How to Choose Solar Gutter Lights?

Even before we delve into the reviews of the best solar gutter lights, you might be wondering what they are.

On that note, just as their name suggests, these are outdoor solar lights designed to attach easily to gutters, patio, deck railings and so on. If you have an outdoor space that needs lighting, you may consider getting these lights.

Some of the highlights of outdoor gutter solar lights include easy installation, without the need for the services of a technician. At the same time, if you choose one carefully, you will find that they are very efficient.

There are so many things to consider when buying gutter solar lights. In addition, there are so many styles to consider, at different prices and with different features.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Gutter Lights


As you look for the best gutter solar light, you will be looking for value for money. That is why you read reviews first to know the features that each light comes with.

There are so many gutter solar lights but only a few have what you are looking for. Therefore, here are some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing one.

The durability of the light

Quite a good number of gutter solar lights in the market today are made with brittle and lightweight materials. However, while they look original, you must check the ones with hard and quality material too. That way, you will not go back to buy another one after a few days. Many of them break when being installed or after a short time due to direct heat from the sun.

The solar panel should be made of high-quality, heat-resistant material that won’t fold or melt after a few days in the hot sun. Additionally, the glass should be able to stay clear to maintain its brightness.

Battery Capacity

You should always go for the largest battery capacity when shopping for gutter solar lights. On the same note, large batteries guarantee you long running hours. In addition, you are assured that the lights will last the whole night. Additionally, they can assimilate and store more solar power which increases their performance.

It is wise to buy lights with Lithium-Ion batteries. However, they may take longer to charge fully. The good thing is that they have a longer life span compared to other types of batteries.

Quality of Material

Gutter solar lights will stay in exposure to all types of weather. However, your wish is that even if the weather goes to the extreme, the lights should remain intact. Therefore, the material making the lights should withstand the wrath of Mother Nature.

ABS plastic withstands direct heat from the sun. In addition, stainless steel material or aluminum alloy material is a good option because it doesn’t rust. Look for material that will not succumb to natural reactions and conditions.

Check that the material making the lights is waterproof. Many have a rubber lining in every joint to prevent water from penetrating inside the lamp which may damage it. This is most common during the rainy season.

Brightness Level

The ultimate reason for installing gutter solar lights is to illuminate your compound. In addition, different people want different amounts of lighting depending on the purpose.

For instance, there are those that want ambient lighting. Therefore, they will go for a not so bright solar light. On the other hand, those who want multipurpose lighting will go for the brightest.

The secret is very simple! The more LED lights there are, the more lumens they will produce. Therefore, you will get more light from such and vice versa.

Most gutter solar lights can produce 200 to 500 lumens, while some exceed that limit. Your choice for one shall be advised by the brightness you need in your compound.

Ease of Installation

Some gutter solar lights come with all installation materials and a guide. Therefore, these are very easy to install. You just need to follow the step to step guide provided when purchasing.

On the other hand, some do not come with any included installation materials. Therefore, you must figure out how to drill the wall and fix it. In addition, some also hang on the gutter or poles fixed in the compound.

Always go for the easy to install solar gutter lights. Simplicity will reduce the risk of damaging the light. In addition, it will reduce the installation time a great deal.

The Budget

There are many gutter solar lights available in the market ranging from low to high prices. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the amount of money you wish to spend on lights. However, as much as you may not want to spend a lot, please do not be deceived by prices that are too low. In many instances, items with very low prices also offer lower quality.

On the same note, you should consider optimum price ranges and consider viewing several of them to make an informed decision. Most importantly, go for gutter solar lights that meet your specifications.


Manufacturers who have confidence in their products have no problem giving you a warranty. Indeed, they know that if you follow all instructions, their product will serve you as desired. Therefore, always go for gutter solar lights that have the longest warranty.

The warranty gives you the security that in case of something is beyond your control and the solar light sustains damage, you will get a replacement or you will get it repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Buying the brightest solar gutter lights is not very straightforward. Therefore, we have anticipated a few questions you might have in mind and answered them here.

How do I know fake LED lights?

Fake lights are not hard to know but you need to compare a number to know the difference. The material quality, warranty, and company details should be the first things you check.

What determines the brightness of solar gutter light?

LED solar lights are made of small diodes. Every single one produces a certain number of lumens. If the lamp has many LED lights, it also has many lumens. Therefore, it produces more light and vice versa.

Which type of battery is recommended in solar lights?

Different solar gutter lights come with different batteries. Some of them include rechargeable AA batteries.

However, the highly recommended ones are Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries. They have a long life and they do not sustain damage from constant charging. Remember your battery gets discharged and recharged daily. Therefore, you need a battery that will withstand frequent charging.

Solar Gutter Lights Reviews

From hundreds of gutter mount solar lights in the market, choosing a good set for your outdoor lighting needs can be hard. Therefore, you need to read our reviews here to help you. We are going to bring you the best rated solar gutter lights.

1. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Gutter Lights – 4 Pack

With a brightness rating of 400 lumens, the BX-SL lights from Baxia Technology are just about the brightest that you will find. They come in a pack of 4 but there are other packages available. In addition, these lights have more features as you will see below:


First, the design of these lights is quite appealing. Indeed, they have a triangular shape and the solar panels are fitted to the top. Therefore, the panels stay in the line of direct sunshine and they will charge the battery during the day.

Secondly, the motion angle is big at 120 degrees. Therefore, in addition to the bright light, the huge-angle enables the light to illuminate a bigger space. In addition, the lights also have PIR motion detection. Therefore, when someone gets to within 10 to 16 feet, they flare-up. Indeed, these lights can help improve your security.

Thirdly, you need not worry about installing these lights in your outdoor space. For instance, the manufacturer uses ABS plastic to make them. Therefore, they withstand the elements very well. Indeed, with a waterproof rating of IP65, they are even frost-resistant.

We could go on and on about their features. However, these lights have a negative side to them. For example, they do not have the continuous dim mode. Therefore, they stay off until they detect motion, which won’t help much with your outdoor lighting needs.


  • High capacity battery for longer running time
  • Easy installation at a place of your choosing
  • Motion sensing and activation helps with your security
  • They come with a 12-month warranty


  • They are small-sized lights

Bottom Line

The wide lighting angle is definitely the best selling feature for these lights. To give value for money, these lights last a long time.


2. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights – 4 Pack

When it comes to outdoor solar lighting, you will come across the InnoGear name many times. Therefore, this must mean that they are onto something good. With their 24-LED gutter mount lights, you can expect more brightness than what fewer LEDs give. But first, the features …


With a cool white light, these lights are super bright in illumination. In addition, when you install them on the gutter overlooking your parking, they will light it up appropriately. Since these lights come in a pack of 4, you can light up a big space of your yard.

The material used in making these lights is ABS plastic. ABS is the leading material in automotive engineering, 3D printing, drone manufacture, household items manufacture and so many others. Therefore, these lights are going to last a long time. In addition, ABS holds up very well even when exposed to extreme elements.

The charging time for these lights is 12 hours. From this, you can get more than 5 hours of lighting from the 18650 1200mAh battery. In addition, the lights are motion-activated, so they will light up if a person or animal gets to within 15 feet of them.

Despite the many good things there are to say about these lights, they come with screws that are not too good since they tend to bust under pressure. Therefore, you are better off buying better screws.


  • They come in small form factor design
  • These are so bright and good for security
  • The motion sensors work really well
  • These lights are easy to install


  • Everything works just fine, apart from the screws

Bottom Line

If you are looking for quality lights that will serve you well for a long time, you might want to try the InnoGear gutter lights. They run long, for several hours and they are motion-activated.


3. InnoGear Solar Power Gutter Lights with Mounting Pole – 2 Pack

Because of the unique design of these lights, we had to include another InnoGear gutter lighting set of two in this review article. As you delve deeper, you will also see that it has many features that make them nice to have in your home.


The long extended design of these LED gutter lights is going to help keep them away from the excess rainwater in your gutters. In addition, they are heatproof and waterproof. Therefore, even when the summer temperatures are extreme, you do not have to worry about them.

Overall, you have four lighting modes, leaving your outdoor lighting under your control. For instance, you can set the lights at ¼, or ½ brightness modes. In addition, there is dim lighting with a motion sensor and finally, there is full off plus a motion sensor. Therefore, you can set the brightness mode that meets your needs.

If you need this light to secure your yard or lawn, you will need to know the maximum brightness that you can get. However, combined, this 2-light pack gives you 450 lumens of brightness. Therefore, if you need higher than that, you will have to buy extra ones.

In spite of the many good things to say about these lights, they also have certain disadvantages. For example, in very cold weather, the glue in the solar panel seems to be affected and in some instances coming off. This is for isolated cases but still, it raises an antenna.


  • They come with aluminum alloy mounting poles
  • High capacity 2600mAh battery
  • You get very bright light
  • Motion sensor and auto on/off functions are good


  • The pole can shake in medium to high velocity winds

Bottom Line

InnoGear has been lighting homes for a long time now and users hardly go wrong with their products. These lights with extended arms will stay away from the gutter water.


4. KUFUNG Solar Powered Gutter Lights – 4 Pack

KUFUNG brings you not only effective solar lights for gutters, yards, fences and other places, but also a very stylish design. However, you cannot really tell whether a set of outdoor solar lights gives value for money unless you see the features.


You might love, well, we all do, a light that you can adjust to give you the best lighting position. Therefore, you will be happy that these lights come with two joints to adjust them so that you can get optimum light. In addition, after adjusting, you can tighten the screws so that the lights can stay stable.

This is a solar motion light. Therefore, it will go on brightly if an animal or person gets within the range of 10 to 25 feet. This super brilliant illumination will hold for about 20 seconds and then fizzle out. Consequently, if you are installing it for security, it will take care of that for you.

The solar panel is polysilicon, which has a higher conversion rate than regular solar panels. In addition, the high capacity battery will charge fully under bright sunshine in 6 hours. The running time at night will vary depending on how bright the day is.

There are many more additional features. However, this light also has a certain disadvantage. For instance, the cost is up there, at least compared to other lights that come in a pack of 4.


  • ABS plastic material enhances the durability
  • A good range of the light, going up to 50 feet
  • Three lighting modes so you can choose depending on your needs
  • Brightness is good for security
  • Has a high waterproof rating of IP67


  • You will pay more for these lights

Bottom Line

Your search for durable solar gutter lighting might end here with these KUFUNG lights. Additionally, you get value for money and most importantly, they are super bright, which is good for security.


5. Engrepo Solar Gutter Lights – 2 Pack

Sometimes, it is best to choose a flexible gutter light than a fixed one. Consequently, you can adjust the lighting angle to get the best illumination. If such is your wish, the ENGREPO outdoor solar lights might be perfect for you.


This light has a PIR motion sensor. Therefore, when an animal or human being gets within the range of 10 to 26 feet, the lights illuminate super brightly for about 15 seconds. Consequently, your security is under your control because bright lights can scare burglars away.

Enjoy setting the light into any mode that you fancy. In the same line, this solar gutter light comes in three lighting modes. Firstly, you can set it to continuous dim brightness and then when it senses motion, it lights up for some seconds. Secondly, you can set it to stay off until it senses motion. Thirdly, you can set it to give continuous light for up to 3 hours.

One of your worries when buying a solar outdoor light is whether it will survive the elements. Thankfully, it will. For instance, it has an IP65 Waterproof rating. Therefore, it will not sustain damage from frost, rainwater, wind or snow.

Once again, we find that this gutter solar light can meet your outdoor lighting needs very well. However, it also has one disadvantage – it is too costly.


  • 48 LEDs are going to give you more than enough brightness
  • The flexible angles help you to adjust it to meet your needs
  • Simple to install and it comes with screws
  • Has a long working time of up to 12 hours
  • High capacity 2200mAh battery


  • As happens with most of these lights, the provided screws may not help you

Bottom Line

The ENGREPO solar gutter lights come with all the bells and whistles that make it a good outdoor light for your security. However, the price is high but the features justify it.


6. ROSHWEY Solar Power Gutter Lights – 6 Pack

To many people who have outdoor solar lights in their homes, they know that no list would be complete without having one or two ROSHWEY Lights. Therefore, in the same spirit, we bring you this LED gutter lighting that you can also use as fence lighting. But first, see its features below.


If you care about good looks (well, who doesn’t), you might love these lights specifically because of the design. Indeed, they are designed to look like unidentified flying objects. Therefore, you can install these lights anywhere you want people to see them.

To all home and business owners, the quality of the outdoor solar gutter lights is very important. Therefore, ROSHWEY brings you these lights and they make them with ABS plastic, which does not crack under pressure. On the same note, these lights can stay exposed throughout the year without sustaining damage from rainwater, frost or wind.

Since the solar panels charge the battery during the day and it lights up during the night, the battery capacity is vital. Therefore, ROSHWEY has used a 1600mAh battery with these lights. In addition, LEDs do not consume much energy and it is possible to run through the night on one charge.

These are good lights as seen from the features section. However, they have a small design flaw. For example, the release over the battery compartment allows bugs inside. Therefore, you should seal it with tape or a sticker.


  • Easy to install the lights on gutters, fence or pathway
  • Easy to replace the battery if it becomes depleted
  • 30-day full refund guarantee (for undamaged light)
  • Good quality materials for all-weather use


  • Although highly efficient, they are small

Bottom Line

These lights have a unique design and high-efficiency lighting. In addition, the many options for installation make the lights good for all types of use.


7. JSOT Solar Gutter Lights – 6 Pack

Same as InnoGear solar lights reviews, JSOT is also one of the popular brands for different types of outdoor lights. Here, they bring you these gutter lights and they have some helpful features. Therefore, keep reading to some of the most outstanding of them.


You will without doubt notice the large solar panels. They will absorb the sun during the day and store the energy in the battery by recharging it. In addition, the 1600mAh battery is going to light up the LEDs at night. In addition, when it is fully charged, the lights can run for up to 8 times, which pretty much means 8.00 PM to around 4.00 AM.

The light color is cool white. Therefore, it is quite bright so your security lighting is taken good care of. In addition, even when you are traveling, you will love the fact that these lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically.

One thing that bugs your mind when buying outdoor solar light is whether it will last longer when exposed to the elements. The answer is yes, it will! In addition, with a waterproof rating of IP55, this solar light can stand pretty much every kind of element thrown it’s way.

There are so many more features. However, this light also has a certain disadvantage. These lights seem to be a case of hit or miss at most times with some people swearing by their running time and some against it. The good thing is that customer service is excellent.


  • They are so easy to install
  • Stylish design so they decorate your yard
  • Comes in a pack of 6 at affordable prices
  • You can use the lights to illuminate different spaces outdoors


  • If it is a cloudy day, the running time will reduce drastically

Bottom Line

Once you get these lights, give them a full day of charging before you can use them. In addition, while they work as advertised, if you encounter any issues, contact JSOT. They are very responsive.


8. CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Gutter Lights with Mounting Pole – 2 Pack

Once you see these gutter lights, you will understand why they call themselves Creative Designs. Indeed, they are appealing and functional at the same time. Therefore, if you want lights that can change your yard décor, these might appeal to you.


The main reason for buying outdoor solar lights is to illuminate your outdoor space. Therefore, higher brightness is always better than low brightness. On the same note, Creative Designs brings you these gutter solar lights with 46 LEDs. In addition, they are nicely distributed with 34 being on the front/face side and 12 of them on the sides. Therefore, when the light goes on, it seems to have an all-round illumination.

With four lighting modes, you are in control of how your light works. For instance, auto light means that the light stays on in dim mode for the entire night. In addition, you can choose the ½ brightness for dusk to dawn lighting. On the same note, you may choose dim plus motion sensing and finally, you may choose off and motion sensing. Indeed, it is your light and Creative Designs believes you should be in control of how it works.

To give you peace of mind, Creative Designs solar gutter lights come with a waterproof rating of IP65. Therefore, they can stay outside the entire year through winter, summer and the other seasons, without sustaining damage.

In spite of the abundance of features, these lights also have some downsides, for example, in isolated cases, there have been instances where the lights did not run through the night even after a bright day. However, this is in isolated cases.


  • High capacity battery with a 2600mAh rating
  • They come with their installation poles
  • 4 lighting modes give you full control
  • They are easy to install even when you choose not to use the poles


  • The motion-triggered brightness does not last a long time

Bottom Line

By many counts, these LED outdoor lights from Creative Designs will meet your lighting needs. 4 lighting modes sound like overkill, but once you see its functionality, you will love them.


9. DBF Solar Gutter Lights – 6 Pack

We all love beautiful things around the home. Indeed, that is one of the reasons why people love the DBF LED gutter mount solar motion lights. However, beauty alone is not enough for a light that you intend to use for many years to come. Therefore, see the features below:


First, these are motion-sensing lights. If an animal or a human gets within a certain range, they will glare brightly and sustain it for about 15 seconds. In addition, the LEDs also have a darkness sensor so they will turn on automatically at night and off in the morning.

Second, for the lights that you will install outdoors, you will have peace of mind if their durability is assured. And in this case, it is, with the high waterproof rating. Indeed, these lights can withstand frost, rainwater and other elements very well. In addition, the material used is high-quality ABS plastic which does not crack easily.

Third, you need to know that the battery will last a long time and this one does. It is a 1500mAh capacity. Therefore, it has a longer running time than most other batteries especially after a full day of charging in the sun.

There are more good features that you will get with these lights. However, they also have one disadvantage. For instance, the clamp bracket made of metal seems not to be well made. Therefore, it starts rusting after some time.


  • They are good for security lighting
  • The batteries are easy to replace
  • Auto on/off feature is very handy
  • Easy to install with the provided brackets and screws


  • You may need to replace the batteries sooner than anticipated

Bottom Line

By their features, these lights seem good. Even with the issue of rusting brackets and replaceable batteries, they will work as advertised.


10. SMY Lighting Solar Led Gutter Lights – 4 Pack

These lights come ready to mount on the gutters. For instance, they have the brackets for attaching them to the gutter. In addition, they are compact units incorporating the solar panel, LED light and the battery in one housing.


When buying solar gutter lights for your home, you are likely to ask: what is the running time? On that note, SMY says that these lights can run for 8 hours, which is almost through the night. However, the running time mostly depends on how bright a day is. Therefore, to get 8 hours, the charging time is 6 hours.

Another thing that you are likely to worry about when buying outdoor solar lights is whether you will have to uninstall them in extreme weather. However, today, with the invention of ABS material, you won’t have to. The SMY best rated solar gutter lights are made of ABS plastic. It is waterproof, frostproof and windproof.

Compared to other LED lights, the solar panels are large and therefore they harvest a lot of sunshine. In addition, when not too old, the provided 1500mAh battery is quite good and can run the LEDs for several hours. However, you can always replace it.

Every product has a flipside and these lights are not any different. For instance, after buying them, we recommend that you spray the brackets with some sort of anti-rust product. The brackets start rusting after a short time.


  • Bright warm white light
  • Good charging time of 6 hours to give 8 hours running time
  • Has auto on and off for dusk and dawn
  • Sells with an 18-month warranty


  • After some time, the brackets might tip downward a little

Bottom Line

To get the full value of your money from the SMY LED gutter lights, spray the metal brackets with an anti-rust product. Apart from that, these lights are good to go and they do work as advertised.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Hopefully, this far, you now know what kind of gutter lighting you will get. Before you commit your money, you want to be sure you will get satisfaction and value.

After going through the above factors, you are now ready to go out there and interrogate the gutter solar lights available in the market.

A gutter solar light with a large battery capacity, durable material, warranty, and easy to install is all that you need if it is within your budget.

Our recommendation is InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights – the two of their lights that we have reviewed here. They have decent running time, good brightness levels and will not sustain any damage from exposure.

However, this does not rule out others. They are still efficient and they can serve you very well.

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