How to Choose Solar Atomic Watch?

If you’re reading these reviews on the best solar atomic watches, you might wonder what ‘atomic watch’ means.

Well, without going into the whole batch of mechanics behind this, it just means that this watch is radio-controlled by low-frequency radio signals that it receives. Therefore, you might never need to adjust the time or the date. In addition, it is one of the most accurate wristwatches.

If you are a watch aficionado, you will be pleased that you can get a solar atomic analog watch that can serve you for a long time!

But that is not all really because this watch has an internal antenna. Therefore, once a day, it searches for signals from the Colorado Atomic Clock and updates its time.

Of course, there is much more than this, but we digress …

What to Consider When Buying Solar Atomic Watches


There are hundreds of the best atomic solar watches, especially from the Casio brand. Therefore, with such a mind-boggling variety, you can find it daunting to choose the first one.

Here are some factors to help you choose a good digital or analog atomic solar watch:

The locations where the watch can work

If you are a plane hopper or a globetrotter, you need to ensure that the atomic watch that you buy will work. Of course, while these watches give good value for money, they do not work in all places. However, you can consult the manufacturer to find out in which time zones the watch will work.

Power Storage

The idea behind a solar powered atomic watch is that it will charge during the day or when exposed to light. However, you also want to know that it will store the charge in the battery for future use. That way, your watch can continue working even during the night when there is no sunlight.

The advantage of solar atomic watches is their ability to charge continuously when exposed to a light source. Additionally, most of them can also be charged with artificial lighting.

The backlight

This is very important because it can determine whether you will be able to read the display by day or night.

Specifically, look for atomic watches that come with EL backlights. This has many benefits. One of them is that the backlight comes alive with the tilt of your wrist. In addition, it leaves a nice afterglow, which fades gradually with disuse.

Date Features

When traveling across different timelines, you want to know the date all the time. Therefore, you need a watch that has precise date tracking features.

In addition, the date and the day should be displayed prominently in large numbers. Besides, you want to give the watch a single glance and be able to tell the date and the time.

While not all watches can do this if you get one that can track leap years automatically, get it. In addition, it should be able to track 31-day, 28-day, or 30-day months.


Your Budget

Here, we would advise you to prioritize affordability in your selection. This is particularly important for watch enthusiasts.

You see; technology changes very fast. Therefore, what is in fashion today might become obsolete tomorrow. Consequently, you could buy an atomic digital watch today, only for something more advanced to replace it tomorrow.

On the same note, this does not mean that you go for the “dregs” of the industry. In addition, remember that price often reflects quality, but not always. Therefore, there is no way that a $50 watch will have the same feature as a $250 one.

Consequently, it is best that you consider the features first and the cost second. That way, you will not sacrifice quality because of the price.


Solar powered atomic watches can be complicated in design. Therefore, if you buy one and it fails to work as expected, you can return it to the seller for repairs or replacement. However, you can only be able to do that if the watch has a warranty.

If you can get a warranty of at least 1 year, it is enough time to know how the watch works. However, longer would be better but at times, it is what it is.

Water Resistance

This is very important especially for a person who loves the outdoors. In addition to water resistance in such a watch, additional features such as a thermometer, barometer, compass and others would be very helpful.

All the watches that we reviewed here have a water resistance rating of 100 or 200 meters. Therefore, some can be useful for scuba diving, kayaking and sailing. The ones with a water resistance rating of 100 meters might not be good for scuba diving. However, they can be good for snorkeling and swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you still need more clarification about the best atomic watches powered by solar and how they work, read the frequently asked questions here. They might help you.

Can you charge your solar atomic watch under fluorescent light?

Indeed, you can! In fact, many of the watches will charge their cells even under the firelight. Therefore, if you are camping and you have a campfire running, let your watch face the fire.

When you use fluorescent or even incandescent lights to charge the watch, it will take longer before it can charge the battery fully. Using sunshine is the best option. Therefore, if you are driving, you can remove the watch and place it on the dashboard to charge from the sun.

Will your solar atomic watch still keep time in the dark?

During the day, your solar watch absorbs light and converts it into energy that is stored in the battery. Therefore, at night it will run on the battery. Therefore, unless you have neglected to charge your watch for some time, it is always going to give you an accurate time.

What is the best solar atomic watch to buy?

There are so many of them. However, if you are asking about brands, Casio definitely takes the lead. This Japanese watchmaker has been making great watches for almost 100 years.

In addition, you can also consider watches from the Seiko and Citizen brands. However, before you buy, please make sure the atomic watch uses solar power.

Solar Atomic Watches Reviews

When you start searching for women’s or men’s solar atomic watches on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or other online marketplaces, you will find much variety. Indeed, there are thousands of these watches. Some of them cost extravagant prices while others sell at fair prices.

To help you buy a watch that will give you good value for money, we bring you their reviews here.

1. Casio GW-9400 G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

With this watch, you will get the popular G-Shock technology. It keeps a watch protected from all shocks, impact and force damages, the Rangeman GW-9400. In addition, it has become a prominent feature of Casio watches.


By construction, this is a strong solar atomic watch from Casio. First, the casing is made of superior material. In addition, it has the famous G-Shock technology that ensures that pressure, falls and shocks do not alter its operation. Consequently, the strong build ensures the durability of the watch with minimal care and maintenance.

All the buttons on this watch are cylindrical by design. In addition, they are self-sealing such that they keep debris and other foreign material out of the watch. Consequently, no water, mud or dust will find its way inside the watch.

This watch can perform many functions. If you set it correctly, one glance will show you everything you need to know about outdoor conditions. For instance, you can see the altitude, temperature and barometric pressure. In addition, the watch can store up to 40 data records.

This might be your best radio controlled watch because it receives a signal one time a day from the Colorado Atomic Clock. Therefore, wherever you are, you can trust that you are getting an accurate time. In addition, the signal helps the watch to update on dates, including leap years.

This solar atomic analog watch has many features. However, it has a few downsides too. For instance, the built-in thermometer will pick your body heat. Therefore, any reading that you get will be off.


  • Has water resistance of up to 200 meters
  • Has 5 everyday alarms
  • The watch looks quite stylish and sleek
  • It uses solar power


  • Barometer throws off the altimeter reading off
  • The thermometer will hardly give correct readings

Bottom Line

This is a good watch for outdoor activities because of its build quality and water resistance. In addition, it is designed to keep debris out of the interior electronic parts.


2. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK Casual Solar Atomic Watch

While many of the Casio G-Shock atomic watches may look almost similar from a casual glance, they are inherently different. Every single one of them has that feature that sets it apart from the other models. However, you can never really tell unless you look at the features.


This is a casual wear watch, so you might not look great in it if you wear formal outfits. However, that aside, it still comes with all of the important functions. For instance, it is an atomic watch and so it receives low-frequency radio signals from Colorado every night. Therefore, it updates regularly so that it can bring you accurate time always.

While this watch is easy to charge, you will be pleased to know that on a full charge, it can last up to 10 months on one charge. However, it is best to keep exposing it to the light so that the battery stays charged all the time.

To preserve the battery even further, this watch allows you to turn the automatic lighting on or off, as you may deem fit. Therefore, if you just want the watch to illuminate only when you want it to, you just have to press the button for that.

If you love water sports, you should definitely get this watch since it has a water resistance rating of 200 meters. However, it is recommended that you do not use it for scuba diving.

There are more features to this Casio model. However, it still has some downsides. For instance, when there is no sunshine especially in the cold seasons, it might not charge enough.


  • The resin strap is comfortable on your wrist
  • Good for water sports and marine usage
  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Can sync up to 6 times a night


  • Might fail to sync if there is too much cloud cover

Bottom Line

This watch arrives charged to level M. Therefore, it is best that you charge it to full capacity first before you can use it.


3. Casio Men’s GW7900B G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

No decent list of the best atomic watches can be complete without including at least one Casio watch. After all, Casio is one of the most progressive watchmakers of our time. Therefore, here, we bring you the GW7900B G-Shock solar atomic watch. Keep reading to see some of its features.


First, this is a G-Shock watch, which is nothing exceptional on its own. However, for beginners, a G-Shock watch comes from Casio, so you will find many of their watches labeled so. In addition, it means that the watch is resistant to gravitational shock. On the same note, vibrations, drops and pressure will not affect the operation or accuracy of the watch.

Second, this watch is accurate and it will tell you the exact world time in 48 cities. Of course, if you are a constant traveler, you want a watch like this one. It does not require you to keep on adjusting the time all the time.

Third, one of the situations that will warrant you to wear this watch is when you take outdoor adventures often. Therefore, you will be glad that this one has a waterproof rating of 200 meters. Consequently, you can use the watch for different types of water adventures such as swimming, sailing, kayaking and so on.

There are so many other features such as the choice between 12 and 24-hour format, 31 time zone usage, quartz movement and many more. However, that notwithstanding, it still has some downsides. For instance, it is not a good looker because it looks a bit too bulky when it is on your wrist.


  • Has a high-quality resin case
  • It can work in 12 or 24-hour format
  • Has alarm feature with snooze function
  • Buckle closure makes it possible to fit different wrists
  • Charges using sunlight


  • Bulky on the wrist
  • Numbers could be whiter and more legible on the black display

Bottom Line

This buy-and-wear watch might serve you well if you are an outdoor adventure lover. In addition, it resists shock from drops pretty well.


4. Casio G-Shock GW2310 Solar Atomic Watch

Imagine a solar powered watch that can go into the power-saving mode for up to 26 months when it is fully charged! In addition, imagine a wristwatch that is never wrong, that synchronizes with the official US government time daily. This is the G-Shock GW2310 solar atomic watch. But first … read about its features here.


Firstly, this is a big watch since the case measures 46.5mm. However, it is a resin case so it is not heavy and it will sit comfortably on your wrist. All the same, it is best suited to casual outfits rather than formal office wear as it is too bulky.

Secondly, this watch has large display windows. Therefore, a single glance will show you everything you need to know. This includes the time, day and date. In addition, it is a multi-band 6 watch, which means that it gets data from the UK, US, Germany, Canada and Japan.

Thirdly, when you spend the amount of money that this watch costs, you want to be sure of its durability. Therefore, in that regard, it is from the G-Shock line of Casio watches. Consequently, this means that the watch can resist shock from falls and other impacts. However, don’t expose your watch to unnecessary risks.

Fourthly, this watch is good for outdoor use, you know for camping, hiking, sailing, fishing and others. In addition, it has a good water resistance of up to 200 meters. Therefore, you can use it for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing.

There are many more features to this watch such as 4 daily alarms, an hourly signal from the Atomic Clock and a battery indicator. However, there are some downsides too. For instance, if you move too far from the signal areas, it might go a few days without receiving an update signal. This could throw its timing into whack by a few seconds.


  • Good build and design
  • The watch comes with EL Backlight and afterglow
  • Up to 200m water resistance
  • It syncs automatically with US Government time


  • The negative display (white characters in black background) can be hard to read at times
  • Won’t receive a synch signal if you do not place it upright

Bottom Line

The G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar does not come with many bells and whistles. However, it works just as advertised. In addition, if you keep it upright, it will never miss a signal update from the Atomic Clock at Fort Collins.


5. Casio GWM500A-1 G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

You will find a solar atomic analog watch from Casio and now, you might love the G-Shock GWM500A-1 digital atomic watch. Over the years, Casio watches have kept getting better. Indeed, this has led to them becoming darlings of law enforcement, military and other industries that require precision timing. See the features of this one:


The watch, like many other Casio timepieces, comes with an EL backlight. So, what is EL light on a watch? This watch illumination automatically switches on when you tilt your wrist. Therefore, the moment you move your hand even slightly, the display comes to life.

This is a G-Shock watch. Therefore, it means that the watch can withstand centrifugal forces without altering its operation. Therefore, if it drops to the floor, the shock will not affect the performance or accuracy. In addition, it can resist shock that comes from movement, being hit by jets of water and so on.

Since this is an atomic digital watch, it adjusts automatically when you change your time zone. In addition, it will charge its cell by using solar. Therefore, when you can, place it with the dial facing upwards so that it can charge.

This is a good watch by all standards. However, like any other product, it also has its flip side. For instance, it seems a bit small for a grown man’s wrist.


  • It can withstand hard outdoor use
  • The plastic band does not snag on your wrist hairs
  • It uses the sun to charge so you don’t need to buy a battery
  • Adjusts to time zone changes automatically


  • There have been complaints that it loses the time zone adjusting function

Bottom Line

The Casio G-Shock GWM500A-1 Digital Atomic Watch works just as the manufacturer advertises. In addition, charging with solar is such a big deal because solar is free.


6. Citizen Solar Atomic Watch AT8020-03L

This is one of the most beautiful wristwatches for men. Indeed, the blue dial color makes this a good watch for formal office wear. On the other hand, the artificial leather band makes it look nice for casual wear. Therefore, we can say it is a watch for all occasions.


The build quality of any watch is very important. For instance, this one comes with a stainless steel casing. Therefore, it has protection against corrosion. In addition, all buttons and keys are designed in such a way that they do not let dust, water or mud get inside. About the size, you get a masculine 43mm for the casing.

This is an atomic analog watch with Japanese quartz movement. Of course, having an analog watch has its benefits. For instance, when it fails to work, you can just reset it and it will start working. In addition, if it does not have enough juice, just charge it in sunlight or another artificial source of light.

This is a water-resistant watch. Therefore, you can wear it for water adventures. For instance, you can wear the watch for scuba diving, snorkeling, snowboarding and others. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Even the best watches in the world have their flip side and this one is not any different. For example, the numbers on the slide bezel are too small to read unless you bring the watch closer to your face.


  • Just expose it to any light and it will charge the cell
  • Has sync time adjustment for 26 time zones
  • Nice looking and stylish watch with a blue dial
  • Gives you accurate time all the time


  • The band is not going to last long

Bottom Line

This is a good quality watch from Citizen with Synchronized Time Adjustment. However, you will have to keep a keen eye on that band because it will be the first one to go.


7. Casio Atomic Solar Watch PRW3500

Casio makes many sports watches and the Pro Trek PRW3500 is one of their men’s watches. In addition, it comes with some admirable features, which we shall look at in the next section.


You might love the simplicity of this watch. Even on the face, it is not packed with buttons and stuff. It is just simple and has three display windows. One is for the time, the other is for the date and the third one shows the altitude in meters. In addition, it also tells you the day alongside the date.

This watch is going to receive updates from the government clock a few times each night. Therefore, it will synchronize to give you updated time and date, always. However, if the watch misses the signal, the accuracy range has been rated at -/+15 seconds, which is quite good.

This watch also has a rotating bezel. Therefore, since it is water-resistant up to 200 meters, you can use it as a scuba diving watch. You just need to set the bezel to align with the minute hand so that you can tell how long you have been underwater.

Since this is a multi-band 6 watch, it means that you are going to receive automatic time corrections in up to 6 countries. These include Canada, the UK, USA, Japan, Germany and China.

This is a solar powered atomic watch. However, when you charge it fully in bright sunshine, the battery can go for a full 9 months without the need for a recharge. However, the best thing is to expose it to the light whenever you can.

Despite the good build and design, the long-lasting battery and other features, this Casio solar sport watch has some disadvantages. For example, it is supposed to tell you the temperature, but the reading is thrown into whack by your body temperature. Therefore, to get an accurate reading, you would have to get it off your wrist.


  • Large resin case makes it look more masculine
  • You will get 5 alarms (one is a snooze alarm)
  • The band is comfortable on your wrist
  • Water resistance of up to 200 meters
  • Simple and uncluttered display


  • Some users have reported issues with the gray screen’s visibility
  • Also, although this is for isolated cases, some people say theirs never charges above medium

Bottom Line

This is one of the simplest Casio G-Shock watches. With just one glance, you will be able to tell the time, date, day and even altitude.


8. Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch AWG-M100-1ACR

One thing that you might love about the Casio Men’s G-Shock AWG-M100-1ACR Atomic watch is that even without signal calibration, it will still retain a -/+15 seconds accuracy. However, it has more features as you will see here.


With a water resistance rating of up to 200 meters, you can swim, shower, snorkel and even go scuba diving with the watch. Therefore, if you are a water sports enthusiast, this is the watch to go for.

This is an atomic watch. Therefore, it has a Synchronized Time Zone Adjustment function. In the same line, it can adjust automatically to tell you accurate time in the world. In addition, it synchronizes over 31 time zones and 48 cities. In addition, this is a multi-band 6 watch. Therefore, it can correct time automatically to correspond with 6 time zones in China, UK, USA, Germany and Japan.

This is a solar atomic watch. In addition, the manufacturer says that the watch can last up to 6 months of use on one full charge. However, it is a good idea to expose it to light whenever you can so that the battery stays charged all the time.

Despite the many good things about this atomic watch, it has a couple of downsides you should be aware of. For instance, the dial is small, which also means the numbers are also smaller. Therefore, it might prove a bit hard to read in low light for some people.


  • Good price considering features like alarm, stopwatch and others
  • Has a long-lasting battery on a single charge
  • Good for marine use since it is water-resistant to 200 meters
  • It has an excellent build quality


  • The readability could definitely be better

Bottom Line

This is one of the affordable G-Shock series watches from Casio. In addition, it comes with many of the features that the big boys from Casio come with.


9. Citizen Solar Atomic Watch AT9010-52E

Using the Citizen Eco-Drive technology means that to power this atomic watch, you just need to place it close to a light. In addition, this can be sunlight or it can even be an artificial source of light. Therefore, you will never miss out on the time or date.


This is a stainless steel watch. Of course, this is for both the casing and the strap. Therefore, whether you wear it indoor or outdoor, it makes no difference because it will be weather-resistant. However, such a watch is best suited for formal occasions such as work. In addition, the polished stainless steel look makes a bold statement and enhances your character.

As an atomic solar watch, you will be glad that it is synchronized with the Atomic Clock in Colorado for consistent accuracy updates. Therefore, you can be sure that the time you are receiving is accurate, all the time. In addition, you will have synchronized time in 26 cities.

This is a solar powered watch. However, it is not charged by the sunlight only. You can even place it close to a lamp and it will charge. Of course, it also has a power cell that stores the charge. This is a permanent cell so you never have to change it.

This Citizen solar atomic wristwatch has so many things going for it. However, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, it is heavy and your wrist is going to feel it before you get used to it.


  • Works in the 12 or 24 hour format
  • Has an alarm
  • The power reserve indicator lets you know how much power remains
  • The face crystal looks sleek and it does not reflect light


  • It does not adjust to a different time zone automatically – you have to do it manually
  • No information regarding warranty

Bottom Line

If you want to make a bold statement with your style, the Citizen Men’s atomic watch might help you. In addition, it is a maintenance-free watch.


10. Seiko Solar Atomic Watch SSG009

When looking for atomic watches for sale, you will definitely find one Seiko or another. Seiko is one of the most popular brand names for wristwatches in Japan. Therefore, you can trust their quality and the price is not too bad. However, first, see the features that this atomic solar watch comes with.


The watch comes with a stainless steel strap. Therefore, you can wear it outdoors in the rain and other weather. In addition, it does not sustain corrosion or rust. Besides, stainless steel on your wrist always looks good, unless it is a pair of handcuffs!

This is a big watch by many standards. Therefore, it might be better for men who have bigger wrists, than women do. For instance, the case measures 44.5mm in diameter. Indeed, coupled with the stainless steel strap, that is going to look outstanding on your wrist.

This is a radio-controlled watch. Therefore, once every 24 hours, it receives a signal from the Colorado Atomic Clock and it updates time automatically. Consequently, it will always give you a precise reading. In addition, it adjusts accordingly when it comes to differentiating from regular to leap years.

This watch comes with other features. However, the manufacturer could improve a few things too. For instance, in remote places where the signal is not available, you have to set the clock manually. In addition, when the signal is back, the watch resets itself and it seems to be off by up to 60 minutes.


  • It is a nice looking watch at a good price
  • The bracelet is comfortable on your skin
  • Resets for leap years, 28-day months automatically
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters – do not scuba dive with it
  • Has an indicator for signal reception


  • Seems to have some trouble synching in different places

Bottom Line

This Seiko solar powered atomic watch is so well made and beautiful. However, you might need to learn how to set it manually because you will be doing a lot of that.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After reading the reviews for the best solar atomic watches and the buying guide, perhaps you still have not made up your mind yet.

Don’t worry. Of course, even having to choose from 10 of the best ones is still hard. Therefore, we shall make a recommendation for you.

Try the  Casio GW-9400 G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch. This one has an excellent design and build quality. Therefore, durability is assured. Besides, it has the groundbreaking shock resistance function by Casio, called G-Shock.

Of course, even the other Casio models that we have here can meet your needs. However, check the water resistance rating, the downsides and the main features.

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