An Honest Review of the Advanced Elements Solar Shower Bags

If you are looking for a solar shower bag for camping, you can never go wrong with the Advanced Elements products. They are not only made for durability but they’ve also been designed for effectiveness.

They are great for camping or when you’re looking for a simple, outdoorsy solar shower. The ADVANCED ELEMENTS shower bags come in three primary sizes – 2.5-gallon, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon bags. It depends on your needs.

The bags have also been designed with flexible panels to absorb sunlight to heat the bag quickly. If you’re interested in more solar-based solutions, you might want to check out these [DIY Solar Shower Ideas]. All you have to do with these shower bags is fill it with water and leave it out in the sun to warm up. It takes just a few hours, depending on the ambient temperature of the day.

There’s no doubt that Advanced Elements shower products are some of the best in a market that’s full of knock-offs. Most solar shower bags are made of flimsy and weak materials. And that’s where the ADVANCED ELEMENTS bags come in to fill the gap.

If you get one of these shower bags, you are guaranteed a long-lasting product, which comes with a one-year warranty. So, let’s dig a little deeper and have a look at some of the features that make reviewers astounded by the Advanced Elements.

Eye-Catching Design

The very first thing you’ll notice is its attractive design. It’s made of black and grey color, with the latter dominating its overall design. Its construction comprises four (4) layers, which offer both effectiveness through heat retention and protection.

It looks like a backpack, but it’s made for solar showering purposes. It also has straps to easily hang it either on a tree or on your car’s roof rack. You can actually use the shower bag from anywhere, as long it’s hanging somewhere.

Oh, sorry, you don’t have to hang it for it to work. You can place it down and use its nozzle, which isn’t too long but works just perfectly.


Easy to Use

Although the shower bag looks like it’s electrically powered of some sort, it doesn’t. That’s because some solar shower bags or solar showerheads are powered to pump water. But since the ADVANCED ELEMENTS solar bags aren’t powered, you don’t have to worry about charging them or using batteries.

Basically, shower bags are passive systems. For instance, with a 5-gallon Advanced Elements bag, you need to fill it with water, lay it out in the sun-facing up, wait a few hours for it to warm up, and hang it over a post or a tree.


Once hung, you’re good to go. You need to push the nozzle’s valve to release water. When done, push back the valve. It’s that simple.

The only challenge comes when you have to hang 5-gallon water over a post. It’s a little bit heavy. That’s why you may need a 2.5-gallon Advanced Elements shower bag, which is not only lighter but also has a better design compared to the 5-gallon bag.

Filling and refilling the shower bag is a cinch. And thanks to its extra-large filling valve, it takes no time to have it filled up.

The valve’s cap also comes with a strap attached to it, which guarantees that the cap will never get lost. This tends to happen a lot with solar shower bags. It might be a simple feature but has a huge impact on the bag’s efficiency.

Also, note that the Advanced Elements shower bags feature a long hose that’s stowed with Velcro straps meant to hold up your washing cloth and soap.



The bags are lightweight. For example, the 3-gallon Advanced Elements solar shower bag weighs just 12 ounces when empty. This lets you pack it up in your suitcase, and you won’t feel any weight increase.

Nonetheless, when it’s filled with water, it becomes significantly heavier. The good thing with the 3-gallon shower bag, compared to both the 2.5 and the 5-gallon bags, is that you get the best of both.

That is, while the 2.5-gallon bag is light, it doesn’t hold much water, and the water might drain all before you’re done showering.

On the other hand, with the 5-gallon bag, you’ll never run out of water, but it’s going to be too heavy when filled up. And it also doesn’t warm up quickly because of the large amount of water.

But with the 3-gallon shower bag, you get the best of both worlds – it’s less heavy and holds enough water for a shower.

Easy to Carry and Store


As already mentioned, it weighs just about 12 ounces. And it’s foldable to fit in your go-bag. If you’re packing a suitcase for travel, then the 5-gallon Advanced Elements solar bag takes as much space as an iPad or MacBook.

You’ll definitely be impressed with the bags’ wide handle grip, which offers comfort when carrying either one of them around. The shower bags also feature Velcro straps, which have been designed to hold your washcloth and soap.

I particularly love how thoughtful the designers were to add pocket features to the solar shower bags. The pockets are sizeable enough to hold shampoo or a soap dish. Better yet, right behind the pockets, there is a mirror, which comes in handy when you want to make sure you’ve rinsed up your soapy hair!

Sturdy Build and Durable


When it comes to sturdiness and durability, there’s no doubt that ADVANCED ELEMENTS shower bags come ahead of competitors.

They have been designed with 4-layer constructions to offer sunlight absorption and better heat retention, thus enhancing the bag’s performance.

The vinyl is so thick and seems of high quality, which means you don’t have to worry about any spring leaks. For the record, leaking is a common default with lots of solar shower bags.

In essence, the 4-layer construction includes an insulator panel offering protection from too much sunlight. It also features a solar panel for absorbing the sun’s rays, and a water reservoir featuring a rip-stop fabric.

This guarantees the bag doesn’t rip off. Obviously, the designers knew the bags would mainly be used for camping in the forests where trees and bushes might rip them off.

In-Built Thermometer


I love that it comes with an in-built thermometer, which helps you gauge how hot the water is. The thermometer is embedded within the 4-layer construction.

NOTE: Warning   

Make sure you don’t drink the water because some materials making the solar bag are made of PVC, releasing lead when heated up to certain high temperatures. The lead can sip into the water, making it unsafe for drinking.

NOTE: Worthy Advice

You can also buy it along with the Advanced Elements Shower Camp Enclosure, which helps provide some privacy when taking a shower in the woods.

The solar shower bag is attached at the top of the Enclosure and lets you shower peacefully without worrying about perverts!

The only biggie here is that you’ll need to find a tree to hang the Advanced Enclosure and then attach the shower bag.


  • Four-layered construction for maximum heat retention
  • The filling valve has an extra-large cap that’s attached to the bag
  • Storage is very easy – just fold it up!
  • Has an in-built thermometer to help you gauge the temperature
  • Side pockets are convenient in holding your toiletries
  • Features Velcro straps meant for holding washcloth and soap


  • Other than lacking an On/Off switch to control flow rate, the Advanced Elements solar bags are effective and very efficient


use solar-shower-bag

Would The Advanced Elements Shower Bag Work On A Sunny Day During The Winter?

On average, you should expect it to hit about 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit during a sunny day in winter.

You shouldn’t expect hot water. There is a reason the manufacturers called it a “summer shower,” and there is a reason to it.

I would advise getting a camp stove to heat water that you’ll fill into the Advanced Elements shower bag. But be careful not to fill it directly hot from the stove.

First, fill the bag with tap water and then carefully add the warm water from the stove. Make sure the water isn’t too hot.

How Much Time Does It Take To Heat Up The Water?

It usually depends on the ambient temperature for that day. If it’s too sunny, then, as expected, the Advanced Elements shower bag will heat up pretty quickly.

Specifically, if the day’s temperature is in its 70s, the bag can hit the 110 degrees mark in about 3 hours. But be careful though, if the sun is too bright, the bag can become too hot. So don’t just leave out in the sun for many hours. Be cautious of the day’s sunlight.


Does it Offer a Warranty?

Yes, a one-year warranty covers defective workmanship or faulty material. If the solar bag is proven defective under the said conditions, then the faulty material(s) will be replaced for free.

How Do I Clean Its Interiors? Is There A Way Of Cleaning Its Insides?

Although the solar shower bags don’t get dirty that easily, it’s still advisable to wash them now and then.

The challenge is washing its interiors. The best solution is to get a hydration bag cleaning kit, which usually comes with a long, flexible brushing wire.

What’s The Flow Rate? Can I Control Its Flow Rate Using The Nozzle?

Advanced Elements doesn’t offer the feature to control its flow rate. However, you have some level of control over its flow rate. All you need to do is lift the hose nozzle higher or lower. This changes the flow rate. The control isn’t precise, but it works nonetheless.



Deepening on your needs, you can either choose to go with the 2.5-gallon, 3-gallon, or 5-gallon Advanced Elements bag.

Solar shower bags have been designed to heat water effectively by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays.

We love that you can also buy its sister product, the Advanced Elements Enclosure, which offers privacy when taking a shower.

Just like the shower bag, the Enclosure is also effective and comes with a durable build. With these two, your camping experience will not only be efficient and convenient but also memorable.

The shower bags come with a one-year warranty, which you won’t need because they are perfectly designed and made of durable materials.

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