How to Choose Solar Wall Lights?

Wall-mounted lights are pretty additions to any home’s interior or exterior. Solar-powered lights are even better. For one, solar wall lights are extremely cost-efficient. Apart from the initial purchase cost, you pretty much don’t need to spend anything else, yay for cheaper electricity bills!

They’re also very sustainable and eco-friendly as their energy comes solely from sunlight. There are no nasty carbon emissions and greenhouse effects with solar lights either.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Wall Lights


If this is your first time buying solar wall lights or solar lighting fixtures, for that matter, that’s alright. We’ve noted below a few of the key features you should watch out for purchasing solar wall lights.

Consider the Light Color and Brightness

  • Like traditional light bulbs, solar lights come in various colors.
  • The type of color you choose depends on your primary purpose for your lights.
  • If you want your lights to provide bright lighting, go for white, cool colors.
  • If you’re installing wall lights to achieve a cozy ambiance, aim for somewhat yellow or warmer shades.
  • In terms of brightness, generally, the more lumens the lights have, the brighter they are. Like the colors, get higher lumens for brighter light and lower lumens for softer ambient lighting.

Consider Mounting Type and Location

  • Needless to say, solar wall lights are mounted on walls. However, take into consideration where you’re mounting this. Are the walls sturdy enough to take in screws? Or if you’re renting, are you even allowed to poke holes on the walls for screws?
  • If you’re answering NO to either question above, then you should probably go for alternative wall mounting solutions. Fortunately, most solar wall lights can be mounted using double-sided adhesives if screwing them on is impossible.
  • Some solar wall lights come with lengthy cords attached to the solar power panels. These are great features because they allow you to install solar panels on the roof for maximum sunlight absorption. Because the cords are lengthy, the lights remain mounted on your walls.

Consider Durability and Ability to Withstand Weather Conditions

  • If you’re planning to install solar wall lights outside your home, you probably need to check that they withstand various weather elements.
  • Check that they are waterproof, but also check that they can withstand extreme heat or extreme frost. It all depends on how the weather usually is and what seasons are in your area. Look for products with IP44, IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 certifications, all pertaining to water and weatherproofing standards.

Solar Wall Lights Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of solar wall lights?

There are many benefits to having solar wall lighting. For one, it adds value to your home’s aesthetic appeal. They may seem like small and trivial accessories, but they add a certain touch of class to your home.

Another benefit is that of security. Whatever lighting shade you choose, any form of additional lighting to your home is better than no light at all. When you’re home, it adds light for your visibility around the exterior of your home.

Conversely, when you’re not home, solar wall lights create the impression that someone is home, warding off intruders or burglars. Finally, solar wall lights are great mood setters. They create either soft, ambient spaces or jolly, festive scenes. They’re perfect for outdoor parties and dinners.

Do I need to pick large solar panels for my solar wall lights?

While it is generally true that larger solar power panels have higher energy absorption, you don’t always need to buy large ones. This is because there are a lot of brands that produce compact solar power panels with high-quality and highly efficient solar absorption technologies.

Instead of size, focus on the solar power panel’s efficiency. Pay attention to how long it would take for the entire lighting unit to achieve a full charge. Also, take note of how long that full charge converts into working time for your wall lights.

Do solar wall lights have on and off switches?

This all depends on the manufacturer. Typically, solar wall lights are activated by darkness and are inactivated by the presence of natural light or once the battery has drained.

However, some manufacturers have different lighting modes and even remote controls to allow you to control how your lights work. Motion sensors also activate some solar wall lights. It all depends on the brand you go for, so make sure to read the product descriptions carefully before buying.

Solar Wall Light Reviews

1. Hmcity Solar Wall Lights – 4 Pack

HMCity is an Amazon brand of outdoor solar lighting solutions. Their solar-powered wall lights come in packs of two solar lights. These lights are suitable for mounting along the walls of your home, fences, garden, garage, and more.

A standout feature of the HMCity is its extremely wide lighting angle and impressively large coverage area. This outdoor solar wall light has angle coverage of up to 270 degrees and can light up a yard of up to 30 square meters.

In terms of light color and brightness, the HMcity is also adaptable to your needs and preferences thanks to its three lighting modes. You have the security mode in which motion triggers the activation of bright light. You also have the permanent all-night mode wherein the light stays on at a dimmer color all night. Finally, you get the smart brightness control mode, which is similar to the second one. The only difference is that the light will become brighter with the third mode once motion is detected. Essentially, it’s a combination of ambient and security lighting – you get two light choices for one’s price.

Speaking of motion triggers, the enhanced motion sensors on the HMcity has pretty impressive sensitivity. It can detect movement up to 8 feet and has a sensing angle of 120 degrees. When motion is detected, it stays lit up for 30 seconds and then automatically turns off. The good thing is, as long as motion is detected, it will remain on that bright light setting.

Despite how compact it may look, the HMCity brand of solar wall lights is remarkably sturdy in terms of longevity. They are made of durable, waterproof, and heatproof material. The brand advertises its lifespan to be over 30,000 hours or just above 3-and-a-half years, good enough for price and size.

The only setback of the HMCity comes in what we think is a design flaw for the switch location. The on and off switch that activates the motion sensor is located at the unit’s back panel. This means that you have to ensure you turn this on before permanently mounting your device to the wall. Otherwise, you would have to go through the hassle of having to unmount and install your wall lighting units again.

Overall, the HMCity solar wall lights tick all the boxes in terms of the best solar wall lights’ features.


  • Wide lighting angle and impressively large coverage area.
  • Versatility in lighting modes and brightness – three modes to choose from.
  • Sensitive motion sensor with a wide sensing angle and far sensor reach of 8 meters.
  • Remarkably sturdy built that is water and heatproof.


  • Motion sensor switch located at the back panel.


2. Aootek Solar Powered Wall Lights – 4 Pack Upgrade Pick)

Aootek is a Chinese brand of solar LED lighting technologies. The company prides itself on developing innovative lighting solutions that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

One great feature of the Aootek solar wall lights is their relatively wider solar power panels than similar products on the market. What this means for you is that your lighting units conserve energy more efficiently. This means that even lower than normal sunlight conditions, your solar panels would still be able to optimize energy absorption. As a result, your lights will still work and as bright as you would like them to be during the night.

The Aootek is powered by 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and is made of IP65 certified materials. This means that they are waterproof and heatproof, so suitable for outdoor wall mounting.

Like our first brand on this list, we also have to admire the three lighting modes of the Aootek brand. The security light mode is motion activated and is automatically turned off after 15 seconds without motion. There is also a permanent all-night mode if you wanted those walls to be illuminated from dusk till dawn. With the smart brightness mode, brighter light is activated as soon as motion is detected within 8 meters.

Another great feature of the Aootek is its sensitive PIR motion inductor. It can detect people or move up to 26 feet and within angles of around 120 degrees. This is a great feature if you’re looking for solar wall lights specifically for security purposes.

One major setback to the Aootek is its relatively high price point. It comes as the most expensive solar wall light on this list. However, if you don’t mind spending extra on the above features, consider it a wise investment.

In summary, the Aootek is a great solar wall light option if you’re after high efficiency both in lighting and solar energy harvesting.


  • Wider solar power panels that conserve solar energy more efficiently.
  • Powerful battery with high-quality, waterproof, and heatproof durable materials.
  • Three lighting modes to suit your preferences.
  • Sensitive PIR motion induction detecting up to 26 feet.


  • High price point.


3. Greluna Solar Wall Lights – 8 Pack (Budget Pick)

Greluna is also an Amazon retailer of solar lighting products as well as flameless LED candles. The great thing about the Greluna solar wall lights is they come in value packs of eight. They also come in two color variants of white or yellow.

First things first. The Greluna value pack of solar wall lights made it to the top three of our list because of its extremely affordable price. It’s not just about the price either. The Greluna is super packed with great features, which we will quickly go through below.

First comes the dual lighting mode. Whether you pick the white or yellow light, your Greluna can work in two modes. It can operate in a warm, continuous mode or in flickering, color-changing mode. Both modes are great as decorative wall lighting, with the colorful mode especially mood-lifting during festive holidays, such as Christmas.

Another appealing feature of the Greluna solar wall lights is its classic and elegant design. They’re not just solar wall lights for the sake of it. They actually do add aesthetic value to your walls.

Another great feature of this brand of solar wall lights is its user-friendliness. If you’ve never had experience with solar wall light installation, the Greluna is a good start.  It’s super easy to install. No complicated steps nor tools are required.

It can be mounted to your wall using screws, which are included in the pack. If you can’t drill holes on the wall for some reason, the Greluna has a solution for that too. These solar wall lights are made so that you can also mount them using double-sided adhesives.

If we needed to fault the Greluna wall lights, it would probably be their brightness. They’re not the brightest set of solar wall lights on the market. But if you’re after wall lights simply for decorative or dim lighting purposes, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, the Greluna is a top choice for value-range solar wall light with dual-lighting modes to serve various decorative purposes.


  • Affordable and comes in a pack of eight with two color variants.
  • Dual lighting mode – warm continuous mode or color-changing mode.
  • Classic, elegant decorative design.
  • User-friendly and easy to install using screws or double-sided tape.


  • Not the brightest solar wall light in the market.


4. BAXIA Solar Wall Lights – 4 Pack

Baxia is an Amazon retailer with quite an interesting mix of product ranges. These include solar-powered lights as well as aromatherapy diffusers.

Variety and versatility are immediate appealing factors of the Baxia BX-SL-101 solar wall lights as they are available in various options. You can get them in packs of four 28 LED lights or get the four-pack brighter 100 LED variety. Alternatively, you can also opt to purchase their two-pack 100 LED option if only lighting up a smaller wall area.

Regardless of what pack you choose, you are assured that you get ample brightness on the Baxia units. This set of wall lights emit white light, so they’re the perfect choice for truly brightening up your space. The 28 LED lights achieve a maximum brightness of 400 lumens, while the 100 LEDs provide over twice as much at 2000 lumens.

The Baxia is primarily designed as a solar security wall light. Thus, it works on motion sensor activation. This means that light is activated once motion is activated within a 3 to 5-meter range. The light is then deactivated when no motion is detected for a relatively short period.

In terms of quality of materials, the Baxia solar wall lights are made of high-quality and durable materials. They have attained IP65 certification, which means they are resistant to heat and water, making them suitable for outdoor use.

The downside of the Baxia solar wall lights is that because it activates on a motion sensor, there is no dim nor continuous mode. Therefore, it’s not one to consider if you want a wall light that remains on for the whole night. It’s also not a great option if you’re after ambient, constant lighting because of its bright white light.

Overall, the Baxia is an ideal choice if you’re after a solar wall light to help light up your path as you approach. It is suitable for mounting on your front porch walls, backyard, driveway, garage, and more.


  • Versatility and variety – available in various pack counts and LED counts.
  • Ample brightness from 400 to 1000 lumens depending on a variety of choices.
  • Works on motion sensor activation at a distance of 3 to 5 meters.
  • High-quality, IP65 water and heatproof materials.


  • No dim nor continuous mode.
  • Not suitable as an ambient wall light.


5. SEZAC Solar Powered Wall Lights – 6 Pack

Sezac is a Chinese Amazon retailer, focusing on solar lights and some seasonal products, such as Christmas decors. This brand of solar wall lights always come in a pack of six.

A standout feature of the Sezac solar wall lights it’s the design of its solar power panels. The panels are designed at an angle, which maximizes their solar energy conservation. This is extremely helpful, especially for solar wall lights.

Because they are mounted on walls, it is sometimes hard to maximize sunlight absorption, especially if obstructions, such as roofs or trees, exist. This is what makes Sezac’s angled solar power panels a great unique selling point.

Concerning solar energy efficiency, the Sezac is powered by 2000 mAh lithium-ion batteries that have passed strict quality testing. This ensures that your lighting units run about 8 to 10 hours of working time at night. The charging time is just around 8 hours in full daylight conditions.

Another great feature of the Sezac is the lighting option you get with its three light settings. You get to choose between dim light, strong light sensor, or motion sensor mode. The principles are pretty much the same as the previous light modes discussed in this list. The Sezac will emit brighter light for 15-20 seconds on motion detection for the strong light sensor and motion sensor modes.

Finally, the Sezac solar wall lights are suitable for outdoor use because they are made of high-quality ABS material with IP65 certification. This means the units can withstand dust and are also waterproof and heat-resistant.

One thing we noted, however, with the Sezac solar wall lights is the six units contained in the pack have varying levels of motion sensitivity. All of them do fall within the advertised 10-16 feet range. However, not all of them reach the maximum sensitivity of 16 feet.

All in all, if you’re mounting your solar wall lights on walls with tricky sunlight levels, the Sezac brand is a great top option.


  • Angled solar power panel to maximize solar energy absorption.
  • Powerful and large energy solar battery despite its compact size.
  • Three light settings with motion sensor mode.
  • High-quality ABS material that is water and dustproof.


  • Not all six units contained in the pack have consistent levels of motion sensitivity.


6. Mr. Beams Solar Motion Sensor Wall Lights

Mr. Beams is an Ohio-based company founded by friends who were “looking for a simple way to light a closet,” as they put it. Founded in 2004, the brand initially produced wireless spotlights.  They have since grown to offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

True to their brand, a great feature of the Mr. Beams solar wall light is its ease of installation and use. It only takes about five minutes (or less) to install this wall light. A simple button allows you to switch between light modes, plus points for user-friendliness there.

Speaking of light modes, Mr. Beams has three of these. The GlowMode gives a dimmish 5 lumens of dusk-to-dawn light but will switch to bright light on motion detection. You also have a dusk-to-dawn mode that provides 25 lumens of light, whether there is motion or not. Finally, you can also have a motion-activated setting, which gives out a bright 100 lumens of light. This is not continuous; rather, it is motion-activated.

And while we’re talking about sensors, let’s also talk about another great sensor feature of Mr. Beams. This brand of solar wall lights has sensitive light sensors that prevent it from activating during daylight. This adds to your unit’s lighting performance, as it helps conserve your solar energy more efficiently.

Finally, these sets of solar wall lights are also safe for outdoor wall mounting. They are IP65 waterproof certified, which means they can withstand extreme rain, heat, or frost.

One major issue that we have with Mr. Beams is the design of its light mode switch. The switch is located at the back panel. This means that you are kinda stuck with one unless you don’t mind having to dismount the unit again despite having three lighting settings.

Other than that, Mr. Beams is a great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-install and user-friendly solar wall light.


  • Easy to install and user-friendly.
  • Three light modes with different levels of brightness and activation.
  • Sensitive light sensors prevent the unit from turning on during the daytime.
  • IP65 waterproof and weatherproof certified.


  • The light mode switch is located at the back panel – you will need to dismount the unit off the wall to change settings.


7. JSOT Solar Wall Lights – 6 Pack

JSOT is another Amazon retailer of solar lighting technology. They try to set their brand apart by identifying themselves as a company focused on renewable solar energy technologies.

A unique feature of the JSOT solar wall lights is its stainless-steel design. This material makes the solar lights stronger and less prone to elements such as rust, corrosion, and temperature damage. It’s also a great aesthetic feature. It adds a touch of modernity to classic wall designs and complements modern/industrial walls.

Speaking of sturdy design, the JSOT is also IP44 waterproof resistant certified. This also implies that it can withstand all types of extreme weather, from heat to frost to heavy rain.

The JSOT is powered by 700 mAg rechargeable batteries, and despite its seemingly compact size, the charging time is only 4-6 hours. A full charge produces a working time of anywhere between 8-10 hours.

If you’re not too particular about changing lighting modes and simply want a wall light that stays on, the JSOT is a great option. It automatically turns on when the environment reaches a certain level of darkness and turns off during the day. It emits a somewhat warm white light, so it’s not too dim yet not too bright either.

Our only complaint with the JSOT is that the screw heads that came with the package are not helpful. They’re tinier than what we would have expected, so we opted to use slightly bigger ones.

All in all, the JSOT is perhaps your best option if you’re after a stainless-steel solar wall lighting solution.


  • Stainless steel design – less prone to rust, corrosion, and temperature damage.
  • IP44 waterproof resistant.
  • Compact yet only requires a charge time of 4-6 hours for a working time of 8-10 hours.
  • Continuous dusk-to-dawn mode.


  • Scew heads included in the package are too tiny and fragile.


8. Claoner Solar Powered Wall Lights – 4 Pack

Cloaner is an Amazon store selling various types of outdoor solar lighting solutions. Their solar wall light range comes in a pack of four solar wall lights with 128 LED bulbs.

The great thing about this Cloaner product is it’s an upgrade from their previous solar wall light version. So, most features have been improved based on feedback from previous versions.

Like solar power panels, for example, the Cloaner has monocrystalline silicon solar panel cells, which used to have a solar energy conversion rate of 20.5%. The upgraded version now has a higher conversion rate of 22%. This means that the lights will charge faster and subsequently stay longer at night.

Next comes its enhanced PIR motion inductor. The previous version had only about 90 degrees of detection angle and a detection distance of 12 feet. The new version has improved this drastically to a wider 270-degree scope and a 20 feet detection distance.

Speaking of motion detection, the Cloaner has three light modes, two of which are affected by the sensor. The dim light sensor mode changes dim lighting to brighter lighting once motion is detected. The strong light sensor mode, on the other hand, converts no light to bright light once motion is sensed. A normally-on mode emits a medium level of continuous light lasting about five to six hours.

Finally, the Cloaner solar wall lights are also durable as they have passed IP65 waterproofing standards. This means you can mount them on outdoor walls and not have to worry about extreme rainfall or heat.

The obvious setback to the Cloaner is its relatively short working time when it is on the normally-on mode. As stated earlier, this only lasts about 5-6 hours, which is shorter than your average nighttime.

Overall, the Claoner is a great choice if you’re after a solar wall light for motion-activated use. It’s probably best used in this setting to last you longer hours instead of the continuous on mode, which only lasts a max of 6 hours.


  • Upgraded monocrystalline silicon solar panel with a 22% conversion rate for higher solar conversion efficiency.
  • Enhanced PIR motion inductor with a 270-degree scope and 20 feet detection range.
  • Three light modes.
  • Durable and IP65 certified.


  • Short working time on the normally-on mode of 5-6 hours only.


9. GIGALUMI Motion Sensor Wall Lights – 8 Pack

Gigalumi is also another Amazon store for solar outdoor lights. The difference is Gigalumi seems to have a special liking for the decorative garden lighting niche.

The Gigalumi’s captivating feature comes in its design. It comes in a pack of eight, lantern-like appealing solar lamps with a grill-like façade. It’s a great decorative accent to your wall, and the cold white light that it emits gives it a good functional balance.

Another good thing about the Gigalumi in terms of design is that they’re compact. They measure only 4.3 inches tall and 3.9 inches wide. They’re perfect if you only have a small space on your wall. They’re also ideal if you have a large wall surface area but want to scatter a few wall lights around it.

Despite its size, the brightness of the Gigalumi is impressive. As stated, they emit a cold white light, so they are great either for decorative or functional lighting. The choice is entirely up to you.

Finally, if the installation is a tricky issue for you, don’t worry. The Gigalumo comes with all you need for installation: screws, expansion screws, and an instruction manual. If poking a hole on the wall is simply not possible, the Gigalumi’s design allows you to use double-sided adhesive to mount it on the wall. It’s super easy like that.

The only thing that’s keeping the Gigalumi at the far end of our list is short battery life. We found that the included batteries needed replacement in less than a year of use. This is unusual considering that batteries should last a good three to four years. But considering the price of the Gigalumi, this is not really a major issue.

Overall, if you’re after a compact yet decorative solar wall light, the Gigalumi is definitely one to consider.


  • Appealing, decorative design with functional cold white light.
  • Compact design at 4.3 x 3.9 inches.
  • Impressively bright considering its compact size.
  • Easy to install, with dual-installation modes.


  • Short battery life – battery needed replacement in less than a year of use.


10. IThird Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light

iThird is also an Amazon retailer of solar outdoor lights.

What caught our attention towards the iThird is the way they added twists to their lighting modes. Sure, most solar wall lights on this list have different lighting options. The iThird has those, too – plus more.

The best example is its always-on mode, which is a brilliant idea in energy efficiency. For the first five hours, which is presumably the darkest, the light will continuously stay on at 80 lumens. As it gets closer to daylight, this decreases to 40 lumens for the remaining five hours. Brilliant, right?

Another great feature of the iThird solar wall lights is related to its lighting modes and more on user-friendliness. There are actually lights on the panel that indicates which mode your lights are currently set to. It may seem a trivial feature, but it actually has proven to be a very helpful visual cue in avoiding confusion.

Lighting mode wise again, the iThird comes in two available shades. Pick daylight white if you want a brightly-lit wall. On the other hand, go for the warm white lights if you want to set up a warm, relaxing ambiance.

If stainless steel is your thing, you will be drawn to the iThird solar walls, too. These stainless-steel solar wall lights are waterproof and can withstand other elements, such as rust and heat.

The only downside of the iThird solar wall lights is that the motion sensors seem to lack sensitivity. It is advertised by the brand to be 3 to 5 meters. However, it seems the actual distance may be closer than this.

Other than that, the iThird is a great option if you’re after a stainless-steel wall light with various lighting modes.


  • Enhanced always-on mode – 80 lumens for the first 5 hours, then 40 lumens for the remaining 5 hours.
  • User-friendly light mode display indicator.
  • Available in two shades: daylight white or warm white.
  • Durable, stainless steel, waterproof material.


  • Motion sensors need improvement with sensitivity.


Solar wall lights enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior and add additional lighting for security and assistive purposes. When buying solar wall lights, pick one that’s affordable yet packed with features, like the Hmcity Solar Wall Lights. It is our pick for the best solar wall lights currently available in the market.

The HMCity’s price point is relatively affordable for solar wall lighting with a large coverage area and diverse lighting modes. It looks good, is built to last long, can be mounted anyhow on any wall, and has extremely sensitive motion sensors. It’s beauty and functionality combined.

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