Solar Panel in Texas 2024: Cost, Companies & Tips

Installing solar panels is one of the most efficient and non-polluting ways you can help to reduce pollution and help encourage the use of renewable energy. If you happen to reside in Texas and want to know more, here are some essential things about installing solar panels in Texas.

Solar Panel Installation Costs in Texas

Before subscribing to any installations, it’s important to know the possible prices first. Worldwide, solar panel installation can reach up to $20,000. However, with the solar panel cost prices declining, there’s no better time to get your solar panel installed.

In fact, the cost of solar panel installation has dropped by up to 13% in the last five years, and who knows what the next step or change in solar panel market price is? Texas is one of the leading states in terms of electric industry trends.

This means that solar panel installation in Texas is becoming more widespread, similar to trends in other states. Nevertheless, solar panel installation provides perks, and it has never been easier to install solar panels.


Solar Panel Costs

In Texas, solar panel installation costs around $2.52 to $3.35 per watt. This means the price would depend on the number of watts you decide to purchase and install.

System Size (kW) Average Cost ($) After Tax Credit ($)
5 $13,710 $9,597
6 $16,452 $11,516
7 $19,194 $13,436
8 $21,936 $15,356
9 $24,678 $17,275
10 $27,420 $19,194


The price depends on several factors in terms of installation, including the following.

  • Size – First things first, the size of the panels is a crucial point because the more significant your solar panels are, the higher the price of installation.
  • Location – Depending on the state, the installment process and prices vary. In Texas, the total cost for a 5 kW solar panel system can range from around $11,950 to $15,470, depending on the incentives, the federal solar tax credit, and other factors.
  • Quality – Yes, like any other equipment or appliances you may plan on buying, solar panels also come from different brands and have different attributes.
  • Labor – The labor comes with your purchase, and it depends on how much a particular company charges for its installation.
  • Roof type – Installation costs can also be affected by the roof you have. The difficulty of installation is interconnected with the price of installation.
  • Permits and other requirements.

Texas Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates for Texas Solar Panels


With the rising electric consumption and cost, companies and individuals consider switching to renewable energy investments like solar panels. Electric bills in Texas households are about 20 percent pricier when compared with the national average. Thus, Texans are more and more inclined to partner with a solar firm.

This way, they can generate and store renewable energy for their company or personal use at home. Texas also offers several benefits in solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates. Homeowners and companies in Texas can use substantial rebates and particular policies. These incentives can save them thousands of dollars.

Tax incentives

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax (ITC) – With this incentive, the total of your solar panel cost can go as low as 70%. Buyers can only avail this incentive when they directly purchase the solar panel either by cash or through a solar loan.
  • Solar Rights Law – This incentive applies to homeowners who reside in a neighborhood under a Homeowner’s Association (HOA). This type of organization is also called Property Owners’ Association. People living under this organization typically have doubts and worries about whether going solar is allowed or whether the organization would place extra fees upon installation. Fortunately, this is what Solar Rights Law is all about. Solar Rights Law prevents these organizations from banning solar panel installation and from gaining extra profit from it.
  • Texas Net Metering – This incentive is not implemented statewide but is offered in some cities in Texas. This incentive focuses on giving credit to homeowners and their installation of solar panels. The credit is for their help and the renewable energy they help produce. The credits are reflected in your electricity bill.


  • CPS Energy – If you associate with CPS energy in your solar panel installment, they will credit you $2,500. If you install solar panels manufactured locally, you are eligible for another $500.
  • Austin Energy – If you reside in Austin, you are eligible for a $2,500 rebate. You are also paid $0.097 for every kWh of electricity your panel generates.

Top 8 Local Solar Companies in Texas

1. Texas Solar Power Company


Texas Solar Power Company is known for its professionalism, offering expert advice and high-quality service in solar panel installation. They have been around since 1995 and are a family-owned business that upholds good ethics. They are willing to answer any inquiry you have about solar panel installation and anything in between.


2. South Texas Solar Systems


South Texas Solar Systems is the solar energy equipment supplier in San Antonio, Texas. Their workers are polite, courteous, and on top of it all, they are professional and know what they are doing. Thus, buyers get the quality they want and get professionalism.


3. Solartime USA


Solartime USA is a solar company based in Richardson, Texas. They offer excellent service partnered with reasonable prices. Thus, they are labeled unmatched regarding price and labor performance. Their customer service is also dubbed great and the favorite part of most customers’ transactions.


4. Kosmos Solar


Kosmos Solar is a solar panel company based in Grand Prairie. They are always ready to help you switch to clean energy. They will ensure that their technicians and contractors do their finest jobs in installing your solar panels efficiently.


5. North Texas Solar


North Texas Solar is a solar energy company in Grapevine, Texas. They offer professional services intending to finish the job promptly and effectively. Their equipment is reviewed great by their previous customers as well. The experience is smooth with North texas Solar.


6. IntegrateSun


IntegrateSun is based in Houston, Texas, and aims to give its customers the best service possible. Their customer service is helpful and will assist you with any inquiries about the installation process. Their staff will guide you through the processes involved and many more.


7. Sunpro Solar


Sunpro Solar is based in Dallas, Texas. They are one of the leading providers of rooftop solar in Texas. They custom design, install, and do maintenance services necessary for your solar panels.


8. Texas Solar Outfitters


Texas Solar Outfitters make sure that you transact with a professional and effective person best fitted for the job. This way, you communicate with a single person, making the whole process easier and more understandable. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and messy work.


What To Look For When Installing Solar Panels in Texas


Roof type

First things first, you need to assess whether your roof can support solar panels. To be informed about this, you can contact local solar panel companies and inquire about the type of roof you have now and if it’s compatible with solar panels.

Your roof must be ready for a certain number of years using and carrying solar panels. It would be best if you also looked at your roof’s shape. For this reason, you might need to conduct an on-site assessment with an expert. Typically, a gable roof is recommended.

Roof direction

Another thing you need to check is the direction in which the slope of your roof faces. Solar panels require sunlight above anything else, so you wouldn’t be able to maximize your installation if you happen to have it installed in shady areas.


Energy consumption

Measuring the amount of energy you consume within a period will give you an idea of how much you will be able to save when you happen to pursue installing solar panels. The higher energy consumption, the greater you will save.

Financial breakdown (Price breakdown)

Before anything else, you need to know your budget as a buyer. Knowing your budget makes it easier for you to choose from your solar panel company choices. You need to fit or narrow your options from your proposed budget.

You need to look at the best quality possible, fit your estimated budget and calculate other things involved in the installation process. You can calculate all the other factors involved when you know your price.


It would be best if you also looked into the company’s warranty policy. It’s vital to ensure that the company is still responsible for anything that happens over time, for example, a year. This way, you will be able to maximize their service and your perks as a customer.

Permits and incentives

Also, check your state and the incentives they offer. Depending on the state, you may have rebates and tax credits when you push through installing solar panels. You could save so much more money when you are informed about these things.


Before deciding on installing, it’s essential to read and research first to make sure you make a sound decision. Before anything else, you would need to assess the elements involved in searching and choosing a solar panel in Texas. The process is not just about professionalism but a combination of all important factors like quality, price, effectiveness, and many more.

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