How to Choose Solar Bug Zapper?

Summer is a great time to enjoy your outdoor living space. However, the only problem is that there will be many stinging and non-stinging insects invading your space. But with the best solar bug zappers, you can enjoy a peaceful time.

What to Consider To Get the Best Solar Bug Zappers


With so many manufacturers claiming that their solar bug lights are the best, a first time buyer can find it challenging to choose the top one. However, here, we bring you the most important factors to consider when buying a solar powered mosquito zapper.

Design and Style

Just because you need it to kill bugs does not mean it should be unattractive. However, the style that you choose depends on where you intend to use the light.

For instance, if you are going camping, staked style bug zappers are better. They will be close to the ground so they will also enable you to see the tent pegs when you walk around. In addition, they can deter animals from coming close.

On the other hand, if you need a solar powered insect killer to use in your home, it needs to match your exterior and/or interior décor. For indoor use, you can choose the most stylish one. For your patio, hanging lights can change the space a great deal.

You might also choose the [aawp link=”B082T4F16Y” title=”PIC light”] that we reviewed here for its looks alone. However, it is also very effective as a bug killer.

High Voltage

If you have just spotted a couple of mosquitoes in your backyard minding their business, you need not worry about voltage too much.

However, if you live in California where most of its cities are bug-infested during summer, you need a super-strong bug zapper. Therefore, in this case, you should choose one that allows at least 1000 volts current on the killer grill.

On the same note though, a high voltage will drain the built-in battery faster. Therefore, it is really a balancing act between high voltage and the battery running time.

To make this easier, perhaps, you can just choose a solar bug zapper that you can also charge with a USB cable.

How It Works

When it comes to how the bug zapper for camping or home use works, we mean the ability to attract the bugs so that it can kill them. For instance, the UV light that most of these solar insect killers emit attracts moths. Therefore, the moths take themselves to the light by their droves. When they get into contact with the charged grill, they die!


On the other hand, mosquitoes are smart little buggers. Therefore, the UV light does not attract them. Instead, human sweat, smell and even blood attract them. In addition, the carbon dioxide that we exhale attracts them.

Therefore, when you buy a solar powered mosquito zapper, use a candle that emits the kind of smell that these buzzers respond to. In addition, you can look for bug killer solar lights that have mosquito attractants.

Your Ultimate Needs for Solar Bug Lights

In most places, the bug season is usually in summer. However, you do not want a seasonal bug killer. What you need is a bug zapper for all seasons. Therefore, check that it is waterproof in design and that you can leave it outdoors throughout the year.

On the same note, you should get a solar bug zapper lantern that is also light. Therefore, it should have an LED white light as well as a UV light for attracting bugs. That way, even when bug season is over, you can continue using it for lighting your landscape.

Price and Warranty

Solar powered bug zappers can cost anywhere from $15 to $70 or more. Therefore, within this wide budget range, there is a bug zapper for everyone.

Just make sure that what you pay is equivalent to the features that you will be getting. It is always better to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

Regarding the warranty, most of them start at 90 days to 12 months.  Of course, the longer the better because you feel confident that if anything goes wrong you will get a replacement.

Charging Time vs Running Time

Of course, these are solar insect zappers and therefore, the charging time and running time are very important.

By design, they come with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, they will charge during the day and then they will power the zapper by night. In addition, most high voltage zappers will give you about 4 hours of running time. However, low voltage ones can run for as long as 8 hours, and longer.

Frequently Asked Questions


The solar bug zappers may appear simplistic in design. However, the technology behind them can be hard to understand. Here we shall answer some frequently asked questions to offer you more clarity.

Do solar bug zappers work?

Yes, they do. In fact, they adopt different technologies to work. For instance:

The light-emitting solar insect zappers are very efficient. In addition, they are the most common. They emit UV light, which attracts insects and then when they get into contact with the charged grill, they die.

Another way that these insect killers work is by emitting a certain scent. This is especially popular with the bug zappers intended for mosquitoes because they don’t respond to light.

Lastly, some solar insect killers will not really kill insects, but they will emit ultrasonic waves that keep the insects away. In this article, we have reviewed the light-emitting solar insect killers only.

What kind of bugs do bug zappers kill?

When buying a bug zapper, you should know the kind of insects that you want to kill. The most common bugs that these lights kill include flies, moths, flies and mosquitos. However, these solar insect zappers will not kill all insects, but they can keep them away.


Where is the best place to put a bug zapper?

This depends on the coverage area of the zapper. For instance, many zappers are designed to cover an area of approximately 80 square feet. However, because they attract insects and there is likely to be a faint smell of burning flesh, place yours about 20 feet away from the sitting area.

Solar Bug Zappers Reviews

Do not buy a solar powered bug zapper before you read these reviews. There are so many styles and models. In addition, we shall bring you the features of each as well as the pros and cons.

1. PIC Solar Powered Bug Zapper

If the PIC solar insect killer torch is not one of the best looking solar bug zappers in the market, we don’t know what is. However, looks alone do not make a good product. Therefore, keep reading to see more of its features.


This light has a flickering effect, making it look almost like a real light. Therefore, if you have several of these in your outdoor space, they will look awesome! However, it also has a UV light that attracts bugs so that they can be zapped. On the same note, the zapping does not produce any noise.

When you get this light, you get a complete package. For instance, there is a ground stake, a tabletop base, 3 poles, 2 connectors and of course, there is the torch itself. Therefore, you can install this bug zapper light in the most convenient way, including standing it on the table. When you use the poles or the stake, you get to install it at a height of your choice.

If you install this light outdoors on a stake, you need not bring it in at all. Of course, it is weatherproof, so it cannot sustain damage from rain, snow or winds. On bright days, it is going to charge enough to run for a few to several hours during the night.

Despite the abundance of features, still, this lamp has its flip side. For instance, if you have a real bug infestation, it can only zap so many of them. Therefore, one of these lamps alone is not going to finish your problem.


  • So simple to assemble and start working
  • The UV light attracts bugs, therefore, ridding your patio of bugs
  • It is weatherproof so you can leave it outside
  • You can use it as a tabletop lamp if you like


  • Some users have complained that it killed just a few bugs every night

Bottom Line

This light works as expected as long as it charges well during the day. However, for the best effect, perhaps you should get a few of these lights rather than just one.


2. Qremove Solar Powered LED Light Bug Zapper

With the Qremove solar insect zapper, you get the power to kill mosquitoes, moths and even flies without spending money on electricity. In addition, there are no chemical smells and it is not harmful to pets or humans. Also, this device has many features, as you will see here:


When you have installed this light, you can turn on the white light to illuminate your outdoor space. On the other hand, you can turn on the purple light to lure bugs so that the grill can zap them dead. Remember, it kills the insects without making a noise.

There is practically no installation needed since the lamp does not need any cabling. Therefore, you just hang it by the provided loop in a place where it will get the most sunshine. In addition, the monocrystalline solar panels will convert sunshine to energy at a high rate. Therefore, you can get many working hours at night.

You can use this as your camping bug zapper if you like. In addition, you can also charge it during the day and use it indoors at night. Heck, you can also use it as a romantic dining light with your partner.

In spite of these nice features, you need to be aware of some downsides. For instance, it comes with a spike to hang it on, but it is too short. Therefore, it might not help you.


  • Uses monocrystalline solar panels for charging so there is no wiring needed
  • You can use it as your overnight hiking or camping lantern
  • Really does a good job of zapping mosquitoes and moths
  • The price is very affordable
  • You can use it in any weather since it is waterproof


  • The white light is not enough to give you enough illumination
  • Might fail to charge on seriously overcast days

Bottom Line

Most bug zapper reviews have the YIER solar insect killer in their listing because of its effectiveness and versatility. This no-frills, 3-minute installation lamp kills different types of bugs.


3. MeetUs Solar Power Bug Catcher

This one is going to serve two functions. One of them is that it will light up your space. Secondly, it will be your bug catcher. Therefore, if you have been searching for the best solar bug zapper lantern, you might consider this one. However, first, see the features that the MeetUs solar power bug catcher comes with.


First, this solar bug zapper lantern looks good. Indeed, it looks stylish, modern and it is very effective as a mosquito catcher. The material used for the frame is stainless steel. Therefore, you can use the lantern outside without worrying about corrosion and rust.

Second, it comes in a very simplistic design. For instance, the solar panels are located on the top part of the lamp. Therefore, you should make sure you hang it in a place without any shade so that it can charge. In addition, installation is so simple since you just have to hang it by the loop.

Third, it has an LED light, which does not consume a lot of charges. In addition, it has mosquito nets at the bottom part. The work of the nets is to trap and kill the bugs.

This is a high-quality solar bug zapper. However, it has some downsides. For instance, it works mostly at night. Therefore, if you need to zap bugs during the day, this might not help you.


  • It works without noise
  • The LED part can illuminate up to 80 square feet
  • No installation is required – just hang it
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Can be used indoors after charging, or outdoors


  • It costs more than most other similar lanterns
  • Not as effective as electric bug zappers

Bottom Line

If you would like a solar powered bug zapper that you can use at home or when camping, try this MeetUs lamp. It might meet your nightly bug zapping needs.


4. PRANITE Solar Powered LED Light Pest Bug Zapper

This is another lamp and zapper combo. It is effective as both a lamp and a zapper. However, you cannot be able to use it as a zapper or a light at the same time. Therefore, you will have to decide what is most important to you.

As a zapper, it does a good job of killing mosquitoes. What happens is that when mosquitoes fly onto the lamp, the grill zaps them. While it might lack the electric zapping noise, it still does a good job of killing the bug that touches the grill. When the lamp is charged, the grill gets an electric current, which zaps the bugs.

The manufacturer uses a high-quality plastic material to make this zapper. Therefore, you can be assured that this solar mosquito killer will survive extreme conditions. In addition, you don’t require any cabling for the installation. The package comes with a stake, so you just have to attach it and drive the stake into the ground.

This is a good camping bug zapper. However, it has its downsides. For example, it takes a long time to charge and if there is cloud cover, it will charge very little.


  • Installation is very simple
  • It zaps all insects that touch the grill
  • Can work as a zapper or as a light
  • Good for long time outdoor use


  • Cannot use it as a lamp and zapper at the same time
  • Won’t last through the night

Bottom Line

This solar powered bug zapper can take you as less as 5 minutes to install. However, it works best after a day of full sunshine.


5. GutReise Solar Mosquito Zapper

This stainless steel solar powered bug killer is mainly able to kill mosquitoes, moths and flies. Therefore, whether you intend to use it indoors or outdoors, it is going to serve you just perfectly. However, read about its features first.


This is a two in one kind of bug zapper because you can also use it as a garden light. For that, it comes with a nice LED light. However, when you need to use it as an insect killer, it will function really well too.

The stainless steel material is good for use in different types of weather. In addition, there are no exposed wires, so you can also use it in the rain. On the same note, it has tiny but effective solar panels that charge the lamp during the day so that it can illuminate or zap bugs at night.

For killing insects, the GutReise lamp has a grid that passes voltage. Therefore, the purplish light lures the insects to the lamp and the 3000V grill zaps them dead! The dead bugs will fall into a tray designed for just that so that you can dispose of them later.

It is obvious that this can be the best solar powered mosquito zapper. However, it also has its downsides. For instance, the warranty is short at only 90 days. Therefore, you wonder whether the manufacturer lacks confidence in his product to give it at least 12 months.


  • Easy to use since you don’t need to do any installation
  • Apart from disposing of the dead insects, no other maintenance is needed
  • Has isolation net to prevent children from poking their fingers in and getting zapped
  • You can use it for different purposes including hiking and camping


  • It will not work through the night even after a full day of charging

Bottom Line

For real, the solar bug zappers do not come any better than this one. It has excellent build quality for indoor or outdoor use.


6. 4PATRIOTS Solar Powered LED Mosquito Killer

Nothing can be as annoying as mosquitoes when they invade your outdoor space. In addition to their nasty bites, they also make an annoying buzzing sound. Don’t also forget that the female anopheles mosquito causes malaria! However, the 4PATRIOTS solar LED mosquito killer lamp is made for just this kind of trouble.


First, you might love the two-headed lamp design, with the small solar panel module mounted between them. Two lamps in one mean that the light gets to swap more insects.

Secondly, you might love the super simple installation choices. For instance, you can use the provided spike and “plant” the light in the ground, wherever you want it. Just make sure there is enough sunlight getting through. On the other hand, you can mount it to the wall. Of course, it also comes with bolts for that.

Thirdly, it comes with a high capacity battery with a 2200mAh rating. Therefore, when it charges fully in the sunlight, you can get up to 8 hours of use at night. In addition, it also comes with a USB charging option. Therefore, you will never lack bug-zapping power even during the overcast seasons.

Fourthly, in case you are wondering how the light works, it emits a purple UV light to entice mosquitoes, moths and flies. Therefore, when they get close enough, the charged grill zaps them.

You will agree that this is one of the most feature-rich solar powered bug zappers. However, it also has its downsides. For instance, there is no labeling on the switch, so you cannot know when you have turned it on or off for charging during the day.


  • It is waterproof so it is good for outdoor use
  • Long working time after a day of charging
  • You can also use a USB cable to charge the light
  • Has a large working area of up to 845 sq ft


  • Not able to tell whether zapper is on or off since it does not have a switch to control it

Bottom Line

Despite a few anomalies in its features, this high-quality light charges full in about 6 hours and gives you up to 8 working hours. It might be the most effective light in the market.


7. Bell+Howell Solar Bug Zapper

The Bell+Howell solar insect zapper actually comes in a pack of two. Therefore, two can do a better job of killing insects than one. Just let it charge well during the day so that you can use it at night when the bugs come out in their droves.


This solar insect zapper is simple to install. The reason for this is that it comes with stakes. Therefore, you just have to drive the stake to the ground and then attach the head. It should take you less than 5 minutes to have it ready.

If you love sitting outside deep into the night in summer, you will need this to keep the bugs away. In addition, it is not only eco-friendlier, but it is also healthier than using sprays and other forms of repellents. Therefore, you will be safeguarding the health of your family members.

By design, these lamps are waterproof. Therefore, you can install them outside and leave them there the entire time. In addition, they can last a long time without any need for care or maintenance. To kill the bugs, it sucks them into a chamber where they stay until they die.

Despite the good features and simple design of this lamp, it could do with some improvements. For example, when you are using it as white light, it is just that – a light with the zapper off.


  • Simple installation with the provided ground stakes
  • It charges well in bright sunlight
  • Good for outdoor installation thanks to the weatherproof build
  • It is safe and eco-friendly


  • Does not zap as many bugs as an electric zapper

Bottom Line

These are decent solar powered bug zappers but they have their limits. Therefore, if you live in a bug-infested area, you might have to get more of them.


8. White Kaiman Camping Lantern Solar Bug Zapper

One limitation that we face with solar bug zappers is that they will only work when there is sunshine. Therefore, if the weather is cloudy, they charge a little, so they don’t last through the night. However, the White Kaiman camping lantern bug zapper takes care of this. But first, see the features to understand how it works.


This solar powered mosquito killer comes in three pieces. First, there is the small monocrystalline solar panel. It also has an attached 3-meter cable that goes to the lamp to charge it. Secondly, there is an extra USB cable. You can plug your lamp into any USB outlet to charge it.

Third, there is the lamp itself. Therefore, with such accessories, you will be able to keep it working even when there has been cloud cover the entire day.

You can use this solar bug zapper for different purposes. For instance, you can charge it during the day and hang it on your patio if you will spend some time there. In addition, you can also use it for overnight hiking and camping. It will get rid of the bugs for you.

If you are planning to use it outdoors, go right ahead. After all, it has a waterproof rating of IP67. Therefore, it can stay outdoors in all types of weather without sustaining damage.

Even with such flexibility and so many good features, this solar powered insect zapper still has some downsides. For instance, it is a bit small size so if your area is truly infested with bugs, it might not zap as much as you would like.


  • You can turn the bug zapper on or off using the available switches
  • The charging options available ensure you keep it charged all the time
  • The small solar panel charges well in bright sun
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle for carrying


  • You might need a few of these to cover a wide area

Bottom Line

This insect zapper can be charged with solar or using a USB cable. Therefore, you will always have power in the camping bug zapper instead of using harmful chemical repellents.


9. Tekno Solar Powered Bug Zapper

The Tekno solar powered bug zapper is a good option to kill bugs without using fumes, sprays or similar repellents. In addition, the price is so affordable so you can most probably be able to get a few or several of these. But first, see the features that it comes with.


This light comes with a stake. Therefore, it is best suited for ground installation around your outdoor living space. For instance, if you are camping, you can install a few of these around the tent. That way, they will zap the insects before they get to you.

As happens with most other insect zapper lights, even this one from Tekno comes with a UV light. Therefore, it attracts the insects, pulling them from other places in its area of coverage. In addition, there is a white LED light that you can use for illumination alone.

If you are late coming home from work, don’t worry about the functionality of this light. You see, it has a dusk to dawn sensor, so when darkness sets in, it turns on automatically. In addition, it turns off automatically when it senses light in the morning.

We could go on waxing lyrical about this simple and affordable, yet effective bug killing solar light. However, as happens with many automatic dusk/dawn sensor lights, even vehicle headlights will make it turn off. After all, to it, light is light!


  • Affordable and healthy option to kill insects
  • So simple to install – just push the stake into the ground
  • Can illuminate your camping site nicely
  • Really attracts many bugs and kills some of them


  • Some people have complained that it attracts more moths than mosquitoes

Bottom Line

This light is made for a person in a rush since you just need to push it into the ground to install it. It is also one of the most affordable solar bug zapper lights.


10. Lentek Bite Shield Solar Bug Zapper

This Lentek Bite Shield Solar light and bug zapper look solid and compact. However, before you can decide whether it is the light for you, you need to see its features.


First, you need to know how this light zaps the mosquitoes. On that note, it has a metal grill to which it passes the high voltage that kills mosquitoes, moths and flies. In addition, it also has a UV light that attracts these insects to the lamp. When they get into contact with the 1200V charged grill, they die.

Second, this is one of the simplest installation lights on the market. It has a loop for hanging, so you just need to choose a sunny spot and hang it on a tree or a pole. In addition, it has a large hood for the solar panels. Therefore, they will charge the light enough to keep it going for hours at night.

The manufacturer says that the lithium-ion battery will last up to 15 hours on a full charge. Therefore, you can be assured of a long working time if this is true. In addition, on a bright day, the charging time is about 8 hours.

It seems this is a high-quality bug zapper. However, it also has some downsides. For instance, it will not kill enough bugs if it is bug season.


  • No installation needed – just hang it
  • Uses solar power to provide light and kill bugs
  • It has a long-running time once it is fully charged
  • It is a safe way to kill bugs without using chemicals


  • Will only eliminate a few bugs a night
  • No information regarding warranty

Bottom Line

Honestly, this is a trial and error solar mosquito killer. Many people swear against it and yet many swear on it. However, it can illuminate your space nicely and has a long running time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have read this far, by now, you should be able to choose one of the best solar bug zappers.

You have also seen the factors to consider when buying one. In addition, from the reviews of 10 of the top-rated home and camping bug zappers, you can now choose one, or two.

We recommend that you go with the MeetUs Solar Mosquito Zapper. It is good looking, catches insects and you may also use it to light up your space.

While it has the limitation of only doing one thing at a time – that is catching bugs or illuminating, we feel that its pros are more than the cons. Therefore, it gives good value for money.

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