How to Choose Solar Dock Lights?

Have you ever had a hard time trying to navigate around your dock at night, whether by car or boat? This is a common issue with docks that do not have proper warning lights to provide directions.

The ultimate set of solar dock lights provides quality and safety lighting. It is cost-effective and doesn’t require electricity or clunky batteries and wires. Solar dock lights are bright enough to illuminate your dock at night for better visibility and security.

What to consider when searching for the ideal solar dock lights?


The increased popularity of solar dock lights has resulted in an increase in the number of companies making these lights. Consequently, when looking for the dock lights to suit your needs, you shall encounter hundreds of brands and designs. Here are the specific features you need to look out for when making your selection.

Surfaces of installation

It is important to be sure about the precise place you want to install the solar dock lights. The importance of this is that there are lights that can only be installed on specific types of surfaces. You need to ensure the lights you choose can be installed on the surface you have in mind.

Battery life

You also need to consider the battery life of the solar dock lights you choose. The lights with longer battery life are better because they will give you high-quality light for more extended periods. Most of the modern dock lights have descriptions regarding battery life.

Light quality

the quality of light is also an important feature that you need to be sure about. An ideal unit should be able to produce LED light that illuminates 360 degrees around the light. Such light does not affect the drivers and other dock users.

Automation levels

The most ideal solar dock lights should be endowed with powerful light and sound sensors. With such sensors, you will not need to worry about switching the lights on or off. The automated operation lets the lights switch themselves on at dusk and then off in the morning. They also dim themselves whenever there are no movements nearby.

Materials used to make the body

We all want to purchase products that last. The ideal way to ensure this in solar dock lights is checking the materials used to make the lights. Reliable materials such as aluminum are durable, and they can withstand heavyweights.

Solar panels performance

Some of the available solar dock lights have better solar panels than others. You need to ensure the lights you are purchasing have reliable panels that will be able to absorb energy faster and even on cloudy days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the standard life span of solar dock lights?

Most of these lights are designed to last for years without experiencing problems. But just like every mechanic object, they wear out after prolonged use. The standard life span of most of these lights is between 3-4 years.

Do I need to worry about wetness?

Docks are places with a lot of wetness, but you do not have to worry about wetness if you have the right solar dock lights. The lights have a waterproof design, suitable for both fresh and salty water.

Is it easy to repair these lights?

If your dock lights are not functioning correctly, the first thing to consider is getting replacements. You can start by changing the rechargeable batteries and if this does not work, get replacements.

How do I maintain my solar dock lights?

Most of these lights require zero maintenance. However, it’s advisable to occasionally wipe them with a cloth to remove any dirt on the outer surface.

Can I install these lights on my own?

It mainly depends on the design of the lights you get and the place you want to install the light. The majority of the modern solar dock lights have straight forward installation where you do not need help.

Solar Dock Lights Reviews

1. Siedinlar Solar Dock Lights – 4 Pack

Most docks have 24 hours operations where work goes on both during the day and at night. Driving in the dark can easily result in accidents. A pocket-friendly way of avoiding such accidents is installing top quality solar dock lights such as the Siedinlar Solar dock Lights.

One of the main features that make us like these dock lights is being able to stay on for 12-15 hours. The importance of this is that you do not have to worry that the lights might go off in the middle of the night.

The lights are also IP68 waterproof certified. You can install and use them in any season since they can withstand even the heaviest storm. Even if they are covered with water, they will still be able to effectively produce the required light without getting damaged.

Another feature that impressed us on these solar dock lights is being made with aluminum. The importance of this is to ensure they do not rust even after being exposed to moisture and water. Aluminum also provides the lights with the necessary strength where they can withstand a pressure of up to 20 tons.

These lights also have sensitive and robust light sensors. You will not need to worry about switching them on and off since they automatically switch themselves on and off depending on the intensity of light. This also helps a lot in saving power whenever the lights are off.

Our only concern about these solar dock lights from Siedinlar is they cannot be installed on any surface. You need to install them in a place where the installation screws can hold the lights firmly. If the surface on your dock cannot hold the screws, the lights will be loose.

Despite the few flaws on these dock lights, we still insist that they are some of the top solar dock lights in the market. Getting the lights ensures your dock is not only safer for drivers but also you can see all the aspects of the road leading to the dock.


  • Produces warm LED light
  • Can withstand pressure up to 20 tons
  • Installation requires just a screwdriver
  • Have wide solar panels
  • Waterproof certified


  • Without the sun the performance of the lights is affected
  • Have a relatively shorter lifespan


2. JACKYLED Solar Power Dock Lights – 8 Pack

Proper lighting is among the essential components you can have in a dock. The lights are especially helpful on the road since they act as warning lights. Some of the most suitable solar dock lights you can get are the JACKYLED dock path solar lights.

One of the features you get to enjoy on these lights is being able to absorb energy in almost any weather condition. The solar panels are designed to absorb heat even during cloudy days. The absorbed energy allows the lights to remain active for up to 72 hours.

The lights produce a well-balanced LED light that is clearly visible. The light illuminates the surrounding areas without reflections or affecting the vision of the drivers. With this kind of light, you can be sure that your dock will be free of accidents resulting from low vision.

We are also pleased with the lights being very eco-friendly. By using these lights, you will be contributing to the conservation of the environment, which is among the most critical topics in the current world. The lights use natural power from the sun, therefore having no adverse effect on the environment.

Another feature that makes these dock lights ideal is being made using polycarbonate. The material is one of the strongest and most durable materials found in the market. Your dock will last longer without getting damaged even after being run over by trucks.

We are a little disappointed by the fact that these lights have a more sophisticated installation process. You might struggle to do the installation, mainly because the screws need to be installed in specific ways. In case you are unable to follow the user guide, you can always ask for help from professionals.

We like almost every feature of these solar dock lights, and as a result, we are confidently endorsing them. You will be making your dock safer without necessarily increasing utility cost since the lights are exclusively solar-powered.


  • Comes with six premium LEDs
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be used in other ideal places besides docks
  • IP68 waterproof certified
  • Wireless operation


  • Needs special care to remain in good condition
  • The battery needs to be changed after every six months


3. CHINLY Solar Dock Lights – 12 Pack

CHINLY is one of the leading makers of solar lights. Some of the lights that impress us from this company are the CHINLY solar dock lights. They have various features that rightfully qualifies them to be rated among the best.

The quality of the light produced by these lights is among our favorite features on these lights. They produce a blue LED light which makes them look totally elegant. Besides using them as warning lights, you can also use them for decoration purposes.

We are also impressed by the crystalline solar panels that are on these lights. The panels are upgraded to allow them to be able to absorb energy from the sun faster. It takes just four hours for the lights to be fully charged after which they work for about 72 hours.

The lights come with a 600mAh in-built battery. With this battery, you are assured that the lights will be able to produce bright LED light for prolonged periods. The battery is also essential because it enables the lights to be able to enhance the quality of the light produced.

We are also glad to note that these dock lights are weather resistant. You can use them in any weather condition without worrying that they might get damaged. They are IP67 waterproof certified where they can work safely even on rainy days.

Even with all the useful features of these dock lights, we are disappointed that most of the lights’ operations are not automated. Their sensors are not very strong, and as a result, sometimes you might need to switch them on and off manually.

Our verdict on these lights from CHINLY is that you will be making a wise decision when purchasing them. They shall provide you with an assortment of benefits while at the same time saving you money which you would have used on electricity.


  • Handles pressure of up to 20 tons
  • Can be used for decoration purposes
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Comes in a pack of 12 pieces
  • Reduced charging time


  • Spare parts are hard to get
  • Needs to be installed on surfaces made of specific materials


4. Dock Edge + Solar Pile Dock Light – 1 Pack

Using a poorly lit dock can be dangerous, especially at night. It is even more dangerous if the dock is in a place where there is no power. To ensure your dock is adequately lit you can use modern solar dock lights such as the Dock Edge + solar pile cap light.

Among the features, we found amazing on these lights is the fact that they can be installed almost anywhere. You do not have to necessarily install them on the ground. Instead, you can install the lights even vertically on a wall.

We are also impressed by the lights using one of the most robust batteries in the market. The battery is an AAA Ni-MH battery that requires six hours to provide 12 hours of run time. You can use the lights from dusk to dawn without experiencing unnecessary power outages.

The ability of these solar dock lights to work in all conditions is also an important feature that makes the lights suitable. You can use the lights on any day irrespective of whether it is raining or the sun is scorching. The lights are designed to work properly both in fresh and salty water.

We also noted that these lights use 6 LED bulbs that have the ability to produce uniform and warm light. The quality of light plays an integral role in determining how well you will be able to see while driving your boat or vehicle in the dock.

The makers of these lights have put an assortment of top quality features on these lights. But the lights do not have automated operation, and as a result, power conservancy is reduced. The lights also have relatively smaller solar panels which reduce the quantity of energy absorbed.

Regardless of the few defects, we are totally hats off since the lights provide one of the most convenient sources of dock light. Your boat will not miss the dock because of poor lighting or reduced vision.


  • Perfect for different usage
  • A powerful battery
  • Has a touchpad for control
  • Warm LED light
  • A run time of up to 12 hours


  • Cannot be installed on any surface
  • The relatively small solar panels take longer to absorb adequate energy


5. LEDMO Solar Dock Lights – 12 Pack

Some of the companies that have rightfully earned respect in solar lights making is LEDMO. The company is mostly associated with quality and among its products includes the LEDMO solar dock lights.

These dock lights have been improved from the previous version. The improvements include the installation of an on/off button for more personalized control and reduction of power drain. You can switch the lights completely off whenever they are not in use.

We are also pleased by the long battery life where the lights can work for 72 hours continuously after being fully charged. The power comes from a 600mAH internal battery that requires six hours of direct sunlight to fully charge.

We also note the lights emit top-notch LED light that a visible for 875 yards. The different attributes of your dock will be visible from a distance. You will be able to know precisely where your boat should stop to avoid unnecessary accidents which are usually brought about by poor vision.

The recommended installation surface for these dock lights is on the ground. The makers have made the body with aluminum to ensure the lights are optimally strong. They cannot get damaged even if they are run over by a truck, and they are also not affected by any weather.

Our only disappointment with these lights is the inability to full sense motions and light intensity. Sometimes you will need to switch them on and off manually since the sensitivity of the sensors reduces with time. In addition, you need to have the right tools to do the installation properly.

Having considered all the features of these lights, we find them ideal for any dock that needs proper lighting. Your power bill will not change since these lights get their power from the sun without having to use your electricity.


  • Emit 875 yards of visible light
  • No wires needed in installation
  • The outer body is made with rust-resistant aluminum
  • Do not get affected by different kinds of weather
  • Battery life of up to 72 hours


  • Cannot be purchased as a single unit
  • Prolonged periods without sun reduces the efficiency of the lights


6. Dock Edge + Postlite Solar LED Dock Lights – 2 Pack

Dock lights are very essential because they act as warning lights for anyone who might be at the dock at night. You do not necessarily have to increase your power bill after installing dock lights since you can use solar dock lights such as the Dock Edge + Postlite Solar LED lights.

One of the main reasons why we are impressed by these particular lights is that they come with 6 preinstalled LED colors. The lights do not produce just one monotonous light since you can change the color depending on your preferences.

Another feature that we could not resist is the incorporation of convex interiors and polycarbonate lenses. With this particular feature, the lights produce significantly brighter light compared with other similar lights. The power of the light emitted goes up to 10 lumens.

These lights do not have to be installed exclusively on the ground. You can install them on a post, on a wall or any other service where the lights will be visible. The installation is straightforward since you will not need any wires.

We are also impressed by the design of these lights where they are made for outdoor use. You do not have to worry that the lights might get damaged if they are rained on or if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours.

Most of the features on these lights are helpful, but we are worried about the size of the solar panels. These panels are relatively small, and as a result, you might need more time to charge the units fully. The small panels might also not have the capacity to conserve power effectively.

In general, we are pleased by the many positive features of these solar dock lights. The makers have taken the time to ensure the lights meet all your dock needs to ensure your dock is both safe and well lit.


  • Straightforward installation
  • A rechargeable AAA battery
  • A run time of 12 hours
  • Six preinstalled LED colors
  • Polycarbonate lenses


  • Relatively smaller panels
  • Can get damaged from too much exposure to moisture


 7. Home Zone Security Solar Deck Lights – 4 Pack

A well-lit dock always feels safer and more comfortable to work in. You can also make your dock more convenient to use without necessarily having to spend a lot of money by purchasing solar dock lights such as the Home Zone security solar deck lights.

These dock lights come in a pack of four with each unit using the upgraded crystalline solar panels. The panels are positioned at the upper side of the lights to ensure they are optimally exposed to the sun, which is the exclusive power source for the lights.

We are also amazed by the aluminum casing construction, which plays a vital role in enhancing the durability of the lights. The casing cannot rust even after being exposed to wetness, and it also provides the lights with the necessary power.

In addition, we are impressed by the very sensitive sensors that are able to sense any movement or change in light intensity. The lights will switch themselves ON and OFF without the need for manual operation. This is helpful, especially when it comes to power conservation.

Even if you are not a professional, you will be able to install these lights on the surface you prefer. The units come with anchors and screws, which allow you to install the lights in a few straightforward steps that do not require any specialized skills.

However, we are a little disappointed by the quality of light produced by the unit. The quality of light reduces as the power of the battery reduces, and this means you will not have an optimally bright light at all times.

With that said, we are confident that these lights are some of the most useful additions you can have in your dock. They have been designed meticulously to make sure all your dock lighting needs are met in a pocket-friendly manner.


  • Casing made with high-quality aluminum
  • Sensitive sensors
  • Uses AA size 600 mAh battery
  • LED light of up to 20 lumens
  • Crystalline solar panel


  • Light quality might reduce with decline in power
  • Prolonged lack of sunlight affects performance


8. APONUO Solar Power Dock Lights – 8 Pack

Almost every product from APONUO is usually very highly rated. The main reason behind this is that the company dedicates most of its resources to making some of the most competitive products. Some of the products that have impressed us from APONUO are these modern solar dock lights.

The main feature that looks so amazing on these lights is the ability to produce soft and even spread LED white light. The quality of light ensures you can see the different aspects of your dock even in the darkest nights without the lights blinding you when driving.

We are also impressed by the unique hexagonal design that is purposely meant to let the lights look optimally elegant. The design also plays an integral role in making sure the lights hold the surface they are installed on firmly.

Power for the lights comes from 800 mAh Ni-MH battery that is rechargeable. The battery is more powerful than the standard batteries used in most dock lights. With more power, you get guaranteed prolonged periods of performance.

The designers and makers of these lights have also considered that these lights are installed in places where they can be run over by vehicles. To prevent damages, the makers have used strong aluminum to make the casings where nothing gets damaged even after being run over by vehicles.

There are a few disappointing features of these lights, and one of them is that prolonged exposure to wetness can reduce the life of the lights. We are also disappointed that you cannot purchase the entire pack of eight units. This can be too much for people with relatively smaller docks.

Even with the few disappointments, we confidently endorse these lights as some of the most helpful dock lights you can get in the market. You get to enjoy the various benefits of these solar lights without having to break the bank.


  • A modern hexagonal design
  • An 800mAH powerful battery
  • Cool evenly spread LED light
  • Polycrystalline silicon solar panels
  • IP67 waterproof certified


  • You cannot buy a single piece
  • The units require consistent sunlight


9. DEEPLITE Solar Dock Lights – 4 Pack

Solar-powered dock lights have become the latest sensation in dock lights. They save on power bills while at the same time helping conserve the environment. Among the top solar dock lights, you can get in the market are the DEEPLITE Solar Dock Lights.

The very first attribute that impresses us on these lights is being able to work for prolonged periods. These lights have a working rate of 12-15 hours which provides you with a whole night of uninterrupted bright light.

We also like the engineering techniques applied in the making of these dock lights. The outer casing is made with galvanized aluminum which can withstand a weight of up to 20 tons. Even if the lights are accidentally run over by a truck, they will remain in good condition.

We are further impressed by the weather-resistant design of these lights. The importance of this is that the lights are used outdoors, and as a result, they need to withstand wetness and extreme heat. You just need to clean the lights from time to time as a way of enhancing their life spans.

These dock lights also have an amazingly simple installation process. They come with screws where you can easily install the lights on the surface you choose. There is a user guide that can help you with issues such as spacing the lights.

We like these solar dock lights, but we are concerned about the size of the solar panels. These panels are relatively small, which means it might take longer for the units to fully charge. With smaller panels, it also becomes more challenging for the panels to conserve the absorbed energy.

After carefully checking all the features of these solar dock lights from DEEPLITE, we can confidently say they have met the standards of modern solar-powered lighting equipment. You will keep your dock well lit and safer in a cost-friendly manner.


  • Comes with all installation components
  • Automated operations
  • 12-15 hours of battery life
  • IP-68 waterproof certified
  • Body made with galvanized aluminum


  • Sensors lose their sensitivity pretty quickly
  • The battery needs to be replaced from time to time


10. JIGUOOR Solar Dock Lights – 1 Pack

Any dock without properly installed warning lights can be hazardous. You do not have to worry about high power bills to properly light your dock since you can use high-quality solar lights such as the JIGUOOR solar dock lights.

The main feature attracting us to these dock lights is their elegant outer design. Your dock will be well lit with warning lights at night, and during the day it will remain elegant because of the beauty brought by the modern design of these lights.

We are also pleased by the straightforward installation that does not require any wires. The package that comes with the lights also has all the necessary screws you shall need for the installation. The only thing you will need is a screwdriver to fasten the screws.

Another attraction to these solar dock lights is a body made using aluminum alloy. The aluminum does not rust, and as a result, you are guaranteed a long life. Aluminum is also one of the most robust materials where the lights can withstand a pressure of up to ten tons.

The quality of the light produced by these solar dock lights from JIGUOOR is another impressive feature. Each unit is endowed with six LED bulbs that combine to produce uniform whitish light. The light is visible from a distance which allows the lights to guide drivers and boat riders effectively.

We could not help but notice that the batteries used by the lights need to be changed periodically. A new battery lasts for about 12 months after which it requires to be replaced with a new one. Therefore, you need to be ready for battery change every twelve months.

Our opinion about these solar dock lights is that they provide one of the most effective ways of enhancing safety and security in your dock. Your only expense will be in purchasing the units, and after that, you will enjoy the different benefits of the lights.


  • Produce cool and uniform LED light
  • Works automatically
  • Provides 12 hours of working hours
  • Endowed with six LED bulbs
  • A life span of three years


  • Installation requires certain skills
  • Repairing the lights is almost impossible


Every product on this buyer’s guide has outstanding features which are meant to serve you diligently. In fact, we struggle to point out one set of lights that is better than others. But after careful consideration, we have settled on JACKYLED solar dock lights. Our justification for choosing these lights is that they have one of the longest battery life of about 72 hours.  They can conserve more power and therefore, give you better performance.

We are also amazed by the ability of these lights to withstand different types of weather. Even if you use them on wet or scorching surfaces, they will still produce high quality LED light. Therefore, JACKYLED dock solar lights are our top pick from the list of outlined dock solar lights.

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