How to Choose Solar Shower?

If you are the outdoorsy type and you cringe at the thought of missing a shower, fear no more! Here, we shall bring you the best solar showers.

Okay, you might think that choosing one is as simple as running a search on Google. However, when you do that, you get so many results that you simply don’t know what to get.

After all, there are hundreds of manufacturers and they all claim to offer the best. In addition, some are from the biggest names in the outdoor gear and apparel industry. On the other hand, others are from little known brand names.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Showers


With so many solar portable showers, it is indeed challenging for a first-time buyer to get one. However, we have done the hard work to bring you portable shower reviews. In addition, we shall show you a few factors to consider when choosing one.

The Water Capacity

This is downright the most important thing to consider. For instance, some camping showers come with a capacity of 5 gallons. Actually, that is where the majority of them fall. However, some come in smaller capacities of 4 gallons and even 2.5 gallons. In addition, some solar-powered showers come with a 10-gallon capacity.

The size of your shower in a bag will depend on how often you intend to use it. In addition, if you will be using it with your family, bigger is better!

Design and Build Quality

Solar camping showers may look the same from a casual glance. However, nothing could be further from the truth! In addition, they are made with different types of materials. For instance, some come with 4 layers. These not only make water hot, but they also lock in the warmth so that you can shower later.

Most manufacturers use PVC. However, some use other eco-friendly materials. Of course, some materials will be costlier, hence raising the cost of the solar shower.

Check for materials that feel thick for durability. In addition, check the design of the handles because this is where the shower bags start ripping apart.

Convenient Features

These types of features may or may not be there. For instance, if a solar shower bag has a mesh pocket for your shaving items, washcloth and soaps, it is better than one without.

Other important features include a temperature gauge. Indeed, some solar portable showers can get water scalding-hot. In that case, a temperature gauge is going to help you find out how hot the water is. In some instances, the water can get so hot that you have to lower its temperature with ice cubes.

Another feature that you should not forget is the filling cap. It should be able to fit a hosepipe. In addition, a wider filling cap is better if you will fill the bag in a creek.

Estimated Heating Time

The time a portable solar shower bag for camping takes to heat water depends on how bright the day is. However, the manufacturer should give you an estimate of the time it takes to heat water.

For instance, on a bright day, 3 to 5 hours are not too bad. Additionally, on a cloudy day, pour the water in the morning so that you can shower with it in the evening.

Hosepipe and Showerhead

All of the solar-powered shower bags that we have reviewed here come with showerheads and hose pipes. However, the best ones should be detachable so that you can roll up the bag for storage.

In addition, the showerhead has a control valve to increase or decrease the volume of the water. On the same note,an off/on feature is very useful so that you can stop the water when you are scrubbing.

Also, check the size of the hosepipe too. Sometimes, you may have to hang the solar shower higher to increase the water pressure. Therefore, a short hosepipe would not help you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the questions that most first-time buyers ask regarding the camping shower bags:

Do Solar Camp Showers Work?

Of course, these devices work very well. However, similar to other solar-powered appliances, they work best depending on the amount of sunshine available. In fact, they can be so efficient in getting water scalding-hot. However, to enhance their efficiency, it is better to construct a small enclosure to keep out the cold when showering.

How do you dry a solar shower bag?

First, it is important to clean the shower bag with a small dose of baking powder. In addition, to dry it, press all the water out. In addition, hang the solar shower bag upside down using a hanger and leave it to air dry. On the same note, you can even use a hairdryer to dry the bag. Just don’t turn the heat on too high.

How do you clean a solar shower bag?

First, you need some bleach, mix it in warm water and then pour it into the shower bag. In addition leave it to sit with the solution for some time, say a couple of hours. You can shake it a bit for a thorough cleanup. Additionally, rinse it with a lot of cold, clean water. Even if the bag develops mold, the same treatment will work.

How much does a solar shower cost?

The price range is $7 to $30.

These are affordable pieces of gear. However, some can cost extravagant amounts of money. The good thing is that no price is too extravagant if there are features to justify it.

Solar Shower Reviews

In this section, we have done the footwork for you. Therefore, we bring you the top picks for a portable solar shower.

On the same note, you shall see the pros and cons of every solar shower. That way, when you spend your hard-earned money, you will get the full value for it.

1. Coleman Solar Shower – 5 Gallon

Coleman is one of the most popular brand names when it comes to outdoor gear. They are popular for camping tents, camping stoves and others. And now, here, they bring you a 5-gallon solar portable shower that you can use for camping, RV-ing as well as at home.


The first and perhaps the most notable feature is a large size. Of course, you have to agree that 5 gallons are a lot of water for a portable solar shower. Therefore, you can get about 3 showers from it. On the same note, if you are camping as a family, you need such a shower to meet your multiple showering needs.

You should love the easy installation because this shower comes with a durable hanging handle. Therefore, you can hang it at the designated showering spot without fearing that the handles will tear off.

Coleman uses superb material for this solar shower. Therefore, even on the overcast days, it is going to do a good job of capturing whatever heat is available and locking it in. Consequently, even on cloudy days, you can get a warm shower.

In spite of the good features of this Coleman camp shower, there is one disadvantage. You cannot keep water inside it hoping it will stay warm until the next showering time. If it is not outdoors, it will not get the water hot.


  • Very simple installation – just hang it
  • Built to last with high-quality material
  • It comes with an off/on valve for the showerhead
  • Gets water really hot especially on super bright days


  • Drying the inside of the bag can be hard

Bottom Line

This is an affordable Coleman Solar shower. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a warm to hot shower every day when you are camping.


2. VIGLT Camping Shower – 5 Gallon

With this sun shower bag, you will get all of 5 gallons, which is 20 liters of warm or hot water. Therefore, if you are using it alone, you can have up to 4 good showers on one fill. This shower bag is best for travelers, dry camping enthusiasts and others.


This solar shower bag is made of high-quality material. In addition, the handle for hanging the bag is reinforced so that it cannot pull out of place. On the same note, the bag comes with Velcro straps, which are even better than zippers. You may also love the small pocket where you can keep your showering accessories such as soap and washcloths.

By design, this shower bag pretty much keeps you in control of how you spend your solar-heated water. For instance, you can look through the back to see the remaining water level. In addition, it also comes with a temperature gauge so that you don’t scald yourself. You know how hot the tropical sunshine can get …

The removable hose design beats that of the Coleman shower bag. Therefore, it does not crimp, which also means the flow rate of your water is not affected. Besides, the hose also has an off/on the nozzle. For convenience features, you will get Velcro straps for hanging your washcloths. Clearly, the manufacturer thought of everything.

Despite the advanced features of this solar shower bag, the one disadvantage that you get is that the temperature gauge does not really tell the true status of the water. Rather, it seems to tell the temperature of the black part, which will obviously capture more heat.


  • Comes with convenient features such as a pocket for soap and Velcro straps to hang a washcloth
  • Simple to set up
  • The detachable hose makes it easier to pack
  • It can hold up to 5 gallons, which is a lot of water
  • Perfect for many outdoor gigs such as camping, fishing, hiking and others


  • The nozzle leaks a bit
  • It can be hard to remove the hosepipe

Bottom Line

The VIGLT camping shower does its job as expected. However, there are durability issues so you had better keep a keen eye on the handle.


3. Advanced Elements Summer Shower – 2.5 Gallon

If you are going camping, hiking, backpacking or dry camping all alone, you might want a smaller shower bag. In that case, you might love the 2.5-gallon solar shower bag from ADVANCED ELEMENTS. However, first read about its features.


First, the ADVANCED ELEMENTS solar showers for camping are designed in 4 layers. While there is a lot of mechanics behind this, the main benefit is that the bags do much more than getting the water hot. For instance, they also lock in the warmth, thus keeping the water hotter for longer.

You will also be able to turn the showerhead off and on as you please. Indeed, such a feature comes in useful when you are shaving. In addition, since this is only 2.5 gallons of water, you do not want to waste it unnecessarily.

Thirdly, this solar camping shower bag comes with a meshed pocket where you can store your showering accessories. In addition, after using it, you can roll it up easily and pack it for traveling. The four-layer construction makes this a very durable shower bag.

The only downside that this solar bag comes with is that you have to turn it off to scrub since it is only 2.5 gallons.


  • Captures heat even in cold weather
  • It has a temperature gauge to show you how hot the water is (in F)
  • Tough walls and good quality handles
  • Comes with a good quality hose


  • The hosepipe is too long
  • Enough for one or two showers only

Bottom Line

By design, this outdoor shower heater solar will capture even minimal heat. In addition, it can raise the temperature of the water from freezing to cold even in winter.


4. PGYFIS Solar Solar Shower Bag – 5 Gallon

For a very affordable amount of money, you can buy one, two, or even more PGYFIS solar camping shower bags. If you love outdoor adventures such as boondocking, you do not have to skip a hot shower.


The total volume of this shower bag is 5 gallons. That should be enough for three people to use. In addition, the bag is black in color so when it faces the sun, the water can get really hot in a couple of hours. Therefore, the best thing is to pour water into the bag in the morning and leave it to heat up at your camp as you engage in other things.

As usual, this shower bag comes with its own showerhead. However, this is an upgraded version of a showerhead. Therefore, this means that the switch is easy to open and close. In addition, it has high and low water flow control.

There is also a temperature indicator gauge on the solar shower bag. Therefore, you can know when the water is scalding hot. In addition, the gauge displays in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Despite this being a good quality shower bag, some things need improvement. For instance, the cap gets too soft when the water gets really hot. Therefore, it becomes a bit hard to open.


  • The price of this solar shower bag is so affordable
  • Good build quality with food-grade materials
  • It is leakproof at the nozzle
  • The temperature gauge really works


  • The provided hose feels too flimsy

Bottom Line

With the PGYFIS solar shower bag, you have the opportunity to enjoy multiple showers from one fill. In addition, with good care, this bag can last long.


5. RISEPRO Outdoor Solar Shower – 10 Gallon

The only difference between the RISEPRO 10-gallon and 5 gallon shower bags is the size. Therefore, if you would like hot water to use in your camp, you know, for cleaning dishes and for showering, try this one. However, before you make up your mind, check the features.


You must have a good reason for buying such a huge solar shower for camping. However, you still want to be sure that it will withstand the weight. Remember, for installation, you have to hang the bag by the handles provided for that. However, you are advised to hook it up first before you can fill it.

The manufacturer says that they make these bags with eco-friendly materials. If they truly do, that alone is enough to make someone buy it. In addition, these materials are safe for human use. On the same note, the choice of the materials determines the durability.

The bag comes in a unique heat-absorbent design. Consequently, it captures sunlight from all directions. In addition, it can heat the full 40 gallons of water to 45°C in about 4 hours. For a solar shower bag that can provide enough water for several people, this is good enough.

Despite the good work that the manufacturer has done with this portable solar shower, some improvements are due. For instance, the seams could be better and stronger because many users have reported leaks from the areas.


  • You get a big amount of hot water
  • You can get good water flow when you hang it high
  • It has a temperature indicator in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Good showerhead with on/off control


  • The straps might not support the bag when it is full of water

Bottom Line

When you are camping in a group or as a family, you will need a lot of hot water. However, this outdoor solar shower is going to meet all of your needs.


6. FeChiX Solar Shower Bag – 5 Gallon

Because of its foldable design, you can use the FeChiX solar-powered outdoor shower for traveling, hiking, camping, sailing and other adventures. However, the best solar shower camping must have some good features.


This is a black shower bag with durable, PVC construction. In addition, it is black in color, which means that it captures sunshine all around. Therefore, you can have your water hot to 45°C in just a couple of hours.

The shower bag comes with an upgraded showerhead, with an on/off feature. In addition, it has low and high water flow so you can choose accordingly. On the same note, this solar shower bag also comes with a hosepipe and a water tap.

With a capacity of 5 gallons, this shower bag will keep you fresh every day that you will be away from home in remote places. All that you need to do is to fill it up in the morning so that the water can soak up the sun slowly as you go about other activities.

It would seem that this is really the best solar powered outdoor shower. However, the manufacturer still needs to improve a few things. For instance, the hose supplied with this shower bag is too flimsy. Therefore, you might need to change it.


  • Gets water hot really fast
  • Practically no installation – just hang it
  • It heats water in a few hours
  • Collects heat to warm water even on the cloudy days


  • The plastic parts of this shower bag feel too flimsy

Bottom Line

While this product has its downsides, the pros are more than the cons making it a good buy. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this will suit you just fine.


7. RISEPRO Solar Camping Shower – 5 Gallon

When you are away fishing, camping, having a BBQ, backpacking or even kayaking, you get dirt all over you. However, if you need to clean up, having the 5-Gallon RISEPRO solar showers can help you. But first, you need to see the features that you can expect from this one.


The first thing that you will love about this showerhead is that you can control the flow with the on and off feature on the nozzle. In addition, when you hang the shower bag on a tree, you can also set the showerhead in such a way that it pours water on you. Therefore, you can have a hands-free showering experience.

This shower bag comes in a heat-absorbing design. Therefore, it is able to absorb heat all around. In addition, it can heat water to up to 45°C in about three hours. However, if the sun is super hot, keep checking because the water can get hot really fast.

When the sun is too hot, you can risk scalding yourself. However, with this shower bag, you can know the temperature from the gauge included in the design. While it is not usually 100 percent correct, it is not too far off.

In spite of these many features, some things need improvement. For instance, the nozzles leak. Therefore, you might want to empty it completely before tossing it in your car trunk.


  • High or low volume flow
  • Gets water really hot fast
  • The temperature indicator is a good idea
  • Installation is simple since you only need to hang it


  • The hot sun can really affect the showerhead
  • Nozzle leaks can be hard to fix

Bottom Line

You can put this shower bag from RISEPRO to many uses at home or when camping remotely. For instance, you can use it to wash your car, your dog or even your carpets.


8. Beaucares Solar Shower – 5 Gallon

Your search for the best solar camp shower stops with the Beaucares one. It is strong, durable and can carry enough water to give you multiple showers. Keep reading to see some of its features.


One of the most important things when choosing a solar bag for your camping shower is how fast it can heat water. On that note, you might choose the Beaucares solar-heated shower because of its design. It enables it to capture sunshine from all angles. Therefore, it can heat the full 5 gallons of water in a maximum of 5 hours.

Another thing that most people worry about it is the durability of a water bag. In addition, the strength of the handles really matters a lot. Therefore, you might choose this portable solar shower for its strong handles. Carrying it will not be a problem.

When you get this outdoor shower bag, you get all the due accessories. For instance, it comes with a hose. In addition, it comes with a showerhead with an off/on function for easier control. On the same note, the showerhead also has high and low water flow.

Is there something that the manufacturer should improve in this shower in a bag? Of course, there is. For instance, the cap opening is a bit small. Therefore, it can take too long to fill from a pond or creek.


  • Has a temperature gauge in C or F
  • Has a small meshed side pocket for soap and washcloth
  • The back is clear so you can see the remaining water
  • High-quality material for durability


  • The price is a bit steep for a 5-gallon shower bag

Bottom Line

Although slightly costlier than other 5-gallon bags, this will give you value for money. However, press out all the air before filling it with water since air expands fast when hot and it can blow the bag.


9. STEARNS Portable Solar Shower – 4 Gallon

Nothing can be as refreshing as a hot shower after camping or BBQ day. However, to get that, you would need the best solar portable shower. The STEARNS Sun Shower bag will meet your needs in that regard. But first, check out its features.


Unlike many other shower bags that have a capacity for 5 liters, the STEARNS Sun Shower gives you 4 liters. However, do not let that discourage you from getting it because that is still enough volume to give you multiple showers.

To give you the ultimate control, the Sun shower comes with an on/off valve for the showerhead. Therefore, you will always have the flow of your water under control. And that is not all, because this shower bag also comes with a thermometer. That way, you will always know the temperature of the water.

This bag is going to heat water in as little as 3 hours of exposure in the sunshine. In addition, the cap is off the center so that you will not have any trouble filling it up. Overall, this shower bag offers some nice features.

The only disadvantage of this bag is that it costs a bit too much. Indeed, it costs almost double what many other 5-gallon solar shower bags cost.


  • Heats water fast, in a couple of hours
  • The good build quality to minimize leakage issues
  • You can use the nozzle to control water volume
  • Large-cap fits a hose for filling


  • The instructions for use could be better

Bottom Line

Your search for the best solar showers might stop with the STEARN Sun Shower bag. If you take good care of the bag, it can last a long time.


10. Coghlan’s Solar Camping Shower – 5 Gallon

This is an affordable camping shower bag. However, price is not everything in a camping shower. Therefore, keep reading to see more of its features and then you can make up your mind whether to get it or not.


First, the volume of this solar camp shower is 20 liters/5 gallons. Therefore, that is good enough to give you multiple showers. In addition, it does not take that long to heat the water, especially when there is bright sun. It takes about 4 hours to give you hot water. Additionally, in bright sun, the water may heat up too much such that you have to add ice cubes to cool it down.

This camping shower is durable. In addition, even the handles are strong enough for you to carry the bag without the handles falling apart. However, take care to hang it first when it is empty and then fill it later when it is already up.

This bag also has a clear and a black side. Therefore, when you fill it with water, do not place the black side facing the sun. The clear side should be the one facing the sun so that the black side can heat all the water.

Despite the low cost and the regular features that every solar shower bag should have, it still needs some things looked into. For instance, the instructions are confusing for beginners because they say to place the bag with the black side facing the sun. Of course, that is wrong.


  • Minimal installation required – just hang by its handles
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • It comes with all showering accessories
  • Heats water fast thanks to the black color


  • It Will probably not last more than a year

Bottom Line

This is a simple to use sun shower bag. In addition, it does not develop leaks as is common with other bags. However, the simple construction looks like it cannot last longer than a year.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Outdoor solar showers come in very simple designs. In addition, they cost just a little amount of money.

The simplicity in design also extends to the simplicity of use and installation. For instance, you just need to hang them using the provided handles. In addition, you may also need to attach the showerhead and tap (for those that come with one). However, this is very simple and you may refer to the user manual.

Our number one recommendation for the best solar showers is the nifty Coleman solar shower bag. Indeed, it is simplistic in design, affordable and works as advertised. In addition, it has a good capacity of 5 gallons.

On the same note, all of the solar showers that we bring you here are good. Therefore, whatever you pick, you will not have to skip a shower.

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