9 Best Solar Street Lights Manufacturers in USA

So you’ve decided to get some solar street lights. Congratulations, they are a great way to harness free solar energy to light up your home, business, or public area. Solar lights are now so popular you are almost spoilt for choice. There are just so many different brands and products out there.

But how do you know which solar street lights to buy?

What you’re looking for is a quality product made by a reputable company. Here I’ve pulled together some information on the most prominent and respected solar lights companies in the US. Whether you’re looking to light your home, or you’re a businessperson looking for a lighting solution on a larger scale, you’ll find a solution here.

These companies offer a variety of solar lighting solutions to suit different needs. Why not check out my independent guide to the 9 best solar manufacturers in the USA?

1. Acuity Brands


Acuity Brands, Inc. is an industrial technology business specializing in lighting, lighting controls, and building management systems. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia, and their operations extend throughout the USA and Canada into Europe and Asia. They employ more than 11,000 people.

Acuity Brands has a wide and varied product range that has solutions for all areas of industrial and residential solar lighting. Their outdoor solar lighting range features solar street lights, step lights, garage, and canopy lighting, as well as solar garden lights.

1170 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300
Atlanta, Georgia, United States


2. Hubbell


Hubbell is a large multinational business specializing in the lighting, wiring, power, and data fields. They manufacture an enormous range of over 130,000 products!

The company has an impressive heritage dating back to the late 1800s when Harvey Hubbell established it to provide vital components for manufacturing.

Hubbell Lighting is the commercial and lighting division of Hubbell Inc. and is based in Greenville, South Carolina. Produce an impressive range of state-of-the-art LED solar street lights.

Greenville, SC


3. First Light


First Light is a Canadian outdoor solar lighting specialist with heavy involvement in the American market. Their business mission statement is “to make outdoor spaces better for people.”

First Light Technologies began business as a consultancy that designed projects for home and security and LED lighting. They have completed projects in over twenty countries in less than two years. While they are much smaller than many of the businesses on this list, they are dedicated entirely to outdoor solar lighting, and they have already amassed extensive experience in this field.

The company prides itself on offering top-quality products which are highly reliable, durable, and self-contained. Their focus is on improvement through simplicity rather than complexity, and they focus on customer feedback to inspire their innovation.

First Light products are characteristically sleek and designed with an attractively minimalist aesthetic. They produce luminaires for larger spaces and bollards for streets, pathways, gardens and create attractive light patterns on the ground.


First Light Technologies Ltd.
3303B Tennyson Avenue
Victoria, BC V8Z 3P5 Canada


4.  Selux


Selux specializes in high-specification lighting and is a German-based business that is active in the USA and Europe.

They produce some of the most impressive solar street lighting products on the market using technologies like an advanced energy management system and maximum power point tracking that allows for highly efficient solar energy collection.

5 Lumen Ln, Highland, NY 12528, United States


5. Cree


Cree is a company that specializes in LED lighting. They are committed to innovation and harnessing emerging technologies to help to produce cutting-edge affordable solar lighting solutions. Cree’s parent company is Ideal Industries Inc., a global corporation involved in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace, electrical to construction.

Cree uses state-of-the-art LED technology with a unique color modulation system that emits light that gives the surroundings a vibrant, lifelike quality. They produce an impressive range of solar street lights with models that you can install pretty much anywhere around your street, garden, garage, and home.

The company was founded in 1987 and has been at the forefront of technological LED innovation ever since. They released their first commercial LED light in 2007 and continue to blaze a path of innovation. Cree is a significant player in worldwide LED technology and one of the best established solar light manufacturers in the US.


Cree Inc, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States



6. Greenshine New Energy


Greenshine New Energy is a West Coast company based in Lake Forest, California. It is a well-established business with over twenty-five years of experience in the lighting industry.

Greenshine provides solar outdoor LED lighting systems for industrial, commercial, and residential use. They have installed custom solar light systems in more than 5,000 locations worldwide.

Their cost-effective solar installations use proprietary industry-standard technology to help their customers meet their net-zero targets as well as provide them with cost-effective, state-of-the-art outdoor lighting.

Greenshine New Energy is strongly committed to supporting American production facilities. While they have production facilities in Asia and the Middle East, they are committed to producing “Made in USA” products where imported materials only make up a small fraction of the final product cost.

Their solar street lights are highly efficient, producing up to 130 lumens per watt. They offer guarantees on product luminosity, performance, and reliability and protect their lights using a rugged diecast aluminum housing.

Lake Forest Business Center
23661 Birtcher Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States


7. Eaton


Eaton is a multinational power management company with a solid international reputation and history dating back to 1911 when Joseph Eaton founded the company. They have grown from humble origins into a major international business, with a turnover of $17.9 billion in 2020, and employing more than 90,000 people across 175 countries worldwide.

Eaton’s product range encompasses a wide variety of power management technology. Rather than being dedicated purely to solar technology, they work throughout the energy industry to provide quality components such as switches, lighting controls, covers and boxes, residential smart energy, and much more. Eaton’s product portfolio incorporates a lighting division that produces indoor and outdoor lighting for commercial, institutional, industrial and domestic markets.

Reflecting their involvement in the renewable energy industry Eaton has made a solid commitment to sustainability. They have set some challenging targets and goals for their business. They committed to halving their carbon emissions, reducing supply chain emissions, and ensuring their operations have a carbon-neutral status by 2030.


1000 Eaton Blvd, Beachwood Ohio, United States


8. Signify


Signify is a subsidiary of international manufacturing giant Philips. Signify North America Corp is based in New Jersey. The company specializes in lighting products, in particular LED technology.

Since the business is part of such a large international operation, Signify has a massive research and development department working on refining and improving LED technology. So Signify products boast groundbreaking technology with market-leading luminosity and efficiency. Signify is genuinely one of the US lighting industry’s heavyweights; they have over 50 million light points and have filed more than 18,000 patents.

Signify is an international company at the forefront of innovation in renewable technologies. Their blog has regular articles talking about the latest technological developments and case studies of renewable energy implementations.

Somerset, Ewing Township, New Jersey, United States


9. Green Frog


Despite being located in Australia, Green Frog is a prominent international specialist in solar lighting and is very active in the US market. David Wilson founded the company in 2011, and the business is dedicated to solar lighting innovation.

The company has expanded exponentially, in much the same way as the solar lighting industry as a whole. They subscribe to ISO 9001 quality management certifications and have a range of products for domestic and commercial customers.

Green Frog specializes in providing bespoke solutions and custom-tailored solar lighting systems. At any time, they have scores of projects underway around the world.

In addition to street and pathway lighting, their products include solar security lights and energy storage systems. They even produce two mains-powered lights, but unlike some of the businesses on this list, Green Frog’s drive and primary focus are on renewable solar lighting technology.


1919 McKinney Ave Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Summary list of manufacturers

Now that you’ve read this guide to the 9 best solar street lights manufacturers in the USA, you probably have a good idea of which of them is best equipped to provide you with the solar solution you’re looking for. Now you just need to get in touch with the company or companies you’re interested in doing business with and take a step towards realizing your solar lighting vision.

If you have any questions or comments about this list of the best solar light manufacturers in the USA, please share them with us.

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