25 DIY Solar Oven Plans on Eco-Friendly Cooking

Are you looking to save a few bucks? Maybe you are trying to be a little more eco-friendly. On the lookout for a fun project to do? A solar oven addresses these interests.

You do not have to look far and wide to get started. Today, we will be showing you 25 DIY solar oven plans.

1. The Craft Train


This solar oven is one you would want to consider if you are thinking of doing this project with kids! It is an ideal way to teach them about solar power in a fun and educational way.

If this doesn’t suit your preferences, do not worry! We have many more solar ovens for you!


2. desertsun02

If you are looking for something more advanced, desertsun02’s solar oven might be just the thing! However, if you’re new to solar cooking, you might want to start with simpler options as a trial. Do not worry. We have plenty more of those!


3. Instructables Workshop


If you are looking to get serious with solar cooking but want to try it out first, this solar oven by Instructables Workshop might be the one for you. It made use of materials easy to find and use. However, you do not have to worry. The materials are also durable. This solar oven can last you for a long time!


4. vuaeco


Do you want to take extra caution with solar cooking? This solar oven avoids using materials that could be harmful to you. That is not all, though. Because it avoids such materials, you also do not have to worry about your food tasting weird.


5. Education.com


Here is another solar oven you can make with your kids!

This solar oven by education.com will undoubtedly not reach the same temperature as the others, but it could still be a fun project if you only want to try and make something with your kids. This solar oven could be great for making sweet treats, though!


6. ABC15 Arizona

Over here, we have ABC15 Arizona’s solar oven.

Do you have a box? If so, you are mighty ready to go and enter solar cooking! This one is easy to make and will only take a few minutes. To add, as you might already know. The materials are easy to acquire!

7. Chelsea Green Publishing


Are you not good with tools? Well, this solar oven by Chelsea Green Publishing might be for you!

It is easy to make and quite budget-friendly too! However, you might want to keep in mind that it is not the most durable solar oven on this list.


8. Derek Jones

If you are looking for an easy solar cooker to make, you would want to check this one out. Everything with this solar oven is easy. It is easy to find the material and put it up. Also, yes. If there is sunlight, it is easy to use. Want to try solar cooking? This one might be the answer!


9. Popular Science


Did you know that there are many solar oven designs? Well, Popular Science has another neat design that you might want to consider.

This one might take longer to make than the others, but it is still pretty doable. To add, it is durable, and you would most likely be able to use it to make tons of delicious dishes!

Do not forget your oven mitts now!


10. Alejandra treviño

Do you have a pizza box? Well, finish your pizza, and let us turn that box into a solar oven!

Pizza boxes are one of the common material options when making solar ovens, and Alejandra Treviño will show you how to use it here!


11. Survival Resources


If you are looking for something a little sturdier, you might want to give this solar oven by Survival Resources a shot. It requires some woodwork, but it is still pretty easy and doable. To add, it will last you a long time. You would be able to use it for tons of mouth-watering dishes!


12. Universe Unboxed

If you are looking for something a little more portable, Hank Green from Universe Unboxed might be able to help you with that. This solar oven is a lot smaller than the others on this list. It could do the job, but the dishes you would be able to make would be limited.


13. Sciencing


On the other hand, maybe you only want to make a solar oven for a science fair. This solar oven by Sciencing might be what you need. The materials are easy to find, and this solar oven is easy to make. Go and get that blue ribbon!


14. Science Buddies

If you could remember, earlier, we said that pizza boxes are often used to make solar ovens. Well, here is another solar cooker that makes use of this material. This one is one that you can make with your kids.


15. Wired


Are you still having trouble finding the solar oven for you? Well, you might want to check this solar oven by Wired! It makes use of the common solar oven materials, but it is built in a pretty neat way.

Again, you have to note that this one is made of cardboard. You have to take good care of it if you want it to last.


16. Prepsteaders

Do you have a windshield sunshade you are no longer using? Well, do not throw it out! Instead, let us turn it into a solar oven! If you are looking for a portable solar cooker, this one might be it!


17. Survival Fitness Plan


If none of the above has caught your fancy yet, you do not have to worry. We have many more solar ovens for you. This one uses cardboard. If none of the cardboard solar ovens we have shown you above has tickled your fancy, give this one a shot.


18. Andrés Berejnoi

Do you want to do a project that involves the whole family? Well, you might want to check this solar oven by Andrés Berejnoi. It is easy to make, and afterward, you and the family can cook and enjoy some tasty treats from it!

Also, this solar oven is a good base if you are looking to add your personal touches.


19. HGTV DIY Solar Oven


Are you a parent? A teacher? A cool uncle? If so, you might want to get the little ones and recreate this solar oven by HGTV.  This solar oven is easy-peasy. The little ones will likely have no problem making this one. To add, they would probably have fun!


20. Howcast

Did you like the solar oven made of pizza boxes that we showed you earlier? You might be happy to know that we have another one right here! This solar oven is by Howcast, and like the other pizza box solar ovens, this one is easy to make. You would probably only spend a few minutes to bring this solar oven to life!


21. Ivan’s Place DIY Solar Oven


Do you want a solar oven that will last? In that case, you might want to give this solar oven by Ivan’s Place a shot. It is made from durable materials. With that, you can be sure it will outlast many of the other solar ovens. You might have to spend more time making this one, but we believe it is worth it!


22. SciShow Kids DIY Solar Oven

Do you want to cook but also enjoy the sun outside? This solar oven by SciShow Kids might help you with that problem. This solar oven is easy to make, so you can easily set it up and enjoy the sun while it cooks up your lunch!


23. Omick.net DIY Solar Oven


We have shown you all sorts of portable solar ovens that you can take on the go. However, you might be looking for something big. Something that can sit in your yard for whenever you want to cook outside. If you want something big and grand, this solar oven by Omick.net might be the one for you!


24. jnull0

If you have an old cooler, do not throw it out yet. It could be a great solar oven. And while this project might look daunting, it is pretty easy to do. Since the cooler is already in the shape that you want it, you would mostly only have to cover it.


25. Backwoods Home Magazine


Finally, we have this solar oven from Backwoods Home Magazine.

This one might look different from the usual oven box, but it can get the job done!

If you are not sure how to use this solar oven, do not worry. Backwoods Home Magazine has laid down some of the basics on how to over at their place.

Why Build a Solar Oven?

There are many ways to cook today. Undoubtedly, the traditional methods of cooking are more convenient.

The first reason anyone might want to build a solar oven is that it could be a fun project to make with the kids. The kids will not only learn about solar and sustainable energy. It might also encourage them to start thinking.

On a bigger scale, making a solar oven could help you save. It may be as small as a few dollars to as big as a few hundred dollars. It all depends on how serious you would be with solar cooking and how much you care for your solar oven.

Finally, solar ovens could also be good for our environment as it is an eco-friendly way to cook. Unlike other methods, it is less likely to harm our environment.


That is our 25 DIY solar oven plans! As you have seen, there are many DIY solar ovens out there. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are easier to make, some are more advanced, and some are more fun to do.

We hope we helped you find the right one. If you are looking for more fun DIYs like this one, you might want to visit our other discussions. We have many more fun projects for you to try out. See you around! Hopefully, soon!

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