What Is A Solar Shower Bag & Is It Worth The Money?

If you know little about solar shower bags, rest easy. Put simply, this is a bag designed to help you take a shower by filling it with water and then warming it using sunlight. The bag is mainly used at campsites or when you’re on the road and need to clean up。

Shower bags come in different sizes and designs. And your choice depends on what you’ll be using it for – camping, road trip, or for basic washing around the yard. There’s actually a slew of portable solar shower bags on Amazon, with some options available for as little as 15 dollars.

Anyways, let’s have a look at everything you need to know about solar shower bags – which features are perfect for you, how to buy one, and where you can get them.

Where and When to Use Solar Bags

First off, the best place to buy a solar shower bag is on Amazon. That’s because you not only get a discount, but you have lots of options to choose from. And there’s no need to point out the significance of Amazon’s customer reviews, where you get to learn about a specific product. Reviewers on Amazon often provide genuine feedback, though it’s important to be aware of potential bias.

Another place where you can get solar shower bags is at outdoor or camping stores in your local mall. If you don’t trust online reviews, or you’ve always had bad luck buying products via online platforms, then it’s best to visit a local mall.

All you have to do is visit the Outdoors Section and ask for solar shower bags. Physically visiting a mall is advantageous because you get to have a feel of the solar bag and see the product in person before making a purchase.


Now, when can you use a solar shower bag? Well, the product has various applicable scenarios when you can use the shower bag. Although the most common use for the solar shower bag is on camps, that’s not the only applicability.

For instance, you can buy a solar shower bag if you’re looking to DIY an outdoor shower tent. This can be at your home, where you have grubby kids and playful pets who are always outdoorsy. You are perhaps tired of them coming into the house dirty, and so you’re looking for a way to wash off your pet before getting inside.

One of those $15 solar shower bags can come in handy in such situations. And since you’ll be leaving the bag outside, the sunlight will heat it up, thereby allowing your pet to enjoy a warm shower.

You can hang the solar shower bag a few steps outside the door where the kids can clean themselves up.

For those looking for DIY outdoor shower tents and perhaps need a cheaper alternative, a solar shower tent comes to mind. It doesn’t cost much, and very efficient. Such shower tents offer the kind of privacy you need, and it’s very easy to set up. Outdoor solar tents are best erected in the backyard.

The best thing is that you can easily install both the shower tent and a solar shower bag together. You simply need to attach the shower bag on top of the shower tent, and you’re good to go.

What to Look for in a Solar Shower Bag

Even though solar shower bags are simple products where you just need something that heats up water quickly and is of great capacity, there are other itsy-bitsy features you need to take into consideration.


What Material Is the Bag Made Of?

For instance, it’s important to know which type of material the shower bag is made of. Is it PVC, simple plastic, or aluminum? The material a solar shower bag is made of is crucial because it helps determine its durability. PVCs last much longer than simple plastics. And while aluminum is great, you’ll have to endure its heaviness.

While effective, with PVCs, you’ll have to be very careful NEVER to drink the water. Neither should you let the warm water slip into your mouth. This is because some materials, when exposed to certain heightened temperatures, can potentially release harmful substances into the water, which isn’t good for your health.

Therefore, if you are a hypochondriac or don’t want to put your kids and pets at risk, I recommend a PVC-free Solar Shower bag. It’s going to cost a few extra bucks but is worth the investment.

How’s It Been Designed?

When determining which solar shower bag to buy, you need to take note of its design. How effective is it? Does it have a long or short hose? And what about its nozzle?

A tremendous solar shower bag is more effective if it comes installed with an appropriately sized hose – not too long and not too short either.

Still, this depends on your specific needs. Some would be using the bag to clean up pets. The only place you can hang the solar bag is a little bit far from the front door porch (or veranda for our UK counterparts), which is where water can easily drain away.

For such folks, a solar bag with a long hose is preferable.

While still on design, it’s best to check if the solar shower bag is easy to store. We recommend picking a solar shower bag that’s easily foldable and weighs very light when empty. A great example is the ADVANCED ELEMENTS solar shower bag, which comes designed with amazing features.


Do They Offer Warranty?

If there’s one thing you should focus on when buying a solar shower bag is the warranty. Does the product offer warranty? If so, what’s the period – one year, two years, or half a year?

It goes without emphasizing that it’s best to check the specificities of the warranty. Is it on product material? Or is it on workmanship? Check with other solar shower bag reviews to investigate how customer care of a specific product brand responds to issues on warranty.

Size Absorption and Rate of Heating Up Water

Apart from the design, material, and warranty of the shower bag, remember to consider its capacity and its efficiency at absorbing sunlight to heat up water. The last thing you need is to buy a solar shower bag that doesn’t heat up water effectively.

Because of this, it’s advisable to go with shower bags that come installed with miniature solar panels attached to them. This helps quicken the absorption of the sun’s rays.

Additionally, make sure your solar shower bag is of the right size, depending on your usage. Most folks prefer the 3-gallon solar bags over the 2.5-gallon. This is because the latter isn’t enough to complete a shower. Well, you may be done with your shower, but some people might not feel as clean.

On the other hand, the 3-gallon shower bag is always enough.

However, nothing beats a 5-gallon solar shower bag, which is more than enough to clean off your grimy pets and grubby kids.

Recommended Solar Shower Bags

With a slew of options to choose from, it’s best to test a few sample shower bags. But then again, that can be too expensive. Luckily, we’ve tried and tested a few of the solar bags, and here are our recommended picks.



Of all solar shower bags, this is probably the most effective. The designers were really thoughtful when developing this bag.

Advanced Elements 5-gallon Solar Bag features a 4-layered construction consisting of reflector and insulator panels. This means its sunlight absorption is high, thus heating up the water quickly.

You’ll be impressed by the pockets, which come in handy when showering because you have a place to hold shampoo and soap. As if that’s not enough, the solar bag features a mirror, which you can use for shaving or applying makeup once done showering.

Its showerhead is also easy to use and is of appropriate size. The attached nozzle is also easy to switch on and off. Moreover, refilling the shower bag is easy due to its large valve, which comes with a cap.

Coleman 5-gallon Solar Shower

Coleman Solar Energy Shower Bag is all about efficiency. Although the bag can hold 5 gallons of water, it is compact and made of black-colored materials that readily absorb sunlight.


I love that it features a sturdy handle, making it easier to hang on a post or a tree (if camping). The solar shower bag is simple to refill, and transporting it is easy.

Once you’re done showering, all you have to do is fold it up and pack it up in your go-bag or suitcase.

It doesn’t take much space, and the showerhead aligns easily with the suitcase. Oh yes, when using the solar shower bag, its showerhead switches On and Off easily. And it doesn’t slip off even when your hands are soapy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, solar shower bags are not only easy to use and set up, but they are very effective whenever you are on the road or camping.

The shower bags also come in handy when you have grubby kids and playful, outdoorsy pets. If you want to keep your house clean, you can use a shower bag to clean them off before letting them in.

Solar shower bags come in many designs and sizes, each satisfying specific needs. The shower bags are very effective, and their price range is reasonable. Their price range is between $15 and $35, depending on the features and materials they are made of.

Are the solar shower bags worth the money? Of course, they are. Now that you are equipped with all the info you need to know about solar shower bags, good luck finding one that fits your needs.

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