How to Choose Solar Disk Lights?

Acquiring the best solar disk lights can transform your lawn or garden.

However, aesthetic enhancement is not the only benefit that you will be getting from the solar disk lights. In addition to decorating the lawn, they also provide an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Besides, their long-running time, simple installation, durability and efficiency endear them to residential and commercial property owners.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Disk Lights


While many of the disk solar lights appear so similar, no two products are the same. Therefore, if you want to be able to pick a good light faster, consider the factors below:

The Number of Diodes

This is hands-down the chief consideration when you are buying solar lights.

LED solar lights are generally less bright than traditional lights.

However, the more the diodes, the more light you will get. In that case, it is better to avoid lights that come with 4 or 6 diodes and get the ones that come with at least 8.

After all, a decorative light should also illuminate.

The Build Quality

You will install these lights outdoors.

Therefore, you want them to come with high-quality material such as ABS plastic. For instance, it does not crack and it does not sustain damage even with exposure to different weather elements.

In addition, you also want a strong casing. Therefore, aluminum alloy or stainless steel makes perfect choices.

Since these lights are exposed, people are bound to step on them. In addition, children can interfere with them when playing outdoors. Therefore, you need them to be super strong so that they don’t sustain damage.

Weather Resistance

These are outdoor solar lights. Therefore, they are in full exposure throughout the four seasons of the year.

Of course, this means facing snow and frost, torrential rains, wind and punishing sunshine in summer.

Therefore, only the very best can survive under such elements. In addition, they have batteries, which can corrode if water gets into their compartment.

On that note, check for lights that are 100 percent waterproof.

Warranty and Price

If a manufacturer offers their product without a warranty or money back guarantee, it means they are not confident in their lights.

Therefore, always choose lights with at least a 12-month warranty. Alternatively, a money back guarantee of at least 30 days would be great.

On the same note, consider the price of the light. This is very important for various reasons. For instance, a high price for a solar light is no guarantee of quality. Likewise, a very cheap price may get you a cheap quality light that will not last.

Therefore, before you look at the price and grimace, look at the features. Impressed? Good. After that, ask yourself whether you are willing to pay for such features.

What we are trying to say here is that no price is too high if there are features to back it up.

Battery, Charging Time and Running Time

When it comes to the battery, it is the one area where manufacturers lie without batting an eyelid.

Therefore, take the figures given with a pinch of salt.

Hold that thought, we shall explain.

You see, the charging time is usually long, say, 8 hours. Therefore, you have to be patient. Unless you are using a really low capacity batter (you know, milliampere-hour – mAh rating), it takes longer to charge.

However, you should not worry. After all, the lights have all day to charge.

Regarding running time, If the small solar panels charge the battery in 8 hours, it is only fair that you get at least 8 hours of running time.

But does this always happen? No!

You see, if the weather was cloudy, you will get 2 to 3 hours of running time. It does not matter that the manufacturer has promised that you will get 5. You won’t!

Type of Light They Emit

Not all lights are equal. However, most people come to learn this when it is too late.

For instance, blue, yellow, green or other color-tinted solar lights will not be as bright as white lights. However, such color tints can help if you are looking to create a disco mood.

On the same note, warm white LED light is duller than plain white light. Therefore, use that information to help you choose what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions for Solar Disk Lights


Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you navigate the complicated world of outdoor solar lights.

Can you mow over disk lights?

Some sources say you can if you have installed the lights flush to the ground. The reason for this is that you have to leave a couple of inches of grass when you mow.

However, as a rule, just don’t. It is not safe because light could have popped out of its base. In addition, the mower has suction so it will definitely dislodge the disk light.

What are the best solar disk lights?

Popular brands in the market include Gigalumi, Solpex, and Ionlyou. However, other brands are good enough as well, so whichever you buy is going to serve you well.

On the same note, the blanket judgment of brands may not serve you. Therefore, investigate each by the products it offers, their features and so on. Things like warranty, frost-resistance and others come in handily.

Do solar disk lights need maintenance?

In the dry and cold seasons, these lights do not need any maintenance. They are self-maintaining. In fact, all of the ones we have brought you here self-switch on and off automatically.

However, in winter, you will need to wipe the snow off so that they can capture whatever little sunshine they can. In addition, after rain, wipe them with a damp piece of cloth to eliminate any water stains.

Apart from those few things, these lights will work just fine with minimal interference from you.

Solar Disk Lights Reviews

The search for the best solar powered disk lights and other outdoor lights is never easy. There are so many of them.

Besides, there are many counterfeit products masquerading as the real thing. That is why you need to read solar disc light reviews before you can buy one.

1. DUUDO Solar Disk Lights – 8 Pack (Top Pick)

The combination of stainless steel and ABS plastic material makes these lights good for any weather. If you are looking for easy-to-install solar lights, your search stops here with the DUUDO 8-LED pack of 8. However, see the features of the lights first …


Every light in the pack comes with 8 LEDs. In addition, it also has its own 600mAh battery to store the charge. Singly, the light may not seem so bright but when installed in a sequence, they give enough light. In addition, these lights can have a running time of up to 10 hours after a bright day of charging. However, remember to peel off the plastic covering on the panels.

Because of their ease of installation, you will find the lights very versatile to use. For example, you can install them on one or both sides of the driveway to mark the boundaries. In addition, you can install them around the garden, footpaths and other spaces. Since they are 100 percent weatherproof, they will not sustain damage from snow, wind or torrential rains.

If you travel for a vacation, these lights can work with other lights such as porch lights, shed lights and others to keep your home secure. On that note, they switch on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. However, when installing them, turn on the switch below the shade so that they can start charging.

Despite many obvious advantages, these lights still have one disadvantage. For instance, they install a flat and sometimes flush to the ground. Therefore, they collect debris easily, which may hinder how they work.


  • Install low to the ground so people don’t stumble on them
  • Solar conversion rate is pretty high at 14%
  • So simple to install
  • For a pack of 8 lights with 8 LEDs, the price is good


  • The stakes are fat so they resist going into the ground
  • The warranty could be better

Bottom Line

The price for these 8 LED disc lights is really good. However, they have a very basic warranty so returning the lights can be a hassle. On the other hand, they work as advertised.


2. GIGALUMI Solar Ground Lights – 8 Pack

The GIGALUMI lights feature a classic style, which gives your garden, driveway, garden path or any space that you install them quite a transformation. However, vintage, classic or contemporary are just styles. Therefore, when it comes to effectiveness, the features matter a lot.


First, you need to charge these solar LED lights for a full 6 hours before you can use them. Therefore, you can leave them charging in the morning so that they harness energy from the sun for up to 10 hours. Moreover, from 6 hours of charging, you will get about 10 hours of running light at night. Comparatively, that is not a bad bargain at all.

Secondly, the build quality of these lights is quite good. Since they are installed on the ground, you might be afraid that people will trample on them. However, be true as that may be, they can withstand 100kg of weight. In addition, the casing is made of stainless steel, which is quite resilient against time and exposure to the elements.

Thirdly, installing these lights is so easy. In addition, they come with stakes for just that. Therefore, you just need to push them into the ground and you are done. However, before you do so, make sure the switch beneath the light is set to “on.”

Fourthly, these lights have an auto on/off function. Therefore, even when you are traveling, they will automatically turn on at dawn. They will charge during the day and then at dusk, they will turn on automatically.

The one disadvantage that you should be aware of is that there is no way to turn them off so that they do not go on automatically when they sense darkness.


  • Each light has 8 LEDs so they give more light
  • They have an IP65 waterproof rating for outdoor use
  • Classic style makes them look good
  • They come with a money-back guarantee of 90 days


  • The running time can be short or long depending on the weather conditions

Bottom Line

These outdoor lights from the Gigalumi brand are not only efficient at providing light, but they also look good. Therefore, when you invest in them, it is like killing two birds with one stone.


3. Sunco Lighting Solar Disk Lights – 12 Pack (Upgrade Pick)

The thing is … every inch of your garden should be lit at night for your security. However, it is impractical to light up every part of the garden or lawn. Therefore, the best option is to illuminate the spaces that lead to your house. These include doorways, garden paths and patio. In your endeavor, Sunco might help you with their pack of 12 LED solar powered in-ground lights.


This is a pack of 12 lights, which sure beats having a pack of 8. In addition, each light comes with 8 LEDs. Therefore, you will get a bright illumination right where you need it. Of course, these are solar lights so they are a bit conservative with brightness. However, the 7000K diamond white light is a good attempt.

These lights have a built-in battery.  This battery takes about 6 to 8 hours to charge completely in the bright sun. Comparatively, you will get up to 10 hours of running lights at night. Therefore, this is a good deal.

You will also notice that the light from these disk lights has a blue tint. However, this is not too much, so the brightness of the lights stays distortion-free all the time. In addition, the lights are tested to the highest standards in the USA.

The only disadvantage that you might get with these lights is that the screws at the top can let in ever so tiny amounts of water. Therefore, after days of rainfall, you might find water inside. To prevent that, give them a dash of silicon.


  • You can install them flush with the ground
  • 12-month warranty
  • The blue tint to the light makes them truly decorative
  • They go on automatically at dusk and off at dawn
  • The lights have a long-running time if fully charged


  • The running time is dependent on the weather. The reason for this is that the solar panels are tiny

Bottom Line

The Sunco lights come in a pack of 12. Therefore, they are better than those that come in packs of 8. In addition, the blue tint sets them apart from many others and if this appeals to you just get them.


4. BROOM Solar Disk Lights – 8 Pack

To change the looks of your residential or commercial outdoor space, these affordable lights from BROOM might help you. In addition, they have a yellow-tinted light that sets them apart from many others that come with warm white light. But first, keep reading to see the other features to look expect.


No one can overemphasize the importance of having outdoor lights that are 100% waterproof.  On the same note, you have to remember that these lights will stay exposed to the elements all of their working life. Therefore, if they are frostproof, they are much better. And these ones are! Therefore, even if you experience severe winters, the lights do not sustain damage.

These lights come in small sizes, contemporary style and they are an all-in-one. Therefore, this means that the solar panels, batteries and LEDs are in one unit. The 600mAh battery is built-in; therefore, it is not accessible.  Overall, these units are high quality so they can survive outdoors for a long time.

Similar to other solar ground lights, even these ones are so easy to install. They have stakes, which you push into the ground. Therefore, you can only install these lights in the soil. The stakes are attached to the light so there is no way they will disappear into the soil.

One disadvantage that you might find with these lights is that some may have a shorter running time. However, if you buy from, they have a return policy.


  • Will stay intact in all weather conditions
  • The yellow-tinted light is good for landscaping
  • These lights are simple to install
  • Can provide enough illumination for the garden path so you don’t need a flashlight


  • Their brightness level is lower than what you would get with white lights

Bottom Line

These lights are simple to use and they do as advertised. However, it is only fair to expect some to run longer, some to live longer than others.


5. Otdair Solar Disk Lights for Pathway – 12 Pack

Otdair is one of the renowned brand names for different types of solar lights. Therefore, you can get a good pack of disk solar lights from them. However, you will realize that their price runs a bit higher, even if it comes in a pack of 12, 8-LED lights while most come with 8 pieces. Do the features justify the price? Keep reading to find out.


First, these lights are made of prime metal and plastic materials. In the same line, they are 100 percent waterproof. Therefore, even when there is snow or torrential rains, you don’t have to remove them. Since the casing is stainless steel, it does not rust. On the other hand, the ABS plastic does not crack even with exposure to the elements.

Second, each light comes with its own 600mAh battery. This is a built-in battery so you probably don’t have to worry about replacing it. On the same note, it charges fully in 6 to 8 hours. On the other hand, you will get up to 10 hours of illumination at night.

Third, installing these lights is so simple that it need not take you more than 30 seconds on each. However, before pushing the stake to the ground, you need to switch it on under the flap. After that, just push the stakes into the ground and wait for the lights to charge. The lights will switch on automatically.

The only disadvantage that you will find with these lights is the price, which is a bit steep. However, there are no extra features to justify this high price.


  • You can light up your garden without using electricity
  • Waterproof, frostproof and windproof
  • The long-running time when fully charged
  • Switches on and off automatically


  • Can last just a few hours after dusk if the weather was cloudy

Bottom Line

These lights come in a pack of 12 so you can order them if you have a long driveway. In addition, they are not only illuminative, but they also decorate your garden a great deal.


6. Solpex Solar Disk Lights – 4 Pack

Your search for the best solar landscape lights might stop right here with the Solpex solar powered disk lights. In addition, the silver finishing of these lights and the classic style make them look beautiful. However, before you make up your mind about them, read about their features first.


These lights have a silver finish, which makes them easy to see even when they are not on at night. That notwithstanding, the lights have 8 LEDs. Therefore, they give better illumination than most of their counterparts that come with 4 LEDs.

Installing these lights is very simple. They have a stake, so you just push them into the ground. However, before you do that, turn the switch on so that the lights can start charging. On the same note, they will work without your interference since they have an auto on/off function. Therefore, they turn on automatically when dusk sets in and turn off at dawn.

These lights are weatherproof. Therefore, you need not worry even if your area snows heavily. However, in winter, the running time will be shorter. In addition, you might need to wipe the snow out because their flat design does not allow it to slide away.

You can use these lights in different ways. For instance, you can use them to mark the driveway. In addition, you can also use them for footpaths, gardens, flowerbeds and other features in your garden.

In spite of these good features and versatility, the Solpex LED solar disk lights have a slight disadvantage. They are flat in design so they will collect snow on the surface.


  • Bright illumination thanks to the 8 LEDs
  • Easy to install as you just have to drive them into the ground
  • The stakes are removable if you would like to install them differently
  • They sell with a 60-day money back guarantee


  • The weather affects the running time greatly since the solar panels are too small

Bottom Line

These classic-style lights work as expected. In addition, they have 8 LEDs so that makes them brighter than most. You can use them to highlight your garden features.


7. Lesonano Solar Ground Lights – 8 Pack

One of the things that you are bound to like about these lights is that part from the need to wipe here and there, they are practically self-maintaining. Therefore, when you install them, they will work as advertised without requiring any further input from you. In addition, they have more features as you will see here.


Any Lesonano disk lights review will show you that they serve two main purposes. For instance, they enhance the exterior décor of your home. In addition, if you want to draw attention to certain aspects of your landscape, you can use them for highlighting. On the other hand, these lights are bright so they can light up a driveway or garden path properly.

The brightness of these lights is easy to see through the rain and even the mist. In addition, they emit a warm white light. Therefore, if you have used them to mark your driveway, they will still be easy to see even in the rain.

The installation of these lights is not any different from that of other outdoor LED disc lights we have here. In addition, they come with stakes, so they are easy to push into soft ground. However, if the ground is hard, you may loosen the soil or dig a small hole for the stakes.

In spite of the good features, these lights also have some disadvantages. For instance, they come with 2 AA batteries, which may require replacement after some time.


  • They are simple to install and should not take more than 30 seconds per light
  • These lights create a nice decorative effect
  • Can last 3 to 4 hours after dusk even after a cloudy day
  • The lights turn on and off automatically


  • It is easy to push the lights into the soil when children play on them

Bottom Line

These good accent lights will light up the garden paths and driveway so that you don’t have to take a flashlight. However, install them in areas where children cannot play so that they don’t press them into the soil.


8. Niplnr Solar Ground Lights – 10 Pack

The truth is that most of the disc solar lights do not have replaceable batteries. Therefore, once the battery is depleted, it is the trash bin for the whole light. However, some such as the Niplnr solar disk lights come with replaceable batteries. Keep reading to see more of its features.


First, these lights are weatherproof with a rating of IP65. Therefore, even with exposure to frost, sleet, rain and wind, they are not going to sustain any damage. However, if there is snow, just wipe the face of the light with a damp cloth. This will remove any water stains.

Since these lights come with spikes for installation, they take such a short time to install. However, you have to switch the light on below the cap. That way, it will start charging. You can also charge the lights for a couple of days before you use them.

On a full charge, the 600mAh battery is going to give you a running time of between 8 and 10 hours. In addition, it can take up to 8 hours to charge the battery to full capacity. On the same note, the lights can give you up to 40 lumens of brightness. Therefore, if you use many of them a few feet apart, you will illuminate your path or driveway beautifully.

While solar powered lights offer the advantage of free lighting, they are highly dependent on the weather. Therefore, do not be surprised if the running time of these lights is reduced to 2 hours in winter.


  • High quality build with stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Virtually maintenance-free except for a wipe on the surface every so long
  • The price is affordable
  • Warm white LED illumination offers more brightness than tinted lights
  • Automatically switches on and off


  • The working of the LED bulbs is out of your control

Bottom Line

These lights deliver as advertised so you can use your outdoor spaces without a flashlight. If you need to replace the battery, use a 600-mAh Ni-MH battery.


9. ZGWJ Solar Disk Lights – 8 Pack

If you use them well, solar ground lights can add warmth to your outdoor spaces. However, such a transformation starts with selecting bright lights such as ZGWJ solar disk lights. This Chinese manufacturer has been making solar lights for residential and commercial indoor and outdoor use for many years. Here are the features of the ZGWJ ground solar lights:


For lights that will spend most of their life in exposure to elements, the build quality is very important. In the same line, these ones don’t disappoint because they are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they do not corrode even when exposed to water. In addition, the stainless steel casing of the light protects against crushing when stepped on.

In line with the build quality, these lights are also 100 percent waterproof. Therefore, they have a waterproof rating of IP65. The only thing to worry about is that after rain, the light surface may retain some water stains. However, you can wipe such out with a damp piece of cloth.

The solar lights come with a 600mAh Lithium-ion battery. It is a rechargeable battery so it charges during the day and lights up the LEDs at night. In addition, the LEDs can run for 8 to 10 hours on a bright day’s full charge.

Despite the obvious benefits that you are going to get with these lights, they have disadvantage. For instance, the spikes are plastic and they bend easily when you try to press them into the ground.


  • 8 LEDs in each light for better illumination
  • Good for highlighting features in your garden
  • These lights make a home better and more welcoming
  • The illumination they give is enough to use the driveway without using a flashlight


The running time of the LEDs reduces drastically when there is no direct sunshine. In addition, if overshadowed, they will charge very little.

Bottom Line

These lights can withstand serious weather without a scratch. In addition, they give bright illumination around paths, driveways and other areas. Therefore, they give good value for money.


10. LANPAN Solar Ground Lights – 8 Pack

To close the disk lights reviews section, we shall look at the 8-pack LANPAN solar disk lights. Similar to many other disc solar lights, these ones charge in the day and illuminate at night. In addition, they come with 8 LEDs, which are apparently brighter than 6 or 4 LEDs. Keep reading to see more features.


The material used in the construction of these lights is stainless steel and ABS plastic. On the same note, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and on the other hand, ABS plastic is light in weight but very resilient. Most drone manufacturers use ABS plastic to make drone casings and fuselages. Therefore, the durability of the lights is assured.

For lighting, each light uses one rechargeable AA battery. In addition, it can charge fully within 6 to 8 hours in the sun. Comparatively, you will get between 8 and 10 hours of running time. However, even on cloudy days, the solar panels will charge the battery, albeit slowly. Consequently, you will get 2 to 3 hours of running time.

These LEDs emit a warm white light. Therefore, they can give the illumination that you need to secure your home and at the same time, they decorate your lawn and garden. In addition, installing lights increases the value of your home.

The one disadvantage that all small solar lights come with is that they are not as bright as wired lights. Therefore, while you can walk without a flashlight outdoors, these lights are not super bright.


  • They are so simple to assemble, install and use
  • They enhance the look of your outdoor space at night
  • Good spikes that pierce the soil without resistance or bending
  • They sell with 90 days money back guarantee
  • Switches on automatically at dusk and off at dawn thanks to integrated sensors


  • Charging could be good or bad depending on the weather

Bottom Line

These lights enable you to light up the exterior space in your home in an eco-friendly way. However, you need to be patient because the charging can be slow. After all, these are tiny solar panels.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the reviews and buying guide for the best solar disk lights that we have brought you here, you can now order one with confidence.

These lights will not only transform your outdoor space, but they will also illuminate footpaths, driveway and other areas.

In addition, these lights are weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about the extreme conditions of winter or summer.

Therefore, all you need to do is to install them in a place with exposure to direct sunshine. That way, they will charge the batteries full for a longer running time at night.

Our choice of disk solar light is DUUDO Solar Disk Lights. It has 8 lights in a pack, each has 8 LEDs and high-quality spikes. In addition, they sport a high-quality stainless steel frame.

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