How to Choose Vertical Wind Turbines?

When and where might you need the best vertical wind turbines to generate free, renewable, and non-depleting energy?

Well, look here:

If you live in Abilene in Texas, Buffalo in New York, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, Boston in Massachusetts and Wichita in Kansas, this is for you.

You see, these are some of the windiest cities in the US of A. In addition, they have average wind speeds of more than 11MPH!

Of course, there are many other cities. For instance, Rochester in Minnesota and Amarillo in Texas have average annual wind speeds of 13MPH.

Therefore, if you live there and you are not leveraging this wonderful renewable energy source, it is time to start.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Vertical Wind Turbines


There are many wind turbines in the vertical design. Therefore, choosing one can be a bit challenging for the first time. However, here are a few pointers to help you get value for your investment.

The type of vertical wind turbine

There are two types of vertical wind turbines. These are:

Savonius Wind Turbine – This design is most suitable in areas that experience high winds. On the same note, it is a slow rotation but high torque windmill.  It is also a self-starting turbine, so it does not need a manual push to start rotating.

Darrieus Turbine – This is the most common one for home-use windmills. In addition, it is a low torque but highly efficient turbine. Therefore, it can generate AC electrical power for your appliances.

Also, in its design, there are two wings attached to a vertical shaft. Unless you choose a style that has at least 3 blades, the two-blade design might need external power to start.

Installation Height

First, before you buy the wind turbine, you need to consult the local authorities. That way, you will know the height requirements for a wind turbine. Therefore, when you go to order this windmill for your home use, you will know the height limits.

Secondly, when ordering one, check the maximum recommended height for installation. On that note, the manufacturer usually indicates the tower height somewhere in the description or on the installation manual. That way, you will know whether you will install it on the roof or on a pole.

Design and Build Quality

This matters a lot. Therefore, if you can get it, go for the sleekest looking design that you can find. Here, we have looked at 5-blade designs. In addition, we have also looked at two-blade designs.

The 5-blade lantern designs look incredibly good. In addition, they start rotating even with the low-velocity wind.

The design also includes the way that the axis is mounted. Usually, this runs on ball bearings, which give a smooth, vibration-free operation even in the highest velocity winds.

Check also the material that the manufacturer has used in the construction of the blades. Usually, many of them use nylon fiber. In addition, they treat it further to make it UV-resistant. In addition, these blades are weatherproof.

In our wind turbine kit reviews, we included a couple of mini/micro designs. Of course, such is only best for teaching and illustrations. Therefore, they are not weatherproof.

Price and Warranty

No matter how good it is, if you cannot afford it, it will not do you much good. However, the market has something for everyone. For instance, the small, micro models for teaching cost less than $10.

However, the large 200W to 600W wind turbines that we have discussed here can cost anything from $100 to $1500. Therefore, compare them carefully and choose the one whose pricing meets your needs.

On the other hand, the turbines that have high outputs cost more. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find that you have to pay even more than $2000 for a 3000W vertical wind turbine. In the same way, the good thing is that high output turbines can easily become your main power source at home.

Regarding the warranty, many manufacturers do not disclose the whole information. However, for the ones that do, the warranty starts from 12 months to 5 years. In addition, some will also rate their turbines as good for a maintenance-free period of up to 20 years or longer.

Size and Installation Requirements

The vertical wind turbine kit comes with all the installation hardware and parts. However, because of the bulk of these devices, they come disassembled in several pieces. On the same note, the manufacturer provides the assembling manual.

You will not require the help of a technician to install a small home wind turbine. However, some of these mills can be quite heavy, requiring you to have assistance.

On the other hand, you might need a technician if you want to use your windmill as a hybrid system to work with your solar power system.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you still feel a bit confused even after reading this far, you might find these frequently asked questions useful.

How do wind turbines work?

There is a lot of science behind this. However, when there is the wind, the blades of the turbine capture the wind energy. They transfer it to the generator/permanent magnet alternator.

In addition, the alternator converts this mechanical energy to AC electrical energy that can power your home appliances. In addition, this energy is stored in batteries.

Just like solar power, the faster the speed of the wind, the faster the wind turbine turns and charges the battery. Therefore, for it to work properly, it is important to mount it where it will capture the most wind.

What is contained in my wind turbine kit?

Usually, there are many components and all of them are very important. First, there is the turbine itself. In addition, there is a generator whose work is to convert kinetic energy into AC electrical energy.

There is also the brake that stops the wind turbine from rotating for maintenance and care. In addition, it also stops the turbine when the battery is fully charged. Of course, the brake can be either manual or automatic.

The kit should also include a lead-acid battery, also known as a deep cycle battery. Its work is to hold the charge for later use.

Also, make sure there is a wind charge controller. It is responsible for regulating voltage and current to prevent overcharging, surge and overloading. Therefore, this is a safety measure.

Finally, there is the Dump Load and the Inverter. The Dump is a system for dumping the excess energy that the windmill generates as it keeps on running even when the battery is full. In addition, the dump also regulates the speed of rotation.

The inverter will help convert the DC energy into AC electrical energy for use with your household appliances.

Vertical Wind Turbine Reviews

As usual, renewable energy is the real deal in the 21st century.

Therefore, there has been such a flurry of renewable energy products. The best windmills for home use have not been spared either.

However, while a wide variety of products is good, it can be hard to separate the chaff from the grain. But not to worry …

Here, we will do the hard work for you. We shall bring you the top-rated best home wind turbine. In addition, we shall show you the features, pros and cons of each. Keep reading.

1. HIUHIU 300W Vertical Wind Turbine

The HIUHIU 300-Watt vertical wind turbine is going to help you build just an additional source of power at home. In addition, this should be easy to set up on a DIY basis. Therefore, if you love doing things with your hands, you might want to try this one.


First, you will definitely notice the curved shape of the blades. The reason for this is that the curved design captures the wind perfectly. Therefore, even the low-speed winds, say of 2.5m/s will still make this turbine rotate. However, that is not all because the aircraft design of the wings helps to lower the noise level.

You will also notice the small size and shape of this wind turbine. Therefore, you can be able to install it even in limited spaces. In addition, the small shape also means that the rotation radius of these blades is smaller. Therefore, even if you have other turbines, you can fit many of them in the available space.

The generator is one of the most important parts of a vertical wind turbine. For instance, the HIUHIU wind turbine comes with a coreless generator. In addition, it is super quiet. Therefore, you can barely perceive the noise even when the wind speeds are high.

For a vertical wind turbine for home use, this one seems all good. However, just like any other product, it too has its flip side. For example, it comes at a higher cost than most others in the same output bracket.


  • It is simple to install thanks to the instruction manual
  • Can generate extra power for your home use
  • Blades are designed in such a way as to make the most of any wind
  • High quality material for outdoor use


  • The power generated depends on the wind speeds

Bottom Line

To run your small household appliances, you will find this small wind turbine kit enough if you live in a windy place. However, be sure to install it just right.

2. Pikasola 200W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

If you need an extra small amount of power to run your small appliances in the house, you might use the 200-Watt Pikasola vertical wind turbine. However, you should not buy it before you see its main features, pros and cons.


If you look keenly, you will notice the 5-leaf design of the blades. In addition, you will also notice that the blades have an aerodynamic shape. Therefore, the blades can start rotating even when the wind speed is quite low. For instance, this turbine will start turning even in wind speeds as low as 2m/s.

One of the most important components of vertical wind turbines is the generator. Therefore, in the case of the Pikasola 200 Watt wind turbine, the generator comes with a three-phase permanent magnet. In addition, this can reduce the resistance torque and make the turbine more responsive.

Also, the horizontal axis rotates on double bearings. Therefore, it will just have minimal vibrations even when rolling at high wind speed. On the same note, the wind turbine does not need a yaw system. Therefore, it can start rotating with a small breeze and adapt to the direction of the wind well.

The manufacturer uses nylon fiber for the blades. Therefore, the blades are resilient and long-lasting even in bad weather. In addition, these blades are going to make use of all the wind energy.

You will also love the quiet operation of this wind turbine. For instance, it is even quieter than most of the horizontal wind turbines. Therefore, even when you install it close to your house, you will not perceive any noise.

In spite of the many good features that this vertical wind turbine for home comes with, it has some downsides. For instance, the manufacturer says that you should install it 20 feet higher than the closest obstacle’s height. In addition, they say you should install it at least 10 times away from the height of the obstruction. Now, such parameters are hard to meet in an urban setting.


  • Easy installation on a pole
  • It stays stable with minimal vibration even in fast winds
  • Can produce enough power for small appliances
  • Good-looking design


  • It will only charge your 12V battery in strong and consistent winds

Bottom Line

This is a small vertical axis wind turbine. Therefore, it is best for small power needs at home and you may use it to compliment your solar panels.

3. LLGO 300W Wind Turbines Generator

The LLGO vertical wind turbines can take quite a huge load off your power bills. In addition, if you have other alternative sources of energy such as solar, they will work together.  With strong and steady wind, you can get the full 300-watt output. Keep reading to see the other features.


The first thing that you might like about this turbine is the lantern design and the green color. Therefore, it enhances the looks of your exterior space. However, above that, the blades are made with high-quality plastic material. In the same line, this carbon fiber is UV-resistant, resilient and does not sustain damage from the weather.

The second thing that you might love about this wind turbine is the 3D style of the blades. Therefore, they will capture wind easily and start rotating even at the lowest velocity. In addition, their aerodynamic shape also reduces the generator’s resistance torque.

The third thing that we must mention here is the permanent magnet generator with an advanced microprocessor. In addition, it also regulates voltage and current to prevent overcharging, especially when there is strong and consistent wind.

In spite of many features and benefits, one downside is the price of this wind turbine. For the same output, as many of the Pikasola turbines give, you might feel the cost is too high.


  • The installation of this wind turbine kit is so simple
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • The change in wind direction does not affect its operation
  • Large wind wheel diameter for more power generation


  • There is no information regarding warranty

Bottom Line

The sleek design, the weather resistance and the well-engineered generator make this vertical wind turbine for sale a good investment for any home.

4. Keproving Mini Vertical Axis Type Wind Turbine

If you are looking for the most affordable vertical wind turbine, you might consider the Keproving Mini Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. However, please note that this is not a real turbine to generate power for home use. Therefore, since it is a mini size, you can use it to teach your kids the principles of wind power.


When your child assembles this mini wind turbine, they can set it in front of the fan. That way, when the fan blows air on the blades, it starts rotating. In addition, it will generate power to light up the LED bulb at one end.

This package comes with everything that you need to install this small contraption. Therefore, you do not need to buy any tools from the store. Even if you are a science teacher, you can just enjoy the entire do-it-yourself experience of putting this wind power generator together.

When you get it working, you shall enjoy the minimal noise level. Therefore, even if you are using the turbine to teach, there will be no noisy interruptions.

These mini turbines are so affordable. Therefore, even if you have several kids to teach, you can afford to buy each of them one.

What is the catch here? This is not a real turbine! It is just a model. Therefore, you cannot use it for anything apart from demonstration purposes.


  • So affordable you can buy many of them
  • It has zero noise levels
  • It is a resilient model that you can use many times
  • Works almost similar to the big turbines


  • Blades feel a bit fragile so you need to be extra careful
  • Just for educational purposes

Bottom Line

You owe it to the world to pass knowledge on renewable energy to your children. Therefore, you can use the Keproving mini wind turbine for lessons.

5. Sparik Micro Vertical Wind Turbines

If you are a science teacher, you might love the Sparik Enjoy micro-vertical wind turbines. They are super small, so you may not use them to light up any space. However, in the end, it is connected to an LED bulb that lights up when the blades start rotating.


This is a complete set of a vertical axis wind turbine. Therefore, if you are buying it to practice putting it together with your kids, you will have a good DIY experience. In addition, it is affordable, so you can buy several of them without denting your wallet too much. Also, the weight of this wind turbine is just slightly over 120g, making it easy to carry and store.

The wind turbine adopts a full 360 degrees operation. Therefore, when you place it before a fan, it will turn whichever way the fan blows air. In addition, it can pick up speed fast and the faster it goes, the brighter the LED illuminates. On the same note, you can also test it outdoors in the wind.

This mini wind turbine for learning can help you teach your kids about wind energy. However, it has a downside. For instance, it is only good for learning since even the LED is too small to offer meaningful illumination.


  • Sold in packs of two at a very affordable price
  • Simple to use to teach kids
  • It is a complete mini vertical wind turbine
  • Starts turning at the low-velocity wind of 5.5m/s


  • This is just a toy/model, so it is not a real wind turbine

Bottom line

If you are a schoolteacher or you have kids at home, it is best to teach them with a demonstrable illustration about wind power. Therefore, this mini set of a wind turbine will help you.

6. Tumo-Int 400w Vertical Wind Turbine

This wind generator kit from Tumo-Int comes with a controller that can transform how you use energy in your home. The initial buying cost will be high, but after that, you can enjoy increased power at no cost. However, first, look at its features before you can buy it.


First, let us start with the physical features of this wind turbine for home use. It is light in weight, thanks to the use of aluminum alloy. In addition, it also has a beautiful design so if it matters, it does really look good on your property.

When it comes to the mechanics of how this turbine works, it comes with a permanent magnet alternator. Of course, there is a whole load of the science behind it. However, the generator converts mechanical energy to AC electrical energy that you can use to power your appliances. Indeed, the 600-watt output from this wind turbine kit can run most of your electrical appliances.

In addition to the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical AC energy, the alternator also helps to reduce the resistance torque. Again, this has the benefit of allowing the turbine to start rotating even with the lowest velocity winds.

The construction of this wind turbine for home is quite durable. For instance, the durable shell is complemented by a smooth bearing rotation. This ensures there are no vibrations at all. In addition, it enables this vertical wind turbine to withstand strong winds of typhoon level.

There are so many good things about this wind turbine for home use. However, its main disadvantage is that it is quite heavy. Therefore, you might need help when installing it.


  • The manufacturer says it can stay 15 years without the need for maintenance if installed right
  • Good quality bearing ensures minimal to no vibrations
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • Can be used in various settings and different types of connections


  • Cost is a bit high
  • This is a heavy wind turbine

Bottom Line

This wind turbine is able to start up with low wind speeds, has good construction quality and has a nice wind charge controller to control voltage. On the other hand, it is costly but it gives good value for money.

7. NINILADY 600W Vertical Wind Turbine

If you are searching for a vertical wind turbine that you can connect with your solar panel system, your search ends here. Of course, the 600-Watt NINILADY wind turbine might meet the power needs of your appliances. Indeed, it might be what you need to take a load off your power bills. However, see its features here.


This is a 2-blade residential vertical wind turbine. It comes in a lightweight, easy-to-install and uses design. However, the most outstanding thing about it is the Maglev generator. Now, of course, Maglev is one of the most renowned names in powering trains in Europe. Therefore, the high quality of this wind turbine is a sure thing.

The NINILADY residential wind turbine has many benefits. However, the biggest of them all is that you can turn it into a hybrid system and connect it to your solar panel system. Therefore, this would increase the efficiency of the turbine and generate more power for your home.

Although we have said that this product is light in weight, it is still a bit on the heavier side at 24kg, when fully assembled. However, if you live in an area that experiences gusts and heavy winds, more weight is better for stability.

There are many more features. However, this solar turbine also has some downsides. For instance, it is going to cost you a good amount of money. However, once installed the right way, you will get good value for your money.


  • Rated for 20 years of use
  • Can be put to many applications including boat, home, street lights and others
  • It is simple to install
  • The motor can last a long time outdoors without sustaining damage to elements


  • Might need expert help to connect with your solar system
  • A 12-month warranty is too short

Bottom Line

You can put this vertical axis wind turbine for different applications. In addition, the sturdy build and design enhance its durability in the weather elements.

8. SUQIAOQIAO 500W Wind Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical spiral wind turbines such as the 500-Watt SUQIAOQIAO might cost more than regular vertical turbines. However, excellent construction and design ensure their longevity. Of course, you can only know this by looking at the features.


First, with a maximum output of 500 Watts, if it really does that, you can use it for most of your power needs. Therefore, you will be able to take a huge load off your power bill. However, you can also set this wind power system up to be compatible with your solar power system. In that case, you can create enough power to run all of your household needs.

This wind turbine comes with a smart wind charge controller. Therefore, it tracks the charging progress and once the battery is full, it cuts voltage and currency. Therefore, there will be no risk of overcharging your batteries, especially if you live in a high wind area.

The manufacturer uses toughened nylon fiber for the construction of the blades. In addition, these blades have a sleek and aerodynamic design. Therefore, they can start the turbine turning even in low-velocity winds.

We can mention more features for this vertical wind turbine. However, there are also some downsides. For example, the price of this vertical wind turbine is quite high. Even if you will get good value for your money, you will still feel the pinch.


  • Nice and stylish lantern design
  • The blades have a projection by which you fix them safely reducing the risk of falling
  • Permanent magnet alternator is quite good at converting mechanical energy to electrical energy
  • Strong bearing ensures zero vibrations


  • The cost could be a hindrance to some people

Bottom Line

The advanced design of this wind turbine, the choice of high-quality material and the intelligent controller and microprocessor make it worth having. This is despite the cost being a bit high.

Other Great Wind Turbine You May Like

9. Pikasola 400W Wind Turbine

Pikasola brings you an affordable wind turbine generator that has an output of 400 watts.  Therefore, this will be an excellent addition to your home energy tools. However, you cannot use it as your main source of power. All the same, it will give you a respite from high bills. But first, let us see the features that it comes with.


Because of exposure to the elements, the design, build quality and the choice of materials is very vital. Therefore, you might be happy to know that the blades of this turbine are made of carbon fiber. On the same note, this material can withstand sleet, snow, rain and any other extreme element.

By design, you will see that this wind turbine comes with a long tail fin. Its work is to adjust the turbine quickly to the direction of the wind so that it can take maximum advantage. Therefore, you can be sure that you will cash in on any wind, no matter how minimal.

Among the components of this wind turbine comes is a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. In addition, it also has a built-in voltage regulator. Therefore, when the battery is full, the regulator shuts the voltage down as a safety measure. In addition, this prevents surge, overload or overcharging.

There are so many more features with the PIKATY400W12V vertical wind turbine. However, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, it comes with so many parts that you must put together. Therefore, it will take some time. However, to compensate for that, the manufacturer provides the best installation instructions.


  • Yaw adjusting system for the turbine to turn with the wind
  • High-quality nylon fiber material that withstands the weather elements
  • Low vibration even with high-speed wind
  • The price is affordable considering the features


  • Output never really gets to 400W

Bottom Line

This is an affordable option for a home wind turbine. However, it requires high-speed winds, say about 30MPH to produce its maximum output.

10. Happybuy 400w Vertical Wind Turbine for Home Use

The Happybuy wind turbine generator might just make you happy. It can generate an output of up to 400 watts, which makes it good enough for your appliances at home. Keep reading to see some of the features that it comes with.


First, this kit comes with a wind charge controller, which automatically shuts down the voltage if your battery is fully charged. Therefore, we can safely assume that this is one of the safest wind turbine kits for home use.

Second, the manufacturer has used aluminum alloy for the rotating body. Therefore, it can stay exposed to the elements for a long time without sustaining rust or corrosion. In addition, the body also has a yaw adjustment system.

The three blades have a sleek, aerodynamic shape. Therefore, when the wind changes direction, the turbine also adjusts its direction and alignment. In this way, the blades are always in the position to respond to any wind changes. In addition, with consistent winds, you can ramp up the entire 400 Watts output as the manufacturer advertises.

Happybuy wind turbines offer good value for money. However, just like any other wind turbines, this one has its disadvantages. For example, you may not use it as your main power source because it will not be enough.


  • Has a nice 5-blade design made of resilient nylon fiber
  • Has an automatic brake system
  • Versatile usage on the boat, RV, cabin or even at home
  • Comes with a high-quality AC generator with a permanent magnet
  • Easy to install and use even without the help of a technician


  • There is no information on the warranty

Bottom Line

Despite the enticing 400 Watt promised output, it is best that you do not rely on this as your primary power source. In addition, wind speeds are never consistent. In spite of all this, you will get good value for money.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you live in a place that experiences high-velocity winds, you need to invest in the best vertical wind turbines.

Luckily, you do not have to look any further than this list. We have carefully selected these models to help you choose wisely.

In addition, you now know what a complete wind turbine kit includes!

At the same time, the vertical wind turbine such as the [aawp link=”B08MPX83LG” title=”600-Watt NINILADY”] costs much less than what you would pay for horizontal wind turbines.

Another option that you might consider is the Pikasola wind turbines. They are affordable, efficient and they require minimal care and maintenance.

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