Solar Panels in Washington State: Cost, Companies & Tips

Solar panels are reliable and eco-friendly energy sources. They are also cost-efficient and durable. However, you’ll never know the full benefits until you install one in your home or office. To ensure nothing goes wrong, you need to consider the cost, installation tips, and the solar companies whose services you’ll be using in advance.  

Washington State Solar Panel System Installation Costs

The average installation cost for a solar system in Washington State is between $11,000 and $14,000. The minimal cost per watt is between $2.50 and $3.05. However, the size of the solar panel also determines the cost.

For example, if you’re buying a solar system of seven kilowatts, the installation cost after the federal tax credit has been applied is between $13,000 to $14,500. This is less than when you buy a solar panel of ten kilowatts, whose installation costs about $20,000.


Even though buying solar panels is no small investment, the installation costs of solar panels in Washington are lower than the average prices in other parts of the United States. Also, other variables influence these installation costs. Some of them are :

The brand of the solar system

The brand of the solar panel you’re buying is very crucial. Different manufacturers put up their products for sale at various prices; however, in most cases, the prices are slightly different.

For instance, a solar panel manufacturer can sell a kilowatt for $2.60 while another sells for $2.44. As such, you should shop around to get the best product at the most reasonable price in the market. However, only buy from brands that have good warranties and reviews.

Solar company

If you aren’t installing your solar panel yourself, you have to outsource the work to a contractor or solar company. For best results, you should consider expertise and experience before choosing anyone, although this will increase your solar costs.

However, it’s better than going for an inexperienced person whose services will cost you more money in the future. To minimize risks, you can go for a solar company that offers a comprehensive warranty.  


Financing options

Your budget influences installation cost too. This is because you’ll only buy what you can afford. If you can’t pay upfront, you can seek other financing options. For example, you can decide to buy the solar system and pay the cost in installments within a period. In Washington, the payback period is around 7 – 9 years. 

Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates For WA Solar Panels

Washington state is one of the best places for solar panel installation because of the various benefits it provides its citizens. These benefits include tax credits, rebates, among other financial incentives.

Tax credits

First, there is a 30% federal tax credit available for you if you install a solar panel in your commercial or residential building. This helps to offset the installation costs. However, you have to quickly install your solar panel to enjoy the 30% tax credit.

solar Tax Credits


Another benefit of solar panel installation in Washington is the removal of sales tax for residential solar panels and relief for commercial solar panels, thanks to the 2019 100% Clean Electricity Act passed by the State Legislature.

With this alone, you can get a 10% reduction in the installation cost. For instance, if you’re buying an average-sized solar system, you’re getting about $2,000 off the price, in addition to the tax credit.


Besides the tax credit and removal of solar tax, you have the opportunity to sell electricity to your utility company. As expected, your solar panel will produce more energy than you consume because of the local climate, but you will get credited for the excess electricity.

You can always forward the credit to the coming months. This way, they accumulate, but you get to use them eventually.  In addition, outfitting a solar panel on your roof increases your property value. You’ll get more money if you put your house up for sale as people are willing to pay premium prices for solar-run homes.

You’ll also be protecting yourself from inflated electricity costs which increase yearly. Depending on the manufacturer you buy from, you’ll enjoy long-time warranties. You can get low-interest loans from banks and credit unions to finance your solar panel investment too. However, ensure the terms and conditions of the loan agreement aren’t overbearing.

What To Consider When Installing Solar Panels in Washington State


Switching to solar energy isn’t something you do on a whim; it’s a large investment and needs to be planned for. Some of the things to look out for when installing a solar panel in Washington state include:

Local climate

Even though there is a lot of rain in Washington, it is still an excellent location for solar panel installation, it is an excellent location for solar panel installation. The summer days are long, making the climate favorable for solar energy production.

Besides, high-quality solar panels work well even in cold temperatures. You can take advantage of free consultations before you buy any solar panel for your home or business.

Peak hours

Solar systems work best during the peak hours of the day. Since the sun doesn’t shine throughout the entire day in Washington, you have to ensure your solar system is well-positioned to absorb light during peak hours. Getting solar systems with tracking devices will help in this regard. As such, you can rely on the energy stored during sunny periods when temperatures drop.


The direction and angle of the solar panel

Usually, your roof’s angle and direction determine your solar panel’s orientation, which determines how much light it absorbs. Before you outfit any solar panel on your roof, ensure the roof’s shape is suitable.

Also, ensure that your roof can handle the weight of the solar panel, to avoid chances of a collapse. You might have to consult a professional to determine what to do with your roof before installing your solar panel. 


Getting a solar panel isn’t a small investment, so you should lookout for ways to protect yourself. For this reason, consider the warranties that come with the solar panel and other accessories.

With a warranty, you can get a refund or replacement when necessary at no extra cost. Ensure you have warranties for the solar panel, installation, and inverter. You can shop around to get the best deals.

Maintenance procedures

Beyond installing your solar panel the right way, you need to maintain it for prolonged efficiency properly. Different solar panels have different maintenance procedures, so you should consult the user manual or manufacturer before buying the product. Always ensure you can adequately care for any solar system you purchase.

Top 7 Solar Companies in Washington State

Below are some of the top local solar companies in Washington state :

1. SolTerra


SolTerra provide affordable solar panels and other related services. Their staff have excellent customer service and are patient with answering customer’s questions.  They are passionate about innovation and sustainability, and their experience in the industry makes them preferred.

Location: 2909 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: 206-462-1103


2. Solora Solar


Solora Solar strives to provide its customers high-quality solar panels and installation services. They are committed to every step of the installation process. They also advise homeowners and business owners regarding what to do when it comes to solar energy production while monitoring your system’s performance online. 

Location: 22525 SE 64th Pl #200, Issaquah, WA 98027

Phone: 800-696-8935


3. Hot Solar Solutions LLC


Hot Solar Solutions LLC believes that your home is a significant investment, so it should work for you. They sell solar panels and provide electrical services to both homes and businesses. They are committed to helping people reduce their carbon footprints on the environment.

Location: 15 Jackie Ct Burbank, WA 99323

Phone: 509-539-6140


4. Sphere Solar Energy


Sphere Solar energy was founded in 2015 by Edwin Wanji. They are committed to providing eco-friendly energy systems and making the environment better. They help people generate their power without harming the ecosystem. You can visit them at 

Location:9520 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 206-362-3780


5. Ecotech Solar


If you’re looking for quality solar panels, as well as consulting and installation services, Ecotech Solar is a recommended choice. Together with their customers, they work out customized plans to fit their customer’s needs and budgets.  They are well-known for their excellent service.

Location:1331 Meador Ave STE 103, Bellingham, WA 98229

Phone: 360-318-7646


6. Northwest Renewables


Northwest Renewables is a solar company founded by Gavin Tenold and Harlan Heise. They are experts in constructing energy-efficient electrical systems. They make use of state-of-the-art equipment and the latest science.

Location:2613 W 8th Ave, Spokane, WA 99224

Phone: 509-443-4526


7. Solgen Power


Solgen Power is a solar company that takes care of both the design and installation of your solar panel. They also provide free custom plans and top-notch solar systems at affordable prices. 

Location: 5715 Bedford St, Pasco, WA 99301

Phone: 509-931-1663



Considering the ever-increasing costs of electricity, solar panels are better and affordable option. With them, you can save thousands of dollars. Besides, they yield dividends with time and increase your property’s value. For top-notch services, check out the ratings of any solar company before you do business with them. Third-party reviews will help.

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