution to complement multilevel homes or gardens with tall shrubs and trees.

In terms of installation, you also have a few options here. It has concrete bolts included for easy mounting onto concrete surfaces or pavements. If using your garden or ground landscaping, a separately sold auger kit is available for helping with in-ground installation.

Brightness is also a key feature of the Everest, thanks to its 200-lumen capacity with a warm white light tone. This combination achieves the perfect balance of an ambient, cozy, and relatively bright lighting solution.

The rest of its features are similar to the Baytown, such as the dusk-to-dawn automatic operation and its weather-resistant and durable built.

Needless to say, price is a setback for the Everest range. It’s priced at always twice as much as most solar lamp post brands in the market. However, it may be worth it if you have the budget and wouldn’t compromise on aesthetics.

Ironically, another setback ties in with one of its standout features – the installation versatility. If you’re looking at mounting it on the ground, you would have to separately purchase the auger kit.

In summary, the Gama Sonic Everest is a great decorative and functional lighting solution for areas surrounded by tall structures.


  • Appealing design – a crossover between industrial and modern style with two color options.
  • Versatile installation – mount on concrete or overground.
  • Bright yet warm white – 200 lumens.
  • Ideal for tall surroundings with a total lamp height of 92 inches


  • Relatively expensive – costs twice as much as most solar lamp posts in the market.
  • You need to purchase an auger kit separately to mount overground.


3. Sterno Home Outdoor Solar Lamp Post – 76″ High

Sterno Home is a California-based company specializing in stylish lighting and decor for indoor and outdoor settings. The brand falls under the parent company Sterno Products, known for manufacturing various table lighting and portable food warming solutions for both consumer and hospitality industries.

The GL42309 is Solar Home’s second generation of solar lamp posts and is an updated version of the first generation GL23716BK. An attractive feature of the GL42309 is its gorgeous vintage design and, more importantly, its affordability.

But what really makes the GL42309 stand out to us is the amorphous make of its solar panel. Amorphous panels are generally more durable because it is more tolerant of defects compared to crystalline panels. So, even if part of the panel gets damaged, the unit’s overall output power is not compromised. Another advantage to amorphous panels is they work well despite low light conditions, so it’s perfect for those cloudy days.

The GL42309 provides 60 lumens of warm white light, which gives out just the right level of ambient brightness. This solar lamp post is energy-efficient, with an average run time of eight hours when fully charged. It is also equipped with dusk-to-dawn technology, automatically turning on at dusk and switching off at dawn.

Finally, the unit comes as a three-piece kit, which makes for an easy installation. The mounting type is via anchor screws on cement or wood. Both types of screws are included in each set you purchase, which adds to its convenience.

The only thing with the GL42309 is you may find the 60-lumen brightness inadequate, especially if you’re after an extremely bright light. Also, because its anchor system relies on screws, it may not be ideal for mounting on soft ground.

In summary, the Solar Home GL42309 is a top consideration for an affordable solar lamp post with mid-level brightness.


  • Affordable and stylish – vintage design.
  • Amorphous solar panel – durable and works well in low-light conditions.
  • Dusk-to-dawn technology and 60-lumen warm light brightness.
  • Versatility in screw anchoring – comes with both cement and wood screws.


  • The 60-lumen brightness may not be enough if you’re after extreme brightness.
  • Not recommended for soft ground due to its screw mounting type.


4. Sun-Ray Solar Lamp Post and Planter – 84″ High

Sun-Ray is another Amazon retailer of outdoor solar products, such as solar lamp posts and solar patio umbrellas. Versatility is one of the key features of the Sun-Ray 312065.

First, it offers versatility in light temperature choice, allowing you to switch between white or amber lighting. This is done by the use of the power switch, conveniently located near beneath the solar panels. Use white light when aiming for brighter illumination, and switch to amber for a warmer hue. Amber light is much less diffuse in fog, so it tends to be brighter than white light in gloomy weather.

The second feature relating to versatility is Sun-Ray’s 312065’s dual mounting options. It comes primarily as a planter-based system, with a beautiful flower pot planter serving as the base. Simply fill this pot with 50 lbs of material to keep it in place, whether on concrete or on the ground. If you prefer a more secure in-ground mounting, use the mounting hardware included with the kit instead.

The planter-based design of the Sun-Ray 312065 also adds a great decorative element to your outdoor space. This 7-feet tall planter system has built-in arm hooks so you can feature your most beautiful potted or hanging plants. It also gives you a bit of color variation as these solar lamp posts come available in bronze or white.

Going back to lighting, the Sun-Ray 312065 is equipped with automatic switch technology. This feature sets your solar lamp post to automatically turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn.

One unattractive point of the Sun-Ray 312065 comes from the design of the planter base’s bottom bowl. This comes as a two-part assembly fixture with tabs that hold them together. Taking these tabs off to assemble the base was very difficult and took us nearly 40 minutes to do. On the plus side, assembling the entire solar lamp post system was easy as soon as we got past the tab-removing stage.


  • Versatile temperature choice – white or amber.
  • Versatile mounting option – planter or in-ground.
  • Great decorative features –built-in arm hooks and flower pot vase.
  • Automatic switch technology – on at dusk and off at dawn.


  • Tabs on the bottom base bowl extremely difficult to remove.


5. Kemeco Solar Post Lights – 3.12″ High

Kemeco is an Amazon retailer of solar lamp posts. Kemeco has quite a few pieces on their solar lamp range with various design and mounting options. We picked the Kemeco ST4311AQ post lights to be part of our list due to its unique mounting option. While most solar lamp posts come with either a stake or a plantar base, the ST4311AQ comes as a standalone feature.

It’s a great solar lamp post option for mounting on your existing fence posts or other existing elevated surfaces. It also works as a traditional lamp post, provided that you have a 3-inch round post to mount it onto. This versatile mounting option simply gives you endless possibilities of how tall or short you want your solar lamp post fixture to be.

Other than versatility in lighting options, the Kemeco ST4311AQ also comes available in either black or white. We think it’s a great feature that allows you to match or at least complement the mounting surface’s existing tone. The design of the lighting fixture itself is super attractive, especially when lit up at night.

Another design element that we love with the Kemeco ST4311AQ is the functional location of its switch button. It is conveniently located underneath the solar panel for ease of operation. Turning this switch on will activate the lamp to automatically turn on at dusk.

Speaking of lighting, this 145-lumen monocrystalline solar lamp post has a warm white tone to it. This level and temperature of power output make it the perfect balance between achieving functional and pleasant lighting.

Finally, the Kemeco ST4311AQ is made of low-maintenance, durable, and weatherproof materials. If that’s not enough reassurance, the product also includes a one-year warranty for any defect and workmanship issues.

Our only gripe with this Kemeco solar lamp post fixture is the fragility of the screws used to enclose the batteries. You need to be extremely cautious when screwing them on, behind mindful it’s not too tight. Otherwise, you risk breaking or permanently jamming it in place, preventing you from replacing the batteries in the future.

Another obvious possible setback is that you would have to purchase around the post separately if you were after the traditional solar lamp post look.

Overall,  the Kemeco ST4311AQ is an ideal solar post light choice mounted on almost any surface.


  • Versatile mounting and height option – mount on existing flat surfaces or your choice of rod height.
  • Versatile design choice – available in black or white.
  • A perfect balance of brightness and temperature – 145 lumens white light.
  • Long-lasting and weatherproof with a one-year warranty.


  • Extremely fragile screws – breaking it may prevent you from future battery changes.
  • Does not come with a post to mount on.


6. Kemeco Solar Lamp Post Light – 76.25″ High

ST3248B is another solar lamp post light product from the Kemeco brand. If you were impressed by Kemeco’s features yet put off by the unincluded lamp post, this might be your pick.

If the Kemeco ST4311AQ came as a standalone lamp, the Kemeco ST3248B comes as a complete package. It comes with a post and base, adding up to a solar lamp post height of just over 6 feet.

If you also weren’t feeling the classical design of the ST4311AQ, the Kemeco ST4328B may be more of your style. It comes in a cube-shaped black lamp, making it the ideal decorative addition to a modern-style home.

The Kemeco ST4328B is made of a combination of cast-aluminum metal, ripple glass panels, and monocrystalline solar panels. This material combination ensures that the product lasts long, is durable, and weather-resistant. Like the rest of the Kemeco solar lamp post series, the ST4328B also comes with a one-year warranty following the purchase date.

Lastly, Kemeco ST4328B is easy to install and equally as easy to maintain. Assembling the post is as easy as screwing the three posts atop each other, without needing additional hardware or tools. Mounting is also easy as the pack comes with a base with anchors for mounting on soft ground surfaces. Maintaining it involves just a gentle wipe with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water.

Unfortunately, the fragile screw issue we had with Kemeco’s ST4311AQ is also an issue we faced with ST4328B. You may want to use sturdier screws instead of the included one.

Additionally, the brightness may not impress you if you’re looking for a super bright solar lamp. The Kemeco ST4328B has a lumen output of 115, which is generally lower than similar products on the market. It also comes with a warm white temperature, so it’s bound to be less bright than cooler lamp tones.

In short, if warm decorative lighting is what you’re after, then the Kemeco ST4328B is a top contender.


  • Comes as a complete solar lamp post package – lamp, post, and base.
  • Modern, attractive design – cube-shaped black industrial design.
  • Long-lasting, durable materials, and one year warranty.
  • Easy to install and maintain – comes with a base anchor.


  • Not as bright at only 115 lumens of warm light.
  • Screws included in the package are not the best quality.


7. Greluna Solar Lamp Post Lights – 67″ High

Greluna is another Amazon player in the outdoor solar lighting space. This Greluna solar lamp post comes 67 inches tall and has a classic design with a black finish.

The selling point of this Greluna solar lamp post is its dual brightness feature. This setting is controlled using the low/high switch adjacent to the LED bulb. Its high setting gives up to 50 lumens of power, while the low setting emits 25 lumens.

The battery life of this solar lamp post is also pretty impressive. It lasts a good eight hours regardless of what setting it is currently on a full charge. The difference lies in the illumination level throughout the night. When placed on a high setting, the lamp emits 50 lumens for the first six hours and then 25 lumens after. On low, it gives out 25 lumens for the first six hours and only 12.5 lumens for the remaining two.

The Greluna solar lamp post is IP45 certified. This certification means that the lamp post still functions safely despite being exposed to snow or rain.

Assembly and mounting are also easy for the Greluna 67-inch solar lamp post. Putting together the actual lamp involves a quick three-step process. Mounting is also hassle-free and is achieved via the screw-on system using the screws that come included in the package. Alternatively, you can also purchase planters separately to serve as your lamp post base.

At only a maximum output of 50 lumens, the Greluna 67-inch may not be the brightest solar lamp post solution. But it does make a good warm and aesthetically- lighting addition to your outdoor space.

In short, if decorative lighting is your primary purpose in installing solar lamp posts, the Greluna 67-inch is definitely worth considering.


  • Dual brightness feature – choose between high or low setting.
  • Impressive battery life – lasts up to eight hours on a full charge.
  • IP45 certified – resistant to rain and snow.
  • Easy assembly and mounting – screws included.


  • Not the brightest solar lamp post – maximum of 50 lumens on high.


8. Lutec Solar Powered Lamp Post – 73″ High

Lutec is a China-based brand that started out as an aluminum die-cast factory. They have since evolved into manufacturing and specializing in outdoor lighting solutions, including solar-powered outdoor lights.

Brightness is what directed our attention towards the Lutec brand. Lutec London has an astonishing 300 lumens of output, probably one of the brightest in the market. This illumination level is thanks to its triple retrofit filament bulbs. These bulbs emit warm light tones, ensuring the brightness remains gentle to your eyes and not causing glare, which causes discomfort.

Flexibility in mounting is also an attractive feature of Lutec London. You can easily mount it on concrete or paved surfaces using the included metal mounting brackets. Otherwise, a special spike is sold separately by the same brand for in-ground installation.

Another plus factor to the Lutec London is its long working time. On a full charge, the unit can operate up to a maximum of 10 hours. Even on days with limited sun, these lamp posts can still reach the average 8-hour light time.

Lastly, we have to admire Lutec’s confidence in the quality of their product. This is reflected in their offer of a two-year warranty, which is always an excellent reassuring feature for any product.

However, a few drawbacks to the Lutec London are related to its design. First, the unit’s switch is enclosed within the lighting fixture. It probably would have been more convenient if this was outside, so you don’t have to open the lamp fixture.

The second is the design of its stakes. Despite being sturdy enough for mounting in-ground, it could have been stronger to ensure it withstands strong windy conditions.

Overall, Lutec London is a sure top consideration for an extremely bright solar lamp post.


  • Extremely bright at 300 lumens of warm light.
  • Flexible mounting – metal mounting brackets included for paved surfaces; stakes sold separately otherwise.
  • Long work time of up to 10 hours on a full charge.
  • Two-year product warranty.


  • The switch is enclosed within the lamp.
  • Stakes could do with improvement in durability to ensure it withstands strong winds.


9. Greluna Solar Lamp Post Lights – 72″ High

The next solar lamp post on our list is another product from the Greluna outdoor range. Besides the obvious height difference, this is also different from the previous Greluna product on this list. This is due to the design, which comes as a triple-head solar lamp post. It’s the perfect solar lamp post for beautiful decorative lighting to your front or backyard.

Installation and assembly wise, the Greluna 72-inch is pretty much straightforward. No special tools are needed, and everything you need to set it up comes with the package. Like the 67-inch, this Greluna 72-inch comes with three screws and plastic grooves to facilitate a screw-on mounting.

In terms of brightness, each of the bulbs emits an output of 15 lumens of power. This power amounts to a collective output of 45 lumens for the entire system. Despite a generally low lumen output, it’s surprising to discover that it was bright enough to adequately light up a pathway.

This 72-inch solar lamp post system also has a good light-up time, lasting around 6-8 hours at night on a full charge.

On the not-so-great side, each bulb’s 15-lumen output may be considered a setback, depending on your lighting preference. A definite setback is the base’s design, which seems disproportionate to the relatively large and heavy top. A solution is mounting it on a steadier or more secure surface, such as drilling onto a concrete or a tree stump.

In short, this triple-headed solar lamp post is one to consider for a beautiful lighting addition to your outdoors.


  • Triple-head decorative design.
  • Easy assembly and installation – comes with screws for screw-in mounting.
  • Bright enough to light up a pathway despite a low output of 15 lumens.
  • Good light up time of around 608 hours on a full charge.


  • The 15-lumen output may be inadequate for some lighting needs.
  • Base disproportionate to the top, which may make it unstable.


10. Nature Power 74″ Solar Lamp Post – 74″ High

Nature Power is, yet again, another Amazon retailer of solar-powered technology. Their online store offers an extensive range of outdoor solar products, including solar lamp posts.

Flexibility in illumination level or duration is the selling point of the Nature Power Bayport solar lamp post. It comes with two brightness settings to give you a choice of either having brighter or longer light. The high setting prompts the lamp post to operate at its brightest capacity. If you prefer a longer light up time, simply switch the unit to a low setting.

Speaking of lighting levels, the Nature Power Bayport emits a natural white light temperature. This is great for setting a neutral yet adequate lighting tone to your outdoor area.

The Bayport also comes with an attractive vintage feel, adding an admirable decorative element to your home. The lamp itself has a seeded textured glass design, which gives your lamp a touch of elegance.

Material wise, the Nature Power posts are made of cast-aluminum and weather-resistant material, ensuring a long lifetime.

We think a few things that need improvement with this Nature Power lamp post is the solar panel enclosure. The Nature Power Bayport comes with a plastic protective enclosure, as opposed to glass. Our issue with this is that plastic tends to become yellow quicker than glass, especially with constant sunlight exposure. However, this is only a general observation and not always the case, so yellowing may or may not happen with the Bayport.

Perhaps another area that needs improvement is strengthening the base and posts or re-enforcing the mounting style. Although sturdy enough for normal weather conditions, we discovered a few Bayport lamp posts have succumbed to the wrath of extremely strong wind gusts.

Overall, if you’re after a nice-looking solar lamp post with essential features, add Nature Power to your options list.


  • Flexibility in brightness level or duration – high or low setting.
  • Emits natural white light for a neutral lighting tone.
  • Attractive vintage feels – elegant seeded textured glass design.
  • Long lifespan – cast-aluminum and weather-resistant material.


  • Plastic solar panel enclosure instead of glass.
  • It could do with improvement in stability and security.


Solar lamp posts are excellent choices for a classical decorative accent outside our homes. Our current favorite is the Gama Sonic GS-105S-G, which owns the top spot on our ten best solar lamp posts list.

It has the right amount of brightness and your choice of illumination temperature for setting your perfect outdoor mood. It also comes at the perfect height to complement and not overpower its surroundings, is relatively affordable, and is durable. The  Gama Sonic GS-105S-G possesses all the elements you need to achieve a well-lit beautiful exterior.

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