7 Ways to Power Outdoor Lights Without Electricity

Whether the warm summer months have taken a toll on your comfort or you’re concerned about wintertime power outages, there are several wireless outdoor lighting options to match your needs. Backyard lighting serves other purposes beyond comfort and convenience.

For instance, it illuminates the space around your property to scare away would-be burglars, boosts outdoor ambiance for outdoor parties, or makes walking around your yard safe after sunset.

So, how can you add lighting without wires or cords? In this article, we’ve put together a list of the most convenient and practical solutions to light up your home’s backyard without electricity.

1. Solar Lights


If you want to light up your backyard without extra electricity bills, solar-powered lighting is a no-brainer. During the day, solar light batteries draw enough energy from the sun’s rays so that the light fixtures can provide wireless illumination at night. Solar garden lights are an innovative and cost-effective way to add vibrant colors to your outdoor settings.

Further, they’re pretty lightweight and easy to set up because no wires or cords are needed. Make sure to install the light fixtures where you’ll spend the most time outside, such as close to the BBQ, tiki bar, or seating arrangements for your guests.

When the night falls, the photoresist on solar lights detects the sun’s absence and automatically activates the lights. As a result, you get sufficient outdoor lighting to socialize, enjoy a barbecue feast or party with your friends, and see where you’re going.

2. Solar Outdoor Chandelier

A solar-powered outdoor chandelier provides endless options for designing your gazebo, deck, patio, or any area outside without relying on external electricity sources. This eco-friendly and energy-efficient outdoor light helps you add a “wow” appeal to all of your home’s exterior elements.


Additionally, it offers much-needed light to darkened outdoor spaces at a fraction of the traditional lighting price. What’s more, you can hang the outdoor chandelier wherever you want. You can even use it to illuminate your favorite sculpture so that you can enjoy its marvelous view even in the dark.

A standard solar-powered chandelier is made of weather-resistant materials to stand up to the elements. Additionally, it includes rechargeable solar batteries, so you benefit from energy-efficient and eco-friendly lights in your yard.

3. Battery-Operated Outdoor Lights

This exterior lighting uses batteries to light up your yard. It’s ideal for when you switch to off-grid lighting to cut electricity costs or when there’s an emergency power outage. Battery-operated outdoor lighting eliminates the need for electrical outlets and tedious wiring.


When shopping for a battery-operated outdoor lighting system for ample space, consider a model that diffuses the light to cover expansive areas. Also, it should have a weatherproof and durable design so you can use it as effective outdoor lighting for years. Models that last about 8-10 hours per active session will be great.

For the battery to last longer, only use your outdoor light when needed and switch it off when not in use. Some lights come equipped with a sensor responsive light, which turns on the lighting system when it detects motions. In that case, you might want to turn the light off manually when not in use to avoid draining the battery.

Our Pick: The LOFTEC floating pool lights are excellent for your garden, yard, or pathway. Not only is it lightweight and waterproof, but it also comes with LED inflatable ball lights that are perfect for your swimming pool, pond, or wet décor.

4. Battery-Operated Outdoor String Lights

These outdoor lighting types provide your space with a warm, intimate ambiance through soft, low-voltage illumination. If you entertain guests or throw parties from time to time, battery-operated outdoor string lights will be your best bet. You can position the string lights where you need light the most, such as rooftop, lawn, or outdoor furniture.


If possible, go for waterproof string lights to ensure the lights stay on even when it’s wet or snowy. Also, choose ones with long-lasting LED lamps to allow lighting in far corners of the yard. This will eliminate the need to use extension cords across the yard.

Modern string lights are multicolor and come with different modes for a spectacular light display. They’ll transform your backyard or patio into a cozy and festive space.

Our Pick: The Metaku Globe String Lights tickled our fancy. It comes with 80 Super Bright LED crystal globes for higher brightness and more gorgeous lighting effects.

5. Battery-Operated Outdoor Chandelier

A battery-operated outdoor chandelier is lightweight and doesn’t require complicated installation. Furthermore, it offers instant illumination with just a flip of a switch. When you use this outdoor lighting, you get to add ambiance and security to your outdoor environment while keeping costs low.


Most outdoor hanging chandeliers use teardrop-shaped bulbs to fill the space with captivating lighting. They can also induce a sense of glamor into dining and seating areas. Ideally, if you’re feeling festive but the thought of decorating your outdoors puts you off, this lighting can spell a lifeline.

You can hang a battery-operated chandelier anywhere you want. And no matter where it goes, the effect will remain gorgeous. It’s equally a perfect choice if you like entertaining your guests late into the night.

Our Pick: An ideal battery-operated outdoor chandelier should create a romantic and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space. The GiveU 3 IN 1 Lighting Chandelier combines an antique style with a European look to make a lasting impression.

6. Solar Garden Globes

The solar garden globes add wonderful artistic effects to your backyard without the need for electrical outlets, panels, or wires. They usually come with replaceable batteries. Also, they allow you to create your preferred pattern. As a result, you can decide to cluster the globes or spread them.


These outdoor lights are designed to light up at dusk automatically. This helps add colorful decorations to your backyard, deck, or patio even when you’re away from home. Their fascinating colors make your lawn or garden a center of interest.

The lighting can be installed on virtually any surface without any tools or wiring necessary. You can mount them with screws if you want a more permanent installation. Moreover, most of them are weatherproof, which means they can be placed anywhere outdoors. This also means they’re suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our Pick: If you want to feel like you’re in the world of fairy tales each time you enter your garden, try the OxyLED Solar Globe Lights. Its decorative lights are beautiful and elegant in equal measure.

7. Wax or LED Candles


Who said the old-fashioned way of lighting is bad? It isn’t! Wax candles may be an old way of lighting, but they’re a low-cost wireless light source you can always get at your nearest shop. You can use candles for purposes beyond illumination. For example, they can boost mood and create a romantic atmosphere.

If you love candles but hate the traditional naked flame, you can use flame flickering LED candles. They resemble real wax candles, but they’re a safe option because their wax does not drip.

Anyway, whether to use real candles or LED candles is up to you to decide. When you use wax candles, the great idea is to put candles of different sizes in old, clean jars to create homemade lanterns. This will elevate the mood of your outdoor environment without incurring any cost.

How to Shop for the Best Outdoor Light Fixture

Different outdoor lights serve different purposes. For that reason, you’ll want to understand your needs before settling for any exterior lighting fixture out there. Here are key factors to put into consideration:

How is the light fixture installed?

Even though no wiring is required for these fixtures, you still want to examine their setup process. Be sure to pick a lighting system that’s easy to install. The installation instructions should be as simple as possible for you to understand.

How is the lighting system controlled?

If you have installed a smart-home system, you’ll probably want your new lighting system to sync with your old one. But if you haven’t installed it yet, you might want to start using an intuitive lighting system with an ON/OFF switch. You can also consider starting with one that’s activated with motion.

Is the outdoor light weatherproof?

Make sure you choose an outdoor lighting fixture that stands up to all outdoor elements. These include freezing, hot temperatures, humidity, rain, and snow. Actually, it would be best if you considered your area’s prevailing climate when deciding on which model to buy.

What’s the cost of the lighting fixture?

Be sure to evaluate the cost of the lighting fixture before concluding your design plans. This will help you to avoid any last-minute sticker shock.

Final Thought

As you’ve just seen, you don’t need electricity to light up your favorite outdoor space. Whether you want to illuminate your dark backyard for security or fun, there’s a non-electric lighting option to suit your needs. So, let there be light!

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