Solar Panels in Tucson, AZ 2024: Cost, Companies & Installation Tips

Tucson has relatively clear skies all year. Taking advantage of Arizona’s sunny climate can be a wise investment. Solar panels will cut your power expenses while also increasing the value of your home. Check out these solar panels in Tucson, AZ, to help you shift to renewable energy.

Local Solar System Installation Costs

The typical solar panel value in Tucson is $2.52/W as of this date. If you own a 5kW solar panel system, it would cost you $10,708-$14,488.  The average gross price is $12,596.

Factor in the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 36% and more local and solar incentives. The net cost of solar can be thousands of dollars lower.

After taking advantage of the 26% tax credit, the average cost would be $1.76/W. This rate is less than the current average price of $2.95/W in the United States.

The solar panel system size also impacts how much it costs to install.

It would be best to acquire the panels in bulk. Larger solar projects often have a lower price per watt, resulting in cost savings. However, the overall cost of these larger systems will still be higher due to their increased size and capacity.

The following table shows the average system cost for solar panels:

System Size Original Cost Reduced Cost (with 26% Tax Credit) Potential Savings
3 kilowatts $7,551 $5,285 $2,266
5 kilowatts $12,601 $8,821 $3,780
7 kilowatts $17,650 $12,355 $5,295
9 kilowatts $22,695 $15,886 $6,809
10 kilowatts $25,193 $17,635 $7,558

What variables influence the price of solar panel installation?


Solar prices encompass more than simply the materials and installation. They can include permit fees, inspection charges, and installer profitability. These various components cause solar prices to vary between structures.

Some of these factors affecting solar power installation costs are the following:

Electric Consumption

Homes that use more electricity will require additional solar panels. Solar panels get less expensive per watt as more are installed. However, the overall system cost rises.

The higher the energy use, the more money solar panels can save on energy costs.

Solar Panel Types


Solar panel prices differ depending on the type of panel you select. The two most common types of residential solar panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Solar panels made of monocrystalline silicon are more efficient. However, they cost more than other types of solar panels.

On the other hand, polycrystalline solar panels get a lower efficiency rating. They are also less expensive.

Solar Installation Quality

Don’t be enticed when you see solar quotes that appear too good to be true. If you’re quoted a meager price, the installer may be using substandard equipment or an inconsistent pricing model.

You’ll be relying on a solar installer over the next two decades. You want to make sure they’re charging enough to maintain business.

It’s critical to ensure your installer provides you with the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. This concern is why it is crucial to obtain multiple solar quotes.

Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates in Tucson


The solar incentives available can have an impact on the overall solar pricing. Read them below.

Local Incentives

Solar equipment is excluded from sales taxes in Arizona, resulting in more significant upfront savings. Tucson Electric Power requested new net-metering plans more than five years ago. This move sought to award credits to people who installed new solar panels on their homes.

In addition, your solar setup can significantly increase the value of your home, often by an amount related to the electricity savings achieved each year. In Arizona, this can amount to more than $30,000 on average. Fortunately, the increase in home value is not subject to property taxes.

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

The ITC is available to homeowners all over the United States. By providing households with a 30% tax credit for their solar power system, solar becomes more cost-effective.

Aside from solar panels, battery storage technologies can count for the ITC in conjunction with solar. As a result, many Arizona homeowners go for battery solutions for solar energy.

ITC does not cut your system cost directly. If available, it lowers your overall tax burden during the year of installation and the coming years. It’s crucial to understand that tax credits aren’t the same as refunds or rebates. To avail of ITC, homeowners must first have a tax liability.


State Solar Tax Credit

Every Arizona resident who puts up solar panels is eligible for a 25% State Tax Credit of the entire system cost, as high as $1,000. This benefit can apply to state taxes. The state credit is a tremendous benefit on top of the Federal ITC.

Net Energy Metering

In other states, net metering allows you to receive a full retail rate credit for the electricity you put into the system using your solar cells.

Net metering is a policy that allows you to store solar energy that you don’t use. Then, when the sun is out of sight, they credit your charge at night. Therefore, no batteries are required.

Arizona’s net metering program varies from the other states. It charges additional penalties on solar owners and reduces payments for your electricity. However, you can still save quite a deal of money.

Residential Storage Rebates

Tucson has a battery storage incentive program that gives homeowners direct refunds. The current incentive is $300/kWh to a maximum of $3,600. $300 accounts for roughly half of the battery’s cost, excluding installation.

House batteries start to make more sense, especially when considering their capacity to remove daily peak usage. They can also lower demand costs connected with net metering charges.

Top 7 Local Solar Companies in Tucson, AZ

1. The Solar Store LLC


The Solar Store has over 60 years of operations. Therefore, it can undertake solar installation or service in Tucson and nearby areas. The company provides complete solar services in Southern Arizona. It is known for providing services that few other Tucson solar firms can, such as off-grid and hybrid solutions. It can also help you with ground mounts and solar buildings.

  • Address: 2833 N Country Club Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 520-322-5180


2. Solar Solution AZ


For almost a decade, Solar Solution has been the top local solar installation company in Tucson. The company offers complete solar solutions, including finance, permits, and utility company installation. You can also avail yourself of the most comprehensive and long-term warranties and guarantees it offers. It offers solar panels to give you a serene mind.

  • Address: 1225 W Miracle Mile, Tucson, AZ 85705, United States
  • Phone: +1 520-858-0220


3. Custom Solar and Leisure


CSL is a full-service solar company of solar professionals committed to offering high-quality, cost-effective energy solutions. It is a certified and award-winning company. It’s also A+ rated business for its high-quality solar installations.

  • Address: 3941 E 29th St #601, Tucson, AZ 85711, United States
  • Phone: +1 520-314-3768


4. Arizona Southwest Solar & Electric

Arizona Southwest started operating in 2012. Its team boasts of electrical work background. The company claims a good reputation with solar PV. The business also seems to have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job right.

The company also offers a full range of household electrical services to ensure that your property is well-maintained. Licensed electricians can assist you with any electrical issues in your house.

  • Address: 1925 W Gardner Ln, Tucson, AZ 85705, United States
  • Phone: +1 520-471-1979


5. Net Zero Solar


In Southern Arizona, Net Zero is the top-rated solar installation provider. It is locally owned and operated. The business promotes clean energy, excellent quality, stellar customer service, and exceptional pricing.

The crew can install on residential and business premises in Southern Arizona.  They also provide free site assessments that are friendly and helpful.

  • Address: 945 W Silverlake Rd, Tucson, AZ 85713, United States
  • Phone: +1 520-207-4053


6. Titan Solar Power (Tucson Office)


Titan Solar Power is America’s largest rooftop solar contractor. It collaborates with like-minded companies to provide world-class installations and customer service. Titan manages the entire solar installation process.

  • Address: 3828 S Evans Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85714, United States
  • Phone: +1 855-729-7652


7. Sunbright Solar, LLC 


Sunbright has already designed and maintained more than 1000 installations in two decades. It is committed to delivering you the most innovative, most affordable solutions.

The company offers one of the finest solar warranties. No wonder it has such high ratings on all platforms.

  • Address: 3250 S Dodge Blvd #8, Tucson, AZ 85713, United States
  • Phone: +1 520-222-9993


Additional Considerations When Installing Solar Panels in Tucson


Please assess the following before installing a solar power system:


The ultimate success of any home renovation project is hiring the appropriate contractor. Seek counsel to assist you in making an informed decision.

System Type

You should know what type of installation you want. Learn about the various types available to choose the finest one for your beloved home.

Panel Location

Your panels must receive the most sunshine possible. Therefore, you should think about how shadowing from barriers would affect the ability of the sun to shine on the boards. Also, consider the tilt angle and the direction of the panels.


Solar power systems will have continuing maintenance. Be aware of recommended maintenance plans and factor these expenses into your decision.


Arizona is a bright and sunny state. Many state-sponsored tax rebates and equipment exemptions can help you save money by installing solar panels. Tucson is, therefore, an excellent location for installing solar panels. Please take a look at the solar panels in Tucson, AZ, to see how they can help you get enough light while saving money.

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